The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement

this is supposed to be a man of God but yet he’s told the whole world 26 people died in his church when he’s no he nobody died he’s a liar let’s go Frank let’s go polygraph right now I’ve got a man in San Antonio how many you just made knowing my 14 year old daughter’s lady you’re a liar Frank you’re a filthy liar Frank you’re a demon Frank you should be able to provide the evidence more than anybody on this planet this guy should be able to provide evidence of a death that happened at this church we’ve had to learn to deal with these sick that are saying this stuff that are out there claiming that we’re not real people claiming that were actors we don’t give a what you say we’re not afraid it’s a horrible thing to think that seventeen children got murdered but it’s even more disturbing to think that the government would do something like this and presented as a real event when it’s not a lot of today’s hoaxers are mentally ill and they think that what they see on the web and TV is just a reality show and so if it’s a reality show then everything is staged that everyone is an actor this isn’t a conspiracy this is real life and people are die I got a text from Lauren that said Code Red active shooter I love you mom I was holding my really close friends and badges hand and I remember something she’d just kept on saying over and over I don’t want to be another number I don’t want to be a number we’re gonna be another number she knew that at least three of her friends had died she wouldn’t know for the next 36 hours whether or not another one of her friends died who actually did knowing that as a big brother you can’t do anything about that just made me so mad I figured I would use my Speech and Debate skills and my my journalism skills I guess you could say to go out and speak and my parents didn’t want me to go I told they don’t go back over there he disappeared a few minutes he comes back he’s got the camera gets on his bike and so what he doing he goes I’m going to get my story and he took off David hog David hog david hog david hog david hog is here with me now when I first started doing interviews I wasn’t like nervous or anything because I’ve done many interviews before with our own TV program and I’d been doing that for the past like four years basically and I was just pissed off I wanted to make sure that something like this wouldn’t happen again my name is Tony Mead and I am an independent journalist how I’m related here is that this is in my backyard did people die I don’t know but I don’t think that what happened here is a genuine calamity there’s something perpetrated here that defies logic right that I think was something done deceitfully to bring about political change because this event is so close to home and affected my friends personally and it would be unfair of me to start talking about how look look closer at this look closer at that but I do have certain groups where I’m able to talk about it I have groups on Facebook of like-minded people like myself where we’re able to discuss at this look at the anomalies and share information I go outside thorn this is conspiracy granny and what we do is we go to these false flag hoaxes and we prove them wrong this story they supposedly 26 victims were shot and killed inside the church by a lone gunman it’s a false narrative fake never happened and we’ll show you how that never happened well initially happened was that Devin Kelley the shooter came into the church property fired through the walls then went into the church and shot a whole lot of folks to where 26 passed away and there was 23 survivors my daughter was in there I lost Annabelle and I many of my very good friends was in there as well we lived directly across the street from the church I was changing my oil and I look over and I see a guy with a ar-15 and full class-3 body armor shooting at the front of the church and I have actually was shot at three times they hit right there and that came across and it went through right here and then it went through where I’m remodeling it went through right here you know my son was right here so he was within about a foot and a half two feet of my son’s head all right guys we just want to show everybody that there’s a fixed bullet holes anywhere no way was anything replaced no bullet holes and welcome the issue aside thorn started about December 15th there were several conspiracy theorists that had been coming around not just him and trying to deface the memorial trying to harass people this guy tried to say what we saw wasn’t real but the truth is is that we weren’t paid we’re not crisis actors there’s no evidence there is no evidence showing that they are dead at all that they even existed I’m gonna have all those bodies exhumed that means I’m gonna have them dug up do you understand the fact that he calls the victims and harasses people who lost their daughters their moms their dads their grandmothers I just can’t explain why any human being would be this way people didn’t get to see the dead bodies everything was tightly closed and they cleaned up very very fast because of how horrific it was and I think that’s what leads to people thinking it didn’t happen atención Sutherland Springs we are offering a $100,000 reward for proof of death for any of these supposed victims there have been a few people who have reached out and offered to show death certificates and birth certificates and stuff I don’t think he really wants proof and I don’t think he’s going to give you $100,000 for it either there’s been more of these false flag operations they’re called psychological operations there by the department homeland security and they’re being forefront by the FBI that’s who’s controlling the narrative on these and they’re working with crisis hackers and we heard the shots forgiven that’s what we saw that he was indeed out there shooting the site thorn had been coming by the store that’s what he started accusing that I was in with the FBI and this was all a conspiracy I asked him to please leave and he said no you need to verify the story and I said no sir I’m not verifying anything because it’s not true and he kept on insisting anybody was actually killed and whatever conspiracy seeing or whatever crap it is out there I mean the truth it’s crap it’s not the truth a scripted play that’s exactly what everyone Overmars are scripted it’s not possible for them to prove a single one that we’ve looked into not a watch but we go to every one in Texas just to confirm what we already know to be true and then it’s no