“THE NBA” — A Bad Lip Reading

***You can turn these captions off and on with the CC button Hey, you remember that one time I burped? Oh yeah! You oughta All night I been waiting to tell you this I sold our steam boat What do your friends say to you? My one-eyed traveling companion said that — [giggling] Awesome, you know, that’s one of my guys Do I still have a shirt on? Yeah Thought I did He’s so cuuuuuuuuute! He definitely is All right See I’m trying to tell y’all Y’all got the wrong guy He’s illuminati! Come on, man! He’s illuminati! I bet I find out that he sent you Yeah, I feel cranky. It’s the flea bites Yoo hoo Man I went to basketball camp! Do I look as white as I sound? Piggybank… OH ROBERTA! I can’t talk Excuse me, we copa-stetic You hear me? Yeah, we COPA-STETIC What do you think about? Mostly like handwriting or delightful goats or something Uhh… ferrets, they’re nice Umm, the surprising ways of hot tuna LEG BONK! Hey man, he got a belt buckle! You can’t let him wear a belt buckle It’s razor sharp, and it hurts Hey, remember that time I called you G-Money? Okay I am here You have beans within your mouth! You have beans within the mouth! Yes, you have beans within the mouth! I don’t hear because you have beans within the mouth! Hey! You look like a piece of meat I’ll turn back around How could you not like snow?! Snow? SNOW. SNOW? SNOW? I lick snow! It’s totally normal! It’s not harmful! Hey, you know what? Like y’all don’t know snow like I do See like I’m like a snow lover! Yeahhh, we steady rolling through this K-Mart Hey, you steal my hard candy? Okay first we put our shirts up like this And now I’m gonna look like I’m telling you like some secret basketball wisdom And you look at me and nod I SAID NOD Don’t take so long next time That’s all That potion is ours, give it to him Hey, that’s OUR POTION! THAT’S OUR POTION! Man, I found that dog! You found him? Dog found YOU! Be quiet fake dog! How was your weekend? It was the first time I woke up in the desert holding a knife I just didn’t know what was happening but I guess my fun for the night must have been kind of heavy I think there could have been a chopper! Hey Willie, hey, hey, Willie Hey Willie homina ha-ha chop chop chop Why you look like a crocodile? With your raggedy cane Y’all smell nasty This is emotion! I’m mad! You take it back! You’re weak in the head You’re like a regular rock You’re not like a real estate guy This is correct The first time I met a vagabond I smiled at him I passed on the grace of my beard Okay, look, I don’t know what he’s talking about All that was bogus That thing smells like a horse died on a sad clown Ear Another flying plate? Come on, son That’s a poltergeist! Automatic… that’s what I say Yo yo yo, Drogo! Apple Jacks and white chocolate You hear me Khal Drogo? Sorry, what’s up with the accent? Right now, I want to go and drink tea Normally I would not Ohhhhh… wow I think I’m you I’m your clone I like that Hey, you oughta dress like me Nails and hair, fancy face! Hyahhh ugh, ugh, ugh NGNHHHHHHHHH LIKE WOMAN You drink my tea? WHAT? You drink my tea? You probably drank it You drank my tea? You know I don’t want that You drank my tea! Fine, I drank it You must feel great, huh? I mean…. Y’all already thought this but My hair looks good Don’t put that photo on my facebook! Cuz you’re not my friend Yes they do! Cows don’t cheat! Yes they do! Shrimps don’t sneeze Yes they do! Crickets can’t cry! They do that though Turtles can’t sing! Yes, they do sing! They do sing a song! But last night I pooped out glass And then I done fell down one step Now, how is that even possible? It’s just one step! Uh huh, uh huh, uhhuhuhuhuhuhhu Nobody wants my Bread Nobody wants my… bread? [burp] Wow that was really loud! I thought I would just crash this wedding

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100 Responses

  1. xXHare bearXx0 says:

    “You look like a piece of meat”?? 1:30

  2. bob the blob says:

    You have beans within the mouth

  3. Benz sp says:

    2:28 be quiet! fake dog hahahaha

  4. Mr.E says:

    0:52 you are white now, but in 2 years you will be a maverick baby

  5. Muhammad Rayhan Eka Febrian says:

    Why u look like a crocodile ???

