Swapping Classes on the UCSC Portal

Ugh, I don’t know if I can do all of this
reading by tomorrow. I still have to read and finish my paper for my Literature class.
Yeah, I’ve noticed you have been exhausted lately. Everything okay?
I just have a lot of work. It’s my first quarter taking three upper division courses and the
entire work load has been more than I anticipated. I guess my schedule is going to be a bit hectic
now. Well, have you thought of dropping or swapping
classes? I’m sure there is still room in my linguistics class and it’s a lower division
class so I think you’ll be able to handle it.
Wouldn’t it be too late to enroll? I don’t know. But I’m sure you can go to the
advising office or something. I just dont think I have time for that.
Hi there! Oh I hope I didn’t scare you guys.
Um, no you didn’t. We were just talking about… …swapping classes? Yeah I know I heard you.
You did? Yeah! even the guy over there heard you. It
was kind of loud. But that’s beside the point. I happen to be a Peer advisor and I can help
you with your situation without having to go all the way down to the advising office.
And you can do it here…right now! Really?Its not too late?
The deadline is not until next week. Log on to my.ucsc.edu and enter your username
and your Gold password Alright, under “Main Menu”, click on “Student
Center” Once you open up your student center, you
will see the classes you have enrolled under Academics, which is also under “This Week’s
Schedule”. Where did he go?
I’m over here! Search for the class you want to swap with.
Remember: a green circle means that the class is available for enrollment , and a blue circle
means the class is full and unavailable for swapping.
It looks like it is still open. Once you have located it, click on “add to
cart”. You can now choose the class from “select from shopping cart” when you enroll.
Choose an open section. On some occasions, you will be given a permission
number by your professor or adviser no matter what the status of the class may be.
You would simply enter your permission number under the window next to “Permission Number.”
This will allow you to swap any class that is already full. Permission numbers are required
ten days after classes start. Now go back to your student center and look
for the link provider on the left side. Look for the “Enrollment: Swap” link and click
“go”. Here you will be able to select what class
you will like to drop and which one you want to replace it with. Choose the class you would
like to swap on the top section. The bottom section shows the class you want
to swap the class with. You can select a class by searching and selecting it from your class
search, your planner or your requirements. You can also enter the class number. However,
because you already added the class you your shopping cart, you can directly from that
list. Click “select” and verify the information
including time and the status of the class. Finish swapping and wait for the end result.
A check mark means that you are already enrolled. Wait, That’s it?!
Yeah. Easy right? Yeah that was surprisingly easy.
Where did he go? Shhhh!
The deadline for add/drop/swap is always at the end of the third week of instruction.

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