doubt about it when we get there so I’m saying it’s a fact we want you all to go look at the bullet holes that aren’t there a portion of hoaxers have no problem with targeting victims and they don’t care if they’re hurting people they feel that they are absolutely in the right and that these are the villains in this big you know multiplayer online game and and they’re part of the good guys so they have no concern my son was murdered at the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting as a result of that event online conspiracy theories started to brew I see it as I stood my ground for the most part and everyone took a few steps back and some when you looking at this online issue I’m visible but I’m incorporated in their narrative so whenever I’m videoed I don’t want to be recognizable or easily found so I try to remain a couple of steps removed there’s almost nothing different in the conspiracy theories relating to the parkland shooting the hopes for playbook is immediately finding any inconsistency in any footage that’s being shown online and then freeze framing it in drawing circles and lines and arrows on it and claiming that this is fake that stage this person is practicing their lines they want to scare us they want to make us feel unsafe the television is the david hog channel now he’s on everywhere and I know scripted PR when I hear it one of them went into a bathroom in the same I believe in the same hallway as the shooter one of them went into the same bathroom I believe as the hallways shooter that’s called a sound bite and I was resetting my sound bites to sound as eloquent as possible I wasn’t reciting my lines hours reciting my heart I mean it is incredible though to watch fake news in action I mean this this is how you murder the truth and I don’t know if David Hogg understands this he probably doesn’t I treated the lovely man that is Alex Jones I wanted to come on and actually debate him but then I realized some of the stuff that he was saying which was the exact same stuff that he said about the Sandy Hook survivors saying that there were actors then we see footage of one of the reported fathers of the victims Robbie Parker doing classic acting training where he’s laughing and joking and they say hey we’re alive he goes Oh [Music] and maybe that’s real I’m sure it is he’s doing that exact same stuff and knowing that he had done that before I wasn’t gonna give him the time of day we didn’t say you were a crisis actor and believe this happened we just pointed out here it admitted actor and journalism student and said that you’re anti-gun and that you’re being fed talking points Alex Jones was probably the first one that created the narrative of Sandy Hook victim dies again in 2015 there was a school tragedy in Peshawar Pakistan where the Taliban had killed 150 people and Noah’s image appeared on the school grounds during vigils and perhaps they were trying to say you know we kind of feel your pain we have the same tragedies that happen that Infowars short news article was then echoed thousands of times online I’m the administrator one of the administrators for the Sandy Hook hoax Facebook page and Lenny Posner one of these supposed parents of a victim at Sandy Hook Noah Posner he certainly been determined to quell any information regarding the Sandy Hook incident and of course it’s disguised by he’s a poor victim who wants to preserve the legacy of his child his child has no light its child has no legacy nobody cares about this kid and this is this kid is a flash in the pan Sandy Hook is a years behind us now don’t really care about it for the people that want the truth I mean who wouldn’t point to shop yeah I mean is the Pakistan bombing fake I mean one of these two is fake there’s a large profit in this so we know that Alex Jones makes upwards of 50 million dollars a year spreading this type of insanity so what used to be very very remote has now picked up traction from our coke my name is Wolfgang Helbig and I’m a national school safety consultant so with Sandy Hook what I call it it’s an illusion it’s all about misdirection it’s all about misinformation they want you to chase all of this stuff look here and there it’s an illusion what’s your bottom line what do you think really happened at Sandy Hook I can tell you children did not die teachers did not die on December 14 2012 could not have happened this event generated attention for him and this is his retirement hobby to harass victims harass the Connecticut government with repeated information requests for things that don’t exist or that they can’t provide and then saying aha I’m over here asking questions on why no trauma helicopters Sandy Hook is only ten minutes from a large hospital in the area trauma helicopter would have taken an hour to get there why no paramedics wolfgang goes around claiming that there were no EMTs and it’s been disproven but he keeps saying that and it gets repeated and his followers never fact-check they’re looking at me as a conspiracy nut the mental health issues I mean if I am wrong I will guarantee you this that I will voluntarily immediately enroll myself in a mental health long-term facility I can’t hurt people that’s not my nature in these mass casualty shootings have a huge impact on our emotions on our hearts and how we think and they’re using you know this gun mechanism as the driving force I mean no matter what state area guns it’s all about guns new legislation C and I think there have been so much misinformation given by the national news now even the press in the United States I mean he publicly comes out and calls them out as fake news a certain portion twenty five percent of the population is easily convinced of things especially if it’s being told to them by someone who they respect and trust and once hoaxers keep narrowing their information feed of news then they’re not getting any other information other than these very very paranoid type ideas this is what I do I spend anywhere from two to six hours a day updating and monitoring stuff on the Sandy Hook hoax Facebook page the Facebook page is an online meeting place for all of these dysregulated people they post images of victims and of children and people related to tragedies and Facebook has not done anything to deal with this hate group I also look at other posts mom of anti-gun poster boy reports threats to FBI Rebecca Baldrick says she contacted the FBI this week because the threats against her family have continued to appear on Facebook what does that mean continue to appear on Facebook what did she screw on through Facebook looking