The Amazon isn’t “Burning” – It’s Being Burned

good morning John so I’ve seen a bunch of tweets for the last few days I’m pretty angry which you know makes it exactly like every other few days in the last few years but in this specific case it was tweets like these the Amazon rainforest is seeing a record number of wildfires large swaths of the Amazon rainforest are burning fires are raging the Amazon region is burning now mostly this comes down to like a problem I have with reality which is that there’s just too much of it and thus it is very hard to be aware of all of it and so we end up with things that are incomplete making their way into our brains but if there’s anything we should be aware of it’s this cuz you know future of the planet at stake and stuff like that so why do I not like these tweets well because here in America where I live usually if there’s a wildfire it was an accident and sometimes fires are okay because fires are a normal part of our ecosystems in America and sometimes they were done on purpose by like criminals who the government wants to arrest so when you read these headlines as an American you think oh no a fire happened I hope someone’s trying to put it out but in the Amazon fire is not a natural part of the ecosystem and because of that many trees in the rain forest can’t survive what we would in the u.s. consider a trivial burn these fires are not natural they are intentional this isn’t intentional like it’s arson it’s intentional like this land is more economically productive when we graze cattle on it than when it’s the rain forest so the headline here shouldn’t be large swaths of the Amazon are burning it should be large swaths of the Amazon are being burned now sometimes in the dry season which we’re in right now there are natural wildfires in the Amazon and in fact the number of natural wildfires appears to be increasing because here’s a thing about the Amazon and other rainforests with plenty of water and plenty of sunlight the ecosystem is really good at using everything that comes its way that means that most of the water that falls is immediately released back into the atmosphere by this tremendous amount of vegetation photosynthesis gets done when water evaporates out of plants a single tree can evaporate more than 50 thousand gallons of water per year and once that water is back in the atmosphere it falls again rainforests don’t just thrive on rain they make rain so when there’s less rainforest there’s less rain and more fires that’s not the real reason there’s so many more fires this year it’s not hotter than normal it’s not drier than normal the thing that changed in Brazil is who the President did the moment he was elected I air Belson ro rolled back environmental protections in Brazil earlier this month he fired the head of Brazil’s national space and Research Institute after he defended data showing that deforestation had grown 40 percent in the last year Bolson ro says that figure is wrong and the deforestation is down that’s a lie when asked why there are so many fires this year bull Sonora said that maybe environmental organizations are setting them to make him look bad that is also a lie but this isn’t just like pure malice and like love of destruction there’s an ideology here there’s the economic part of it which is just that there’s a lot of value in the rainforest and no one’s making any money off of it if it’s just being rainforests and then there’s sort of an ideological thing of like the civilizing interest of man we must bring our superior way of life to this wild jungle racist manifest destiny kind of stuff so to make the money you encourage legal logging and farming you reduce inspections reduce regulations and you ignore illegal land grabs where forest is slashed and burned and then seeded with grass and sold the ranchers there’s also another piece of the ideology here that I think is really interesting reality is that most of the good that the Amazon does is for everyone it produces oxygen for everyone it traps co2 for everyone it preserves biodiversity for the whole world but Brazil isn’t getting paid for any of that stuff far-right perspectives ultra nationalist perspectives don’t really allow for stuff that helps everyone it goes against this ideology that the nation is for the nation only and here’s where this gets super wild the fact that the rest of the world cares so much about the Amazon rainforest isn’t perceived as a reason to protect it it’s perceived by these people as a threat it’s like a claim on their sovereignty it’s it’s thought of as internationalisation after all like legitimately what right do i as an American I have to tell Brazil what to do with its rainforests in America we have DeForest did everything we can so our interest in protecting it actually becomes a reason for some people to want to destroy if you live in a world where everything is a zero-sum game why should anyone else benefit from our property and then there’s the reality that the Amazon is not as we sometimes imagine it empty there are many indigenous people other people who live and work in the forest and who rely on the forest for their livelihoods but those people are often not seen as real Brazilians by these nationalists nationalism is an inherently exclusionary ideology and that’s why fascism nationalism and racism so often walk together here’s the thing of course if the if the Amazon rainforest was a hundred percent pasture land and soybeans that would not just be a disaster for the whole world it would be even more of a disaster for Brazil itself see how hot it is in northern Africa that’s actually farther away from the equator than Brazil is Brazil receives more solar energy than Saudi Arabia but because of the rain forest it is much more cool this is the effect of that evapotranspiration the rain forest makes rain if there is less of it it is clear that it would be hotter and drier and these man-made fires or even the natural ones will spread on their own leading to a feedback loop that could end the Amazon and 70% of the GDP of South America is made in places where Amazon rainforest rain falls even here in America again internationalization for you much of the rain that falls here is a vapo transpired in the Amazon rainforest and an important note when I talk about rain falling really what I’m talking about is agriculture I’m talking about food we eat that rain there’s a lot of talk about tipping points and I think it’s important to note that there are always many tipping points along the path to something being completely destroyed but yes there is a time when less and less water falls in the rain forests and fires happen more and more often and there is a time where we lose most if not all of the Amazon and it’s why we have science to warn us about stuff like this so that we can take action and it’s why we have human rights to protect people whose land is their land whose life is their light but it is all too easy to deny stuff like this when you have more of an allegiance to your ideology than you do to the truth and that is something that I like to try and say to myself constant it’s why we need to call a lie a lie no matter who says it it’s why we need to say that the rainforest is not burning it is being burned John I’ll see you on Tuesday obviously this is a big and complicated thing and this is a short video so I’ve linked to a bunch of other resources the article in the intercept from a few months ago that basically predicted all of this was my favorite resource for this but there are lots of other smart people talking about it and it seems like people are having a better idea of what exactly is going on and why it’s happening so and I guess thanks for caring about this because because that’s a big deal and it is the only way we have slowed this in the past

