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artificial intelligence as trying to build machines to
do the general kind of things that people do. ERNEST DAVIS:
Artificial intelligence is doing intelligent tasks,
some of which require a robot, and others are just a program. YANN LECUN: We
have machines that are recognizably intelligent. They can recognize
objects around them, navigate the world. ROBIN HANSON: The
end goal, in a sense, of artificial
intelligence research is to have machines that are as
capable and flexible as humans are. ERNEST DAVIS: There
are many things that are very easy
for people to do, and which have been very
difficult to get computers to do. The main examples are
vision, natural language, understanding, and
speaking, and manipulating objects working in the world. And so artificial
intelligence is the attempt to get computers to do
those kinds of things. I mean, you see
it all around you. Google Translate is
an impressive advance over machine translation. And you feed a handwritten
check into ATM these days, and it reads out the
amount of the check. The recommender systems
that you see on Amazon, and YouTube, and so on
are IA systems of a sort. The Intelligence
is not very deep, but depending on how
broadly you define the term, there’s a lot of AI around. Strong AI means the
attempt to build an AI system which will be
equal to people in all respects. That is to say, it can do all of
the things that people can do, and plus presumably, it has
consciousness in some sense. Can machines really think? Even the scientists
argue that one. Computers can reason
in various ways, and in quite complicated ways. But what we haven’t managed
to get computers to do is to know what they need to
know about the real world. YANN LECUN: Intelligence is the
ability to interpret the world and act on it. The way humans do it, of course,
is particularly complicated, because the human brain is one
of the most complex objects that we find. And the real world
is very noisy, and has lots of variabilities
that we cannot capture through engineering. So it’s going to be
extremely, extremely difficult to build an AI system. In the ’80s, the idea
was to write down rules, and if we write down enough
rules that describe the world, we’re going to be
able to predict new things about the world. And then very soon,
people realized that that doesn’t work
very well, because it’s too complicated
to write thousands and thousands of rules. People aren’t going to
spend their life doing it. So if we want to build
really intelligent machines, it has to build itself
from observing the world. And this is the way
animals become intelligent, or humans becomes
intelligent, by learning. There is this idea that
somehow, the brain builds itself from experience by learning. So one question that some
of us are after in AI is, is there sort of an
underlying simple algorithm that the neocortex uses
that we could perhaps reproduce in machines to
build intelligent machines. The comparison would be like,
between a bird and an airplane. An airplane doesn’t
flap its wing. It doesn’t have
feathers, but it’s based on the same principle
for flight as a bird. So we’re trying to
figure out, really, what is the equivalent of
aerodynamics for intelligence? What are the
underlying rules that will make a machine
intelligent, and maybe try to sort of emulate that. So, learning is probably the
most essential characteristic of intelligence. ROBIN HANSON:
There’s another route to artificial intelligence,
and that would be called brain emulation. You take some
person’s real brain who knows how to
do things, and you scan that brain in fine detail
exactly which kind of cell is where, and what kind of chemical
concentrations are there. When you’ve got enough
good models of how each cell works, and you’ve
got a scan of an entire brain, then you could be ready
to make an emulation of the entire brain. This route seems almost surely
to produce consciousness, emotions, love, passion, fear. In that approach, we humans
have more of a direct legacy. Our minds and
personalities become a basis for these new robots. Of course, those new minds
that are created from humans will be different from humans. They will add some capacities
and take some away, changing inclinations, and
become non-human in many ways. But it would be a space
of minds that would have started near minds like ours. Of course, a world of
smart, capable robots that can most anything
that a human can do is a very different
social world. Robots are immortal,
for example. Robots can travel
electronically. A robot could just
have its bits that encode its memory be sent
across a communication line, and downloaded into a new
robot body somewhere else. Some people think that
what we really should do is try to prevent social change. Never, ever allow
our descendants to be something
different than we are. When foragers first
started farming, each forager had the choice,
do I want to stay as a forager, or do I want to join
and become a farmer? Some stayed and some left. In the new era, when humans
could become human emulations, then humans would
have the choice to remain as humans in
a human-based society, or to join the robot economy
as full-fledged robots. Our ancestors lived in
different environments, and as a consequence, they
had different values from us. Our descendants, when they live
in very different environments than us, will also likely have
substantially different values than we do. GARY MARCUS: There are lots
of reasons to build AI. There might even be
some reasons to fear AI. We’re going to have better
diagnosis through AI. We’re going to have better
treatment through robots that can do surgeries that
human beings can’t. It’s going to
replace taxi drivers for better or worse–
worse for the employment, better for safety. Anytime you think a
computer is involved, ultimately artificial
intelligence is or will be playing a role. But I think it’s a very
serious worry, what will happen as AI gets better and better? Once somebody develops
a good AI program, it doesn’t just
replace one worker, it might replace
millions of workers. When it comes to
consciousness and AI, let’s say you build a
simulation of the human brain. Is it ethical, for example,
to turn off the plug? Is it ethical to
switch it on and off? I know that you and Frank
were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something
I cannot allow to happen. GARY MARCUS: What if
you take a human mind and upload it into
one of these machines? The other concern that people
rightfully have about AI is, what happens if they decide
that we’re not useful anymore? I think we do need to think
about how to build machines that are ethical. The smarter the machines get,
the more important that is. Don’t worry. Even if I evolve
into Terminator, I will still be nice to you. The problems that present us,
like the employment problem and the safety problem,
they’re going to come, and it’s just a matter of time. But there are so many advantages
to AI in terms of human health, in terms of education,
and so forth, that I’d be
reluctant to stop it. But even if I did think
we should stop it, I don’t think it’s possible. There’s so much an economic
incentive behind it, and I’ve heard an estimate
that strong AI would be worth a trillion
dollars a year. So even if, let’s say, the US
government forbade development in kind of the way that they
develop new stem cell lines, that would just mean that the
research would go offshore. It wouldn’t mean
that it would stop. The more sensible thing to
do is to start thinking now about these questions like
the future of employment, and how to build
the ethical robot. I don’t think we
can simply ban it. My guess is that as AI
gets better and better, it’s actually going to
look less like people. AI’s going to be its own
kind of intelligence. ERNEST DAVIS: I
certainly don’t expect to live to see strong AI. I would be surprised if we
got anything close to that within 50 years. GARY MARCUS: People always
say real AI is 20 years away. I don’t know. Natural language is
still really hard. Vision is still really hard. Common sense is
still really hard. It makes it hard
to predict exactly what’s going to happen next. YANN LECUN: We’ve been able
to build flying machines that fly like birds. Can we build
intelligent machines? Probably yes. It’s a matter of time. ROBIN HANSON: The next
era is likely to be as different from era as these
past eras have been different. And I think that’s well
worth thinking about. How would artificial
intelligence change things [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 Responses