for a threat how does a threat appear on Facebook does that make sense to you or mrs. Baldrick mother of David hog who’s not even a victim he’s a spokesperson so poor David hog mother is being threatened on Facebook I looked at my account and it said I had like a hundred and seventy two comments and I normally have four most of them have been very general and just kind of hurtful but there was one that he talked about david’s birthday and that he’s going to be killed on his birthday and that really really bothered me and I notified the FBI this man my friends have just gone after which seems to be the most effective strategy so his friends and neighbors know that he is harassing victims of the Douglas shooting and that’s just it’s just ridiculous that he thinks that he can put all this out there on Facebook and we’re just gonna lay down and take it well let me tell you you with the wrong mama bear I don’t question myself I don’t and I’m also a good person I don’t question my morality I’ve always been good to people I don’t do what I do it and to hurt anyone you know and they want to know what if you’re wrong oh I’m gonna be so sorry and apologetic to everyone and manat wet okay what if the sky is not blue well I think it’ll get a lot worse they are turning these conspiracy ideas against people against victims and that’s a very dark evolution right now the Internet is a largely unregulated space we’ve seen the empowerment of the mentally ill and the mentally ill ideas have been spreading let’s go show him the sign that they scratched on our name cuz I got a bigger market this time I tone it down yeah glad and we’re gonna show you where we’re weird there’s mr. palm where are you working on electric I am Frank farmer Roy I am yeah I’ve been waiting on this day so yeah yeah well guys come on guys come on my property there we go we know that come one day did you hear that guys did you not welcome on his property why is that Frank because we’ve already well I need to get Frank a new flyer anyway man yeah you do that this is the pastor of the church guys it’s a month at the main player the main player in this charade yes I’ve already had to deal with one person they didn’t have a full grasp on reality and we’re scared to deal with another person that doesn’t have a graph all right Frank Frank would you like to put that in writing sir and take a polygraph right now for $100,000 one I don’t think you have $5.00 Oh Frank now you’ve got the evidence you got the evidence no one came to this place you lying sack of government sell out bitch no you’re a demon Frank and Europe you’re a demon I represent the righteousness of God you’re a saving the big merit demon the only way that I could get a trespassing warning placed against him was I had to formally warn him by voice I had to engage with him and so for the last month we have been trying to to catch him and him not see us coming because he would run if he knew we were coming I’m supposing he did not realize it was me inside the vehicle that he walked up by and I was able to get out engage him and told him that he was no longer welcome on the property primary this got loud and and this degrading reality is you don’t have a photograph of a victim you don’t have any death certificates you don’t have any birth certificate you don’t have Frank that’s the reality of this so you’re saying my daughter wasn’t born daughter where is she man it wasn’t your daughter you actor how long you been involved here see this right here shows you are not even remotely close to reality prove it don’t fall that is the troll tactic to attack facts you ain’t got this man has made real threats he’s reaching out to people who are already going through a PTSD and are grieving and emotionally just hurting it’s not your First Amendment to threaten people you’re a sellout bitch they’re getting paid man and you know what you just can’t handle that I’m gonna expose you for what you are until the people hang you by the neck man you’re gonna hang traitor that I assure you do not touch me do you understand that I have a right to make a citizen’s arrest on any law enforcement officer that puts their hands on me do you understand that’s a song no you tell me you understand I have the right as a citizen to make a citizen’s arrest yes or no yes or no now what about be arrested for Roberto women here in the back hit me in the back he didn’t do anything man even though everyone knew all the law enforcement knew that this had the possibility of getting violent until there was some type of in fraction there was no way to stop it now luckily yesterday what happened happened without no one getting hurt and this is the catalyst to get things rolling to hurmat maybe now it will leave the victims alone at least back down on that front you’re not ever getting rid of the truth Frank in the past I’ve called a hoax theory a thought virus there are people that benefit from these hoax theories so they don’t mind them because the hoax theories are pushing back against gun control so it’s there and people have been infected with it the only time over the past five years that I felt like I might wanted to step away from this investigation as when I realized how much of my life is consumed and for the past five years as part of my life has been stolen were the hours and hours that I’ve investigated invested into this research and it’s taken away from my life and my ability to be a good parent to my child it’s obsessive you know but I believe what I have experienced and what I know to be true and the evidence that I’ve seen repeatedly points to the fact that this is contrived events that are not genuine [Music] [Music] I wish he was right so that these people were still here that’s what hurts so bad is like you keep telling us that these people didn’t die that they just moved or something and it’s not true and as much as we would all wish that one we were getting paid by the government but two we were getting our family members back like they never left us it’s just not how it goes part of the reason why I spoke up so soon after it wasn’t because I was mentally stable wasn’t because I felt like I had grieved enough I hadn’t I still haven’t people grieve in different ways and I think David was more active through his grief I’m not sure he’s processed it yet but I think that’s how he’s dealing with it this right here is where we had her last birthday party was sitting right here and her friends came and I cook hotdogs right there on that really you’re standing beside right therefore for her last Bart birthday party here absolutely [Music] you

