SULI Student Spotlight – Josh

My name is Josh. I’m from Northern Michigan University. I’m participating in the SULI program here at JLab under the mentorship of Doug Higinbotham. I’ve been assigned to work on the Hall A BigBite spectrometer, which is used as the electron arm in several form factor experiments being conducted here in the near future. My main focus has been on the trigger mechanism within the calorimeter detectors in the BigBite apparatus. A trigger is required in these experiments to find coincidence and interesting events and match them accordingly with the other arm of the experiment. And, this needs to be precise down to the nanosecond level. So, the logic scheme is extremely important to include and thoroughly describe in a nuclear instruments and methods paper, which is the ultimate goal of this project, is to write this paper for the BigBite in Hall A. SULI has been an extremely… an extremely exciting experience. The atmosphere here, being surrounded by brilliant people all over the world, working together for a common goal, is just… it’s a blessing. It’s very, very, very cool. Very exciting.

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