The Power of an Image || Bianca Andreescu Captures the Attention of a Nation

So today I’m going to talk about
pictures and how they have power this is based on science and history but also
based on my personal understanding of art and so please bear with me some of
these are my own opinions but also some of them are based on science pictures
have power!!! Hi my name is James ruddle and this is my channel I’m gonna give
you the old cliche phrase a picture is worth a thousand words
yeah it’s a cliche phrase but I think it’s so true for creators I think it’s
very important for us to realize that pictures don’t have power unless people
see them and what I mean by that is we can draw something or create something
in our sketch book or create a video but until people see it until people
actually see it on a mass on a hole they don’t understand it it has no power let
me tell you a story about this last week so three weeks ago I painted this mural
of Bianca and rescued called She The North it had some power it was a great image
and our student body loved it but the picture became way more powerful when
CBC News got ahold of it and started to share it and then I was on CTV and then
I was on CBC Radio One with Gill Deacon on her here and now radio show and what
that did is it shared the content shared the image and it got all kinds of people
understanding the concept in the power of the image it’s a very simple image
it’s a portrait of Bianca and rescue but it has a bold statement that says she
the North now that wouldn’t be powerful if it was just another tennis player or
if it was just some girl at my high school
but because bianca and rescue and who she is
created value to it and the power of the statement cause causes one to think and
a whole nation to back her up the story the picture represents hope and light
and bianca and rescue represents something to the next generation that we
all have the potential to be successful to succeed to do something great if it’s
in our dreams and we’re willing to make the sacrifice but the power of the image
was not there if nobody saw it if it wasn’t shared if it wasn’t on national
news and so it’s very interesting to think that images do have power but they
have power if they’re shared and other people make connections to them now i’m
going to give you a couple stats people remember ten percent of what they hear
twenty percent of what they read and eighty percent of what they see so if
that’s not a statistic that makes you as a creator want to create more and to
make a powerful image then i don’t know what will convince you but it’s so
amazing to think that we can see a picture and we can read a picture sixty
thousand times faster than a book or text it’s amazing how as soon as we
blink our eye we can actually understand what an image is saying and maybe the
power of the image but i think it’s really important for us to realize that as creatives we have the power to change
the world we have the power to make a bold statement we have the power to do
something that causes a group of people or a whole nation to see the world in a
different way as a result of this piece that I did for Bill Carruthers secondary
school I’m very happy with the power that the image has created I’m I’m glad
that it has gotten the attention of a whole nation but I don’t know if you
have to think about that every time that’s not gonna happen all the time
this is sort of a once in a lifetime or a once in a million sort of image but I
just did a piece last week that was called Algonquin dream and I feel like
it has almost the same effect while it’s a landscape and while it’s very simple
the video that I’m going to show you tells a story about our country about
the wilderness about our landscape about the beauty of our country and how
Algonquin Park has actually captured the attention of artists of musicians of
poets of writers of people all across the world because of how wild and free
and serene and beautiful it is so I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you
like the message of Algonquin dream Algonquin Park so wild and free you’ve
gone a lariat on me it’s forest Isles and temples grand
immortal shrines not made by hand Oh mother nature hold my hand and guide
me through this mystic land and let me know and understand why this
paradise was planned on rugged Hills the towering Pines nod
at the fragrant ozone wings bearing pine Laden Zephyrs of health to
cheek step more the shade of death Algonquin lakes and rippling streets
haven of rest and soothing dreams on this the master stamp his brand and
christened it gods fairyland pictures have power the power to attract
the power to persuade the power to sell but don’t just take my word for it I
think there’s statistics to back it up and so I was looking at new style media
and I was just looking at some of their statistics and one of the stats they
have is that people remember 10% of what they hear 20% of what they read and 80%
of what they see if that’s not a statistic as a creator that you want to
use in your own work then I don’t know what will convince you that pictures
have power I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you watch I hope you share and I
hope you stay tuned for next Friday

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