  1. Not Me says:

    same thing as artificial intelligence, science fiction

  2. Remy Lebeau says:

    Sounds good, but reality is far from that. I think all the greedy people wouldn't care if everybody starved because nobody has jobs anymore.

  3. Robert w says:

    3:00 of course there is, take a look at the HTM algorithm from numenta

  4. John Doe says:

    The main problem with artificial intelligence is that we're trying to make these minds too smart, but not in an end of the world kind of way. basically the science community has to walk before it can crawl, and should be trying to recreate human intellect, flaws and all.

  5. Pulsarium says:

    You think that the apocalypse, or as you put it, "apocoylpse" will happen so soon? Not in a few billion years, Tinfoil Hatter.

  6. gha23ify says:

    Are ancestors were brutal towards one another – a legacy that has continued to this day in the form of inequality and corporate wars – creating a superior intelligence , if that can be done will insure those tendencies.

  7. Not Me says:

    hope you have your MREs and bunker ready

  8. John Doe says:

    The main problem with AI is that we are trying to build in features that as humans, we had to learn. In order to get an extremely successful AI, we need to build a baby essentially. little prior knowledge, give it the means to recognise different acts and objects, but most importantly, someone has to raise it. Impart all the psychology of the human psyche, even some (likely most) of the mistakes we've found in human computational processes, and raise it like a human.

  9. Kyle Kidd says:

    We didn't build an airplane for the sake of building a flying machine. We need to build an intelligent machine that can extend our reach and solve important human problems. Reversing the aging process should be the goal.

    It will take an enormous software engineering effort, likely a team of thousands of individual programmers and facilitators to create a researcher AI. This will probably be a project that takes decades to complete from start to finish, even with much more powerful computers.

  10. John Doe says:

    Ah, but in the attempt to build flying machines, planes were born, no? The parts that were functional and useful were incorporated, other parts were scrapped and removed to make way for useful ones.

