The myth of King Midas and his golden touch – Iseult Gillespie

With his harebrained schemes
and asinine dealings with the gods, King Midas ruled the ancient kingdom
of Phrygia with an uneven hand. He was known in Greek mythology
as a rogue ruler whose antics bemused his people
and distracted the gods. Midas spent his days
in a stupor of splendor, spoiling himself and his beloved daughter
and gorging himself on feasts and wine. Unsurprisingly, he felt
an affinity with Dionysus, god of wine, carnival, and performance. One day, Midas discovered a satyr dozing in his rose garden and drunk
on more than the scent of flowers. Midas recognized the satyr
as one of Dionysus’s followers and let him nurse
his hangover at the palace. Pleased with the king’s hospitality,
Dionysus offered to grant him one wish. Midas cast a greedy eye
over his surroundings. Despite the luxury in which he lived, no amount of precious jewels, finest silk
or splendid decor felt like enough. His life, he thought, was lacking luster;
what he needed was more gold. The god sent the power to turn anything
the king touched to gold surging through Midas. Ecstatic, he turned to his possessions. At his lightest touch,
the palace walls transformed, stone statues shone, and goblets glittered. He galloped through his home in a frenzy, handling each item until
it took on a lustrous sheen. Soon the palace heaved with gold, and Midas’s delirious
laughter echoed off the walls. Exhausted and hungry from his rampage, Midas picked up a bunch of grapes from
his newly gilded fruit bowl. But he nearly shattered his teeth, for the fruit had turned
to metal in his mouth. When he picked up a loaf of bread,
the crumbs hardened in his hand. Flinging himself onto
his bed in frustration, Midas discovered his plush pillows
had morphed into solid gold. Hearing his cries of frustration,
his daughter entered the room. But when Midas reached out to her, he saw with horror that he had frozen her
into a golden statue. Horrified at what he had done, Midas begged the gods
to rid him of his power. Taking pity on the foolish king, Dionysus told Midas to wash
his hands in the River Pactolus. When Midas reached into the river,
the gold drained from his fingertips. Midas returned home
to find his daughter alive and his palace back to normal,
and he rejoiced. You’d think he would’ve learned
his lesson, but just a few weeks later,
Midas blundered again, insulting the music and sun god Apollo
when he declared Pan a greater musician. Apollo scornfully declared that the king
must have the ears of an ass to make such a misjudgment,
and transformed Midas accordingly. Once again regretting his behavior, Midas kept his hairy ears
hidden in public. They were seen only by his barber, who was sworn to secrecy during
a very awkward grooming session. The barber stifled his laughter
and fought the desire to tell someone, yet the secret consumed him. One day, he walked outside the city
and dug a hole in the ground. Plunging his head into the earth, the desperate barber whispered,
“Midas has ass’s ears.” Soon after, a clump of reeds sprang up in the spot where the barber
had buried his words. When the wind blew, they carried the
echoes of his whisper through the breeze: “Midas has ass’s ears.” At the sound, donkeys in the fields raised
their heads in recognition and people chuckled to themselves
at the follies of their king. With his golden touch and ass’s ears,
Midas was not the most respected ruler. And where other leaders were honored
through statues and temples, his people remembered him
a little differently: in the depths of the glittering river
and the rustle of the Phrygian wind.

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69 Responses

  1. 颜夕曼 says:

    Who else has Mida's touch?

  2. Mackenzie Rae Preston says:

    Anyone else see a resemblance to a certain "president"? ?

  3. Nina n says:

    Well King Midas put his hands on me again
    He said "one day I'd realize why I don't have any friends"

    Halsey – 100 Letters

  4. John Contos says:

    Me dude turns men to stone with but a glance

  5. John Contos says:


  6. Ps Revanth says:

    Midas wish should have been like this "whatever i touch should become gold if i want to".

  7. Rebecca Nuttall says:

    All that is gold does not glitter, but all that glitters IS gold

  8. Christian Munoz says:

    La Llorona

  9. mariet of OZ lord says:

    Get gloves

  10. Samuel Xu says:

    he frogot that he could just wash with running water

  11. Damp Duck says:

    Why does he look like Donald trump

  12. VieTDrawing says:

    Use a fork and spoon to eat guys

  13. Diane Capitania says:

    why hasn't his dress turn into gold?

