The Industrial Revolution (18-19th Century)

Industrial Revolution
18th – 19th Century The economic developments of the 1800s saw the development of agrarian and handicraft economies in Europe and America transform into industrial, urbanized ones. The term to describe this phenomenon would be known as the “Industrial Revolution,” and was first used by French writers, but made popular by English economic historian Arnold Toynbee. The Industrial Revolution was underpinned by the Agricultural Revolution. From the mid-18th century to the mid-19th century, agricultural production increased significantly. The huge increase in food output supported the expansion, and sustained a large population and boosted trade. The increased use of machines over human or animal power in farming also meant that fewer farm workers were needed, and they could leave the land for industrial towns. Better metals and richer fuel also contributed to industrialization by creating the steam engine, an integral machine to industrialization, which powered factories, locomotives, and ships. The new steam engines used coal and iron, both in the construction and as fuel, increasing demand for these resources. Roads, canals, and roadways changed Britain dramatically, connecting Britain and allowing goods to be sent over long distances. Visually, the revolution was clear in the new industrial towns, with smoking factories dominating the skyline. The cities were horrible to live in. Overcrowded, dirty, with dangerous conditions in the factories and strict rules and punishments. The Industrial Revolution saw mechanization of the textile industry, which was previously manufactured in the home, creating the term “Cottage Industry.” Now, production could be increased on a large scale because of new inventions, such as the spinning mule and the power loom. The iron industry developed with Henry Bessemer’s inexpensive process for mass-producing steel. Iron and steel were key materials for constructing the tools in machinery, steam engines, and ships needed for the industrial progress. Industrial labor opportunities drew people to the cities from the countryside– To such an extent that in 1750 only 15% of the population of Britain lived in towns. By 1850, over 50% of the entire population of Great Britain lived in either a town or a city, and by 1900, it was 85%! London had 4.5 million people, Glasgow – 760,000, Liverpool – 685,000, and Manchester and Birmingham – 500,000 Great Britain was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and was the only mature industrial economy for a long time. Historians have speculated that this was because as an island, there was relative peace and stability for Britain compared to mainland Europe. Rather than spending on a large defensive standing army, capital could be spent on other ventures, and there was confidence for investors. Native resources were also abundant, and readily available for initial technological developments and inventions. Engineers and inventors were also respected and encouraged in British society, and were backed by wealthy patrons. A powerful navy and an empire bringing in vast wealth from its colonies also contributed to the catalyst for industrialization before others. Nevertheless Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the United States soon emulated Britain’s industrial change; and by 1900 Britain would no longer be at the top, with the United States as the world’s leading industrial nation in the 20th century. Subscribe for more history videos! Thank for all your support on the Simple History YouTube channel. If you enjoy the channel, please consider supporting us at Patreon.

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    The U.S. quite possibly could have experienced the Industrial Revolution sooner than it did, but a group calling themselves the Confederacy started a civil war and really screwed the nation over. A lot of lives, resources, and materials were lost in a pointless war.


    British has plundered raw materials form india

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    To suppy their Industrial Revolution, they deliberately killed the industries in their colonies.

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    British standard sets our costs of living. Can you figure out why those leading countries transferred and urged us and 3rd world to carry the dirts of industrialisation.

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    Britain's early colonies: you xxxx

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    Revolution by ripping resource of other county. What a shame, British is. This is why america is best. They never looted any country resource.

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    According to Ayn Rand the Industrial Revolution was the height of human development, and that any improvements on it, according to her, are a detriment with additions like workers' rights, environmental policies, etc.

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    You have forgotten 2 incredibly relevant pieces of legislation that facilitated the Industrial Revolution: The Joint Stock Companies Act 1844 (allowing the formations of companies owned by many share-holders) and Limited Liability Act 1855 (which introduced limited liability for the shareholders). These 2 laws allowed for MASSIVE investment into capital production.

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    Not mentioned Germany,they also surpassed UK like USA in the beginning of 20th century.

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    By the dawn of the 20th century, the lives of millions had been changed out of all recognition. Cities, the traditional centers of commerce and fashionable life, have been transformed into sprawling industrial slums. Yet, everywhere, the catchphrase is "progress." There is a widespread belief that a new world is coming. A world in which the ills of the past will be cured by science, by technology and by democracy.

    Many, far from welcoming the dawn of a new age, are deeply disturbed. With the Industrial Revolution had come a decline in the power of traditional authority. The political power of the landowner is [waning] in favor of a new class of industrialists and financiers. Hierarchy is being threatened by democracy. It appears to many as if the world of beauty and order is disintegrating before their very eyes. Worst of all, religion itself seems in mortal danger. Cherished beliefs, accepted as true for all time, are being questioned by science.

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