The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)

SHANE SMITH: So is that
why your nickname was General Butt Naked? SHANE SMITH: A lot of people
would drink or do drugs before fighting? SHANE SMITH: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: So you
killed the child? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yes. SHANE SMITH: And then
you drank the blood? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER :
kind of war is this? Guerrilla? MALE SPEAKER 2 :
World War III. SHANE SMITH: We here at Vice
have been fascinated by Liberia for a long time. It’s America’s first
and only foray into quasi-colonialism in Africa. It started as a back-to-Africa
movement for freed slaves and, in fact, their constitution
was written in Washington. And Monrovia, the capital city
of Liberia, is actually named after President Monroe. It became a state
in the 1840s. So the freed slaves go back to
Africa and promptly enslave the native Africans based on the
plantation method they had learned in the US, which lasts
for about 140 years, until Samuel K. Doe, the first native
African-born Liberian, was elected. But this doesn’t
last very long. Why? Because an American-educated– and some would say
American-backed– rebel leader named Charles
Taylor and his buddy, Prince Johnson, came from America
and overthrew him. MALE SPEAKER:
that the government wants talks with the rebels,
the violence goes on. FEMALE REPORTER : Rebel forces
stormed into the center of the capital today. They are now less than a mile
from the executive mansion where President Samuel Doe has
barricaded himself with about 500 soldiers. SHANE SMITH: In fact, Prince
Johnson had got to Doe before his buddy Charles, ended up
torturing him, cutting him up, and is rumored to have
eaten him while filming the whole thing. [SHOUTING] SHANE SMITH: So Charles Taylor
finally gets elected with a campaign slogan that reads, “He
killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I’ll still vote
for him.” And it works, he gets elected. But he’s so corrupt that soon
after, there’s a bunch of warlords fighting for control
over Liberia, the country devolves into civil war, and
things go from bad to severely fucked up. SHANE SMITH : But this is like
a civil war on steroids. It’s a post-apocalyptic
Armageddon with child soldiers smoking heroin, cross-dressing
cannibals, systematic rape– it’s total hell on earth. [GUNFIRE] MALE SPEAKER:
love the music. There’s the music. MALE SPEAKER 2 : They call
it the sound of death. MALE SPEAKER 1: Yeah, but it’s
the sound of music to us. SHANE SMITH: Liberia’s been in
the news a lot lately because Charles Taylor is on trial at
The Hague for war crimes. But we wanted to know what
happened to all the other warlords, so we contacted a
Canadian journalist who lives in Liberia named Myles Estey,
who’s kind of a Kurtz-like character– tall, skinny, skeleton guy who’s
had malaria more times than he’s had hot dinners. And he said he could get
us access to all these ex-warlords. So we said, great. We got on a plane, and
we flew to Liberia. [MUSIC – THE ALMIGHTY DEFENDERS,
“ALL MY LOVING”] SHANE SMITH : When you first
get to Monrovia, the first thing you think is,
it’s really hot. It’s really hot, it’s
really poor, and it’s totally chaotic. In fact, when we went to pick
up Myles, he had just gotten out the hospital with malaria. He gets in the car, and he says,
are you ready to go? We’re going to Baboon Town in
the red light district to meet our first general, General
bin Laden. So as we drove to Baboon Town,
we asked Myles what’s up with the name, “General bin Laden?”
And he said, well, a lot of the generals took different
names because they didn’t want to be identified after the
various wars, and these pseudonyms were meant to strike
terror into the hearts of their enemies. So there’s a General Rambo,
because he’s scary, there was a General Mosquito, because
mosquitoes are terrifying because they bring malaria. The general that fought General
Mosquito was named General Mosquito Spray. And of course, there’s
General bin Laden. In fact, there’s two
General bin Ladens. Our General bin Laden, we found
out en route, had just been put in jail. Now, he didn’t know why, but
he suspected because the authorities found out that
we were coming with cameras to shoot him. MYLES ESTEY: And they say
they’re not gonna let him out, but we can interview him in the
jail and we can interview the commanders. SHANE SMITH : Let’s do that. Let’s go then. MYLES ESTEY: Yeah. SHANE SMITH : So the minute we
arrive in Baboon Town, our car is surrounded by a bunch
of sketchy dudes. So when Myles came back and said
we could interview bin Laden in the police station, I
was like, yeah, let’s get out of here and get in there
really quick. So we get into the police
station, and it’s chaos. Some guards are saying you can
