Tastytrade Review [Best 2019 / 2020 Tastytrade Review] Options Trading

tastytrade review tastytrade updated
review 2019 and 2020. David Jaffe with BestStockStrategy.com you can visit
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thoughts on tastytrade this video is going to discuss an updated review and
it’s also going to provide my thoughts and my opinion you are welcome to
disagree with me if I was watching this video I would probably also disagree
with me considering that Tastytrades content with their data scientists and
Tom Sosnoff’s experience as a founder of thinkorswim is substantially better than
mine. So even though I worked on Wall Street as an investment banker even
though I am also very successful financially. On a relative basis I am
nowhere near as successful as Tom Sosnoff so if you want to disregard this, no
problem. In any case this is the first week of August 2019 we saw volatility
increase volatility as measured by the VIX index volatility increased from
around 12 earlier in the week to around 20 because we saw the Fed only decrease
rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday the market was disappointed at one time
the market fell the spui fell around 50 points on the S&P 500 rather fell 50
points then on Thursday apparently the president tweeted something about China
so then the market fell on Thursday and Friday this is the exact reason why
taystee trades methodology does not work because they tell you to trade small
trade often and while I definitely agree and end in and am in agreement with
trading small when you trade often it leads you open leaves you open to
substantial losses in this situation where volatility increases from 12 to 20
all of your existing positions are on the
short put side are going to be showing you a substantial loss even the short
call side with the volatility expansion even though the market might be going in
your favorable direction those positions might also be showing you a loss as a
result when you trade often it oftentimes leads to poor discipline and
it also has you lead lose money because what a see trade does is they
essentially tell you that as long as a company or as long as an underlying
stock has high ib are high liquidity then you should trade that security they
don’t tell you anything about making sure that a stock falls to the low end
of its trading range and therefore you should sell a put on it instead they
simply scan based upon high IV R which is high IV R which is implied volatility
rank and then they also want to make sure that the index has or that the
underlying stock has a substantial amount of open interest and it is
extremely liquid then they tell you to trade often in this situation you are
going to lose a substantial amount of money because you are taking a shotgun
approach the most successful investors are disciplined and patient taystee
works is not telling you to be patient what they’re telling you is that you
should trade as often as you can so that way you generate as many as you increase
and maximize the number of the amount of fees that AC works generates and on the
opposite end of the spectrum because you’re oftentimes selling the call side
you are selling straddles and strangles then you are going to have to deal with
a massive amount of Corrections and adjustments and closing out positions
only to then increase and open up that position at a at a later time that’s
called a roll the problem with this situation is I have never seen any
content from tastyworks that takes into effect the psychological impact
having a losing position you should never put on a trade with the
expectation that it will have to be managed at a later time if you want to
open a position and then the second that that open order fills you can open a
closing order have it be a good to cancel for the time and force and have
it put it for a limit order that’s anywhere from fifty to sixty five
percent of the premium received so let’s say you collect a dollar a premium if
it’s a naked option you can you can submit a buy to closed order for thirty
five cents that will you keep sixty five percent of the premium you can leave
that open so that it automatically triggers once the option that you sold
for a dollar decays to around thirty five cents a value you want to do that
no problem however what AC works they tell you to sell straddles and strangles
and what oftentimes happens is that those the call side especially will get
challenged and tastyworks never has created content that I have seen where
it addresses the psychological implication of having a position that is
now two or three standard deviations in the money go against you for them it’s
no problem because in my opinion Tom and Tony are trading a minuscule part of
their overall wealth while they’re creating content and running a company I
don’t believe it would even be possible for Tom and Tony to have the majority of
their wealth in the market and trade the strategy that they are trading while
also simultaneously running a company and creating hours of content every
single day now when we have a slow grind higher which is what essentially has
happened from besides May of 2019 but essentially for all of 2019 I can’t
believe that anyone who would have all of their wealth in the market and while
Tom and Tony are trading and have a large negative Delta position how they
can possibly remain impassive while they’re losing money it’s just not
possible so essentially what they’re telling you to do is not what they are
in actuality probably doing now again this is my opinion
but again I do not believe that these people are giving you advice that they
themselves are actually are actually taking because if you have a position
that is going against you and managing and rolling positions is extremely
stressful then there is no way for regular investors who are working in