  6. CL Block says:

    Rojon rondo

  7. LiL Sedd014 says:

    You look like a piece of meat????

  8. TEA jay says:

    4:36 got me so good???

  9. Snack Slack says:

    You are weak in the head! Youre like a regular rock!

  10. CHAINZ says:

    Do part two

  11. Dulali Paws says:

    “I mean… heh…. …
    … y’all already thought this, but…
    … my hair looks good.” ?

  12. Ddon Garrison says:

    That Robin Lopez clip though..

  13. Gudrun und Wolfgang Rothfuss says:

    That snow one is ????

  14. Kounter says:

    0:48 Trash talking in rec league be like

  15. Lock Star says:

    Part 2?

  16. Karl Streu says:

    "Bark bark bark bark"

  17. Good Dinope says:

    0:48 ???

  18. GreatNoBrakes [ReTurns] says:

    1st round draft pick


  19. I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?. says:

    March 11th, Mark it down on your calendar people lol.. BLR turns 8yrs old this year!. And such a hilariously great 8yrs it's been… Thanks BLR!. ??

  20. Virginia Leonard says:

    That's the first time I woke up in the desert with a knife! Hahaha

  21. Fireball Squad says:

    Man I went to basketball camp

  22. quuen Bee says:

    I watch this shit every day ??

  23. Jeet Pote says:

    Try turning the subtitles on?

  24. nedril says:


  25. Bryan McNair says:

    Yall got wrong guy….he illuminati…lol

  26. Blake L says:

    Ahhh! I'll just type things said in the video and/or beg ppl to push that thumb button… ? (that one)

    ?(oops I almost 4got to put that)

  27. Bruza16 says:

    Fergie singing was dope ????

  28. TheJohnnystockman says:

    My god I lost it on the cheerleader part

  29. TheJohnnystockman says:

    Turtles don’t sing.

  30. dimitris papastamtis says:

    snow , snow im a snow lover omg

    rajon rondo though "he is illuminati" wtf hahahaha

  31. Sailor Ship says:


  32. Valhalla says:

    Do a NBA China edition.

  33. jcb3393 says:

    I'm surprised they are not just all saying: "China is great. China is our friend. Hong Kong belongs to China and should obey."

  34. Petpurrveyor says:


  35. Guy Merritt says:

    That, "Man I WENT TO BASKETBALL CAMP"……..that kills me….lol.

  36. Rajan Rao says:

    Why do you look like a crocodile? ?

  37. mrbooglesopus says:

    4:20 in front of Commiefornia flag. So Appropriate.

  38. Melon Tea says:

    Oh, Roberta!

  39. garvan says:

    Who 'bad-lip-read' this one? It's very poorly done, unfortunately. 🙁

  40. ya boi hikatchi kun says:

    This is emotion
    I'm mad
    Take it back

  41. Luna Sea says:

    Remember that time I called you G money

  42. topman0071 says:

    That shit whack if you've seen djmeechymeech

  43. Tagenarine1987 says:

    LMAO at Fergie.

  44. oofticur ooflumbus says:

    The lebron and lonzo one got me

  45. No Limit Krazy says:

    the steph one????

  46. Mike Belcourt says:


  47. x rated says:

    Snow snow snow, I lick snow

  48. Its me says:

    “I quote things I hear in the video”

  49. Cuevas Sophia says:

    i pOoPeD ouT GlAsS

  50. Chaz Tabing says:

    Where is part 2!? Roberta is back!

  51. S D says:

    "Oh Roberta" I'm dead.

  52. grxengine says:

    Although Jimmy Butler is from Houston that is a 4:00 SPOT ON Dallas accent, BLR! Nice.