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100 Responses

  1. VICE says:

    We spoke to some of the proponents of false flag theories as well as some of the people targeted by hoax theories, including Lenny Pozner, whose son was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, and David Hogg, who was accused of being a "crisis actor" following his calls for gun control after the mass shooting at his high school.

    WATCH NEXT: How YouTube's Algorithm Could Prioritize Conspiracy Theories —

  2. Jonathan Grandt says:

    Does anyone actually believe David Hogg isn’t an actor?

  3. Crypto Gains says:

    Another CNN Jewish mouth piece…

  4. Lonely Souljah says:

    Sandy hook parents of those children had died they sold their kids to #pizzagate Obama and joe Biden at the time. Jeffery Epstein. That’s why u can’t find anything on them. Government wants u to believe it’s real when it is not . #pizzagate

  5. Ethan Allen says:

    These folks know the events occurred. They just get off on trolling and causing pain to those who lost loved ones in these tragedies.

  6. Tyler Durden says:

    Sadly, YT has deleted all the videos showing sandy hook dad of the year laughing before he turned on the water works.
    My deaf friend is really good at reading lips and he asked "Read the script, na, I'll just go for it"

    But seriously….. why was the death certificate released for the sandy hook shooter showing that he killed himself a day before the shooting/////then that was deleted and now it's a crime to use your freedom of information act request papers for just the sandy hook victims.