go see him, other guards are saying you can’t go see him,
and we just have to sit there and wait. SHANE SMITH: I like being
in the police station. It’s nice. [MONKEY SCREECHING] SHANE SMITH: Monkey. Little monkey. He’s got herpes, I think,
or something. Hi. What’s wrong with the monkey? Why is the monkey here? SHANE SMITH: Why is
the monkey here? [MONKEY SCREECHES] SHANE SMITH: We’re in a police
station in the middle of the red light district to meet
General bin Laden, and I’m wondering why the
monkey’s here. [SHANE SMITH SIGHS] SHANE SMITH : Then eventually,
after sitting there for a while, we realized, oh, we’ve
got to grease some palms. So we gave them some money and
bang– we were back into the jail and we could talk
to bin Laden. Hey, bin Laden? GENERAL BIN LADEN : Yeah? SHANE SMITH : How are you? MYLES ESTEY : This is
my friend, Shane. SHANE SMITH : Shane. GENERAL BIN LADEN: [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. SHANE SMITH: Nice to meet you. We’re gonna try to get you
out of here now, and then we can go back. SHANE SMITH: All right. We’re gonna do it right now. GENERAL BIN LADEN: Now. SHANE SMITH: OK. MYLES ESTEY: Yeah, I
know what he did. We’re talking about to get him
out, what do we have to do? MYLES ESTEY: To who? MALE SPEAKER : OK, we’ll stop. We’ll stop. SHANE SMITH : Video’s off. OFFICER : –without
the permission. MALE SPEAKER : It’s off. SHANE SMITH : The video’s off. He’s carrying– he’s just
holding it right now. MYLES ESTEY : Look,
we’re good people. We’re good– nobody’s recording anything. MYLES ESTEY : Sure, I can
give him cash and– can we pay him and
pay you a fine? And then take him? OFFICER : Fine. MYLES ESTEY : OK, great. OFFICER : That’s good. MYLES ESTEY : OK. SHANE SMITH : OK, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. OK, let’s go, let’s go. MALE SPEAKER: Hey, yeah– you! SHANE SMITH: We went
in there– we’re being followed by
the police right now. SHANE SMITH: Yeah, we might
have to change tapes or do something, because– what we do is we shoot cars– MALE SPEAKER : Yeah, that’s– SHANE SMITH: –and if
they come, we can give them the tape. There’s nothing on the tape. SHANE SMITH: Yeah. We do, right now. GENERAL BIN LADEN: We’ll
go to my warehouse. SHANE SMITH: OK. GENERAL BIN LADEN: Don’t
worry about that. SHANE SMITH: Our trip is getting
progressively heavier. SHANE SMITH: Yeah,
that’ll be good. GENERAL BIN LADEN: We’re going
on top of the building. SHANE SMITH: OK. I’m kind of a little bit worried
that the police are gonna come get us right now. I gave them a fake name
and fake number. SHANE SMITH: OK, nice
to meet you. SHANE SMITH: Nice to meet you. SHANE SMITH: Thank you. Thank you. So after we got bin Laden out
of jail, he was very excited to get us up to his rooftop
and tell us his story. And according to him, the
ex-generals, who are now the community leaders, are the only
ones doing anything to help the people. SHANE SMITH: So maybe you could
explain a little bit about– so first of all, you
became known as bin Laden during the war? GENERAL BIN LADEN:
During the war. SHANE SMITH: And then after the
war, now you’re sort of trying to help people by
carpentry and by karate. GENERAL BIN LADEN: Karate. SHANE SMITH: Do you get
any money here? SHANE SMITH: No, but the UN or
the government doesn’t give you any money? SHANE SMITH : Nothing? SHANE SMITH: And is this area–
this is red light here? GENERAL BIN LADEN:
It’s a red light. This is red light. SHANE SMITH: And is it– is there a lot of crime
in red light? MALE SPEAKER : Oh yeah. GENERAL BIN LADEN
: Yeah, it’s– this is red light. SHANE SMITH : Red light. SHANE SMITH : So Myles comes
over, stops the interview, and says, we have to get the
fuck out of here now. Bin Laden looks down and
he goes, yeah, yeah, those aren’t my guys. You guys should really go. SHANE SMITH : So bin Laden
gave us an escort, and a couple of his guys got us
through the crowd to the car, and we got the fuck out. SHANE SMITH : So let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s
go, let’s go. Holy fucking shit. That was out of hand. We gotta get out of here. There was some heavy duty
Libs there, boy. So after meeting and being
freaked out by General bin Laden, we wanted to see what
the UN and government were doing to rebuild Liberia. We met a local journalist named
Nagbe, and we asked him, and he said, you want to the
government and UN are doing? I’ll take you to West Point. West Point is the worst slum in
Liberia, which makes it one of the worst slums in West
Africa, which makes it one of the worst slums in the world. Now, when you first get there,
the first thing you want to do is get the hell out. It’s open sewers everywhere– shit, piss, garbage, everything
mixed in– and the stench is
overpowering. SHANE SMITH : Oh, dude. It really stinks here. SHANE SMITH : But, I mean, one