nine-to-five or even full-time investors to be able to remain as impassive as Tom
and Tony are while they’re creating hours of content every single day as
I’ve said when you trade often in my opinion this equals a lack of discipline
and a really easy way to lose money when you sell calls you are effectively
trading pennies for theta decay for dollars
let me repeat this when you are selling calls at least how the market’s been
over the past ten years you are picking up pennies in theta decay and you are
trading it or rather you’re losing dollars okay so let me repeat that when
over the past ten years when you are short Delta you are collecting pennies
in theta decay and you are losing dollars as I’ve said I wrote a lot of
notes here so I want to make sure that I get through everything there is no way
for them to create content and lose money while being impassive okay think
of this example right everyone who sells option premium we sell insurance and
collect premium by them selling straddles and strangles I know that they
have a lot of data analysts which tell you that selling calls even in a bull
market leads to better results with decreased portfolio volatility than
simply being long stock but I personally do not believe that at all because I
have also made 25 to 35 thousand options trades and I’m also an extremely
successful options trader and I can tell you that from my experience I would not
be making this video if I did not disagree with some
the core tenants that they are telling their viewers to follow so we make money
the maximum amount of money that we can make by selling option premium just like
selling just like when we’re an insurance company is the premium that we
receive for selling our policy when you’re selling calls in a bull market it
is essentially like you are selling car insurance and every single car that
you’re insuring becomes totaled it’s only going to take you a short amount of
time for your insurance company to go bankrupt because the maximum amount of
money that you can collect is the premium that you receive for that
insurance policy now the underlying stock or the underlying car remember we
are acting like an insurance company all of those cars are going to become
totaled and that’s essentially what happens when you are wrong directionally
and you sell cause during a bull market it’s only a matter of time if you’re an
insurance company that if you sell insurance policies on cars that all
become totaled that you’re going to go bankrupt yet somehow tastytrade is
telling you that they can be wrong directionally for 10 years but still
remain profitable and they are telling their viewers to have a negative bias by
being short Delta and that these people will still make money it just does not
make sense think about it logically we are insurance companies by selling
premium when we sell premium on a car we do not want that car to become totaled
when you sell calls on an underlying stock and then it goes against you your
underlying position is essentially becoming totaled you will go bankrupt it
is only a matter of time so when you short Delta it’s like selling car
insurance and having every car every car be totaled
you’re gonna go bankrupt so you’re probably thinking right now okay great
but I don’t believe that Tomasz bankrupt so how does he do it
that would be a viable question you’re asking me if Tom and Tony
not follow their own strategy then how is it that they do not lose money and
the answer is very simple they hedge their portfolio in the
futures market to straighten and level out the Delta again what they’re doing
is they’re collecting they’re collecting theta which is the time premium decay
they have short Delta and then they are hedging their portfolio by going long
what I would assume would be SPX options in the futures market therefore if the
market grinds higher even though they’re losing money on those call positions
their futures positions are offsetting the losses of their call options so is
that a decent strategy I guess it’s not that bad I personally wouldn’t recommend
it but the more important aspect is that while they do touch upon this they don’t
expressly recommend this to their followers instead the only thing that
they recommend to their followers is selling option premium and by Tom and
Tony day trading futures in order to offset the Delta risk of their
individual portfolio to me that is extremely extremely let it provides a
lack of clarity a lack of transparency and in my opinion it is also extremely
dishonest because they are not following the very tenants of the strategy that
they are encouraging all of their followers to trade upon additionally as
as a lot of their followers have anywhere from like two to ten thousand
dollars you do not have access or the ability to hedge your portfolio within
SPX with an X px future now you can just because I know that there’s going to be
like 1 percent of the people watching this video they’re gonna say David
you’re wrong because you can buy what about if I hedge my portfolio Delta risk
by buying SPY. Ok fine you could do that but the fact
why would you want to do that why would you want to buy and go long the s py
which is going to eat up a substantial amount of your buying power when there’s
a better strategy available to you that’s going to substantially reduce
your portfolio volatility increase your gains and also reduce your risk and
that’s what I teach at BestStockStrategy.com so again I do not believe
that if you follow Tasty trade you are going to make money I do not believe it
is possible for Tom and Tony who are telling people to only profit from the
option decay but then they are wrong directionally by keeping a negative
Delta in their options portfolio I do not believe in my opinion that they are
successful and profitable traders what they are doing in my opinion and you can
ask them this by emailing them is they are balancing out the negative Delta by