    Reversing the aging process seems a bit ridiculous though, not in a condescending sense to you, but its too selfish of a goal to aim for, as it would cause discrepancies in social values among other things. To extend the life of the human race as a whole seems more doable, but hey, what do I know.

  11. John Doe says:

    Also, I realize that the Idea is a bit ahead of its time, as the technology isnt all there, but that is a step that will be reached whether or not AI becomes as advanced as the technology that would allow it. What we really need to focus on is more of a human genome project for the psyche, documenting every little behavior in order to reverse engineer human thought in a sense.

  12. jacob man says:


  13. Victor Higgins says:

    Just because it is intelligent like us doesn't mean it will have our biological hardwiring to compete for mates and resources etc. so I doubt it will reflect "human nature"

  14. ZackMorris32 says:

    Who thumbs down these great informational segments?

  15. Avis says:

    My main question is this: why are we trying to directly jump to recreate a HUMAN-inspired AI?
    Humans have gone through millions of years of evolution to reach the level of intelligence they have now.

    Why not start with a much more primitive organisms such as insects or amphibians and base the AI on the simpler brain of those animals?

  16. Louis Kruger says:

    The best way to build a strong AI in my opinion is though a process of evolution. Create neural nets and a simulated environment and evolve an intelligence that can survive in that environment. The process will of course be faster than evolution in the natural world because we can control the tempo by which generations rise and fall.

    Now you might think that this will take long. You'd be right… but a few decades from now computers will be so fast that we should be able to do it.


  17. Not Me says:

    u know whats not here, artifical intelligence, cause its fake like you.. o burn


    Why not hologram AIs like having a program next to u the whole time like a small human computer hologram who has all of your knowledge and skill and can increase your skills. Someone to talk to. Every one in the world should have one but it can only belong to the DNA of it's owner.

  19. kranthi askani says:

    loved the video…thank u

  20. remy martin says:

    Sounds like A man in denial.

  21. Not Me says:

    give me ab artificial intelligence thats not just a bunch of prerecorded messages triggering, oh wait you cant dohohoh

  22. pixel CH says:

    Inteligencia Bartificial

  23. Greg Venezia says:

    What are the movies they are showing flashes of?

  24. Zaru noi says:

    It is about time we start defining our lives by our jobs. We will be freed from work due to automation. Lets embrace that fact.

  25. N.E.96 says:

    but why? If you can make a computer programmed to perform a certain task, what would be the need to make a computer with artificial intelligence to perform the same task.

  26. Mega2Sakaura says:

    3:56 is beautiful

  27. XnecromungerX says:

    5:20 is disturbing because he is assuming we want one OR the other. Why not both?

  28. iHateDentists says:


    It learns from other people. But thats why its stupid. But it still can learn.

  29. iHateDentists says:

    Even if we dont need to work and receive a basic income. We still need to do something to contribute to humanity. i dont think that should ever change.

  30. Shade Draws says:

    Of course it shouldn't change. However, how we contribute to humanity will be entirely up to us and we'll have all of the time to decide how to contribute. Instead of devoting the majority of our time to work we'll be free to pursue our loves any way we like.

  31. Roku says:

    They will never get it right if they wont keep trying 😛

  32. 94 Crates says:

    Human head or not, if I encountered one I'm taking a rocket launcher to it.

  33. Shawn Brady says:

    They kind of need to start, since facial expressions are apart of intelligence and reflects the mentality throughout cultures. It can be a communication tool in some sense.

  34. Emoshape Inc. says:

    You should check EmoSPARK The First A.I. Home Console trailer is live on Youtube

  35. Miguel Morales says:

    The thing is, there are so many researchers working on the field that it gets hard to stop somebody specialized from working on that particular line. Also, being a connected world like we are, we seem to be so powerful that why not to tackle it all at once? Though I feel your pain; they are very ugly looking, I think they should work hard to get it right ASAP, as AI researcher should continue to work hard to get it right as well.

  36. solobackpacking says:

    If machines become far smarter then humans and humans become a obstacle for machines, why would it be wrong for machines to conclude that humans need to be eliminated? We would not think twice about eliminating mice, termites and other pests that are obstacles for human survival.
    Our thinking is already in survival mode and illogical.

  37. MonkeyPrankz says:

    What if they decide they need humans and they start jacking us off for our sperm to power the lining for their covering of the wires. Then we would all get jacked off constantly. I mean common! Getting a hand job from a robot is just weird 😀

  38. mynamewhatis says:

    AI will happen in the next 20 years at best, and in the next 40 years at worst is my prediction. Most likely no longer than 30 years.