    But the people who cry about truthers still think tower 7 fell down out of fear.
    Clearly a controlled demo.

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    Antifa shows up and make terrorist threats against the public. People blame trump and let the bad guys go.
    Blacks spell America "AmeriKKKA" and vote democrat…..but the KKK was founded by Democrats.
    The whole point here is the dumbing down of society.

    Black on black murders are up 300% in areas with the strictest gun control laws.
    Due primarily to drugs…..which are also illegal.
    Hillary planned to release 50% of people in prison with drug convictions…… at the least, 80% of possible people released would get a gun and go back to their drug work…..then there would have been a 1000% jump in gun crime and the Dem's would finally get their gun ban passed.

    doesn't matter which side you think is right….. the goal from the puppet masters is to scare us all into submission.

    The 2nd amendment isn't there so we can hunt and shoot paper….. it's there so we can stop a corrupt government from taking power.

  8. Cameron Valles says:

    This here is David Hogg on the news for something very small strangely. This isnt the smoking gun but I will say this, I have a few pictures of him at his graduation in Redondo Beach, and strangely he was still in high school when the shooting happened? Also his dad worked for the FBI, Government & Media go hand in hand. (Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger etc) I also know that Craigslist was offering compensation for being a crisis actor, not necessarily for this but it does happen.

  9. Travis Reed says:

    Me and my wife have a agreement if one of us gets killed to a tragedy like these and we can put to rest the harrassment and get 100k paid out ……I told her dig my ass up and put it to rest

  10. Travis Reed says:

    I'm not a conspiracy person per say…just knowing the culture and the life we live comparison to Pakistan the idea of a someone hold pictures of one of our people in a effort to say we know how you feel …seems a far bit off and hard to believe..

  11. Blake Green says:

    some of thesee mass shootings were real, but if you think Sandy Hook was real, then you need to go do some research about it.

  12. Logan Pecora says:

    One we wish we we're getting paid by the govt. Second we wish our family and friends weren't dead. Awesome

  13. xxCOKERxxPWNxx says:

    Smith Bundt Modernization Act of 2012 –
    Read it , along with the Nation Defense Authorization Act of 2017.
    Youd might be surprised.

  14. Helen Hines says:

    I think some shootings are arranged by the CIA for political motives or espionage. But I think real ppl die. They have to in order to make an impact. Like the whole harassment of the families of Sandy Hook victims bc they're "hoaxing" the death of a beloved child is disgusting. As a parent, it's unimaginable losing a child especially through indiscriminate murder. I like Alex Jones but I really think he got Sandy Hook wrong. I think it's fine to believe in conspiracies, but you can't cross a line by harassing victims bc you think they're actors. Let's focus on the corrupt elite, not common folk who are victims of a tragedy.

  15. Glizzy Togoated says:

    10:19 how do recite your heart

  16. Junior King says:

    those holes in the walls and in the window were made by him i dont fucken trust anyone and anyone that saying all the shootings are real are fucken idiots open ur eyes goverment has control what they want to put in the news how you know there trustworthy

  17. Banksquiat 313 says:

    "How does a threat appear on Facebook" well I'm sure her real name is her Facebook name so its not hard to find her and if ppl like him call them to argue about dead relatives it's not surprising to see people are on Facebook talking crazy directly to her

  18. Banksquiat 313 says:

    I'm not the one to say what's real and not but I do know you never just take something the way it is and say that's it. So if your facts this is fake is some YouTube videos and you saying well if that was me bullshit you dont really have stronger arguments than the ppl that do believe because both sources are damn near the same.

  19. Big D says:

    911 was a false flag. Shootings are false flags. These actors are false flags. People believing in these dumb asses priceless 😂😂

  20. Big D says:

    Let's dig them all up! Sandy hook took forever to clean up 😂 I'll get the backhoes

  21. Big D says:

    I'm sorry but if my kids died in these shootings I would make the world know how bad I miss my kids. And how much I love them. I wouldn't be hiding.

