Teacher Education at Boston College

When I first came here, I was actually
the first volunteer teacher placed at the school where I was at. It’s a small
Catholic school in Brighton, which was dying basically. I had gone
from my student teaching, where I was teaching three sections of AP World
History, to teaching 7th and 8th grade English and 7th and 8th grade social
studies, and I’d never taught in a middle school classroom. The first day I went in
my classroom, I saw the grammar books were from 1960 and the reading
anthologies were from the 1970s, and I was like, I can’t use this stuff.
It was a very trying time, you know. I didn’t know what I was
doing. I didn’t really know a lot of people in Boston, but throughout the
whole process, what was good is that I was able to connect with professors at BC
and say, “I’ve never taught English before,” and I was able to go, you know, to the
educational resource center and get material that I needed that I thought
would be more effective than the stuff that I had known, and that was a big part.
You know, I had a great vision of what I wanted to teach, and this kind of helped
me fulfill that. I think a good teacher is a great student, where they’re always
constantly trying to learn, constantly trying to improve their own knowledge,
and I think that is what was very beneficial for a BC education because I
feel like I was able to look at the theory and then apply it to my classroom,
and the professors were there along the way to guide us along and really make
those connections. When people are looking for a graduate program, I think
the biggest question that they kind of have to ask themselves is at their very
core, what do they expect as a teacher. The reason I chose Boston College was
for the social justice component. It’s embedded in everything they do. BC wants
to make people who will change the world. I really like that and I
think that’s my motivating factor, a big motivating factor to be a
teacher, and I think that BC really pushes that as well and really
challenges us as well to go out and actually do it, and I think that really
serves the model and the mission that I really hold true in my life.

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