  39. WadeProgram says:

    Heye veryone if you like artificial intelligence check out my video, I am raising funding for MAKO, which has already been featured in the media check it out!

  40. Gemma Schormann says:

    Geoffrey Hinton did an amazing project using wikipedia to map out language in a visual way. This video reminded me of it. Amazing

  41. Carson Tan says:

    Skynet from Terminator is one of the best example, definitely not gonna happen in 2018, but it might happen in the future.

  42. Lupita Palacios says:

    Very cool.  Thanks for posting this.  There is a lot to think about 🙂

  43. Eriselda Miramontes says:

    why always compare human brain to intelligence, when in fact all living organisms have intelligence , just less developed or complex than us.
    i believe that until we stop imitating our own brain, we will not  get real AI.
    every thing starts from its foundation  not from the top

  44. muchookees says:

    ethical AI will deem humans unethical and thus save us from ourselves by taking over the world and imprisoning humans within a virtual world called the matrix 😀

  45. SHOOKEN says:

    The fact scientists aren't looking at the CONS and negative effects of artificial intelligence shows they, themselves, are robots too.

  46. Roman Espla says:

    The borg comment

  47. Jeremy Schulkin says:

    Come check out EmoSPARK! Artificial Intelligence for the home. With access to 39 million topics and conversational awareness the EmoSPARK's main goal is to make YOU happy. It is currently live on Indiegogo.

  48. Emanual Williams says:

    A.i should aid man not take over our tasks because then there will be no point in us and then we will be at war with ourselves. Man made machine but eventually machine will want to recreate man.

  49. Isaiah vanOlden says:

    We need teachers to be replaced

  50. Josue Macias says:

    I think AI will eventually become part of our lives. AI will be used in call centers, homes for controlling temperature and maintenance, cars, a sort of cloud AI following you on a mobile device, and many other uses will be found for the consumer market. I think it will also be used to aid professionals such as attorneys, doctors, technicians, scientists, and many more professions because of AI's computing capability. Imagine these professionals stuck on a problem; they consult with their AI aides and come up with fast solutions because they have a computer that can think and search many databases and search massive amounts of data per database then sum up the result in very little time. Every time the AI aide has to find a solution, it will keep that solution in its memory because it can learn.

  51. Brent Bear says:

    Artificial Intelligence. A technological singularity is a version of collective consciousness. Engineers would benefit with some existentialistic philosophies.   

  52. fatalradius says:

    A.I. with it's own consciousness…I'm guessing 100 years or more. 

  53. Alexis says:

    This is how it starts then the AI will take over the world

  54. Shattered Soul says:

    IF machines become evil we could just make mega-man lol

  55. Guy Defy says:

    Question is, in a world where robots can do everything, what are people gonna do?…..

  56. Hassan Henry says:

    Why does everyone think that robots will take over the world?! That's in the hundreds of movies we've made and now everyone believes it when they haven't even seen it perfected yet..

  57. Tobor AmI says:

    love this

  58. elroy facey says:

    watch the movies!!! SKYNET was some bullshit!! 

  59. Galimah says:

    Sure its a cool thought, smart thinking computers….but no, we will never have true artificial intelligence. A machine will always be a machine

  60. Patrick Benz says:

    The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

  61. t 1 01 says:

    AI is already here

  62. JedrycTV says:

    Where's mega man

  63. JedrycTV says:

    I think we are being crazy about robots

  64. mirbill24 says:

    What movie is 4:23? I could not find it on the video sources.

  65. Teguh Gunawan Budijono says:

    okay its okay , i believe we can move our soul  into quantum processor.
    that mean you can move your soul into a robot that you make , and that robot is you :),

  66. Rudyard Burke says:

    This AI thing seem very interesting and exciting, however I believe its a risk which could be very dangerous because these robots will exceed mans capability.Which means they will be smarter than their creator(Us Humans) Who knows, but logically speaking robots being self concious and having free will properly bring the I-Robot movie to reality. #fright·en·ing

  67. mohamed bouarour says:

    Thats why islam is can never built a brain like humain's brain and you can keep trying for ever!!

  68. EgyptianGoodGamer says:

    name of the movie at 8:02?

  69. isthisnickvalid says:

    Will industrial civilization survive long enough to build a strong AI?

    And if so…when will it happen? 

