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All that’s left is your signature and we’re good to go. Now you’re officially a disciple of God’s promise. Welcome! Fuck. Welcome to God’s Promise. You are at an age where you are especially vulnerable to evil. Change will come through God but within me. We’re gonna spend our time together
investigating what led you here. In the past, I would resort to self pleasure but then when I learned that that was a sin also, I stopped. Cameron, your struggle is with the sin of same-sex attraction You’re facing the consequences of your actions and it’s ugly. Why does she give such a shit? I guess, it’s like having your own Disney villain only this one won’t let you jerk off. You don’t really seem like the kind of person that’d be here. We didn’t have a choice. Did you? I mean, couldn’t we just walk off?
– And go where? What’s worse, karaoke night or living on the streets? Tough call. Are you at that place? Tell us about that girl you knew from home. The first step is for you to stop thinking of yourself as a homosexual. I don’t think of myself as a homosexual. I don’t really think of myself as anything. Fuck this place. I’m tired of feeling disgusted with myself. You have no idea what you’re doing, do you? Stop it!

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100 Responses

  1. Juan Le Garcon says:

    Solía confiar en las actuaciones de Chloe, luego me dejé de ver sus películas. Debo decir que me sorprendió su actuación tal como la primera vez. Esta fue una buenísima película. Se pueden ver los distintos tipos de pensamiento de los chicos que asisten a esos reformatorios. Bastante convincente. El momento en el que Cameron habla con el Supervisor, con Mike (creo), con el tipo que se mutiló (por cierto, el actuó muy bien en The dark times, o algo así). Es una buena película.

  2. moviemaster00000 says:

    so 2018 is a year of gay movies? whats next? 2019 about child rapists?

  3. Whitney2022 says:

    Sasha Lane 💖💖💖

  4. Julyana Ramos says:

    Já saiu esse filme? Como faço pra assistir, não tô conseguindo

  5. bea triz says:

    i need see this movie❤

  6. katy_sone says:


  7. Sarah White says:

    this movie is fire

  8. donnydanko says:

    the acting was alright but goddamit, this was such a depressing drag. I felt like I was being dragged through the weed they smoke bc of the plot.

  9. Simon TV says:

    Not another pointless lesbian film

  10. Sad Witch says:

    I love this movie already

  11. erand droory says:

    Hollywood pushing the gay agenda once more!!

  12. Osha Bishop says:

    boring movie

  13. kunal rao Choramale says:

    what's the name of a song that plays in the background of trailer video

  14. summer says:

    the movie ended too fast 🙁

  15. Horror Anonymous says:

    0:30 her face is priceless 😂

  16. Sienna Pasea says:

    I finished the book and just realised there’s a movie

  17. Mody Mody says:

    I really liked it, it was good, a bit slow and boring but good, not that regrettable

  18. Moonstreamfeline says:

    was the title a Lauryn Hill reference? Are there any Lauryn Hill songs in the film? Is there a Lauryn Hill cameo? I'm just here for some Lauryn Hill.

  19. Yhwh yhwh says:

    now shes lesbian or bi…

  20. anonymous000 says:

    I wish they’ll make a movie too for Annie On My Mind and Chloe and Quinn’s the lead. Had a big crush on Chloe since forever. Never thought she’ll date a girl too. Hope they’ll last.:))

  21. peace hyde says:

    What was the point of this film? The conversion was never gonna work, we knew that right from the start. Was it just so they could show chloe moretz getting fingered a buncha times???

  22. Lupe the killa says:

    Boy Erased is a better film.. Miseducation feels like a typical movie, boy Erased felt like a documentary.. boy Erased has better acting all around..

  23. Heru- deshet says:

    Straighten out confused individuals. If they choose to be gay, there's nothing that can be done.

  24. Elys Amorim says:

    Onde acho ora asistir 😥

  25. Gentle Toast says:

    …Hah- GAYY

  26. sienna d. says:

    I love this movie so much I can’t.

  27. A.S says:

    See, there are only 2 genders.

  28. That Guy In A Godzilla Suit says:

    I have never seen this Movie but I am glad Chloe Grace Moretz’s Character has a happy ending.

  29. Tzuyoda 25 says:

    where I can see this moviee plsss

  30. tamimerkaz says:

    Good movie.

  31. stefany guevara says:

    Necesito el español

  32. Jack Daniels says:

    what is the name of this song?

  33. Leah Bowman says:

    Is it just me, or is this a more serious version of “But I’m a cheerleader” ?

  34. Jess GA says:

    This reminds me a lot of "But I'm a cheerleader" movie

  35. variszarins says:

    CGM is getting uglier and uglier

  36. Georgia Gmytrasiewicz says:

    Ahhhh !!!

  37. Georgia Gmytrasiewicz says:

    The book was so so good and right after I finished reading it !!

  38. Mulli Godingar says:

    This movie sucks.

  39. Sebastian Johns says:

    Loving this

  40. Angie Taylor says:

    Omg I want to see this so fucken bad.
    Go Chloe!

  41. itsoliviax says:


  42. Robin Buckley says:

    I'm living for gay Chloe. One of my biggest girl crushes hands down.

  43. R3N5HAW says:

    Should of won best picture…

  44. Stephanie Connelly says:

    Screw all you religion mongers !!

  45. roro berry says:

    Where can I see this movie????

  46. Ema776 says:

    I don't care about this actress… I just wanna know if this movie is good or not

  47. chakrafina casanova says:

    I said it they should write a movie about this over 5 years ago 🦋 I’m still happy they did

  48. very kawaii says:


  49. Grace says:

    Gurlsss, what if we share movies of lesbians down this comment? We need more visibility of lesbian community and their struggles.

