Teach4HK : 創辦人分享@「我要起飛」萬人青年音樂會

Teenagers, especially university graduates are the future of our society We would use one year of their time for them to experience being a front-line teacher, and how to tackle the problems of underprivileged students This one year would allow them to have hands on experience and work as a teacher in a school for underprivileged students We hope that in that year, the teachers can make good use of their diverse backgrounds to educate underprivileged students In the long term, we hope that there would be more passionate teenagers willing to be a front-liner in the field of education to understand the problems faced in frontline education and become leaders in different sectors that will strive for excellence in education For me, equality is very important at the moment, the biggest contrast we are facing is the lack of resources our underprivileged students have is much less relative to some rich students A very simple statistic data shows the probability of underprivileged students getting into university is five times less than that of students from rich families Under this education system, I myself benefitted from it I got flying colours in public examinations and hence studied a so-called ‘amazing course’ in university After uni, I worked in the investment banking sector I would only consider myself as lucky as I benefitted from this education system However, a lot of my friends could not succeed under this education system It is not the case that they are incapable neither are they untalented It’s just their talents are not discovered I feel like I have the responsibility to make this system more equal which will allow the hidden talents of children can be discovered Our fellows are mostly freshly graduated university students they all have hearts filled with passion and with only a monthly wage of ten thousand dollars to become a teacher Their backgrounds and capabilities can most certainly guarantee a well-paid job of three thousand dollars but they decided to spend this year to serve students instead This determination that they have is really impressive We hope that after the one-year teaching experience our fellows will learn how to be empathetic; how to understand the needs of students, how to understand the needs of teachers No matter where you work, empathy is always crucial to all occupations from being a policeman, to being a CEO This quality will allow our fellows to gain respect from all colleagues in the future

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