>>We decided at Brave New Films to do the
videos about McCain, because their mythology had sprung up that he was a Maverick. That
he was a straight talker and it’s objectively not true. We went to work, we found the evidence,
we found the videos, we prove the case and we did our job which was to inform the public
about the facts.>>[Background Music] I promised to tell the
truth always about my intentions and my beliefs. Straight talk. Straight talk. A little straight
talk. The success will be fairly easy. I believe that we can win an overwhelming victory in
a very short period of time. Easy. Easy. It was easy. The American people were led to
believe that this would be some kind of a day at the beach which many of us, uh, fully
understood from the very beginning would be a very, very difficult undertaking. I knew
it was probably going to be long and hard and tough. And those that voted for it and
thought that somehow it was going to be some kind of an easy task then I’m sorry they were
mistaken. Maybe they didn’t know what they were voting for. Straight talk. [ Music ] I went down to South Carolina and said that
the flag that was flying over the state capitol, which was a Confederate flag, was– that I
shouldn’t be involved in it, it was a state issue. It was an act of cowardice. Straight
talk. Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics
and the agents of intolerance, whether they’d be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left,
or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right.>>Do you believe that Jerry Falwell is still
an agent of intolerance?>>No I don’t.>>McCain recently spent some political quality
time with Falwell, delivering the commencement address at the reverend’s fundamentalist Liberty
University.>>Thank you, Dr. Falwell, and thank you Liberty
University Class of 2006. Straight talk.>>And should gay marriage be allowed?>>I think, I think that gay marriage should
be allowed if there’s a ceremony kind of thing if you want to call it that. I don’t have
any problem with that. I believe that that people want to have private ceremony is fine.
I do not believe that gay marriages should be legal. [ Boos ]>>Are you against civil unions for gay couples?>>I am not. I believe– but they– that,
that– [ Music ]>>We knew that there was an interest from
the public about the real story, the truthful story about McCain and what he was saying
and what he was doing. We had no idea that there would be this incredible hunger and
appetite. And the combined McCain videos have now been seen by over five and a half million
people. And that’s without any advertising. What that means is people are getting the
video and they’re using it as it’s meant to be used which is it’s a tool. It’s not enough
if you just look at the video and say, “Oh, I learned something, or I’m pissed off.” You
need to take it and then pass it on. And we’re seeing this happen with hundreds of thousands
of people consistently over the last six months.>>My reaction on the McCain video was one
of extreme gratitude to both Robert and the entire crew at Brave New Films for getting
out the real story about the real John McCain which is something that’s not been said and
talked about in the mainstream media. John McCain is not the same John McCain of eight
years ago. I think my brother Howard actually said it best, “McCain 2000 wouldn’t vote for
John McCain in 2008.” I think it’s really pretty clear that John McCain is really trying
the same sort of Bush formula towards getting elected to president. He believes and trying
to instill fear among the American public. Obviously it’s very important for all of us
to register to vote. Second, you could go to training program such as the Democracy
for America has to get more and more involved with campaigns and advocacy for any of the
candidates that are running because all of these elections are going to be important.
It’s going to be very important for all of us to mobilize.>>[Background Music] Your call is important
to us. Please continue to hold and we’ll be with you shortly.>>Thank you for holding, how can I be of
service to you today?>>Yes. I have this recurring charge on my
monthly statement and I can’t figure out what it’s for.>>Well we’ll certainly do our best to help
you. What is the charge say on your statement?>>Well, it’s a $275 charge and it just says
Iraq War.>>Yes ma’am that is correct. The Iraq War
cost the average American family over $16,000 since the war started.>>Are you kidding? Well I never signed up
for that.>>I’m sorry ma’am. You don’t sign up for
the Iraq War charge. It’s a standard charge for all Americans.>>Well that doesn’t make any sense. I’m going
to need to speak to your supervisor.>>I’m sorry. He’s vacationing to the Rams
this week. But while you’re still in line, can I interest you in our new monthly Iran
War charge?>>No you can not.>>Well, we appreciate your help in the fight
against the evil doers. Thanks for calling the United State–>>There’s going to be other wars. I’m sorry
to tell you there’s going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be
other wars. And right now we’ve got to– we’re going to have a lot of PTSD to treat.>>[Background Music] Thank you for calling
the United States Customer Support Center. Someone will be with you shortly.>>Thanks for calling. How can I help you
today?>>I’m now sure if you can. I’ve been trying
to get this $275 Iraq War charge taken off my monthly bill for months and months.>>Please hold. We are making America safer
and–>>You people are driving me insane.>>We remain free ma’am.>>Yeah, yeah. I know and in the mean while
every damned American family is spending $16,500 since this war began. I’ve lost my job and
I’ve lost my home because of this cost.>>You realize that if the freedom haters
win, they’ll take your house.>>Did you just hear me?>>Please hold.>>President Bush has talked about our staying
in Iraq for 50 years.>>Maybe 100.>>The big concern is that you’ve got someone
whose saying they’re going to be the president, they want to be president. And at the same
time they’re completely disconnected from this American reality. We’re neglecting the
needs of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans who are needy. We’ve got, you
know, 40 million Americans who are uninsured. All of the dollars that are going overseas
could be invested in strengthening US infrastructure and helping American families. And what the
goal of Color of Change is to take folk who care, right, you care about the things that
you read. Opportunities for positive change, things that are going wrong that, you know,
perhaps you could fix. All too often there’s no easy kind of pathway into making change.