increasing and having positive Delta in their portfolio in the futures market by
buying SPX therefore when the market continues to grind higher the losses
that they’re showing in their options positions by selling calls are offset by
the gains in their underlying SPX position the problem with this is that
they are being dishonest because if you have a position that’s below if you have
a portfolio that’s below $100,000 you cannot hedge your portfolio with SPX
positions and if you have a portfolio with a few million dollars in it 5 or 10
million dollars then even someone like myself I would not want to hedge my
portfolio by being long xpx because I do not believe or see the value of day
trading or scalping as Tom always talks about scalping futures there is zero
benefit when you have a better strategy available to you additionally I think is
extremely convenient for them to tell you that it’s important to trade often
when they are charging you and they are right they are directly profiting from
your trades the more you trade the more money they make
taystee works around 14 to 14 and a half cents for
every contract that you sell that means that they are passing on all of the
expenses of the exchange fees on to its users they charge one dollar per
contract for them to introduce selling premium and for them and I would say on
average a lot of the people that use KC works have account balances below twenty
or thirty thousand dollars Tom talks about this all the time on the show he
always talks about standing up for the little guy and how he doesn’t care how
much money the how if you have a small amount of money you should not be
restricted you should not have any any fewer rights or options or you shouldn’t
be treated any differently than someone who has a few million dollars in their
account but from his behavior it’s extremely dishonest because there is no
way that you can be short Delta and have an account of five thousand dollars and
trade the tasty works way by selling straddles and strangles and at the same
time have the ability to hedge your negative Delta from your options by
going long futures that is simply not available to you again I want to repeat
that there is no way that you can sell options and you can sell insurance on
cars have those cars all become totaled and not go out of business now what Tom
does is he will buy additional insurance on his portfolio in the futures market
you who probably has an account below twenty or thirty thousand dollars cannot
go out and purchase additional portfolio insurance in the futures market that’s
why in my opinion when you also consider that tastytrade is owned by tastyworks
and therefore they make and are their profitability is directly influenced by
having you trade more often that their exchange fees and their pass on their
passing on other of these fourteen and a half cents for every contract is the
highest that I’ve seen from any broker and I also do not believe that they have
created a video which addresses the psychological implications of managing
positions and the fact that they also tell you to trade straddles and
strangles and they take a shotgun approach now you’re welcome to believe
whatever you want go look tastytrade tells you to trade
option premium and tells you to sell premium that’s exactly what I teach so
is it better than day trading or trading Forex or penny stocks or anything else
of course it is but is it optimal of course it’s not but if you want to
completely disregard everything that I’m telling you go do it no problem I don’t
care what you do I am just providing you with my opinion and I’m telling you that
just think about it logically we make money the maximum amount of money that
we can make is the amount of premium that we receive the maximum amount of
money that we can make is by keeping a hundred percent of the premium if we
sell a car insurance policy and that car becomes totaled which is exactly similar
to what happens when you sell calls during a ten-year bull market and the
underlying market continuously goes against you you are trading you’re
collecting pennies and you’re paying out dollars it is only a matter of time
before you go bankrupt the only reason why Tom and Tony are not losing
tremendous money by keeping that negative Delta in the portfolio
is because they hedge their risk in the futures market they are day trading
futures you who probably has an account below $30,000 because that’s the average
investor that they target specifically they target the little guy they always
talk about the little guy we’ve cut these 80% we don’t believe that anyone
with two thousand dollars should be any differently than anyone else with
two million dollars you do not have the ability to hedge the Delta in your
portfolio okay simple as that if you want to take a
shotgun approach and you just want to place trades based upon high Ivy and
liquidity be my guest you are going to find that almost all of
your call positions get challenged you’re going to get stressed out you are
going to be more irritable you are going to give up trading and most importantly
you are going to sustain losses if you want to learn a better strategy go to
best stock strategy calm enter in your email address you’re welcome to sign up
for my trade alerts you can see how disciplined and patient investors make
money how we optimize our profits how we minimize our risk and how we are able to
make and maximize our returns while also reducing portfolio volatility you can go
to best stock strategy comm it’s only $19 for a seven day trial of our trade
alerts you can compare them you will see that we are extremely disciplined
extremely patient and leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on
whether you believe the tastytrade method and the tastytrade strategy is
the best way to make consistent and profitable returns in the stock market
thank you very much for your attention