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  1. vlogbrothers says:

    CORRECTIONS (Because of course)
    1. I just said the widely-shared fact that the Amazon produces 20% of the world's oxygen without checking. This is not correct, and I should have checked it. The question of where the oxygen comes from is a complicated and interesting one and, frankly, I'd like to make a whole video about it. A good estimate is that the Amazon produces about 6% of the world's oxygen. Which still seems like an important amount.

    2. The cat I show in the video is a jaguarundi, that's not a correction…just something lot of people asked about.

    3. There's a lack of clarity in statistics right now, this isn't because scientists are bad, it's because the dry season is on-going and there are more fires every day and existing fires grow. So when we say "there are 88% more fires than last year* that doesn't necessarily mean "88% more land has been burned" nor is that number set in stone. Figuring out exact numbers from this year's fire season will take a long time because, like, the Amazon is very big and humans have to draw shapes on satellite maps.

  2. Spongebob says:

    People that care: let’s be responsible

    People that want money: no I don’t think I will

  3. Dragon Fist says:

    We, Brazilians, have been vastly exploited by foreign nations throughout our country's history. We are more than justified to act defensively on the take and be skeptical regarding international attention. I would agree with most of your points, except the political one, which is more of a hunt based on what you've read and heard around rather than what's the actual incursion. Unfortunately, this leads the discussion into a much deeper and sensitive aspect of our current political scenery. That being; corruption scandals, propagation of socialism idiocy, rightwing retaliation, and people's general lack of knowledge for the matter in progression.

  4. camerica7400 says:

    Somebody help me on how earth has an excess of oxygen to sustain life and where is came from and is continually sustained even if we are polluting faster than production? Did algae/organism actually produce the excess as apposed to plants that actually produce a better than a one to one production ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide?

  5. Arizona ranger with a big iron on his hip says:

    Only one solution. We must invade Brazil and save amazon

  6. rockdamost says:

    Stop eating meat, stop buying at Amazon…)

  7. doctor respecc says:

    Where is Teddy when we need him

  8. embrace extinction says:

    casually forgets to mention the reason its being burned is to make space for animal agriculture for needless meat eating habit ok

  9. facec y14 says:

    There's sooo much more to this issue than anyone can imagine.

  10. Zusky says:

    whoever is burning the rainforest should be burned themselves uwu

  11. Winter Time says:

    Okay…okay…so, the government is paying for students to learn how bad deforestation is but, they are ignoring the fact that there are purposefully making forest fires? I rather they spent money on saving the environment than on education, education requires a good environment, I will never want to study everyday waring masks…

  12. Everthon Valadão says:

    I rarely comment on youtube videos, but this time I would like to thank you personally for standing up for this issue. I’m a brazilian teacher and some months ago I was just a little worried about the strange outcome of our democratic elections. But now I confess: I’m completely terrified about the brazilian government and specially the inaction, blindness or misinformation of our people.