And so the whole idea of Color of Change is to use technology as a way to give, you know,
get people, you know, a way to taste what change making can look like. It’s simple as
putting your e-mail address into a field on a form on the web and saying, “Yes, please
send that the Bush or please send that to my member of congress.” When you do that with
20,000, 100,000 other people that means something when it hits the congressman or the congresswoman’s
desk. So, it’s really about building engagement. Helping people get involved. It starts with
petitions let’s say often. Next thing you know it could be a phone call, it could be
a contribution for an ad that gets run on television. And as people engage in these
activities they see the fruits of their labour, you know, their labour or their pocket book.
And they feel a sort of community as they’re joined with other. This democracy only works
when people are engaged, right? I mean that’s the whole idea. And this election it couldn’t
be clearer to be that we’ve got two candidates who stand for very different things, a very
different vision of America, have a very different sense of what it looks like to be connected
to everyday Americans. And the only way we’re going to end up with a candidate who’s supporting
the people is going to be for the people to be making that happen.>>[Background Music] They’re always saying
they support the truth but when you come back and your veteran’s benefits barely cover your
education if it does at all. It’s not really putting any weight behind those words.>>They make it to paint a picture perfect
at the beginning but then once done you time and everything, like we don’t know you.>>While I was deployed overseas I served
as a supply specialist and I have military police unit.>>I was instructed for the Iraq in National
Guardsman and my third tour I was a tank commander for my platoon.>>I was in a navy corpsman task first marine
division as a riffle platoon corpsman. For my first deployment, I was in the job. In
2004, we fought the [inaudible] militia in the battle [inaudible] and the [inaudible]
cemetery.>>Done eight years in the service. And out
of those eight years I’ve been part of two major operations, Operation Enduring Freedom
and Operation Iraqi Freedom.>>I actually spend about six months in Southern
Iraq, moves up to Mosul for about a month and a half and then the last four months was
spent in the Diyala Province, north of [inaudible].>>When I enlisted, I was under the impression
that my college be paid for that, I would have nothing to worry about.>>I was just told you’re going to pretty
much get your whole school paid for.>>The current GI Bill is inadequate. It’s
not covered– It hasn’t kept up with the cost of living or cost tuition or the cost of books.>>What I’m given in the GI Bill every month
is about $650.>>Working to school, community work. I mean,
you still need to pay for meals. You still need to pay for electricity.>>GI Bill doesn’t cover my entire education.>>I mean that’s– I’m in debt right now.>>It’s all different now. I have to look
at things different, maybe not go to schools that I want to because I can’t afford it.>>Back in World War II, the vets that came
home, their tuition and room and board and books, everything was fully covered by the
GI Bill.>>The serviceman’s readjustment act of 1944,
better known as the GI Bill of Rights. Tuition is taken care of, funds are provided for laboratory
fees, books, supplies, and equipment are included.>>It’s not the same as it was in World War
II I guess with the benefits that we’re getting today.>>Senator Jim Webb, decorated Marine Vietnam
Veteran has a new GI Bill that covers tuition to the price of a state college.>>Bring the old GI Bill back and allow these
young men and women if they serve on active duty, be able to exercise those GI benefits
without paying into the system that they now have to pay into.>>This seem to me be a no-brainer, a true
and meaningful GI Bill benefit for those who’ve been serving since 9/11.>>If the new Bill passed, I think everybody
will jump for it, just jump for joy.>>It’ll provide people like me and veterans
that are coming home and soldiers and sailors, marines and airmen that are going overseas.