of the first basic rules is don’t shit where you eat. IMMANUEL NAGBE: That’s
it, but– SHANE SMITH: That’s
a number one rule. SHANE SMITH: But the government
has to do something about that. SHANE SMITH: Mm-hmm. So even in one of the worst
slums of Western Africa, you see the cultural impact that
America has there. All the kids are wearing Biggie
or Tupac t-shirts. In fact, one kid came up to us
and said, hey, I’m a rapper. Can I rap for you? And we said yes. And it wasn’t about bling, and
it wasn’t about Cristal. SHANE SMITH: And is there a
lot of malaria in here? SHANE SMITH : Needless to say,
in West Point, health conditions are foul. Disease is everywhere– malaria, infections, and
AIDS are rampant. SHANE SMITH : Cover
up for heroin. SHANE SMITH : Wow. IMMANUEL NAGBE: So
a big business. SHANE SMITH: We heard stories
that during the war, the rebels would go out in boats
with diamonds and trade the diamonds for weapons and
cocaine, and there was a lot of Colombians and Mexicans. SHANE SMITH: We find it
interesting because cocaine and heroin are very expensive
drugs, and so we were surprised to find heroin here. Usually in poorer countries,
there’s speed or meth or things you can make. SHANE SMITH: Why is that? [BABY CRYING] MALE SPEAKER:
to smoke this up. MALE SPEAKER :
dollars or– IMMANUEL NAGBE: Liberian
dollars. SHANE SMITH: So how
much is that? SHANE SMITH : So because of the
poverty, a lot of women have to become prostitutes? IMMANUEL NAGBE: Yes. SHANE SMITH: Sex worker. IMMANUEL NAGBE: We
can go this way. SHANE SMITH: No, you can
just show it to us. SHANE SMITH : The legacy of
civil war in Liberia is staggering. It’s the fourth-poorest
country in the world. 50% of the country is
illiterate, 70% of the female population has been raped,
80% of the population is unemployed, and a large
percentage of the population has eaten human flesh. MALE SPEAKER: It tastes
like real meat. If you taste it, you’d like
to eat it every day. You want to see some piece? SHANE SMITH : Now one of the
warlords responsible for these atrocities, who fought in all
three civil wars, is a guy named General Rambo, who we
picked up at a market. He said, I’ll talk to you if
you take me to the old headquarters of the rebel
factions outside of town. SHANE SMITH : When did the
hotel stop working? SHANE SMITH : Because
of the war. GENERAL RAMBO : When
the war came. SHANE SMITH : Yeah. SHANE SMITH : Yeah. GENERAL RAMBO: Yes,
it happened. SHANE SMITH: So you were one
of the ones that came in to take out Taylor? GENERAL RAMBO: Yes. SHANE SMITH : And then, at one
point, the American government came to try to get you
to go to Iraq? SHANE SMITH: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: American. SHANE SMITH : Yeah. And so when there was Iraq,
it was like, OK, let’s go. We can help. So what happened? SHANE SMITH : The government
wouldn’t let you go? SHANE SMITH: Do you think it’s
a problem that you have all these ex-combatants who grew
up fighting– you fought in three wars– they have no money, they
have no job, and isn’t that a problem? GENERAL RAMBO: It’s
a big problem. SHANE SMITH: So they’re still
there with the guns? GENERAL RAMBO: Yeah, they’re
still there with the guns. The war is hot. SHANE SMITH : So if the rebel
forces wanted, they could take over tomorrow? SHANE SMITH: Two
or three hours? GENERAL RAMBO: Sure. SHANE SMITH: Wow. SHANE SMITH : And do
you think there’s a possibility of that happening? GENERAL RAMBO: Yes. SHANE SMITH : So what Rambo is
saying is, there’s still plenty of guns in Liberia, and
him, or someone like him, can take over Monrovia in two hours
if the UN leaves, and the UN is scheduled to
leave next year. And as we said our goodbyes to
Rambo, we told him we were going back to West Point. SHANE SMITH : Yeah? SHANE SMITH: Cannibalism,
chaos, killing, rape, everything. GENERAL RAMBO : Everything. SHANE SMITH : A few years ago,
we did an article in Vice Magazine called “General Butt
Naked Versus the Tupac Army,” about a particularly fierce
Liberian warlord called Butt Naked who fought naked, his
child soldiers fought naked, and they were cannibals. So we asked Rambo if he knew him
by chance, and he said, in fact, we’re from the same
tribe, I know him well. He promised to set up an
interview while we did our follow-up in the brothels
of West Point. [CAR HONKING] SHANE SMITH: Driving
into West Point at night is pretty freaky. There’s no electricity grid in
Monrovia, so it’s pitch black. SHANE SMITH: Hit
it on the wall. Hit it on the wall. So this is the craziest,
fucking scariest drive ever down here. We got a little bit lost in the
port, and you couldn’t see anything, there’s
no electricity. And then you just see people
wandering around, fucking shit, piss– fucking yelling at us, we want
