Superintendent’s Report BOE 1-17-2020

okay now we have the superintendent
report dr. bulson setting records here week after week actually I do have my notes
here from the last superintendents report which I think I passed on we my
gosh I had it open a second ago I apology just a couple things I wanted to
acknowledge I as I said I sort of passed on the superintendent report last time
our all County chorus students the beginning of the month had you know
fantastic of course and we didn’t get a chance to really celebrate them so I
wanted to kind of bring your attention to that I do know that I think in their
intervening time since last meeting I’ve actually been sent the videos of all
County band and chorus and how to watch those while I worked from my computer
which was very nice that encouraged you to do the same if we don’t have the link
available to you we’ll make sure it’s out there we have a we’re growing that
learning together program for early intervention as adding two new
classrooms in a next couple months there’s additional information on our
Facebook page and our website along with an application so and this is for the
community if you have a three or four year old and interested in the option
for preschool for your child we encourage our community members with
three and four-year-olds to find the applications that go on and apply for
that oh gosh this one I’m gonna have to read directly the tic gums and Cornell
University Department of food services are once again presenting the ice cream
university in Harford County students participate in a five-week session to
develop and produce a unique ice cream flavor while learning and applying food
science principles registration ends March 6 so would encourage interested
students to apply on the tic gums website soon tic gums
provides full scholarships for the $500 program fee but there’s only room for 20
students they do need to apply quickly just today I believe the aberdeen high
school alumni classes of actually 69 is 70 the group the mine band and today
they donated nearly $6,000 to average in high schools avid program and so I know
that was something just accepted that today you may have also seen I saw this
in our shout outs last week that a lacy a 10th grade homeland security emergency
preparedness student at joppatowne high school high school has been accepted to
the job of Magnolia Fire Department she will start her fire classes soon and
just on an anecdotal note I know that in this county students who that is a
program that the county supports for our students to go and be able to do those
courses and I do think among the many opportunities available to our students
we would love to see more going into the first responders training programs that
are available here in the county it’s a great opportunity and we need to see
more of that going on and then fountain green
they’ve won this a few times now as one the grand prize and the $10,000
BGE captain no I’m gonna say it wrong MRSA became contest North Bend
Elementary won a $5,000 prize so congratulations to both schools so with
that said I hope that the presentations tonight what we’ve tried to do with the
presentations that have gone to the board is share more information about
the complexity of the work we do but the extent of the work we do you know what’s
hard to constantly produce the updates to let you know everything that’s going
on we try to put them in a sort of a coordinated manner so you can see
everything that goes into what happens for our students we’ve scheduled a
number of informational presentations I know they extend our evenings a bit but
we want to keep doing that because there is so much great work going on
I had a chance to see our school leadership on Friday and you know the
work they’re doing really is fantastic we want to celebrate that but we also
want people to understand it and we look for opportunities to involve more people
in the work so again as usual thank you to this entire community that’s so
supportive and I know that with all the great energy we have we can do a lot for
these kids so thank you so much have a great night yes our next meeting will be
held on February 24th and the first meeting is on March 9th both here at
6:30 in the AA ROBERTY building I’m so sorry February 10th
and February 24th

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