SMART Spotlight – Episode 3 “New Product Launch & More Showcase”

Speaker 1: Welcome to the SMART Spotlight,
our monthly update covering helpful resources, new product releases and behind the scenes
access to tech events around the world. Speaker 2: As a global company committed to
inspiring your greatness, we’re here to empower students, teachers and leaders with
the right tools and resources for success. Speaker 1: Today we’ll run through some
of the latest updates on SMART products and partnerships.
Speaker 2: Feel free to share with your colleagues and your networks and subscribe by clicking
the red subscribe button below to be the 1st to know about new episodes. 1st up, the upgraded
SMART board MX series has arrived. Speaker 3: The SMART board MX series has all
the essentials that educators need, including IQ embedded computing, all for less than you
think. It’s the same popular MX series that educators love but now features improved performance,
ease of use and features. The touch experience has also been improved, we now feature HyPr
Touch with Advanced IR which is as twice as accurate as traditional inferred systems,
this is going to give you great fluid performance and also provides 20 simultaneous touch points
support on both Windows and MAC platforms. Now the 2 front facing speakers are now rated
at 15 watts which means you’re going to have a great enhanced multimedia experience
from anywhere in the learning environment. For additional convenience we’ve also improved
the buttons in the bottom right. We now feature a dedicated IQ home button which will always
take me back to my home screen and also a new input switch, now this gives me a live
input preview of all of my video inputs which means it really takes the guess work out of
switching over to other devices, with every SMART Board MX series it includes free learning
software. This includes the IQ Android Embedded Computing, SMART Notebook Basic Version, SMART
Ink, as well as a 1 year subscription to SMART Learning Suite Software. This is on top of
all of our great free professional learning resources, our fantastic warranty with advance
hardware replacement, a wall bracket and an included
Speaker 3: remote control. Speaker 1: And IQ 3 point 4 for updates are
now live. Speaker 2: Including new white boarding and
screen sharing features for faster, easier, interactive ways to transform static content
into engaging lessons. Speaker 1: There’s a new ability to enrich
content by adding images from Bing save search and YouTube videos directly in white board.
Speaker 2: Liven up your lessons with royalty free, save search filtered images and video.
Speaker 4: And check out the new measurement tools like ruler, protractor and geodray to
add extra interactivity to your lessons. Speaker 3: In addition to the native support
we have for Airplay, Google cast and Miracast our new SMART Screen Share app is a reliable,
alternative method for connecting devices for screen sharing.
Speaker 1: Hey teachers, looking for a great way to engage with secondary students, a new
team quiz activity is now available in SMART Learning Suite online. It’s all the fun
and interactivity of monster quiz with a more grown up look and feel, for students beyond
primary levels. Speaker 2: Students answer questions individually
but work as a team to complete their gear and just like all of the learning activities
in SMART Learning Suite, the content is customizable so you can tailor your interactive games to
your students, grade level, subject and more. Speaker 1: Because the world we live in is
changing at such a fast pace, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for
the future. Speaker 2: Our leaders of tomorrow with strong
tech skills like coding and robotics literacy will have a significant advantage across all
industries. Speaker 1: So, SMART is pleased to partner
with robots dot education and Robo garden. Speaker 5: We will provide school wide coding
licenses of Robo Garden to up to 4,000 schools across North America, bringing free coding
education to up to 4 million students, and I want to thank you guys. You guys through
this commitment are changing lives, so thank you very much.
Speaker 3: Coding education is Speaker 2: so important and so is bringing
it to as many students as possible, along with being a key literacy, it’s an excellent
tool for developing 21st century future work skills.
Speaker 1: Check out the link below for more info and in addition to the grant and subsidized
pricing, everyone has access to free coding lessons through Robo Garden on the SMART exchange.
Speaker 4: Simply type coding or Robo Garden to learn more.
Speaker 2: That’s it for our latest edition of the SMART spotlight. Don’t forget to
hit that red subscribe button to keep up on all of the latest and greatest and if you
have any ideas or suggestions you’d like to see, please drop them in the comments below.
Speaker 1: We hope these ongoing updates and tools help to make your job a little easier
in continuing to transform education and inspire greatness. Thanks for watching.

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