The LINDE PLANTSERV portal (release 2)

Plant availability and reliability are top
priorities for operators. As engineers, we need efficient workflows
across all operational processes. One of the most time-consuming tasks is spare
parts management. Identifying parts, … … researching vendors, checking availability
and lead times … … all consumes a vast amount of time. The LINDE PLANTSERV™ portal simplifies this
process. We are now able to order parts, and plan turnarounds,
maintenance and repairs more quickly and easily than ever before. At the click of a button, we can view scheduled maintenance, turnaround
and service activities on each individual plant’s dashboard. Clickable plant diagrams help us identify
the right parts, check for best-practice recommendations … … and receive up to three quotations, at
competitive prices, from the vendor marketplace. All this leaves us free to concentrate on
ensuring smooth operations. With each transaction, we receive SERVICE
MOLECULES™, which we can trade for selected LINDE PLANTSERV™ portal services. LINDE PLANTSERV™ portal
Spare parts management made easy – to keep your plant up and running.

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