money, we want money. Now there’s no lights in here. We’re gonna go in here,
this is the brothel. We’re gonna see what’s
going on. Hello. How are you? A lot of dudes are coming
in now, it’s crazy. I don’t know where
we’re going. MALE SPEAKER : Straight. SHANE SMITH: Straight. Wow. That room looks– MALE SPEAKER : Now we’re
in chalet number five. SHANE SMITH: I don’t know what
happens in here, but I don’t want to know. Wow. What the fuck goes
on in here, dude? Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Well, we were here a
little bit earlier. There was used condoms and
bloodstained sheets, and now they’ve sort of done it up. So we’re gonna interview some
of the girls, see what they have to say. We have a code for when
something’s freaky. We go, “It’s gnar gnar.”
Gnar gnar. SHANE SMITH : One of the things
we had heard since we arrived in Liberia was about the
alleged sexual misconduct by the UN staff, so we asked
the girls at the brothel about it. IMMANUEL NAGBE: OK, paradise. FEMALE SPEAKER: I wanted
to get me a job. IMMANUEL NAGBE: Yeah. FEMALE SPEAKER: For myself. IMMANUEL NAGBE: What sort
of work do you do in West Point now? IMMANUEL NAGBE: OK. IMMANUEL NAGBE: All right. IMMANUEL NAGBE: OK. IMMANUEL NAGBE: OK. FEMALE SPEAKER: Now. IMMANUEL NAGBE: All right. We were talking–
listen to me. IMMANUEL NAGBE: Listen
to me and sit down. Now listen. IMMANUEL NAGBE: Listen. SHANE SMITH : As soon as the
girl started screaming, a bunch of heads popped
into the room. And then when she started
screaming about money, everyone’s going, money, money, money, where’s the money? And at that point, Nagbe said
to us, you’d better get the hell out of here. So we sort of took off through
the tangled alleyways and just tried to get back to the car. SHANE SMITH: We’re getting the
fuck out here right now. And when we got to the car,
our driver– who was also supposed to be our security–
was so freaked out that he peeled out and nearly hit a
group of people that had surrounded the car. SHANE SMITH : And if you hit a
group of people down deep in West Point, that was it. It was a death sentence. They would have tore us apart. [CAR HONKING] SHANE SMITH : And to make things
even freakier, as we’re pulling out of West Point, Rambo
texts Myles and says, not only does Butt Naked want to
do the interview, but that he’s waiting at our
hotel for us. Yeah, now we’re going back to
sanity, to hang out with an ex-cannibal and multi-murderer,
who’s now staying at our hotel and
decided not to leave. Because they were there– they
want us to hang out. Meanwhile, he knows I have tons
of money, and he’s on the run because people
want to kill him. Should I just leave my
door open, General? Do you want to come in? SHANE SMITH : Now we are very
nervous to meet General Butt Naked, and he’s very nervous to
meet us, because he’s had several assassination attempts
against him. He wants to meet us and vet us
before he’ll OK an interview. When we told him about our
escape from West Point that night, he laughed, and
he seemed to ease up. After that, he asked for
a phone, he called Rambo, and it was on. JOSHUA BLAHYI:
some white guys. They are good guys. The guy’s a good guy, man. Tell the boss lady hi, yeah? SHANE SMITH : We asked the
general, now known as Joshua Blahyi, why people were trying
to kill him, and he told us that it was because he had been
recently pardoned for his war crimes. And when we asked how he got
pardoned, he told us it was his conversion to Christ and
his becoming a man of God. SHANE SMITH : So we talked
with Joshua late into the night, until he told us to get
to bed because the next day he was going to show
us his Liberia. [SINGING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] SHANE SMITH: In the morning,
Joshua Blahyi took us out, and the first stop was the area
within Monrovia that he used to control during the war. SHANE SMITH : And who
would be attacking? SHANE SMITH: Alive? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yes. SHANE SMITH: And what
does that do? SHANE SMITH : The next stop was
the place where there had been an assassination attempt
on Joshua’s life just the day before. SHANE SMITH : And he just–
he hit you and then ran? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yeah. Yeah. SHANE SMITH : You jumped
over the car? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yeah, jumped
over the car. SHANE SMITH : And who
do you think it was? SHANE SMITH : Hurt a lot
of people in the war? JOSHUA BLAHYI: In the war. SHANE SMITH : Next, Joshua
wanted to show us his mission in the country, where he was rehabilitating ex-child soldiers. SHANE SMITH : And are there are
a lot of people who fought during the war that can’t
get rid of the violence? JOSHUA BLAHYI: It’s very hard. SHANE SMITH: Very hard. JOSHUA BLAHYI: It takes time
to get rid of the violence. SHANE SMITH: Yeah. How did you get rid
