Sudden Ominous Music Heard Across U.S., Nation Panicking

If you’re just joining us,
we are continuing our coverage of the ominous music that
is sending panic across the nation. The suspenseful music was first heard
throughout the country at 3:10 Eastern Standard Time
this afternoon sending citizens and government officials
on high alert. Something really bad is going
to happen, I can just feel it. We go now live to Washington correspondent
Jane Carmichael with an update. Hi Andrea. -Jane do we have any more
information on the source of this music? Well Andrea the AP is reporting
the ominous music is being caused by an intrepid young journalist
who is currently rifling through a classified government dossier.
-Okay, I see. But moments ago the New York Times’
website posted a story claiming that the music may be linked to a group of
wealthy, recent high school graduates speeding along a winding road in
a red convertible, screaming and laughing with the hubris of youth. -Okay.
-At this point we just don’t know. Okay now we’ve been informed that
police nationwide are on the lookout for attractive teen girls wandering
by themselves. -Yes, yes they are and experts say their chances
of being hacked to pieces by a knife-wielding maniac have increased
over 600% since the music began. I’m sorry Jane, I’m just getting word
that we’ve got some footage of that now. I think it’s just Joey doing this,
he must be playing a prank. Come one Joey, knock it off!
It’s not funny Joey! Come on, stop! Interesting lead there, but Jane
is the telephone watch still in effect? Yes absolutely. Officials are saying
not to let your phone ring suspensefully two or three times because the call
will likely be completely harmless, a neighbor or a friend but be
very careful after you hang up. When you’re standing there relieved,
that is when the horrible event is most likely to occur.
-Okay. FEMA is attempting to bring an end to the music
using a variety of strategic phrases but so far it’s been unsuccessful.
Let’s go now live to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Come on, it’ll be fun. Wait for me guys. What’s that shadow in the water? If that wasn’t you, and that wasn’t me,
then what was it? Watch how a real man does it. No developments there as of yet,
now Jane I understand President Obama has been taken to an undisclosed location,
can you confirm that Jane? Well you know Andrea,
there is no authoritative word but apparently
the White House… Oh my God!
Oh my God! Jane? Jane? Okay, we seem
to have lost that signal but we’ll bring you more information
as soon as possible. Moving on, a new erectile dysfunction
drug that works by chemically lowering a woman’s expectations.

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100 Responses

  1. AnaklusmosTheGamer says:

    The Boss Music Is Intensifying

  2. Quasar says:

    When battle music starts and you cant find the enemy

  3. !? says:

    And to think, how shocking it was when everyone discovered the TERRIFYING reason for the music…

  4. Slayer Slayer says:

    wHy DO i HeAR bOSS MuSIc.?

  5. Matthew Harris says:

    Any updates on the drug that lowers women's expectations? Asking for a friend.

  6. 451 says:

    "why do I hear boss music"

  7. Nihil says:

    It's the minecraft disc 13 being played

  8. R Picifica says:

    WTF is this?

  9. -Squish Boi- says:

    2:37 That’s another way to approach that problem I guess…

  10. -Squish Boi- says:

    Darn I wanted to hear about the computer that hates its job…

  11. Rakvalen Sypher says:

    this but its the beat box boi meme banononononononenenenenenenennanananannana

  12. AliceDeBois says:


  13. DanteEightSix says:

    From my research, it's either Nibbler's key fob or a giant head will appear and say SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

  14. Logan Pachulski says:

    U.S.A: Why do I hear boss music?

  15. Parag Raipure says:

    The Happening.

  16. NINJA's Depression says:

    a good one would have been "i think we should split up"

  17. zinaal kriid says:

    "Lost Teenage Hiker" LMFAO

  18. vidhan agnihotri says:

    Wtf is this i just watched the nun

  19. Jimmy Wen says:

    any more info on the ominous music situation?

  20. F. I. R. E. says:

    Oh, come on. This is clearly Panic! at the Disco using Brendon's golden vocals to vibrate the air itself.
    You know, if you all had given Panic! the attention they deserve from the start, we wouldn't be in this mess!
    Now you could be hacked to pieces by a knife-wielding maniac because you let f***ing mumble rapping get on the radio.

  21. Rick Sanchez says:

    I don't get the joke… What is this a satire of??

  22. yuehh tewbb says:

    It's funny because Hollywood has programmed us to care about background music this much.

  23. X-Fun says:

    "Why do I hear boss music?"

  24. fulcrum 29 says:

    What happened?

  25. Random Fjord says:

    V is coming to your country

  26. Jappie de malloot says:


  27. Eli Pinedo says:

    almost 10 years since we lost Jane. We will always remember you ❤

  28. Thomas Rosebrough says:

    "screaming and laughing with hubris of youth" looolll

  29. KingTurtle37 says:

    Why am I getting recommended stuff from 10 years ago?

  30. Panxer says:

    You better get ready for a boss Battle.

  31. God of Beans says:

    I really hope the multiverse theory is true because that means that there is a universe where the onion is the actual news station

  32. Drake Vandiver says:

    Why is this legitimately terrifying

  33. Golf Xray says:

    "Breakthrough medicine allows you to shit on command."