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51 Responses

  1. BestStockStrategy says:

    What are your thoughts about Tastytrade?

  2. Nebderf 350zHR says:

    I like Tastyworks, but do not enjoy Tastytrades information. Some videos of course are informational, but when it comes to listening to what theyre DOING as of trades its pretty risky. They hug the whole IV thing way to much rather then price action. I heard Tom say he doesnt even look at charts sometimes. . which i found weird. Id never follow their trades that they post on the platform. Ill use them as my broker but not my instincts; thats all on the trader. Dont like how they do pressure people to trade small trade often. 3 – 5 positions could all turn red. Then what? You kick yourself in the ass for not doing your own DD. I Like your approach to things 100% more.

  3. Zoe Adams says:

    Hi David. I like this video. I find tastytrade to be too complicated. In general, things that have layers of complexity to them are not the best way of doing things.

  4. Beverly Dent Dent says:

    I tried to follow tastytrade but they require way too many trades.

  5. Lisa Holliman says:

    I like tastytrade, I find it entertaining.

  6. Ellie Crawford says:

    I just signed up for your options trading education course. Do you provide email support if I have any questions?

  7. Nora Cox says:

    nice video. i am a new subscriber to yours and you make a lot of sense. I agree with you about not keeping a negative delta because it's like selling insurance on cars that get into an accident.

  8. Hannah Fry says:

    nice updated review. Do you still recommend tastyworks?

  9. Annabell Nikolaus says:

    I sign up for your alerts, they were great. i like how you keep things so simple. unfortunately i had to cancel because i couldn't afford it but I learned a lot. thank you.

  10. Mary Bryant says:

    This is one of your better videos. I like it. Are you going to continue creating options trading content?

  11. Marisa Grimes says:

    Tom Sosnoff and Tony are very successful. I think, just like you, that they mean well.

  12. Jade Field says:

    What do you think about tastyworks and tastytrade vs. Robhinhood?

  13. K Roddy says:

    That steamroller has caught up quickly. Interestingly RTN was somewhat immune.

  14. Machine Mowers says:

    You can hedge with micros as well 1/20 of size for small fish. MES. They also delta hedge. Tastytrade works.

  15. rsa108ify says:

    I think they say, you have to roll it over…if I am not wrong. Could you make a video for that kind of loss? That'd be great… thanks

  16. Luke Chen says:

    This is golden. Thank you sir

  17. thenow 555 says:

    Thru my trading career i never rolled options. Not a fan of it, If it goes against me in substantial way with no sight of reversal in market conditiom, i just close it. Rolling is essntialy prolonging misery & tying up buying power 4 longer than necessary. Hence, i pick my trades & timing of entry very carefuly on big proven stocks just like u.

  18. rsa108ify says:

    Any thoughts on SMB Capital
    . They also have similar strategy of selling premiums.

  19. Vincent Jesse says:

    Is there a broker you recommend as far as fees and commissions goes?

  20. adivin3 says:

    I agree with some of this. I tend to follow a combination of your strategy and Tastytrade. I usually avoid the call side and always try to be correct directionally. I follow Tastytrade daily and Tom and Tony are not negative delta that often. There are numerous other Tastytrade personalities that have normal side accounts and I do not think they are using house money.

  21. Ion Grigoras says:

    I can’t follow tasty trade! They both give me a headache talking way too much, platitudes galore, huge content and very little substance!! For real. It’s very similar with CNBC , not much usefulness. And they are friends with Sykes ?! What the hell! And the guy with that stupid hat and long hair … what’s that all about? C’mon man, a teacher, a mentor must look presentable, not fat and hippie , this is not the seventies anymore! And when he speaks I can’t follow him , puts me straight to sleep. Talking about insomnia cure.
    That’s how I bought your course David, because in all your videos I didn’t hear one single sentence that was empty and convoluted.
    Happy Tuesday.

  22. GapBahnDirk says:

    An Interesting review with some good thoughts!. Tom & Tony are always delta negative and that has to have been a losing strategy this year. Tom has alluded to that being the case. I do appreciate the education and insights that they & the Tastytrade team provide, but we have to find the trading strategies that suit our individual needs. Little and often spreads the risk as none of us know beforehand which way the market will move. I see Tastytrade and Tastyworks as a force for good, empowering the retail trader. Tom & Tony ignore fundamentals whereas I will use all of the evidence that I can in order to determine a probable direction. Tastytrade live is also great entertainment by the way…….

  23. GapBahnDirk says:

    I sell puts on market downturns. The difficulty, I find, is knowing when to sell. Is it now? Is it………now?