of the violence? SHANE SMITH: Yeah. SHANE SMITH : OK. JOSHUA BLAHYI: Come,
you can look at– come, come and see. SHANE SMITH: Nobody
brought bug juice. [LAUGHING] SHANE SMITH: No, no, no, no. It’s OK. Well, I don’t mind
getting wet. SHANE SMITH : About a million
people in Africa die every year from malaria, and malaria
thrives in swamps exactly like this. SHANE SMITH: It’s very sploochly
on my moochly. Thanks. Good. Hello. MALE SPEAKER: Hello. SHANE SMITH: This is what
all fear stems from. Thank you. So these were some of the
boys that you fought with before, or no? SHANE SMITH: Yeah. So is that why your nickname
was General Butt Naked? SHANE SMITH: A lot of people
would drink or do drugs before fighting? SHANE SMITH: So you
killed the child– JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yes. SHANE SMITH: –and then
you drank the blood? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yeah. SHANE SMITH : Now why would
you fight naked? [MEN SINGING] SHANE SMITH: This is his mission
that they’re building. They’re singing now. MALE SPEAKERS :
to our home. SHANE SMITH : Thank you. SHANE SMITH: So you fought
for Charles Taylor and– SHANE SMITH: Johnson. So you were enemies before? JOSHUA BLAHYI : Yeah,
we’re enemies. SHANE SMITH : Yeah. SHANE SMITH : Where
are we right now? SHANE SMITH: Cemetery. SHANE SMITH: So this is the
cemetery where, after the war, there was nowhere to live, so
the people would come in, empty out the graves, and
live in the graves. Maybe up to about 4,000 people
lived in the graves. SHANE SMITH: It’s a
very heavy vibe. Empty graves everywhere. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: We were just at
lunch, we were talking about– we ordered some ribs, and you
said, “No, I don’t like to eat–” JOSHUA BLAHYI: Flesh. SHANE SMITH: “–flesh.” And I
said, “Why don’t you like to eat flesh?” And you told me the
story about coming back from Nigeria. Could you tell us that story? SHANE SMITH: You were
eating human flesh? SHANE SMITH : What
would you eat? SHANE SMITH : Yeah. JOSHUA BLAHYI : Yeah. SHANE SMITH : Yeah. OK. JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: We’re talking
about eating human flesh in a graveyard. It’s a bit weird. JOSHUA BLAHYI: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: OK. So we can go. [JOSHUA BLAHYI SINGING] PREACHER : In Jesus’
father name! CONGREGATION : Amen! PREACHER : In Jesus’
father name! CONGREGATION : Amen! [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] PREACHER : Let it be done
in Jesus’ name. CONGREGATION : Amen. PREACHER : In Jesus’
mighty name. CONGREGATION : Amen. PREACHER: God bless you. Put your hands together
for Jesus. [APPLAUSE] PREACHER: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. OK. God bless you. Amen. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING, SINGING] SHANE SMITH : Liberia, on the
one hand, has more crime and poverty and rape
and cannibalism than you’ve ever seen. But on the other, it’s also got
a church on every street corner, every car has a
religious slogan, they have huge revivals with tens of
thousands of worshipers. It’s some sort of weird
heaven-and-hell scenario. [CHEERING] [CHEERING] FEMALE SPEAKER :
with Joshua, I started to get a bit of Stockholm syndrome,
because he’s charming, the churches
are nice, there’s not as much danger. And I started to like him. [MUSIC PLAYING, SINGING] SHANE SMITH : But as he was
preaching, I thought to myself, this guy has killed tens
of thousands of people. In fact, he’s probably killed
the relatives of the people in the church worshipping
and adoring him now. And I’m thinking to myself,
what the fuck is going on? [MUSIC PLAYING, SINGING] FEMALE SPEAKER : Hallelujah! FEMALE SPEAKERS : Amen! [APPLAUSE] SHANE SMITH: I just want to say
thank you for having me in your church. Praise God. And I’d like to say thank you
to Joshua Blahyi for all the good work he’s doing. Hopefully, we can help, and
hopefully, we can show what we’re doing here in Liberia,
what you’re doing in Liberia, and we can help make it better
and bring more awareness to what’s happened here. JOSHUA BLAHYI: Amen. [APPLAUSE] SHANE SMITH : I have to admit
that when Joshua handed me the mic, I had no idea what
I was saying. At that point in the trip, I
felt like I was on acid. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING, SINGING] JOSHUA BLAHYI: [SINGING] I worship you because
“ALL MY LOVING”] SHANE SMITH : And as I sat and
listened to Joshua preach, I thought about the fact that the
UN is leaving in less than a year, and Rambo had told
us that the generals are ready to fight. They have the soldiers, they
have the guns, and they’re living in abject poverty. And I wondered if that happened,
would Joshua stay with God, or would he return to
being General Butt Naked? JOSHUA BLAHYI: Somebody

