The 1:1 Classroom: High School Special Education with Tyler

(music) (music fades) (bright upbeat music) My name is Tyler Downing and I teach in a
1:1 school district at Charles City, Iowa. I am a level one special
education teacher and this is our first year being 1:1. (bright upbeat music) I don’t think it’s changed a whole lot of the way I’ve taught but it has more enhanced. I feel like I can reach a wider range of students. Teaching Special Ed. I have a wide range
of readers, um a wide range of math abilities and it has allowed me to make those
adjustments easier, better for those students to get the same concepts the
same information just on a different level (bright upbeat music) My first step is usually I test it out myself and I go research and stuff, find some different things and play with it a little bit myself to see if I like it or not… and then I give it to the kids you know as a test run and see how they do if it’s if it’s engageful,
if it’s meaningful, if it’s actually doing what I wanted to do. Um, ya know then I will keep it and use it again and if not you know i can i can make adjustments as I go to get the concepts or the knowledge, or the information that i want the students to get. I use our AEA guy, I use him for
some information. A lot of it’s just kind of google searching You know, type in what i want and seeing what other people have done. The other thing we use… we use Edmodo here and there are lots of resources from other teachers that you can get from there. There’s a special education group and they have lots of ideas ya know if you want a social studies project or deal with a certain concept you know there are lots of ideas that other people have and then you can tweak them or change them or make it to fit your needs. (bright upbeat music) We’re lucky enough we have a program
called Insight where i can use my computer and i can pull up every student
that i have in my classroom and I can see their current screen and what they’re working on. So if they have a question or they’re off task i can easily get them back on task or answer that question very quickly. I use desk appointment…desk placements from from the students you know so their
computers are facing me or I use my placement so i can see what they’re doing, see their computers and i can see the whole whole classroom you know at the same time and what they’re all working on. (bright upbeat music) One of the software that wehave is called iExcell. It’s a math program that uh… that allows the kids to to work on different concepts, different skills and it gives me a report you know
basically instantly of how they’ve done you know throughout so when they have pie graphs or you know “satisfactory”, “unsatisfactory”, you know “needs work” they have different levels that they do. Um, ya know I…using…i graph you know using progress monitoring that’s what I do a lot so I can see the graph as I put in the numbers, put in the information… how well or poorly you know a student has done and then I can make adjustments from there you know if they’re on a trend of going up ya know, keep going and if they’re on a trend going down then I can make adjustments to help that student be successful. (bright upbeat music) We have PLCs so we have used some of that time to to work on some technology to…to throw ideas back and forth through other teachers and see what
they’ve done. We used a couple in-service days to learn about different things to help students be successful. If you want to go to a conference or you know anything that deals with technology they have been very willing and open you
know to send some people throughout the state or area to gain knowledge and gain skills on how to use technology in the classroom. (bright upbeat music) Another thing 1:1 has helped us
with are students grades. In high school we have to pass
classes we have to get to graduation right, so allowing kids to have the
ability to check their grades often and frequently whether they have an assignment completed or their grade went down then they can have…get that stuff
taken care of so they can get that grade to passing. Whereas before a lot of our students that I work with they don’t have the technology at home to do it so they rely…just at school to find the computer or to get internet access to be able to check their grades and know what assignments are there and missing to help them pass their classes and graduate high school. Negatives that that I’ve
encountered that we’ve encountered as a school district with you know students not taking care of their laptops um, having some damage…that’s always going to happen with with our population you know sometimes we have some dropouts or some people who you know don’t attend on a regular basis so we just have you know some things in place to keep their computers at school and that entices them to come to school if they want their computer. You know they can use it throughout the day and then they have to leave it here before they go home and that you know helps them get them back here to school so so they can be successful. 1:1 can be very overwhelming but uh you know taking it slow start with a class start with a kid you know and work from there and build
your skills and your knowledge so you can help those kids be successful and if you take on all all classes you know at one time and try to change your curriculum Ya know you’re going to be overwhelmed
and you’re going to need help. Going 1:1 has been a very very beneficial you know for my classroom and for my teaching ya know and I support going 1:1. you know if you’re looking into it ya know it has been a good change for for
our school and especially me as a teacher in my classroom. (bright music) (music fades) (music) (music fades)

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