  14. Maegan Ireland says:

    I thoufmghtbut was meedus

  15. Zoey Perry says:

    Stop being rude to ThE GODS

  16. cream fan says:

    The king kinda looks like trump

  17. El Cheapo says:

    I visited Midas 3 weeks ago… Inglorious state he is in…

  18. Nathyn Fyte says:

    what was he doing to the cat?…

  19. Huy Hoang says:

    *Midas has golden touch
    *Scratches his face
    *Turns himself to gold
    The end ~

  20. Pranim Dewan says:

    Is it Midas or Midas? ?

  21. Paul Gleason says:

    1:55 then he died from the places falling apart

  22. Helena Rubina says:

    Don't he look like a Greek Trump

  23. Mugen Freeman says:

    This Midas guy looks a lot like someone’s president

  24. 8440k says:

    Why does Midas look like you know who ??

  25. Chaotic Balance says:

    Midas looks like trump.

  26. Creeper says:

    King Midas looks like Donald trump

  27. Jesse Jormakka says:


  28. Hasmik Melikyan says:

    If he turnedeveryting intogold, couldn't anybody else feed him? 🙂

  29. Phoebe de Azevedo Gillham says:

    The saying all that glitters is not gold is from Shakespeare not from the fellowship of the ring

  30. Roccoboiy says:

    That sentence is just so funny how did he not laugh while saying that

  31. Xynnful says:

    Why have gold? It has low durability, it basically sucks.

  32. Xynnful says:

    Just use gold forks to pick up any food you want lol.

  33. Nucky Pooh says:

    3:00 creeps me out

  34. Stephanie Troncoso says:

    Am i the only one who noticed that Midas looks like Trump?

  35. Annie Bonus says:

    Inuit mother of the sea Sedna is one of my favorites

  36. zang danny says:

    Why can't he just use a gold fork to pick up food?

  37. Kaycee Whitham says:

    A stupor of splendor! Goals

  38. Agent I says:

    What he should have chosen to change what he chose turn into gold

  39. Liz Pascasio says:

    Why does the king look like Trump? HAHAHA

  40. El Primo says:

    Midas: This song is better than Apollo
    Apollo: Am i A jOke to You? Cursed?

  41. Samuel LopeZ says:

    In indian version the barber whispers "king has devils ears" near a tree…later on tgat tree trunks are used to make drums and some instruments which when played …echoed" king has devil's ears"

  42. Love Bug Eunha says:

    Why does it sound like he is saying Saturn instead of satyr?

  43. Zohra Hussain says:

    1:48 My new signature dance move

  44. A wild triangle says:

    King mytus looks like trump :I

  45. sUwUcidal 69 says:

    He was midas and then he turned midass

  46. Blue Crafts says:

    anyone notice that midas is donald trump
    oUtStAnDiNg mOvE

  47. Danny Dan says:

    Uhh wear gloves 🙂

  48. Hello :D says:

    Why gold? Why not diamond? Gold sucks

  49. Master Will says:

    Greek creation myth

  50. Aquila Queen says:

    Midas should play Dionysus to thank Dionysus

  51. Lee Johnson says:

    My favorite myths are of Anansi, Son Goku, and Koshchei.

  52. craftyguns the pro kid says:

    Midas:the most idiotic
    person on planet earth

  53. St0rm Ranger says:

    The story of America's future, and the reason every empire in history has collapsed. With the system of capitalism fundamentally based on greed our fate was sealed from the beginning.

  54. Marie Libby Ryan says:

    I have a feeling that William Shakespeare actually wrote that in one of his plays.

  55. Nzan Thung says:

    Why didn't his clothes or the ground which he was standing didn't turn in gold??..

  56. Kayasar K. says:

    King Midas lived here, Turkey/Ankara/Polatlı

  57. Cat Lover Giggle Sauce says:

    It should have been Midas has donkeys ears instead

  58. James Bevan says:

    1:08 – why is Dionysus' package visable?

  59. Clabi says:

    and that kids is how money inflation was created 🙂

  60. Lloyd William says:

    Lol Midas looks like Trump

  61. Belinda Wong says:

    i learned about the “hand of Midas” in aladdin – king of thieves

    now this

  62. S says:

    I am more of a king minus whatever I touch I break

  63. EyeOfTheFrame says:

    He looks like trump

  64. MyMagic LouLou says:

    So if king midas using glove that made by gold to touch food, will the food become gold too?

  65. AsnBlox [ALT] says:

    Why didn’t the third estate start a revolution?

  66. leepinlepin wingadingdong says:

    Ah….so that where the jingle "trust the Midas touch" Comes from…..

  67. ILiveForM U S I C says:

    m i d a s h a s a s s e s e a r s

  68. Galliano Marr says:

    All that is gold does not glitter – how true that is

  69. Galliano Marr says:

    So King Midas and King Minas are two different people?

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