    My teenage students, my family and some dear friends somehow don’t see nothing wrong been done by the latest government decisions about the environment, educations and people rights. Our people are applauding some unbelievable government decisions, mostly based on hunches and bravatas, with the excuse of “cleaning the country of corruption and communists”. Studies and scientific data supporting programs and initiatives that made a positive difference, are been discredit and dismissed. Our people are accepting almost anything from the government with some vague and emotional promises of a better future. People are distrusting facts and science and promptly believing in poorly written fake news and political allegations.

    We’re getting tired of losing friends and loved ones by simply trying to talk to them, to discuss those issues in a peaceful, respectful and scientific manner. I’m afraid our people don’t want to listen, they want blood. The blood of “them”, the others, the mystical culprits of each and every person frustrations. And a large portion of our population see our president as a messiah, who points it’s fingers at whoever should be considered the culprit of those promises of greatness not been fulfilled. But he is making the same kind of vague and impossible promises, the irony.

    Keep up the good work by informing the citizens of the world, by bringing the light of science in this times of greater need. The world need good people like you to inspire us, to give us hope, to not be defeated by the impossible odds. I don’t want to be silent at this crucial moment of my country and today, dear John and Hank, you just gave me the strength I needed to keep on fighting 🙂 Let’s try to recover the common sense, one person at a time.

  13. Adriano Frota says:

    Bolsonaro is not a nationalist, he is just a failure who bullshited his way to presidency. Everything that he says as a politician is based on a self servicing ideology. And that says a lot about us back in Brasil, and it hurts to see things the way they are now. But it is important to perceive how we are beeing seen, internationally speaking. The feeling of not being invisible makes it more bearable, I supose.

  14. the libra queen says:

    this video is so well done!

  15. ZombonicHD says:

    This is the worst generation ever

  16. Taragon Leaf says:

    The total acreage of forests around the world has been increasing for the past 30 years. There was no hysteria during the two previous bumps in Amazon burning, but wait, those were during left-wing governments so there's no problem. This hysteria is political, not environmental.

  17. Kopie says:

    Remember Lorax? They establishment will ask you to pay for air, money, land and water just because they say so. I say anarchy! The Earth is not asking us to pay for anything to live on it! V for Vendettaaaa!

  18. Movie Market says:


  19. George Enriquez says:

    that was a shitty ending

  20. Humza Hussaini says:

    I guess the only solution that can save the Amazon is if the rest of the world pays Brazil a 100 billion or whatever the annual price of rain and clean air is every year on the condition that the Amazon is preserved. I'd say cut military spending by 200 billion and just straight up give it to Brazil. It'll do America a whole lot more good than the new fighter jets that'll collect rust in a hanger!

  21. Isa Coto B. says:


  22. Tina 07 says:

    The world might be ending.. is anyone else afraid to have children ? ?

  23. LordKhabal says:

    Eat more plants and eat less meat.

    The deforestation is happening in order to create pastures for cattle and other livestock. Meat is a huge industry in Brazil.

    Cut off funding to that industry. Or at least do what you can to limit it.

    Do what you can to give Bolsenaro and the other hyper-capitalist planet destroyers less economic incentive to do what is destructive, I.e. eat less meat.

    Starve them out.

    Support government subsidies for plant-based agriculture and farming, vote to remove politicians who are supported by the meat industry (like Bolsenaro… and Trump…), and limit your patronage to businesses that profit from meat as much as possible.

    And on a personal note, can we retire the tired, old, annoyingly prevalent mentality that eating meat is bad-ass or manly or whatever? That’s such an eyeroll-inducing caveman way of thinking.

    Yeah yeah, paleo, keto, carnivorous dieting, body building, ‘we’re designed to eat meat, dammit,’ all that BS.

    Zip it, bro.

    The meat industry, as it currently stands, in unsustainable. Either we start producing and consuming meat more responsibly now so we can continue to produce and eat it in the future or we simply won’t have it anymore.

    What happens to your gains and your rib fest then?

    Those are the options, people.

    Grow up and get used to it.

  24. Gabriel Foglio says:

    we need help!!!

    Our country is taking one more step towards totalitarianism every day.

    the opposition is called communist and anarchist, any and all disrespected and violently opposed opposition, the dismantled social welfare, dismantled universities, animals and the poor on arms policies, pro-hunting, pro-death …

    we are in an extreme polarized scenario:

    one side screams in hate, the other in despair, in the center a passive inert mass that pretends that nothing happens

  25. transcribble says:

    "We eat that rain"

  26. Gnorts Mr Alien says:

    Property is theft.

