SMART Spotlight – Episode 2 “The Spirit of Collaboration”

Speaker 1: Welcome to the SMART Spotlight,
our monthly update covering all the need to knows, helpful resources, tips and tricks,
new product releases and behind the scenes access to tech events around the world. As a global company committed to inspiring
greatness, we’re here to empower students, teachers and leaders with the right tools
and resources for success. Speaker 2: Our SMART Spotlight is all about
collaboration, as pedagogy continues to evolve we’re working hard to ensure our hardware
and software enable the ultimate experience for both teachers and students. Collaboration isn’t just a buzz word here
at SMART, it’s one of our core values so today we’ll take a look at the latest updates
included with SMART boards and some exciting student innovation partnerships. Speaker 1: All in the name of collaboration,
feel free to share with your colleagues, networks and subscribe so you never miss a beat. Speaker 2: With the creation mode update it’s
easy to pull any lessons from the new and improved SMART exchange or your own notebook
files into SMART Learning Suite Online and begin live editing, easily change the font,
size and color of text or move, rotate, resize, duplicate or delete objects all for more flexible
customized online lesson creation in editing mode, individual hand notes and collaborative
work spaces. Speaker 1: If you have an active SMART Learning
Suite license you already have access to these new features, check out the links below for
full instructions and to learn more about SMART Learning Suite Online. Speaker 2: And stay tuned, we’re working
hard to bring you even more creation tools. New school year, new and improved SMART exchange,
say goodbye to outdated flash content and hello to a streamlined experience. Speaker 1: in the spirit of collaboration
you can upload your creations as well as download thousands of completely free ready made interactive
lessons and classroom resources from teachers all around the world. Explore the new and improved SMART exchange
today for a new and easy to use search and filtering, integration with SMART notebook
and SMART Learning Suite Online, simple lesson sharing, activities, assessments, templates
and more. Speaker 2: Plus, standards aligned content
coming soon. It’s better than ever so you can breeze
through this school year with a whole bunch of inspiration and practical resources. Speaker 1: Now let’s catch up on some of
the latest updates included with all SMART displays. Speaker 2: With the new sign in capability
you can now sign into your SMART board and maintain personal settings like wallpaper,
bookmarks, browser history and more. Speaker 1: Making it easy to turn any device
into a student device, switching back and forth seamlessly. Speaker 3: Also coming soon, sign in will
be expanded to include cloud storage so your favorites in content will follow you wherever
you go, from home to the classroom, for flexibility across multiple locations and platforms. Speaker 2: And our whiteboard now features
an expanded canvas, so educators and students have more space to navigate, collaborate remotely
and brainstorm together. We’ve also added new backgrounds like line
and graph paper, blackboard and dot. Stay tuned for upcoming updates included with
your display to support collaboration and learning on the fly, including video images
and map widgets. Speaker 1: Want to learn more, for onsite
PD options click the link below. Speaker 2: Now we’ll move on over to Jaron
to demonstrate what makes our 6000 series such a teacher and student favorite. Speaker 3: SMART has the only interactive
display on the market that allows educators and students to interact without interruption. We call this simultaneous tool differentiation,
so students can write, erase and move objects all at the same time and as 1st to market
with pen ID, writing can happen in different colors, anywhere with the ability to easily
differentiate between each student’s work. It’s the perfect blend of collaborative
features. Speaker 1: If you’re a teacher looking for
a clearly defined path take student learning outside the classroom and onto the global
stage, look no further than the Conrad challenge. The competition for creating innovative solutions
to real world challenges is now open to all students age 13 to 18. Speaker 2: This event is a simple way for
teachers to empower students with meaningful real world project based learning. The hard work students put in isn’t just
hypothetical, as they advance through 3 rounds of competition they’re connected with subject
matter experts and resources to advance their work, ultimately creating a commercially viable
product and finalist teams are invited to give their shark tank style pitch at the Kennedy
Space Center for the chance to win some incredible prizes including over 60,000 dollars in scholarships
and pro bona patenting services. Speaker 1: Our SMART sponsored Transforming
Ed Through Tech challenge category focuses on improving outcomes in education, student
teams competing in the SMART category are eligible to win a trip to ESTI, one of the
largest tech trade shows in the world plus a chance to receive one to one mentorship
from a Harvard Education innovation fellow to help guide and develop business plans. Speaker 2: Click on the link in the description
box below to learn more about how you can enable teams of students to participate in
this exciting challenge and be sure to follow us on social media for your behind the scenes
pass to keep up on all the action, and cheer for students as they progress through the
rounds. Speaker 1: Don’t forget to hit that red
subscribe button to keep up on all the latest and greatest and of course our collaboration
couldn’t exist without your valued input so, if you have an ideas or improvements you’d
like to see please drop them in the comments below. Speaker 2: We hope these ongoing updates and
tools help to make your job a little easier in continuing to transform education and inspire
greatness. Thanks for watching.

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3 Responses

  1. Clint Sutton Illustration&Animation says:

    Hi from South Africa. I have recently joined the SMART team working on the interactive game as one of the lead designers, with Andy and others. I am very excited to see what is happening over there and how you guys are forging a new way of learning. I am proud to be part of this and look foreward to creating the next big product coming out of SMART. Good work team!

  2. Nancy Biddinger says:

    What a great feature to have available in SLSO – editing the slides! This will be a feature that our teachers will be able to grab onto & make work harder than they do! Keep those updates coming!

  3. Theo Phiri says:

    My school has this same exact smart board

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