  24. James McGee says:

    Someone else mentioned SMB Capital. How about you do a review/analysis of them and TheoTrade.

  25. Victoria Silva says:

    I trade forex/binary through an expert manager and its been profitable for me and my colleagues

  26. Rizwan Khan says:

    Great explanation of what can happen with trading often strategy. Thanks David.

  27. Mike Kleinsteuber says:

    I trade with Tastytrade and like the guys. And I especially like their interface which is intuitive and works for me. While I understand where you're coming from, and strategy, the downside is that when you enter a falling market you need to be able to ride the storm. I think the most important thing you've probably ever said is that by selling naked puts you force yourself not to over trade. Over trading is probably the biggest sin that all traders engage in. Overall I've done well using your strategy, by selling puts on a recovery after a pull back but I'm still feeling my way….

  28. Mountain Evergreen says:

    Tasty good education that is all, anyone trading daily is a jerkoff and will lose everything. Long term trading or spot trading only way to have chance to win money, Sosnoff not trading anything close to his networth so fun money but it is real $$$, Tony is a clown made all his money being a broker on floor via spreads between buyers and sellers, he took a job after he sold his seat because he knew impossible to make money trading. Also rolling is chasing loses thats is all what suckers!!! They promote trading futures too lol!!!!!! They are in business ti make money period so they want you trade as much as possible and they know suckers born daily. I think their network is failing too, lets be honest financial streaming tv is a small market share and that will never change, same callers phone in daily, set up calls too by their friends. Now they are getting into more business like free trading apps that will be launching down the road, they realize the free trading APPS killing it not brokers charging fees. Their methods are very high risk to make pennies YOU WILL FAIL TRADING THAT WAY. Tom is getting destroyed trading as are most others , Tony just a conman from Brooklyn and looking to make the next score in business, they are looking to sell the broker eventually and make cash. Guys it is all a con to make you trade and they rake in commissions, nobody would work if it was this easy. Another interesting point NO EMPLOYEE every runs out of money trading!! It is a comedy show daily and they laugh all day with inside jokes because they are making money off suckers. Tom and Tony could not make a living trading why do you think they work and hustles like maniacs?????? This video nailed it to the tee!!!!

  29. Mountain Evergreen says:

    Also they promote using your hard earned IRA RETIREMENT MONEY to trade futures and naked calls and put positions with them!!! LOL if that is not enough to run from them then your a lost cause . It is funny how show hosts also promote strategies to reduce buying power of a trade..do you know why??? SO YOU TRADE MORE!!!!! Every show host is a salesman for the company period, they make it sound cool to trade but in reality like any other form most lose money, even on very low IV days they trade so they are double talking, Tom says you have to stay engaged so must trade on dead days too..what a conman, if you like comedy watch the show if you want to make money better ways.

  30. johto says:

    Thanks for the video. Always learning some gold nuggets, have a nice day 🙂

  31. arwakode says:

    Disclaimer: Trade Alert Member here. I tend to agree with David. tastyworks the broker is good enough for the cost. tastytrade I have mixed feelings. I have tried their method for half a year and did not have much success, down 2%. I watch and still watch their contents almost daily because their accidental antics are hilarious to me (like the thing recently about uncut pizza). One thing I think David might have leaned too hard on is the futures trading they do. Like Tom says he does it for engagement, which I liken to playing the slot machine to scratch an itch. Tom does like negative static delta hedge, but Tony (I think) uses just dynamic negative delta hedge. This leads the impression that lots of their trades are fun, lets see what happens trade. I also agree with this.

    Overall the main goal to me is that tastytrade is to introduce and inspire people to be options traders, but unfortunately maximizing P/L does not appear to be their goal or attitude. I also think they take product indifferent thing too seriously. I feel like they truly believe that all tickers price changes are sampled from a statistical lognormal distribution. This means price changes in a stock like Apple versus a penny stock can be described with the same model (but different parameters). I intuitively feel the penny stock has larger downside risk, but I can back that up with quantitative math, so it is a feeling, not grounded in anything technical. As a result they sometimes do trades from these companies that I have not heard of. If their belief is true then it doesn't matter, but I beg to differ.

    As for looking out for the little guy, David might have been a bit harsh but true. I don't think beginners can differentiate between quality trades versus YOLO trades like longing volatility. Tom also seems to have traded too big in a the recent AAPL's earnings and is now hurting. They also do a lot of earnings, which to me is high risk, high reward. Not sure if this is good for beginners. But I think they said they are helping fight the pattern day trading rule (which limits the amount of day trades in accounts less than $25,000) so I respect them for that.