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    And I'm over here crying about my life being hard God damn I don't even think people in Chicago can compare they struggles to this

  22. Dunrey says:

    There has to be a way to help these hell hole countries

  23. J.A.M says:

    “Cut open the back of an innocent child, pull out the heart, cut it up and feed it to the child soldiers” ….god damn

  24. Kevin Eontrainer says:

    19:18 No.. please don't do that…

  25. Triadii Official says:

    Don’t commit suicide!
    Just visit Liberia, it is a better alternative.

  26. BRIAN AMENYA says:

    what GoD can do no man can do gen butt nakeds story is a miracle. May GODS name be glorified

  27. SPARØW GAMING! says:

    The moment u realize that ur parents are giving u the best life as access to Internet,food,water,house,education,etc..just thank to god and ur parents about this..

  28. the moon is self luminous says:

    0:56 freemason sign . game over .

  29. Record Nerd says:

    And we complain about bills and not getting Gucci shoes

  30. SlimBig360 says:

    Who is this white man?!?!?!?!????????

  31. Miriam Schiro says:

    Saddens me that there are places like that ?
    It is now 2019 I hope because of this vdo bringing awareness that things are better

  32. Miriam Schiro says:

    They joking and laughing about it in the van smh that’s fucked up
    NONE OF all that is funny NONE OF IT ?

  33. Miriam Schiro says:

    Wow so deep SO DEEP it’s crazy so crazy ?

  34. Adrian Adams says:

    The monkey was there due to repeated spankings.

  35. titi says:

    heartbreaking..praying for Liberia. God bless Joshuas soul

  36. camera duong says:

    Finally general butt naked wear clothes on and he is converted

  37. Tyler Brown says:


  38. Anouk D. Malik says:

    This documantary was very interesting.
    Eventhough I feel like Vice could have handled things differently, I would like to see an comparison or an update of Liberia now. A lot has changed over the past couple of years… Perhaps have a closer look at the evolution of healthcare and financial state?
    Thank you Vice for making this documentary. I'm sure you guys risked your lives just to show us (a part of) Liberia.