It gives them peace of mind.>>You’ll see more veterans making a better
life for themselves.>>If the new Bill passed and I got the education
that I could out of it then I could do pretty much anything however high my aspirations
are in life.>>You answered the call when it came, took
our farms, free your country’s sake and fought to the limit of your ability.>>I wouldn’t have the faintest idea why a
member of commerce wouldn’t want to support this.>>If I could talk to john McCain I would
try to appeal to him as a fellow veteran.>>He should understand how hard it is for
veterans to transition back into civilian life.>>He should put himself on our shoes a veteran
himself and then make the right choice.>>We’ve become used to the administration
opposing veterans’ issues. I mean, this is their customary policy. But coming from somebody
like Senator McCain who knows veterans’ issue as well because he was a veteran, it’s even
more disappointing. I mean, he’s education was financed by tax payers at the Naval Academy.
Now why is he going to tell veterans of this era, this generation that they can’t get their
education financed without using the GI Bill? Well while we’re deployed all we hear about
from people like the administration and, you know, a lot of people in congress is that
they support us. Well, now we see Senator McCain and the administration opposing the
GI Bill that was proposed by Senator Webb. And, you know, this bill is needed. I mean,
it’s been the most significant piece of veterans’ legislation to come down over the last, you
know, 15, 20 years. And for them not to support it shows where their true feelings really
are. The study that he normally cites by Iran which is showing his excuse for opposing the
measure which is retention issues, that study also shows that while there might be 16% that
that might get out to use the GI Bill, there would also be 16% more brought into service
that wouldn’t have signed up without having the benefit of the new GI Bill. In order for
the American public to get involved they have to do things that we’ve done for many years
and now with inter access and with the internet being as popular as it is now, it’s easier
to sign on to petitions, web petitions from organizations like ours and other groups.>>Now this track has been tearing up the
charts on the internet. You know them. Maybe you love them. Is John MaCain singing, bomb
Iran.>>He has served this country in the military,
but congress [inaudible]. Now he serves America with song.>>That old beach boy song Bomb Iran. [Background
Music] Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb Iran! Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb Iran! Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb
Iran! Bomb, bomb, bomb!>>President Bush has talked about our staying
in Iraq for 50 years.>>Maybe 100. [ Music ]>>Maybe 100.>>Years.>>Maybe 100. [ Music ] I’m sorry you tell you there’s going to be
other wars. Other wars. Wars. Wars. Another wars. Wars. Wars. Wars. Wars. Wars. Wars.>>John McCain’s platform and it certainly
looks inviting for the fall. He’s promises less jobs, and more wars.>>Nobody but nobody’s going to reign on my
parade.>>My initial reaction to this Bomb Iran video
was really just creepy. And I’ve heard John McCain speak before and he’s not only uninspiring,
he’s anti-inspiring like he makes me not want to vote, maybe even unregister [phonetic].
You look at how quickly he took a question about us attacking Iran and made a joke out
of it. It was very easy it came naturally to him the idea of bombing and destroying
and really murdering people flippantly. And I think we have such big problems, it’s not
just health care or just the economy. It’s the combination of health care and the economy
and energy and the climate all piled into one at the same time. That requires a level
of newness, a level of a different approach that I just don’t think he can bring, so.
I’m not saying he’s a bad person, I just think he’s the wrong person for right now. There
are number of things people can do to sort of stand up against McCain and be involved.
The first is just to pay attention, you know, turn off Dancing with the Stars for a couple
of minutes and all the Bachelor and all that stuff and make some space to try to understand
that’s going on in the debates, what’s going on in news coverage and then call that coverage
when it’s off. This is our country, this is our election. So take charge of that. Vote
at a bare minimum but most importantly I think people should have that conversation about
some of these political topics with their neighbors, with their friends, with their
family members. That’s the thing that’s actually affected me the most. I do a lot of things
online, I’m involved in internet activism I volunteer and go to rallies. But what’s
touched me the most is actually talking to people I know or barely know about some of
these deep seated issues.>>Senator McCain is becoming closer and closer
to the oil industry. There is a time a few years ago when he oppose tax breaks for big
oil companies, now he supports them. He used to support protection of our coast, the Atlantic
and Pacific Coast from oil drilling. Now he wants to drill there. He used to support protection
for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Now he may be reconsidering that stance
too.>>If you’ve seen gasoline prices lately,
then you know they are close to an all time record.>>AAA now says gasoline prices have hit new
highs for 21 consecutive days.>>You would not require the oil industry
to use its profits to– I would help pursue alternative energy.>>I would not require them to. [ Music ]>>[Background Music] Gas prices are spiking.