    In summary, tastytrade mixes business with pleasure. I like the pleasure, less interested in their business recently. Beginners should start off with pure business and not distracted with pleasure until they from good models and beliefs.

  32. Mountain Evergreen says:

    Tastytrade has refused to interview David on the show , I think they are afraid of the negative exposure he might bring with his verified facts . I am surprised Sosnoff seems to like debates and is running away from the challenge .

  33. Airhog Glider says:

    TastyTrades schillings to come up with "studies" that intrinsically forces the user to trade frequently in order to bank commissions.

    They don't have a legit Data Science team.

    Good content here, distribution is horrible because YouTube favors clickbait bullshit.

  34. Michea Smith says:

    Tastytrade is very responsive via email. People should email them and ask them to respond to this video.

  35. Jesus Sample says:

    I only use tastyworks because it's better than Robinhood and it's relatively inexpensive, but i don't follow the tasty trade methodology.

  36. Hattie Brooks says:

    So you don't like tastytrade, but you still have a tastyworks account, right?

  37. Eugene Tatum says:

    More videos like this please, I like hearing about your options trading strategies.

  38. Alba Charles says:

    Yes, I don't see how someone can be wrong directionally yet make money.

  39. Beatrice Sandiford says:

    Why do they always talk about "speed of execution" with tastyworks? I don't get it. Almost everyone uses limit orders. Plus, their platform UI is bad and it takes me much longer to enter trades.

  40. Gloria Hughes says:

    I can always count on you to give your honest opinion.

  41. Michael Sheets says:

    Tastyworks had Tim Sykes on! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLEI_-WM2wY Actually, they had him on 2x. Once I saw that, they lost all credibility with me.

  42. BestStockStrategy says:

    A woman who became famous on Tastytrade, Karen the Supertrader, went bankrupt by trading the Tastytrade methodology and then was charged with fraud: https://www.forbes.com/sites/fredoltarsh/2016/06/02/the-latest-wall-street-mishap-scam-sec-complaint-against-the-supertrader-seems-like-mini-madoff/ and https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/09/27/brentwood-nonprofit-fined-1-5-m-sec-fraud/1436312002/

    She "traded often" and had negative delta…. and… LOST MONEY.

  43. BestStockStrategy says:

    Timothy Sykes, who in my opinion is a sociopath and penny stock scammer (and this opinion is shared by others as well – https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/tim-sykes/) has appeared on tastytrade numerous times.

  44. Fanatikk9 says:

    David, first off, I really appreciate your content. You and a few other sources have really helped me gain knowledge on properly selling options. One thing that puzzles me though, are calls. I believe you say it's rarely a good idea to sell calls. Well, it's definitely not a good idea to buy calls. It seems to me if one side is a losing strategy, the other side should be a winning strategy. Is it just too much of a gamble either way?

  45. joestory1 says:

    So what would you say to selling Call/Put Spreads and Collecting Credit ??

  46. joestory1 says:

    I just downloaded this video incase it gets deleted in the morning lol

  47. Krishnan Subramanian says:

    Thanks David, finally I got the silver bullet. All of them out there are scam artists except you. If I spent $1,349 for your class $349 per month subscription, then I will be multimillionaire like you. I just signed up for $19 per week and used your link to sign up for Tastytrade (so that you can get $5000 for 50 referrals)

  48. HumbleTrader001 says:

    I've ALWAYS suspected that Tom is trading a tiny portion of his wealth. I trust Tom as far as I can throw him. 🙂

  49. HumbleTrader001 says:

    You could likely now hedge with the new E-micro futures ("Micro E-minis" where 1 contract is equivalent to 100 shares of SPY instead of 500 like the regular E-minis), but I'm sure it's still a nightmare to manage the position (especially if it involves day trading), and the overall strategy likely underperforms the S & P. (and most day traders lose as well)

  50. João Martelo says:

    Your account statement is one year old. I'm curious how you performed from October 2018 till now.

  51. Zachary Payne says:

    I personally have had very good success using tastytrade. I'm not sure why you bash their fees when you have many other much larger brokerages charging ridiculous fees. Tastytrade just like any company is in the business of making money also. There is nothing wrong with that. You should target brokerages such as e-trade instead. Etrade fees for me were ridiculous, 8.95 before i switched

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