SONIC.EXE vs BALDI’S BASICS CHALLENGE 2! Ft. Cybertruck! (official) Minecraft Horror Animation Movie

hi everyone this dummy over here doesn’t
know it’s math here’s your homework for today hit the like button if you know
what 1+1 is I hope that’s all of you I want to see a million likes on this
video in a week school starts now alright so let’s get
to the math it’s everyone’s favorite subject you know yeah whatever
1991 minus 1 is 1990 that’s the year sonic was first designed you think
you’re real slick huh oh well that was just a warm-up are you ready for the
next one bring it why is 7 times 8 78 are you two
statistics stupid boy you don’t know what 7 times 8 is oh man shut up
give me another one oh I can’t give you another one you lost a second problem
you lose all this because of a math problem you got to regret ever being a
teacher oh I’m shaking in my lunchbox well it looks like I’ll say it soon your
hairy butt cheeks have a date with my shiny ruler my Harry what this guy has gone too far
this isn’t your school Baldy it’s mine I created it you belong to me come out and
fight big mistake coming out of hiding and
what are you gonna do huh slap me with your white gloves wait weapon you talk too much I’ve waited a long time for you to shake
hands with this Baldy prepare to meet thy doom don’t forget the last time I
hit you with my ruler and you remember what happened yeah well we won’t be
making that mistake again yes what do you think you’re doing oh I like
going somewhere Wow yeah you know I think I forgot my Hall Pass I’ll just go
and get it real quick say good night look into my eyes I want to watch you huh huh wait a minute am i back in the
classroom come out come out wherever you are
huh oh no I have to hide Oh teacher where are you teacher – ah
boo huh this must be one of baldies notebooks
there’s no blood on it they says deja vu I swear and I could’ve sworn I’ve seen
this before following this time I’m not in my
notebook what’s that sound how the itsy-bitsy Baldy crawled all
around the desk hey let’s talk about this okay
yeah I made it nah you’ve gotta be kidding me
another dream this is a total inception des I better get big again and get out
of here as fast as possible it looks like now’s my chance the betta
who’s bad all right we have a teacher to find you know who it is I want him alive
don’t kill him when you find him you will bring them to me now go you can run
Baldy but you won’t be able to hide I think the portal is this way give me
something great oh not you again listen you might want to get out of the way
before you regret it no items no paths song you’ve chosen death okay I told you
you’d regret there’s the portal I made it! I am come
on now hey let go of me yeah yeah thought you can get me this is just way
too easy I’ll be out of here in no time well hey mr. Prince of all sir is
something wrong no shrinking in the halls oh come on
a life sentence in detention for you you’ll never get out of here a life
sentence so what is this present wait where’s the door aunt hello come on this
isn’t funny good work principal I want you to make
sure that he never gets out you’re in charge for now I have some other
business to take care of I sent some very bad dark energy coming
from baldies portal Baldy told me not to follow him but when did Baldy ever
listen to me I’m going in and where do you think you’re going you should have really listened to Baldy
and now because you won’t mind your own business it looks like I’m gonna have to
kill you oh really huh you think it’s that easy oh well then let’s see what
you got tough guy you’ll never see Paul D again we’ll see
about that after I destroy you I’ll destroy this
entire world it’ll be fun you your family your friends all of you will die
not while I’m still alive I’ll admit you put up a pretty good
fight and I’ll admit that you’re just too slow cyber charters destructable what it’s over for you / huh we’ve only just begun looks like I’m going in hit the like
button to see part three subscribe with notifications on what do you think I’ll
find in there comment below to be featured and I’ll see you in the next
one thanks for watching love you guys

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