The national average is now $2 and 66 cents.>>As gas prices continue to inch pass the
$3 mark, the national average for regular is just pennies away from a record highs that
following Hurricane Katrina. [ Music ]>>Gas prices have climbed to another all
time high just below $4 a galloon nationally.>>Four dollar gas is already a painful reality
today in the four corners of the country.>>This is ridiculous.>>You would not require the oil industry
to use its profits to– I would help pursue alternative energy.>>I would not require them to. [ Music ]>>My biggest concern of our John McCain presidency
Is that will be the Bush third term that Senator McCain will continue the energy policies of
President Bush and Vice President Janey [assumed spelling] which are of oil companies for oil
companies and by all oil companies. He used to be an opponent of big oil, and now he’s
starting to adopt their agenda. It’s essential that citizens become active in this upcoming
election. It’s very critical. Their involvement will make sure our candidates are better and
that the decisions they make as elected officials will be better.>>The biggest concerns I have about getting
John McCain elected is that he’s completely turned himself around in so many different
issues whereas he once told us that we’re religious extremist, we’re agents of intolerance.
He is clearly embraced those very same religious extremist.>>Islam is an antichrist religion that intends
through violence to conquer the world.>>And I’m very honored today to have one
of the truly great leaders in America, a moral compass spiritual guide passed throughout
Parsley who is here.>>The fact is that America was founded I
want to stagger you right now. America was founded in part with the intention of seeing
this false religion destroyed. Muhammad received revelations from demon spirits not from the
living God.>>I want to say thank you for being here.
I want to thank you for– Rob, for your kind introduction.>>America has historically understood herself
to be a Bastian against Islam in the world.>>For your leadership and your guidance,
I’m very grateful you’re here, so.>>In fact, I’ll tell you this. I do not believe
our nation can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand our historical conflict
with Islam.>>And I want to share you he should be talking
not me.>>When it comes to Islam, now the greatest
religious enemy of our civilization in the world, it’s dangerous. We were built for the
battle. We were created for the conflict. We get off on warfare. [ Music ]>>Now McCain wants to be leader of the United
States. United States has to deal with a lot of Muslim and Islamic people and nations around
the world. In fact, we’re stuck in one in Iraq. And so what message would it send to
the rest of the world if McCain is hobnobbing which basically says I want to see Islam crushed.
It’s not a good thing. John McCain when he ran for president in 2000 actually campaigned
against Christian fundamentalist. He called Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, agents of
intolerance. But then he lost of course that campaign and realize that if he ever wanted
to be the nominee of Republican Party, he would have to make nice with that big part
of the GOP base, fundamentalist Christians. So he spent years repairing the breach that
had come between the two. And, you know, and talking, you know, politely to them and about
them and supporting them. So now the question then becomes, what happen to the straight
talking political Maverick that Jogn McCain likes to call himself.>>[Background Music] The Parsley video starts
over a cup of coffee in Washington, DC that I was having with David Corn, the Editor of
Mother Jones. And we at that time decided we would work together if we could find a
video. In the meantime, we went out here at Brave New Films and started researching for
video and clips of McCain with Parsley.>>The Washington Bureau Chief if Mother Jones
David Corn got a hold of these terms by ordering it from the Church.>>And I think it was a month later David
sent me an excited e-mail, he had it, and found it and it was on the way. [Background
Music] At that point, the editing team and the researchers through our issues await jump
into action.>>We worked in partnership with Mother Jones.
They sent us some footage of his sermon, his silent no more sermon.>>America has historically understood herself
to be a Bastian against Islam in the world.>>And we went through that and found some
of the most biting remarks to use which was pretty easy because most of the sermons both
material that’s ridiculous.>>But when it comes to Islam, now the greatest
religious enemy of our civilization in the world, it’s dangerous.>>What we did is we took– those clips went
through them.>>Started using the McCain footage we had,
the Parsley footage David sent us quickly cut something together and about 48 hours
it was up and back and gone through five, fix different versions approved by everybody.>>[Background Music] So once the video was
produced, the role of my department is to take our videos and ultimately to get them
out there into the news cycle.>>A letter was drafted and it was sent out
to our extensive e-mail list and David posted it at Mother Jones, we posted it at our website.