  53. NowI'mMe says:

    "Oh, Roberta!" I loooooooooove it!

  54. Deb Deb says:

    "oh Roberta" … that was hysterical

  55. Broadzy says:

    1:57 got me hard ?

  56. Caveman FCC says:

    like woman!

  57. Sachin Kumar says:

    What the fuck is there to dislike about this video?

  58. Evan Spentzaris says:

    Y O U L O O K L I K E A P I E C E O F M E A T

  59. Baller Bros says:

    00:52 do I sound as white as I sound?

  60. Ivan John Carpio says:

    Edited. Mouths were overlapped with deep fakes

  61. NoLimitLoski says:


  62. Nikki 26 says:

    "He's illuminati" wtf ???

  63. Noise says:

    We steady rollin’ through this K Mart randomly pops into my head at least twice a day.

  64. Noise says:

    why you look like a crocodile
    raggedy cane

  65. Reno Bass says:

    Man I went too basketball camp ???

  66. Balfour82 Snow says:

    Like woman!!!

  67. yoosef shayaan says:

    Me through out the whole video: 0:19

  68. armhair 1 says:

    Nails and Hair, Fancy face. Aaaaah

  69. yoosef shayaan says:

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    Babies be like: 4:38

  70. sabrina ruiz says:

    "Hey yall got the wrong man he's illuminati!" Lmfao????

  71. Dark Passenger says:

    00:17 lol

  72. David Hemingway says:


  73. Rick S says:

    Whoever did the Fergie voice has me in tears lmao

  74. K2019 JesusChirstLove says:


  75. timw says:

    I almost shit on myself when Westbrook's says I went to basketball camp….

  76. JACK JUST JACK says:

    I had no idea Steph was a Brit

  77. Ryan Bongwa says:

    "You're like a regular rock!" ???

  78. Anthony Turpin says:

    How can that not be what they are saying

  79. Haruko says:

    3:14 Ear…
    The guys reaction is so funny to me! ?

  80. Lac-Anh Nguyen says:

    That’s my P.E. teachers brother! NO JOKE

  81. Jt Williams says:

    LIKE WOMAN! The funny thing is, I have a feeling that these BLRs are remarkably true to the context of the videos. Not too far off what was actually said

  82. Gabe Tepperman says:


  83. Young Sheldon_94 says:

    They need to play an entire game like this! ?

  84. Ramsey comics says:

    Like women ????

  85. TheFlyingOtis says:

    I pooped out glass….HAHAHAHAHAHAJAJAHHA

  86. TheDudeSmashTrash says:

    "I'm trying to tell y'all, you got the wrong guy. He's illuminati!" sounds like something Rondo would actually say lol

  87. George Higgins says:

    You found HIM? Dog found YOU.

  88. okko16 says:

    0:36 So the refs in the NBA are Illuninati! Good to know that.

  89. JamesonYT says:

    Man i miss chris bosh

  90. Doodle Draw says:

    4:20 her singing is amazing ??

  91. Larry Zimmerman says:

    Lebrun James is a thug. Doesn’t belong in the game!

  92. David McManus says:

    This probably isn't fake lip syncing. This is probably the real conversations of the NBA.

  93. Nalani Martinez says:

    “Why you look like a crocodile?….with a raggedy cane?”

  94. visharad rawat says:

    0:30 Taaaaaaaaaaaaco Toooooooooooosday

  95. Brad Lamb says:

    The greatest part about this is that Michael Beasley probably actually said that

  96. Jack Bradford says:

    we need more of these

  97. Mandingo _ says:


  98. MemphiStig says:

    i wish you guys would do all the anthems so we don't have to listen to them butcher it every fn time
    i mean i don't hate the singers or their songs just what they do to that one song
    meanwhile BLR you're still going strong!

  99. Steve Wonder says:

    Everytime I watch one of these videos I always wonder if that's what they're actually saying sometimes

  100. cameron sullivan says:

    “I bet I find out that he sent you”

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