  27. Dustin Brandel says:

    Since plants absorb carbon dioxide, the people who destroy the massive rainforests should be held responsible for the continuation of global warming. Except they have to have farmland from which to eat!!

  28. Jamie Smith says:

    A meteor can't come soon enough

  29. George Rio says:


  30. Lucas Agnor says:

    “Because of the rainforest , it is much more cool “ ( in Brazil ) . Nope . The rainforest is there because it is cool . That’s how rain forests form . The rainforest has no effect on the temperature . How does he come up with this stuff . Dummy

  31. Capt Zoom says:

    We need Hank for president so

  32. buck man says:

    Crazy idea, but would it be possible to literally cultivate a piece of land to be a rain forest?

  33. Tony Campbell says:

    It's almost like electing a fascist was a bad move.

  34. Audrey Oldham says:

    Where going to die the Amazon is are oxgen

  35. R. Kapra says:

    You have every goddamned right to tell Brazil what they should do with their rainforests and so does every human on this planet. We live in an age were the actions of one bring consequences for everyone and the Amazon is an incredibly important ecosystem for everyone on Earth. We all have the right to say what should happen, because it influences all of us.

  36. Miroslav Manahilov says:

    Go vegan or we all will perish.

  37. bbleh says:


  38. FreedomWriter says:

    I think that we should just let it go. If countries like Peru and Costa Rica want to take animal refugees from the Amazon, that would be good but unfortunately the trees are gone. We should just let Brazil be Brazil and other countries should pick up the slack and plant more trees. Don't let Brazil be the lungs of the world anymore. They don't deserve it. They deserve Bolsonaro. They voted for him, they got what they asked for, and we should accept it and if anything be happy for them that they got what they wanted. If we in other parts of the world don't like it, then it's on us to plant more trees in our countries and to protect our wildlife rather than tell them what to do with themselves. We cannot control others; we can only control ourselves.

  39. King Masterlord says:

    it's a bit troubling that Brazil is willing to declare war on every living thing on earth like this

  40. Lio Local Chibi Thief says:

    The amazon is not burning, the photos news and celebs use are 20-30 years old and there is a drop of 70% in wildfires since 2013 AND amazon does not produce 20% of the worlds oxygen,

  41. Dad Vader says:

    Nuke amazon to release the water

    …oh wait

  42. Y.P. D.K. says:

    You said fires are not a natural part of the Amazon then immediately after said in the dry season natural fires happen. Like what?

  43. Kim Jong Un says:

    I actually though bolsonaro was going to be a good president cause my family made me believe that. And i'm just so mad at this guy now, we never had any good presidents to begin with, but, god, they atleast knew they were doing bad and tried to hide it, but 2019's president thinks he is doing GREAT! And part of the arguments he uses to refute why we shouldn't care obout the amazon is that we don't need it and that people who actually care obout it are in his words: "Vegans that only eat vegetables". And the worst part is that my family instead of excepting we were wrong like i did, ARE ON HIS FUCKING SIDE NOW!!11!

  44. The Tree Tender says:

    This guy speaks for the rain forest as though it is just another thing on the planet that should be protected because it is needed by people and the planet. I didn't detect on iota of love or care for the creatures and plants that are what the rain forest is. That means he is almost exactly like the people he says are doing wrong by the forest. The only difference is that he thinks its importance is not what the others think it is. They are all so loveless, they will never awaken or save the planet. This in the face of never doing one damn thing nice for any other living thing in their personal lives. I wonder if this guy refuses to eat meat because he loves the animals. I wonder if he would starve to death in the rain forest because he couldn't kill an animal to eat. I'm sick of it.

  45. Paul Scherdell says:

    Refreshing truth's. Thanks man.

  46. Heather Potter says:

    Brazil says "The Amazon is Brazil's-not the World's!" Nice huh?

  47. Skittlesplat says:

    Not that I don't care, I just don't care. Wait….

  48. Johnson Moje says:


  49. Erick Segale says:

    Brazilian think people want to still their coconuts.they dont understand the word whant to keepthe amason alive.

  50. Erick Segale says:


  51. Marcos P says:

    an American wanting to explain the Amazon would be the same thing as a Brazilian explaining the ridiculous grand canyon, keep left there!