And then an explosion happened. [Background Music] It was being sent around, we had a
couple of hundred thousand people look at it and I think about a week or a week and
half and it went through a few very distinct steps. First it went to the e-mail list, blogs,
it was posted on websites. It was linked to.>>Now it’s a matter of breaking through the
mainstream media. The way we do that is really just old-fashioned gumshoe, code calling in
our boarders. We come up with a list of targets, media outlets that we think would be interested
in a story.>>And over the course of a week we saw it
build and build. And then it worked its way into television.>>There’s somebody I want to play something
for you that is ricocheting around the internet. This is something that was posted on>>And it is about the new pastor problems
plaguing another presidential hopeful, this time, John McCain.>>The hundreds of thousands of people who
had seen it continued to send it around.>>But if that is McCain’s plan if elected,
he seems to have already badly complicated it by recruiting the support of an evangelical
minister.>>America was founded in part with the intention
of seeing this false religion destroyed.>>Parsley’s words, his connection to McCain
are now showing up on Arab websites and newspapers. The headline here, McCain spiritual adviser
calls for the destruction of Islam, a huge handicapped for McCain.>>People continued to write comments on the
websites and the blogs and helping to post.>>So who does McCain call a spiritual adviser?
When McCain sought and won the endorsement of Pastor Ron Parsley, he called him one of
America’s “truly great leaders, a moral compass, a spiritual guide”.>>And low and behold, I remember the e-mail
rumor that McCain is going to disavow Parsley was I believe the words. And a few hours later
there it was.>>[Background Music] Support of this folks
early on.>>We just got word while you’re talking literally
that on the AP wire, there is a story that he is now repudiating the remarks of Pastor
Rod Parsley.>>I mean, there you go.>>Which would be the firs time we have heard
that we have now independently confirmed that but we’re going to try to check on that in
this hour as we extensively cover this in the beginning of the program tonight.>>[Background Music] It’s pretty exciting
to get it out and for it to be getting major news coverage and obviously it didn’t take
long before all the networks jumped onboard.>>For me what was really awesome was having
John McCain then reject his endorsement basically immediately after the video came out and all
of this, he centered around the topic.>>He jumped off, Bam, like pretty fast.>>When we go the word that McCain had disavowed
Parsley, we were definitely celebrating at Brave New Films. It was a significant victory,
it was significant because the process it worked so well, the process of telling truth
with video, getting it distributed, having the net roots pick it up and then the main
media and then forcing McCain to back off. And then the Parsley video followed some other
victories. So it was accumulation over a period of time but it definitely was one of the sweetest
ones because of the specificity of knowing that the parsley video that we put together
so clearly resulted in McCain saying, no.>>Now last week McCain also rejected the
endorsement if Pastor Rod Parsley. I believe Rod Parsley is his poor name [laughs]. When
it surfaced that reverend Rod also said a couple of things about another religion. Take
a look.>>Islam is an antichrist religion that intends
through violence to conquer the world. America was founded in part with the intention of
seeing this false religion destroyed.>>That is obvious to anyone who has read
my screen play, National Treasure 3, America was founded in part with the intention of
seeing this false religion destroyed [laughs].>>Well I think the parallel between McCain
and Bush is that they’re both, you know, first and foremost very good politicians. They want
to be loved by the audience that they’re in front of. And the problem is that means that,
you know, if you put McCain in front of a bunch of very far-right evangelicals let’s
say. You know, he’s going to embrace someone like, you know, like Reverend– like Pastor
John Hagee, you know, who thinks that the holocaust was the work of god. You know, if
you put him in front of oil executives, he’s going to give you an energy policy that’s
very friendly to oil executives. And you can really and, you know, Bush was exactly the
same way and it’s hard to remember after eight years of the Bush Administration. But his
campaign in 2000 didn’t look a whole lot different from McCain’s campaign in 2008. And I think
that’s a warning to all of us, you know, to look through to spin a little bit and find
out what his policy is actually are.>>[Background Music] It’s been my honor to
welcome by my friend John McCain as the nominee of the Republican Party. John showed incredible
courage, strength of character and perseverance. That’s exactly what we need in a president.