  39. Albert Oyiana says:

    This is a story of Gods love still reaching out to save him after all he did. It remains our duty to protect ourselves in Hid so we don’t become victims like the innocent lives he took cause now they’re no more and he is saved. Great Documentary

  40. kuiper3714 says:

    I'm not a Trump supporter . but at times he speaks the truth. He called this country a shit hole country. that is such a understatement. It is beyond belief it is hell on earth. Feel so sad for the children

  41. Анна Нифёдова says:

    So much for the liberty in Liberia. Next time some western libtard tells anything about DPRK, I will just have to remind him about this capitalistic hell.

  42. Malgus says:

    13% = 50%

  43. Doc Holiday says:

    And this is why blacks are not ones to run or help run any damn country period! They are evil,dirty,sadistic,stupid and just plain ignorant? white men know how to create and flourish with peace and love which is why America is the best god damn country in the entire world ? man I am proud to be white ????

  44. Hans says:

    Behold the future population of Europe.

  45. MicroMicro says:


  46. Justin Kraemer says:

    Is this Dave Chappelle's new special? Nice red beret Dave! We love you man!

  47. Matty Mccolgan says:

    OMG… this is going yo sound harsh but true… all I hear them people say "There is no help" the government does nothing" has our basic survival instinct been erased completely! I'm sure if those people got together and said FUCK WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING WE WILL HELP OURSELVES!…and you just hear poor poor poor, no money no money.. we have even forgotten that we don't need money to survive the earth provides everything we need!!! But government's around the world have worked hard on making us forget that to enrich their lives, and we all except it which has put us on a path were rich (weak) people make anyone with fighting instinct poor so they eventually fold and tell people don't be a tough guy be a smart guy but when there are no school to brainwash people they just become poor and helpless, and we all except it and say it's just how life is… Well why aren't lions and tigers struggling to pay rent and bills and running from the law cause they killed a zebra, why aren't birds begging for some change to get some bread? Cause that's not how its meant to be!! WE ARE ALL BEING TRICKED! WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  48. dude b says:

    This documentary is just amazing

  49. Mikkail Delancy says:

    I’m i the only one that song go hard 38:17

  50. JustJoshingYa says:

    Lmao its world war 3…yea I dont think you shit stains know what that means ? couldn't you imagine if those african ak47 losers actually fought a real army? Imagine if the the US or Russians fought them? Haha

  51. Charles Samuel says:

    Dude got straight balls of steal, damn

  52. fender says:

    Another Trump friend, he wrote Trump a nice letter.

  53. Help Desk says:

    where the hell is UN and what is it doing

  54. Earl Gallup says:

    Nuke the whole place

  55. Hakeem Martin says:


  56. Enora Grnhld says:

    I come from the LGBTQ+ debate… it doesn't seem that bad now

  57. Rico Go says:

    42:44 he thought about it… lol

  58. Tobias Falekulo says:

    Before watching this video: sound's dangerous… let's see what this is about. They're probably just trolling
    After watching this video: ?

  59. Devin Gragg says:

    "What the fuck is going on" lmao

  60. Juan Jose Alonso says:

    church is a focus for psycho and weak people

  61. Ryan Murphy says:


  62. katta umesh sanju says:


  63. Shane Allen says:

    thumbnail looks like Dave Chappelle

  64. Veronica Olawaiye says:

    this war has destroyed my family and caused many years of unchecked generational trauma

  65. CrackerjackMatt MilSim says:

    Remember tolerance and understanding folks. ??

  66. Sethu Khabazela says:

    Are you journalist fuckin crazy? You risk your life just for views and a great documentary. It's totally not worth it!

  67. Damian Velazquez says:

    5:35 General Bush, Obama, Trump etcétera…

  68. invs ink says:

    I can't imagine the chippy work is up to standards tbh

  69. jeremiah de aragon says:

    These armed bandits act cocky and talk big but in reality, all they can do is kill and destroy.

  70. Jar Jar Binks says:

    Wat mesa leern:
    1. liberia dangerous place to be
    2. Bullets can't hurt you when you are naked

  71. bumiker says:

    So……what happened? The UN left….no follow-up? I need answers! So I went to the internet. The last thing I found was this, done in 2012… so maybe he died or something? I kept looking for Gen Butt Naked…..finally did a search for Joshua Milton Blahyi and what do you think popped up?

