Tassomai: an overview for schools

– [Narrator] Welcome to Tassomai, The Learning Program. Tassomai helps students learn and revise GCSE science on the web and through a mobile app. Tassomai’s quiz-based program is easy to use and the content adapts for each individual user. By completing achievable daily goals, learning is spread across the academic year making it easier and less stressful to prepare for exams. Tassomai also provides valuable feedback to teachers, highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses and helping teachers plan their lessons. Over 50% of students who completed the course in 2017 achieved an A or an A star grade in their exams. Students choose a topic and answer short multiple choice-based quizzes written in a way that teaches as well as tests. As students answer questions, Tassomai starts to learn what they know and what they don’t. Get a question wrong, and Tassomai will show the correct answer remembering to ask this question again at a later date. Every question answered helps the program to organize the students’ learning and to create new quizzes tailored specifically to them. Each day, students are presented with a personalized daily goal to work towards. They can also earn experience points by answering questions and hitting targets. Students that want to get ahead can continue working towards a bonus goal and earn extra experience points. To get the maximum benefit from Tassomai, students are advised to complete at least four daily goals a week. Doing more is good though because they can get ahead of the curve and reduce the amount required for future goals. Teachers can easily see how individual students, classes and year groups are progressing with Tassomai. It’s easy to identify students who are doing well and those who need more help with particular topics. Our data shows the further a student progresses with Tassomai, the better the grade they achieve. Why not get started now and join the revision revolution? (lively music)

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