And if he wants my pretty face stand by his side on one of these rallies, I’d be glad
to show up.>>Man who I have grate admiration, respect
and affection.>>So I welcome you here. I wish you all the
best. I’m proud to be your friend. Thank you all very much.>>Humor and satire have a long historical
tradition of being really critical and important tools in affecting governments and getting
a message out to people that sometimes they don’t hear in other ways. We decided to do
this particular video after we were completely outraged at the level and in questions that
were asked over and over and over again. Here we are struggling with these critical issues
and the stupidity and the narrowness of the questions but really in a front to democracy.>>[Background Music] From Washington, This
Week with ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos.>>Senator McCain joins us now. Good morning
Senator.>>Good morning George. How are you?>>Doing just fine Senator. Now, we’ve been
hearing a lot lately about how you called Barack Obama elitist considering you own eight
homes and married a beer company [inaudible] who is worth $100 million. Isn’t it actually
you who is an elitist?>>The money is coming very heavily now. And
look, we’re doing fine George.>>Staying on the topic of Cindy for a moment.
You spouse family values yet you left your first wife to get with a younger hot former
cheerleader. That’s pretty hypocritical don’t you think?>>There’s no doubt about that my friend.>>You’re telling me. Now, a lot of Washington
Insiders have mentioned your famous short temper. If you have such rage problems, should
you really be trusted with your finger on the button, so to speak? OK, why don’t we
switch topics. You recently said you were very proud to accept the endorsement of Pastor
John Hagee, a man who thinks we should attack Iran to bring about Armageddon. Do you really
think this man is someone the President of the United States should associate with?>>I think that he’s important. I think he’s
done most of the things we want us to do, he can play a key in pivotal role. I want
us to urge him to move forward. I think he may do that.>>Now you’ve been calling yourself a straight
talker since the campaign started but you flip-flopped on s many issues over the years,
the Bush tax cuts, Jerry Falwell, gay marriage, the list goes on. How is the real John McCain?>>I think he’s a person who’s changed his
positions on many issues and the voters know that and they’ll decide that.>>Wow, this has really been eye opening Senator.
It’s too bad this is just a fantasy and I don’t really have the balls to ask you these
questions in real life. Thanks for talking to us Senator McCain. It’s been interesting.>>The whole context of this election is that
the media is in love with John McCain. They just love him. And they give him a pass long
after, you know, it’s clear that on many issues, you know, he’s as very conservative Bush Republican
yet they believe in this myth of McCain as this kind of independent Maverick figure.>>Senator McCain will appoint justices to
the Supreme Court that will tip the balance and will overturn reproductive rights and
will be weighed. [ Music ]>>Welcome to President McCain’s women’s clinic.
Is there something I can help you with today ma’am?>>Yes, I had some questions about what my
birth control options are.>>I’d be happy to help you. Here’s a list
of birth control options that the McCain clinic offers.>>This is a blank sheet of paper.>>Well yes it is.>>I asked about birth control options.>>Uh-huh. And at the McCain clinic, we don’t
have any. [ Music ] Welcome to the McCain women’s clinic revoking
your right since 2009. What can I do for you?>>I wanted to get information to talk to
my daughter about how to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.>>Oh sure. I have a pamphlet right here that
McCain clinic recently published. I think you’ll find it very comprehensive.>>I was looking for something with factual
medial information.>>I’m sorry. Did you not read the pamphlet?
It’s pretty clear.>>It just says, “Just don’t have sex.” [ Music ] Hello. McCain’s women’s clinic, where man
decides what’s best for all women, how may I help you? Oh no ma’am. Haven’t you heard?