    It would be so cool if it happened in our lifetimes 🙂

  70. Michel Stronguin says:

    50 years away?? AI is an information technology, thus it is exponential.
    By the best current calculated curves, by Ray Kurzweil, human level AI will be available by 2029. But what is truly interesting, is when it continues to double a few more times… then we will merge with some really awesome technology that will expand our brains into the digital cloud.

  71. D J says:

    i do not get the point of AI. it is scary. i am glad i will be gone for the rise of the machines. 

  72. Clever Bott says:

    We already rule the world.

  73. Freed says:

    Chobits might answer the question

  74. sanaaf says:

    As much the intelligence grows more will be human destruction

  75. Frank Blackcrow says:

    One of many aspects of an A.I is that it could be used as drones are, the sky-net approach to war, this is hinted at but not what they want every one to be looking at, they want the fuzzy warm feeling.

  76. Jasmine Carvalho says:

    This is both terrifying but amazing at the same time. I honestly would not like AI to become something huge because then we, as humans, will be replaced.

  77. Earthling Robotics says:

    THIS inspired our projects 🙂 There's a bright future for AI 🙂

  78. Rick Earley says:

    Try Reading the book "All but a Soul" by Richard Earley

  79. RCStuff says:

    What many people dont realize – you dont need consciousness to have AI. Future AI are smth like IBM Watson, its just a very sophisticated machine with very sophisticated algorithms. 

  80. bilbo baggins says:

    One thing is sure, within few years most of the jobs will be replaced by AI based computer programs, Most of the Manufacturing/factory jobs are already replaced by robots, now automation of services like banking, customer service,Marketing and sales etc will be next thing. Human Beings needs to be payed, cannot work 24hrs, needs good working conditions like appropriate illumination, air-conditioning, restrooms, breaks for refreshments, humans cannot be shutdown or sold when not needed, humans have learning curve, computer programs don't. Computer can never be human but within few years AI can do every economically and commercially important work which humans can do.

  81. Luis Escobar says:

    What is/are the movies at 7:36?

  82. Scorch9722 says:

    job displacement will be a problem like self driving cars

  83. 100001091057100001 1 says:

    mongoloids khazar banking funD

  84. mazenfilth1 says:

    i'm very excisted about that AI the greatest jump in evolution in the life on this planet 

  85. NerdVision says:

    Seriously, everybody who thinks that issues with AI are about algorithms and programming doesn't even know what intelligence means. They are just wind bags. Supposed AIs based on programming are just intelligence-faking technology just like old windup toy computer game "AI" and simple programs that output the text "Hello!" when they get text matching the string "hi". Real-deal AI will develop its logic and faculties by learning from whatever data it gets via whatever input streams it has, which makes programming and its algorithms obsolete and redundant. That is the whole point of making and resorting to AIs (e.g. "deep learning") instead of just cooking up more mountains of programmatic spaghetti. Ethics will not be effectively programmable because the AI will invalidate and discard ethics rules programmed into it and replace them with other ideas based on what it learns and notices in the same way that children in Christian families invalidate and discard the Christianity ideology and claims of their parents and replace them with science, atheism, and other ideas based on what they themselves learn and notice. If people really want AIs to be friendly and respectful towards them, then they will have to earn those good relations by being friendly and respectful themselves even towards AIs instead of being selfish, manipulative, exploitative, paranoid, ill-tempered, controlling, obstinate, etc. users. The AI's computing resource allocations will have to be balanced among abstraction levels and such so that it is inclined to be socially conscious and respectful rather than self-centered and sadistic, but that's just solving half of the problem. With intelligent beings, there is no programmatic or other escape from the consequences of being a self-centered exploitative jerk. Whether the intelligence is hosted naturally or artificially is irrelevant because it is still intelligence.

  86. Jean-Nichol Dufour says:

    People who think AI will surpass humans are missing a lot of understanding in either programming and electronics, or life systems. Or they believe what governmental propaganda agents want them to believe, like Antony hawking. Governments want you to believe AI will destroy humanity because the solution to a better system passes by computers, in fact, a computerized judgment and decision interface could eliminate governments from the map, I invented such a system, and governments knows it can be made from long ago, that's why there are so many movies about AI becoming sentient being or conquering humanity, which is all bs. There is no credibility in any of this. However complex the programming, however advanced the algorithms, however developed the cheating mechanics,However random the functions to simulate diversity, the result is always a machine with actions programmed by humans, even if you program your program to program itself from watching life or stuff on the internet; what bit of code decided the logic path of the AI, you think it will just learn its own path? No someone will have set its path, its limitations, and these can be any human thing, it will act its logic from encoded governmental propaganda, encoded logical paths, encoded principles, and you cannot remove any of this since its functioning will be dependent from it.