  52. Lossomo Films says:

    As said in this video they are burning forest for cattle farming. Stop eating animals and demand will decrease. There are tons of plant based meats and beans and tons of veggies you can eat. Each of us have a global impact on economy by what we choose to buy for food

  53. John Gaquin says:

    We are going to die. This is it.

  54. gatorbootz gatorbootz says:

    Harassment to mental illness to active shooter. No questions just death row . No attention

  55. Jose Torres says:

    A real perspective! Good video

  56. Tarson Talon says:

    Things 'environmentalists' have caused that damage the environment, in no particular order:

    1. Plastic bags were invented to 'save trees'. Now they're in the oceans.
    2. Rabbits were released into Australia to feed the Tasmanian Tiger so it wouldn't target livestock, and thus wouldn't be killed by farmers protecting the livestock. Instead the rabbits ate up all the vegetation, which starved off the Tasmanian Tiger's prey, which then caused it to go extinct.
    3. Wind Turbines kill birds. For obvious reasons. They also cannot be placed in wooded areas, thus some forests have been cut down to place them. More people die maintaining these turbines than most other sources of power.
    4. Industrial solar power plants are not like your average solar panel (though that requires the mining of rare earth metals itself). Instead, it uses a bunch of mirrors to focus sunlight on a central tower, which can heat the air above it so much that birds can ignite in midair. This also requires a ridiculous amount of land to be cleared for it to be built in the first place, which endangers animal habitats.
    5. Many insist on a vegan diet, which results in tons of land being cleared for farming, and people from poor countries not being able to afford their traditional grains, since those become a cash crop.
    6. Many support communism, which ruins the economy and causes desperate people to go poaching. They typically target reservations, since rangers are under-staffed or bribed. (Whereas if it were private land, they would have been seen and reported).
    7. Every dollar of government debt goes to somebody. Those people need to buy products to live or entertain themselves. These products are produced from resources. These resources come out of the ENVIRONMENT. This means every dollar of government debt is direct damage upon the environment. So, when people say the government needs to go into debt to save the environment, it's like seeing someone drowning and saying that the best course of action is to give them more water!

    You people don't know squat about the environment, and I don't know how much more I can give any of you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't just social parasites using the environment as an excuse to steal resources from productive people. But even if I do collectively, though not individually, give you the benefit of the doubt, you're still idiots.

    Go ahead, get mad all you want, but I guarantee that I have a smaller carbon footprint than 99% of you. I don't own a car or a house. I rent, and live on minimum wage, just over eight dollars. I do this by choice, because the last thing I ever want to do is run into you irrational people in all the industries you've infiltrated. And I certainly don't want my worst suspicions realized, that being the reason you people act so concerned about the environment is because you are the worst offenders damaging it, probably littering all over the place. Yessir, I would SNAP if I kept being hounded all day by 'environmentalists', only to witness them later tossing their wrappers on the ground. You may be able to pretend your way out of responsibility for all the other things you do, but you'd have no excuse for that.

    Want to save the environment? Here's an idea: GROW TREES. Seeds are cheap, and you don't need to restrict people's rights or clamor to the government to do it. And if somehow it affects the environment negatively (like say, there's actually a carbon dioxide deficiency rather than an excess, meaning all the plants begin to suffocate), you can just cut them right back down. But I don't actually believe you people want to save the environment. It's all about getting that endorphin high from dominating other people, using the government since you're too chicken to do it yourselves. At least, I won't believe it until you actually do something based on FACTS, not 'FEELS'.

  57. Ellen xx says:

    The Amazon isn't "burning" – it's being burned…

    By Aliens

  58. Gabriel A says:

    I thought I'd post my response to someone in this comment section who wrote: "Funny thing, it's being burned mostly for "Soy" crops for this thing called "Vegan." The same people that want to stop climate change are actually creating the demand.Ironic."

    I know this is a long response, but if you really do care (and as you've watched this video and likely follow Hank, you probably do), I implore you to read through to the end.

    You are correct in that the majority of the Amazon deforestation occurs because of soybean production, but the claim that this is for vegans — or even just general human consumption — is simply false. 80% of Amazon soy is destined for animal feed (see: Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies). 85% of the world's soybean crop is used as animal feed (see: the 2014 WWF report).