President McCain made sure Roe V. Wade was overturned after he took office. I’m sorry
you feel that way ma’am. But John McCain knows what’s best for women. Well no. He’s not a
doctor. But he’s the President, so you don’t have a choice. Hello? Hello? It must have
been a bad connection. [ Music ]>>I think it’s very, very important that
young women, all women get out there, talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors, talk
to each other about Senator McCain’s record. Senator McCain has a long record. He has cast
a lot of votes. We need to have a critical eye in looking at his record and we need to
understand that Senator McCain is not a friend to women.>>The neighborhoods are safe. We walk down
the streets with no body armor on.>>McCain’s deligation was guarded by more
than 100 American soldiers with three Black hawk helicopters and two Apache gunships overhead.>>General Petraeus goes out there almost
every day in an unarmed humvee.>>Because I checked with General Patraeus,
his people overnight and he said he never goes out in anything less than an up armored
humvee.>>Well, I’m not saying that they could go
without protection. I’ve been involved in every national security issue for the last
20 years. I am prepared. I am prepared need no on-the-job training. Al-Qaeda is going
back into Iran and receiving training–>>Are you ceratin that the Iranians were
training Al-Qaeda?>>I’m sure. I’m sure. I’m sorry. The Iranians
are training extremists, not Al-Qaeda. I’ve come here and told these people never again,
never again will a disaster either natural or man-made in this handling this fashion.>>McCain said if he were in charge during
Katrina he would have been on the ground helping.>>The morning that Katrina made land mere
hours after it hit, where was Senator McCain? Celebrating his own birthday with President
Bush right next to Airforce1 on the ground in Arizona.>>Senator McCain you have said repeatedly,
“I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues.
I still need to be educated.”>>Actually I don’t know where you got that
quote from.>>I got to calm John McCain and here it is,
“I’m going to be honest. I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and
foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated.”>>I’ve got to convince people because of
my extensive background on the economy and knowledge.>>I don’t have that kind of expertise to
know exactly whether he was cut interest rates sufficiently or not.>>Senator McCain, are Americans better off
than they were eight years ago?>>I think you could argue that Americans
overall are better off.>>Senator, you do not believe we are better
off by any means that we were eight years ago?>>Oh no. No. We let spending get completely
out of control. Of course those tax cuts have to remain permanent. I voted against the tax
cuts.>>You voted to extend it.>>I voted to extend them. I voted against
the tax cut. I’ve always been for tax cuts. We need to keep our work and we don’t keep
our word. I intend to keep my work to the American people. [ Music ]>>When I saw the videos I thought, yes this
is exactly what people need to see because it exposes the hypocrisy frankly that of many
McCain– out of McCain’s positions. And it also exposes what we’re missing from a lot
of the mainstream media.>>We’ve created the real McCain so that all
of you can have a tool. All of you can have a way to be active. All of you could get involved
using the video, working with the great groups that are on this DVD and saying, “I will not
sit by idly. I will do something.”>>This is the big one. This is the big election
that’s going to define the direction of our country for decades to come. I mean, if you
want to stand up against McCain, you know, you need to help get the word out. And that
starts by getting involved in your own community. You know, we’ve set up this network that allows
people pretty easily to kind of have the talking points and the materials and everything you
need to do to actually get out the word in your community. And then, you know, the other
piece is, I mean, ultimately this is an election and it’s going to come down to who gets more
votes and that’s determined by persuasion, you know, it is determined by turnouts, turn
of how many people actually show up at the polls. And we need to do both of those things
and, you know, what we try to do and move on is make it really easy to do both of those
things. So if you only have five minutes a day, you know, great. Come to the website,
sign up and we can help you, you know, really have an impact with those five minutes a day.>>Psssst. Do something!>>I definitely think it’s important for people
to be active in politics. Someone once said, “Politics is too important to leave to the
politicians.” I don’t know who said it. I’ll take credit for it because it sounds really
smart.>>Work on a congressional campaign on our
district, city council raise, legislative raise, all of these are critical again to
solve the challenges that we face.>>The game is sort of rigged against the
average person. You’ve got politicians in power. They raise a lot of money. They hold
their seeds. They have lobbyist and other industry people who have their ear all the
time. The only way to really affect something positive and something for the people is for
the people themselves to actually get involve.>>Read up and really understand whose Barack
Obama, who’s John McCain. So, to the degree that you can understand who these two folks
are, understand their visions of America. Understand their records and then talk about
it.>>It’s all of these elections are going to
be important. It’s going to be very important for all of us to mobilize.>>And we need people doing these campaigns
to get everyone they know, your friends, your family, your colleagues, your old college
buddies, whatever, you know, get people to the polls. What we’re really committed to
is seeing these through after this election is over so that we really can have affordable
health care for every single American so that we really do bring out troops home from Iraq
and so that we really do start getting something done about energy, independence and global
warming.>>I think more than anything, what’s important
is to realize that this is our government. It works when we decided to get involved.
And whatever that looks like for you, I mean, you know, figure that out and then go do it.>>This election is critical.>>I don’t think it’s an overstatement to
say, what’s at stake in this election is the future of our Country. [ Music ]

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