Technology at EIU (2009): Secondary Education & Foundations

Hi there, I’m Pat Fewell,
I’m Chair of the Secondary Ed and
Foundations Department. And as part of our program, the
program that’s receiving the award is the integrated
secondary ed program. In that program, we have
several faculty members that work with students. It started out as a program
where students have a little more flexibility as far as their
time, but it’s a very, very heavily writing-oriented
program where the students get a lot more one-on-one. That’s where the technology
comes in. The faculty members have
developed online classes where we have students when they’re
student teaching taking a final class which is their
capstone of class and they are all over the state and
the United States. The faculty have developed
programs using Elluminate. They have a chat board that they
use, or discussion board that they use, where they have actual
in-service teachers with the discussion board that gives a
reality where our students have an opportunity to interact with
people that are actually doing what they’re preparing to do. My name is Audrey Edwards. I teach the introductory
course in ISEP. And one way we use technology in
the introductory course is to show videos of teachers who we
think are using best practices. We pick exemplary teachers and
make video tapes of them and we use these super teachers
not only to demonstrate best practices but also to let
our students meet as a group, watch the videos together,
and analyze these teachers’ practices and teaching styles
to try to figure out the philosophy that lies behind
their teaching styles. We used to have our students
sign up to make individual observations in the classroom
and what we found was that we didn’t know what they were
watching, and that means we weren’t sure whether their
reports were based on fact. But we also had very little
control over the quality of the teaching that
they were watching. This way, we know that
the students are observing some really good teaching. This way, the students are
watching good teaching and we know what they’re
watching so that we can discuss it with them. My name is Teresa Freking, and
I’m an associate professor in secondary education and
foundations, and I’m an instructor in the ISEP program. One of the most impactful
technologies that we’ve used is Eluminate. In our final course we have
student teachers, and they happen to be all over the state
of Illinois. But also sometimes we have folks
overseas, so we’ve had people in Ireland, in England, in South
Africa, and Australia. And one of the things that
we do every semester is an all-day seminar, and that
seminar in the past has been unavailable to those people
who are especially overseas. Now that we have Elluminate
we’re able to bring those folks in, and they actually are watching
the seminar live and are able to participate in the seminar,
they’re able to ask questions. And usually one of the things
that we do is we have them talk to the students
about their experiences in the other countries. We also have folks that are
maybe just in the Chicago area or even closer–we’ve done
Champaign, Newton–and they decide to do the seminar via
Elluminate as well. In the future, many of our
teachers are starting to see a lot of professional
development being done with video technology. When they get this type of
experience here at Eastern, they’re now at least familiar
with this type of technology and so it should be a seamless
transition for them in the future to use it for their
professional development.

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