    The natural counterargument would be: well sure, right now the majority of it is used for animals, but if the whole human population went vegan, the majority would then be used for the 7.7 billion human animals. Therefore, when vegans buy soy products, they are increasing that demand, making veganism popular, and accelerating the rate at which soy is grown for human consumption (note: I tried steelmanning this as much as I could). Firstly, even if that was a valid claim, you don't need to consume soy to follow a vegan diet; there are many vegans, in fact, who, for whatever reason, don't consume soy products at all. Secondly, if the whole human population were to eat soy rather than meat, the overall clearance of natural vegetation required to supply us with the same amount of protein would decline by 94%, because you would still need far less land to produce it. Producing protein from chickens requires 3 times as much land as protein from soybeans. Pork needs 9 times, beef 32 times. If you think the 94% figure is too high, it's because soybeans produce at least two times as much usable protein per acre than any other major vegetable or grain crop, except for hemp.They produce 5 to 10 times more protein per acre than land set aside for grazing animals to make milk, and up to 15 times more protein per acre than land set aside for meat production.

    The fact is that there's nothing inherently environmentally damaging about farming any type of bean, including soybeans. The damage is caused by growing said bean to fatten up tens of billions of farmed animals, because then an unreasonable and unsustainable amount of beans must be grown to produce only a small amount of calories for human consumption.

    Think of it this way: a quarter of all Americans regularly buy hummus – far more than buy tofu. Yet garbanzo beans are not destroying the planet, because they're not being used to fatten up tens of billions of farmed animals. If they were, they too would be destroying the planet, and it would have nothing to do with hummus, or vegans, or the beans themselves.

    The same dynamics apply to other foods used as feed, such as corn and grain. Corn is the largest crop grown by American farmers, and it's largely responsible for the ongoing depletion of the Midwest's massive Ogallala Aquifer – but it's not because of vegans or anyone else secretly sitting around eating corn on the cob all day; it's because it's the most widely-used feed crop in the US. But since corn and grain aren't particularly associated with vegans like soy is, people seem to be less inclined to implicate their overproduction in the ongoing destruction of our environment. They just tend to omit it altogether.

    The fact that people are willing to blame vegans for the damage specifically caused by non-vegans' secondary consumption of soybeans and other animal feed shows how little most people have actually thought about the logistics of animal consumption. If they have thought about it and are still spreading this myth, they are being intentionally obtuse knowing that most people won't have the above context.

    If you do care about your contribution to this planet and want to get informed, please check out the IPCC's latest climate change report, which concluded that a vegan diet is the most sustainable diet in terms of lowering land use and greenhouse gas emissions. Also read the latest 2019 Oxford study published in the journal Science 360, showing that adopting a vegan diet is "the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use… far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car".

    As this is Youtube, it'd probably also be worth mentioning some good channels that make this type of information more easily available for the busier person who prefers video content:

    Mic the Vegan,, Earthling Ed, Joey Carbstrong, Humane Hancock, Bite Size Vegan, Vegan Gains, Plant Based News…

    All the best!

  59. JeffAM1986 says:

    What total climate hysteria propaganda. So disappointing, the insane SJW brainwashed youth of the left.

  60. Christian Vallejo says:

    Oh my you millenials need to get your facts straight. The fires actually started in BOLIVIA by the tyrant Evo Morales who by decreee actually AUTHORIZED LOCAL FARMER TO BURN Land. Also the fires only have a 7% increase over last year but 15% Less than when LULA was president. But I never heard an outrage because of this. Everyone turned a blind eye because it was a Socialist in power and we all know they are perfect creatures full of love and ideals. So Stop this nonsense. This is a naturally occurring problem. And Stop making this political

  61. Shiro says:

    We Defended our Territory Against the French in the 1500s, and in the 1960s and we Shall Internationalize the French Guiana instead.
    Brazilians, Get ready for Operation Cabralzinho!

  62. René PR says:

    Where is your jungle? You can not control a California, very stupid concept, always others are the problem, stop producing carbon in your stupid consumption style.

  63. Tony Velasco says:

    Man, I know you have good intentions. And I know you think you’re right. But I also know you believe in changing your mind through knowledge. I’m Brazilian, I’m closer than you to what is happening and I‘m telling you: this time you’re wrong.
    How can I explain everything to you in a just a few lines…
    First check this website:

    You will see that Bolsonaro is not lying. If you compare 2005 and 2015, when the left-wing was running the country, to 2019 you will see that we have like half the number of fires. He was comparing the numbers to those of the previous administrations, not lying.