  50. Martha B-C says:

    Is she actually gay? The person who plays Cameron I mean

  51. Fun T says:


  52. xsendrck xo says:

    we need a sequel

  53. sarah says:

    I wanted it to be good, but it was just stale to me. definitely go watch it for yourselfs, my opinion is that it was just boring apart from the makeout seshes

  54. fuckaroo the kangaroo says:

    I watched it and the ending was quite…depressing.

  55. Daisy .T says:

    the film is a little more depressing than the trailer but it was veryy good i would recommend

  56. inanimateclock2 says:

    Chloe Grace Moretz is an underrated actress. This movie was surprisingly good, but all it is, is a serious version of But I'm A Cheerleader.

  57. Nik Gajdoš says:


  58. Christina Tuite says:

    Wish this movie got more recognition, it was really touching

  59. Sonic The Irish Neko Demon says:

    let’s go lesbians

  60. Madalyn the Les-bean says:

    Does anyone know any more lgbtq+ books or movies?

  61. blackstonecherry 007 says:

    Aww.. Lizzie Bennet, what happened to you?

  62. Malcolm Adams says:

    *("I don't see myself as anything?!") That's a shame because god sees us as Everything. We as Created beings are more important to God more so than the angels. The angels don't have free will We do.
    *Seems a little trivial in the grand scheme of things~

  63. Mind Web says:

    There is no love when you send a teen to some concentration camp. It's more like a brainwashing came instead. Stupid Ruth.

  64. digital devil says:

    Hello, could someone tell me where can I watch this movie? Is it on Netflix because I can't find it.

  65. Luke says:


  66. Celestia says:

    stop putting cloe in side parts

  67. Alexandra nyc says:

    what hit me is that this extreme right wing christian group is very much like the left political group…intolerant of different beliefs, ideas, & lifestyles. thats fascism. there are many many more fascists on the left & that allows them to gain power & that scares me. religious fanatics & radical leftists are exactly the same.

  68. Akasha Valedon says:

    This is like love Simon girl version in a way

  69. ラベ says:

    Where can I watch this for free

  70. Liner n’ Latex says:

    I honestly think she’s perfect for the role. Her boyish lips, and style in this movie. It’s nice to see her doing different roles like this

  71. Maddie14 says:

    guys can y’all do me a favour? If u have Netflix can you check if this movie is on it because I’m getting Netflix on Monday and I really wanted to watch it

  72. Rena M. says:

    I think I went from straight to bi as soon as I saw Chloe ☺ she is way too cute

  73. Courts909 says:

    So it turns out I'm reading the book and I didn't realise that I'd watched the movie already the book is wayyy better

  74. Adam Jensen says:

    Car scene was hot

  75. Jenna S says:

    I'm tired of Hollywood sexualizing young actors.

  76. Markus Patients says:

    Not a very good movie overall.. Just a lot of kissing and finger f*****g. But I liked it. I just wise Cameron/Chloe would have dressed up..

    Like "Hit Girl" just once.

  77. Aquarius Jin says:

    Does it have a happy ending?

  78. Totally Not Ryan says:

    I don't see why actual conversion camps think the solution is just to put all the guys in one place, like yea, get them all to bond with each other, that'll fix it.

  79. Dana saur says:

    a more serious version of But I'm A Cheerleader

  80. ginger ale says:

    God create Adam and Eve
    Not Adam and steve

  81. Manuel Friend says:

    This is why I noped out of religion a loooooong time ago. Religion for the longest time has turned into a tool for control, wether people realize it or not, Including the ones teaching it.

  82. Brian says:

    I would rather them try to send Hit Girl to one of these…"conversion camps".OHHHHHH the entertainment.

  83. Jasleen Kaur says:

    Why is dis movie not available on Netflix😏😏 Thus trailer is awesome…!!
    Where can I watch dis movie??
    Any suggestion..??

  84. Stephen Mataganog says:

    This was a moving, sad, and beautiful film. Growing up in the 80's in a religious family and not having any help with understanding that I was bisexual was so very hard. If only there were films/stories like this to help me.

  85. Maddie14 says:

    I wish this was on Netflix

  86. Islam is Israel's broom Rabbi Rav David Touitou says:

    Degeneracy must be stopped! Nice try China but we know you control Sundance and are trying to destroy America. We have our sights on your country as well.

  87. Ghost Black Project says:

    She should habe been cast as the little mermaid , too bad ….

  88. ¿ says:

    I sweeaaarrrrr i recognize the girl from Shameless

  89. David T says:

    Wonder why didn't she appear naked in here?!!

  90. brandon wilburn says:

    You have to be a very devoded actor to play a gay character, if your not in real life
    👍 Spot-on to Chloe Moretz

  91. chloe maagad09 says:


  92. Elim Kwok says:

    The new new Carrie reboot looks a lot darker

  93. Parsa Mahdian says:

    i dont like gays

  94. sanuki de soysa says:

    she rocks a hoodie and sweatpants in all honesty

  95. Duda Goes says:

    Alguém sabe onde acho para assistir online

  96. littlemochi3 says:

    god, this is how i feel when i’m at my school. all they talk about is jesus and how much of a sinner i am for liking girls >.<

  97. Jai Jai says:

    Reminds me of “But I’m a cheerleader!”

  98. Castiel Winchester says:

    This is one of my favorite movies and also one of my favorite books!!

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