    A Facebook page! Serious as a heart attack. Ole Butt Naked is still preaching, makes lots of videos, and asks for money for support. He's older, hair is thinned out on top. He posted as recently as last week. He made several posts in 2018 about needing $600 for a march for Mothers against Drugs. I don't know why one needs money to march, but it seems like a $600 in a country like Liberia should go one hell of a long way. Anyhoo, I hope he's legit still. He hasn't gone back to warring, so that's good.

  72. Tullius Agrippa says:

    This is Africa. She doesn’t change.

  73. Jeff Skerratt says:

    I told my wife to start referring to me as ''General Butt naked ''

  74. Katlego Wilson says:

    God have mercy on Africa
    Earth is hell on its own

  75. bigheadbob37 says:

    Still amazed the level of English spoken there I wish I could be bilingual

  76. bigheadbob37 says:

    Liberian you know that you came and you changed my world…yes I now have aids and a bullet wound oh and malaria

  77. Chris Baelenge says:

    And I thought my background country (DRCongo) [I am born in Montréal, Canada], was terrible.

  78. Frederik Høyrup says:

    Taylor once challenged the USA. He said "Send 2000 marines, if you give a shit. And I will surrender"…

  79. Loteli Tela says:

    Watching this shit is crazy asf and nasty asf

  80. Don’t Tread On Me says:

    Another shit hole

  81. Franquito Taquito says:

    They mentioned Biggie and Pac…but not Brotha Lynch, they definitely listen to that cat's music.

  82. Franquito Taquito says:

    "Butt…you have became converted"

  83. luster 5 says:

    When GOD forgives Murderers and Rapists, When GOD needs you to surrender "free will" and follow any and everything he wants you to do before he will save you. "He", sounds like a man to me. You must do everything "He" say, sounds like GOD's a Cult Leader with Supernatural Power. God gives you "Free Will" so you can "Choose" to follow him or go to Hell, gun to your face saying, "you can "Choose" to Suck my Dick or You can choose to get Shot". "Free will"? Sure, it does count. Ironic, every religon want's you to follow, never to Lead. "Be my Slave or be my Enemy?" Terrorism doesn't sound so stupid and unjustified anymore. When your religon forgives killing because you "Ask" for Forgiveness, while killing innocent is okay if they don't believe in "Your God". Yeah, I don't need a religon to be a human, I'm already born a human, there's no religon required to be a good person. Heaven's Gate. "Gate" sounds like a Prison to me not Paradise. My Paradise is My Family, I don't need GOD to find it. Fuck all "GODs", just another Slave Master.

  84. Leah Silverston says:


    No, thanks. I'm not gonna travel there.

  85. Mark Jones says:

    Churches on evercorner. Maybe it’s the churches fault.

  86. Derek Ford says:

    Their military couldn’t protect a jar of fucking peanut butter

  87. Kevin Liu says:

    becuz I fot nekked

  88. David Martinez says:

    When the boys say they got a spot in the squad 22:57

  89. Walter Guirola says:

    I am sure at least one member of the VICE team caught Malaria and/or AIDS and/or Herpes… during the filming of this video.

  90. John Marston says:

    Bruh they freed a warlord wtf

  91. NathanTheDragon 2.O/ DraGZKing says:

    wtf is happening.
    no seriously though.

  92. Dread-Head Shinobi says:

    I’m Not Fighting No Butt-Naked General Neither ✌?

  93. Sebas Noname says:

    UFO 8:56 ??

  94. Eric Jackson says:

    The Fools Have Self Destructed and will do so where ever they are. That same behavior and mentality are with their descendants today. Pure destruction. They are evil and it's nothing but the devil. They will burn in hell. They will never do what's right. They are slow

  95. PUFFDADDYxXx Gaming says:

    10:50 man homie is really thinking of a master plan.

  96. Wild Man Alan says:

    Fuck, this place is a decent into hell like no other. I truly feel blessed to be born in America.

  97. Trivium S says:

    "This is World War Three"
    Sorry to break it to you, but…

  98. Ghost Gaming says:


  99. West Side says:

    Humbled after watching this

  100. Karl Ashdown says:

    Living in Hell hoping & praying for Heaven

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