    He’s also telling the truth when he says some people set fire on the forest to make him look bad. There was a call for the “Fire Day” on the internet and also local newspapers a few days before this fire started. It is known. The federal police is investigating this case. It is part of a fight for political power is Brazil. We had never seen anything like that before. If we had guns, a civil war would have started last year. Remember that they tried to assassinate Bolsonaro during the campaign. He was stabbed and almost died. This is not a fair fight.

    He also did not change the environmental law. He can’t. Thats up to the congress and they didn’t.

    The “internationalization of the Brazilian Amazon” idea is a fact. Check what the president of France said about that. He said that. He used the word “INTERNATIONALIZATION”. Check the following website and you will see that we are constantly dealing with ideas like this:

    We know they are selling Bolsonaro as the Devil abroad, but it is not true. Our main Broadcast company is at war with him because of multi-millionaire advertisement contracts with the government that Bolsonaro canceled and said they will never see all that public money again. Your media just translates that into english and sell it to you.

    In the end, it is all a fight for power and money.

    You missed the point because you’re too far away to see what is really happening in Brazil.

  64. napoleon and Northstar says:

    Whos the people doing it? Any evidence? Where's yo proof? You have none man you're lying buddy u stated no money man all assumptions buddy. He showed no evidence at all man

  65. newuserandhiscrew 22 says:

    "Jair bolsonaro rolled back enviromental protections in Brazil" (02:27) – Bolsonaro made zero changes to law or public policy regarding enviromental issues, that is why he is adressing arsonists as criminals, because that is what they are under current law. We had budget cuts because of the economic crisis, in fact the enviroment area was one of those who had the least budget cuts.

    The debate on the data and its missinterpretation is a complex issue that you are just painting with a broad brush and so is the firing of the INPE president/director.

    It was also omited in this video the fact that this right wing "nationalist" governament is not even close the the amount of devastation that was allowed in the amazon by the previous corrupt left wing parties in governament.

  66. PhatGar says:

    What's the point of discussing whether the Amazon forest is being burned or is burning? Either way, we're still going to blame the humans for it.

    Plus, the Amazon forest is fine now.

  67. The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    Rightists NEVER take into account all consequences of actions. Rightists ONLY cherrypick when THEY get taxed. NEVER talk about the monumental costs forced upon the young or on prisoners.

  68. The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    We need MANDATORY birth control. We need to start by CUTTING THE BALLS & VAGINAS off all CONSERVATIVES.

  69. Alex King says:

    The region CLOSEST to Amazon forest is like a FKING DRY DESERT! (Nordeste)
    The most distant region has a lot of rains.
    Ppl are just talking about it because the presidente is for the first time not from a (Marxist/Leftwing) party.
    AND THE FOREST WAS BURNING A LOT MORE THOSE YEARS. (2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2010,2012,2015,2016.)
    2015 The president was even PAYING A LOT OF MONEY to keep the burning "hidden" from everyone.

    At least you correct the "20% Oxygen" part,but make a little bit more research please OR GO TO AMAZON FOREST TO SEE FOR YOURSELF.
    Pretty much everyone will tell you the same thing,the burning is just like it was for most YEARS.

  70. Alex King says:

    And actually the most interested on using the forest as a FARM are the Tribes,because they are starving to death.

  71. Alex King says:


  72. nijohn12 says:

    🙁 welp time to die

  73. The Rising Garden says:

    Seriously just Turn it into the jungles of the Carboniferous ?????

  74. Mimi is back says:

    Correct. But once the tipping point of the amazon micro-climate system is reached (propably right now) fires there will be selfsustaining, as the dying and drying up forest will burn easily and by accident. I think there are virtually no firebreaks in this area and the infrastructure of brazil is to bad to effectively evacuate firefighters or inhabitants in out of controll fires…

  75. Mimi is back says:

    I try to put my last point easier: the amazon area will as a result to climate change and deforestation switch soon to a new biome (from rainforest to Savanah), this swicth will not be gradual or man-controlled anymore but very sudden; it will remove all plant mass that does not fit into that biome quiet violently and without considering any loss in humans lives…

  76. marcosdeluxe says:

    Check out the amount of burned Amazon on previous years, internet genius. 2005, for example, when the government was pretty much the opposite of what it is today. (Data from your all-american NASA, by the way).

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