  34. J says:

    0:30 | Anchorwoman on the right looks like Dosia Mckay.

  35. Peraxus entertainment says:


  36. Andy S says:

    White House Urges Americans not to descend down creaky stairs.

  37. grant valdez says:

    I'm more interested in the drug that lowers a womans expectations

  38. Kyle & Chung says:

    2:26 oh no what the heck is that

  39. Sharkcraft says:

    If only this was true XD

  40. Ariel Cotton says:

    Read the ticker at 0:28
    You're welcome ?

  41. halsey kale says:

    was this real?

  42. Gnopa Rimaj says:


  43. WahidTrynaHeghugh says:

    “The music may be linked to a recent wealthy group of high school graduates speeding along a winding road, screaming and laughing with the hubris of youth.”

  44. Mustache Merlin says:

    "Officials are searching for any places with suspiciously large concentrations of health packs and ammo"

  45. anchuto says:

    0:23 take a picture of the music

  46. TheArrowOfDestiny says:

    Sudden Ominous Music Heard Across U.S., Nation Panicking
    Ode to Joy intensifies

  47. s s says:

    I remember exactly what I was doing when I too heard that music. I was listening to the ominous music.

  48. The Deaf Mute says:

    I hope they used the Soviet National Anthem here.

  49. Brandon Johnston says:

    When the Skyrim fight music starts but you don't know where the enemy is.

  50. The Black Knight says:

    Suddenly 9/11 happened

  51. Nick Y says:

    "Why do I hear boss music"

  52. Daveed says:

    Must be king ramses record player

  53. internet person says:

    I checked outside, my black cats grave appears to have been dug up. Any help?

  54. rip samual l says:

    I don’t get it

  55. Chesska Likes Shawarma says:

    Is this fucking real

  56. Tatsujiro Kurogane says:

    Isn't that just the sound of the states failing…………..again?

  57. CJared Foxy gaming says:

    is this true if it is it should have vids about that THING in the end

  58. Springlock Gamer says:

    I can't tell if this is real or not

  59. D'Angelo EL Mirage says:

    "breakthrough medicine allows you to shit on command"

    God I love the Onion

  60. Steven Butler says:


  61. GeneralCane says:

    Jesus Christ I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe….

  62. Jerome Lund says:

    What could possibly go wrong…?

  63. Anita Cigarette. says:

    That's a good chuckle.

  64. Alice Lu says:

    IBM introduces new computer capable of hating its job ?

  65. dungoist says:

    Good actors

  66. Meeminator says:


    If you don't read the scroll text you're missing half of the video.

  67. Dude STOP says:


  68. johnyjoe2k says:

    This should be an SCP!!!

  69. Meme Man Wizard Master says:

    boss music starts playing

  70. DaGalaxie says:

    Wait, when did this happen? I don't remember it.

  71. Randonlando says:


  72. iSnipez4badKDR says:

    FFXIV Amaurot in a nutshell

  73. Jeremy S says:

    "Why do I hear boss music?"

  74. TreeMobile. says:

    Oh shit this is now real actually.

  75. Will Williamson says:

    Sigma balls

  76. Pikastash :3 says:

    When you hear a cave noise in minecraft

  77. Hippo Pilot says:

    When you piss of a Joestar

  78. Leroy D'souza says:

    There's a Dark souls boss for everyone on the planet. No wonder they're all hearing boss music!

  79. Angami Accent says:

    Damn nobody noticed that subtle cuck joke? When the director was reading out phrases

  80. HK Kobayashi says:

    This is basically just the boss music meme only much better.

  81. Luminary Stud says:

    " Wait why do I hear boss music? "

  82. navigator of none says:

    Hahahahaha ??

  83. DK x Mace says:

    These videos are more useful now today than they ever have been.

  84. Tyler Farr says:

    why do I hear boss music

  85. Waynem Lambert says:

    More real then CNN , MSNBC or any of the rest of the fake news

  86. Charles the dancer says:

    Screaming and laughing with the hubris of youth the delivery is immaculate ?

  87. Vapor Wave says:


    America: "Why do I hear boss music?"

  88. NormalPerson says:

    Sounds like Plague Inc. music.

  89. Diggorydies says:

    Citizens all across the nation are looking grimly at the sky.

  90. Canada Dry says:

    FEMA should've tried "let's split up".

  91. lovemoviesful2 says:


  92. nakanight says:

    When the background music that plays during movie scenes occur in real life.

  93. Cobra Filez says:


  94. Darxx says:

    The baby? he's such a great actor

  95. CAP says:

    Minecraft ambient sounds

  96. jonathan sauceda says:

    It says no mature content

  97. fulcrum 29 says:

    Now you mentioned it, at the time in my country i heard it too

  98. Wankiest Wanker says:

    *SOMEFUCKWIT alerted the witch*!

  99. A I says:

    1:17 I hate these scenes in films ?? you just know Joeys gonna morph into a demon or something and her line will be "J-joey… Is that y-" before she gets devoured

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