SWAYAM – Online Education Programme by Government of India

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I’m Md Munna. These days people don’t want to join coaching institutes due to their heavy fees. They’re going for online education to study at home and upgrade their skills. Understranding this need, Goverment of India has started an online education programme through which you can study at home by attending lectures and training by professors from top institutions like IIT, IIM. SWAYAM – that you can see here on the screen. I’m on the website of SWAYAM. SWAYAM is a programme started by Government of India. It’s website is https://swayam.gov.in Let me show you about Swayam here. It’s clearly mentioned that this programme as been initiated by Government of India. Below here is a list of bodies that work for this programme and develop the training. The trainings that you will get here are developed by such top-level institutions. Here you can see IIM Bangalore, UGC, NPTEL, NCERT. Below here you can see that Ministry is supporting this programme. They also have an android app available on Google Play Store with name – Swayam. So if you search with name ‘Swayam’, you’ll find it and can install it on your mobile phone. Now let me show you Courses. So we are under ‘All Courses’ and can see different topics given here like Animation, Academic Writing. And when you go below you will find more topics. You can click on any course as per your interest and attend the course. You can also use the Search box to search a course if it is available or not. To do a course, you’ll have to first login so you can either Sign-in or Register on the website. If you do not have any account, you can register here. You can also login through your Microsoft, Google or Facebook account. If you do not want to login through Microsoft, Google or Facebook account then you can click on ‘Sign up now’ link and fill a small form with your details to create your account directly here. I’m logging in using my Google account. Now, I’ve logged in with my Google account. If you want to exit from your account, you can click ‘Sign-out’ to logout. Now I go to any course by clicking ‘All Courses’. Suppose I want to learn Animation so I’ll click on ‘Animations’. Here you can see the course details – syllabus, topics that you will learn. The backgroud about the Instructor is also given here so you can know who the instructor is, what education or work he/she has done. You can do the training course for free but if you want the certificate then you’ll have to pay a exam fee. Above here, you can see course duration, level, category and the exam date (if you want to get the certificate, then you’ll have to take this exam). To learn the course, click ‘Join’ button. Now you can see the topics at the left. You can click on the topics one by one to read or learn it. You can see the details here in a book format. You can read it anytime as per your convenience. You can click on ‘Ask a Question’ link to ask your queries on any topic so that Intructor can answer your question. If you have any question, you can click on ‘New Question’ and ask your question. Now you have understood how you can join a course on Swayam and ask your question. That’s all in this video. Please share your feedback through comments and also share it with others so that they can know about this programme that has been started by our Government of India. This is a very good project on which the government is working on and people must know about it so they also do not pay heavy fees at the institutes and can learn at home on their phone. Thank you very much for watching this video.

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