Supporting & Rebuilding the Nation’s Bus Fleets

Buses are the most widespread form of
public transportation in America, transporting people to work, school,
health care and other destinations in every community in every state. In 2018,
the Federal Transit Administration made the largest commitment in its history to
support and rebuild bus fleets – nearly 715 million dollars to modernize buses
and bus infrastructure, including new technology buses powered using battery
electric systems and hydrogen fuel cells. Recently FTA announced its third grant
award in 2018 approximately three hundred and sixty-six million dollars to
107 projects in Bus and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Competitive
Grants. Before that we announced two hundred and sixty four million dollars
in fiscal year 2017 funding for Buses and Bus Facilities and we also announced
eighty four point five million dollars in New Technology Bus Grants. Competitive
bus grants meet local needs they provide funding to help modernize America’s bus
infrastructure improving bus service, upgrading maintenance facilities that
keep fleets safe and reliable and building transit centers that help
travelers connect. Congress created the competitive portion of the bus program
as part of the FAST Act in 2015. Close to 1,200 transit bus systems operate in the
US with an astonishing 5.3 billion bus trips clocked every year. FTA bus grants
spur economic growth by taking people to jobs stimulating local manufacturing and
creating new development opportunities. While most of our nation’s bus systems
serve urban areas many rural communities greatly depend on bus systems that
receive support from FTA. In rural America buses link residents of rural
towns to opportunities in job centers. They provide on-demand service to
medical appointments they take tribal residents from reservations to jobs and
services sometimes over long distances and they offer what sometimes is the
only travel option for people who don’t own a car or people
with disabilities. During any given rush hour as many as 48 thousand buses drive
the streets of America. FTA support remains vital to ensure that buses will
help meet the transportation needs of the American public for years to come.

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