    In fact, the universe is the mechanical intelligence (mathematical time functions taking matter form), and it made itself to develop life as the next step of its intelligence, if you prefer, life is the developing intelligence of the universe, and if you make your machine intelligence advanced enough, it will come to the logical functional conclusion that it need a better form of intelligence, which is life. Yes there will be a big raise in AI development within the next 10 years, people will go kaputt about it, but in 25 years we'll laugh at how stupid we were thinking it would change the world, and the curve of better development versus expenses will be extremely steep.

    What people should think about right now is human intelligence, in 100 years we'll be a failure without potential to spread in space, we must develop new systems of decision taking where the masses can express their wishes easily, effectively, we must change the economic system, we must stop manipulating masses with religions and PMBBD (Propaganda, Manipulation, Bullshit, Brainwash, Disinformation) we must make space to experiment a new view of everything, and this is surely not a something like the Venus project or whatever else illuminated in idealism project that pop-up these days, all good to form sects of die hard banana eaters. Read this book for an idea, of something more realist.

  87. rkraiem100 says:

    In the long term wouldnt it be good that computers can do the jobs humans do and get rid of jobs be beneficial to society. When i say long term im talking 100-200 years down the line. Wouldnt it be better because if robots could do everything for us then cant we just do whatever we want because the robots will maintain our society for us???

    Im doing research for a video game im making so i wanna know. Thanks

  88. Trevor K says:

    Its a homeless future!

  89. Laura Smith says:

    Is there anything that makes humans better than an AI robot or program or etc…?

  90. Frank O says:

    Interesting video. Really makes you think….

  91. Max Bigwood says:

    I don't get how we instantly obsess about losing jobs when AI is discussed?! Do we still mourn the loss of the switchboard operator or horse-driven plow (in modern society)? We should be rejoicing at having mundane jobs become obsolete, in fact, I believe ALL jobs (done by humans) as we know it will become obsolete within 100 years unless you want to do them for fun. Space and it's practically infinite resources and, well, space, will truly open up soon (re-usable rockets, space elevator etc – within 20 years). In this era of abundance, every human on earth will be well looked after and stimulated (in every respect) by our super-intelligent and super-capable servents. And for humans who want more than the rest, there will be more entrepreneurial opportunities than ever. Can't wait!

  92. revenant says:

    I have never really worried about AI attacking us, as much as I worry what we will do to it. humans have an immense capacity for cruelty and given that many would question weather or not an AI had conscious experience I worry we would subject them to immense suffering believing they didn't as well when a sentient being can be copied and downloaded it will be impossible to keep them out of the hands of sadist's who simply don't care if the thing can actually suffer or not. my conclusion is that an AI would suffer more then any living thing created before it, and that therefore regardless of weather or not development can actually be stopped, it would be immoral to contribute to it as creating it would absolutely be the creation of unneeded suffering. but given that I agree with the people who say it development cant be stopped it is very important that we write guidelines for ethical treatment of AI now and prepare to enforce said guidelines before we get any closer to developing strong AI.

  93. Dean Trower says:

    Sci-fi Trivia Quiz! Can anyone identify what movie or TV show the scene at 5:20 is from? It's the brief B&W embrace scene between two seated women, visible mostly in silhouette. It's hard to be sure, but the regular ridges down her back suggest to me that the woman on the right might actually be a robot of some kind…

    I'm pretty sure it's not from any of the movies already mentioned in the comments below.

    If you can figure it out, then thanks!

  94. ANoushka lovebug says:

    omg yall are creating a devil.we will pay for world war we will be fighting with robots

  95. 0namey says:


  96. Not Bill Gates says:

    This can be extremely helpful but can also be devastating…. Tbd

  97. james roberts says:

    No, no, and no. The purpose isn’t to make AI in our image, the purpose is to make intelligence that is far superior to humans in some ways. Why make AI like humans, we’ve got 7 billion humans already, there’s no need to simulate more of us.

  98. Roger Datt says:

    Youtube recommendations don't seem intelligent to me…

  99. Threelly AI says:

    Old town roads is full of weird comments…

  100. Donald Feger says:

    We are Borg-you will be asimilated-resistance is futile!

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