  22. Rearwardflipper says:

    Bro wtf is wrong with Americans

  23. Jem Bo says:

    That creep hits the nail on the head and put a nail straight into his own logic coffin "25 percent of the population is easily convinced of things especially by someone who they respect and trust and Once folk narrow their information feed of news , they are not getting any other information other than these (very paranoid type) ideas." So my question is " if the other 75% respect and trust the mainstream media would not they too narrow their information feed of news and not get any other information other than these ( scripted , with a specific agenda ) ideas? " The answer if you are able to follow logic and you have a functioning brain is "Yes" .

  24. Jem Bo says:

    These crisis actors are really not very good at actually acting and if you are taken in by them you are easily manipulated , and I can bet you watch t.v. everyday

  25. Andrew Goldin says:

    Most of the people who believe in conspiracy theories are conservatives, and much of the reasons why they believe in it circle around gun rights. A lot of them want to believe these events are made up, and the reason why is because the democrats are trying to take the guns away. The conspiracies they believe in are upheld by absolutely no truth, no substance, and if you think about it, the motive doesn't make any sense. It is totally irrational. We have a bunch of stupid people who cannot face the truth, and will choose to believe what they want so that gun laws never change. If we don't make some changes then we are going to have these shootings happening every single day. Mental health issues are on the rise. And some of the most fucked up, mentally unstable people in our country have access to high powered assault rifles.

  26. Andrew Goldin says:

    This video is an excellent portrayal of how sick a huge percentage of the republican party is. This isn't a small percentage who believe in this. Just look at the dislike meter. This is a legit 25-30% of our country who choose to believe the shootings are faked because it threatens their gun laws. They cannot accept the truth. Pathetic idiots.

  27. Yolo Yolo says:

    You have to be gullible to trust the gov!!!!!

  28. Ash Thompson says:

    I'm 17 years old. I couldn't watch more than a minute and a half. This is not a game. This is not s youtube video. This is my and every other American teenagers fucking reality.

  29. •ItsMeAlessia• Hey says:

    Why would there be a memorial of a American being killed in a school shooting related to a Taliban bombing in Pakistan or Afghanistan more than twice these people are complete Liars once again you have Vice playing leftist propaganda

  30. •ItsMeAlessia• Hey says:

    Oh mama bear is real tough now

  31. •ItsMeAlessia• Hey says:

    It's called Free Speech why do you need to regulate anything First Amendment boys

  32. •ItsMeAlessia• Hey says:

    The leftist media lie every hour on their news should they be censored

  33. Neighbor’s Cats says:

    I mean crisis actors is real thing in Middle East….

  34. Archie Fuck you Sexton says:

    I think that the school shootings are fake but trying to get rid of immigrants so immigrants were going to America

  35. shawn burnham says:


  36. judd stoned says:

    USA is done. They are going to collapse and take the whole world down with them

  37. judd stoned says:

    Whats a bet all the nutjobs are Trump supporters. Whats a bet they are all evangelicals who think they are going to be raptured. Sick POS.

  38. Frank and Radhika Review says:

    VICE is doing good job of trying to cover up the truth. This man is being painted as a lunatic for being awake and seeing through the Elitist agenda of repealing the 2nd amendment. The truth of the matter is these crisis actors are the worst actors of the bunch.

  39. Carl Butler says:

    The hogg family is weird

  40. SuperCJV says:

    What I don’t like about social media is that back then you needed to be smart to have a voice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that anybody can have a voice, but that’s just to an extent. People now have the ability to say a lot of shit and uneducated people unfortunately fall into that trap and become brainwashed. It’s not the US that it’s fucked, it’s society.

  41. levi lang says:

    Too bad him and his sister didnt get shot too

  42. Plague Hammer says:

    The hoax idiots are gone anyway. No ones cares about these dumbasses anymore

  43. Taylor-Kate Morrison says:

    This is hilarious! That pastor didn’t seem very emotional over losing his daughter. Yeah, they have a right to be outspoken assholes, but they did not touch or threaten any of you.
    And ya wanna arrest the woman, too?
    This fake country is so damn embarrassing.
    Sandy Hook still cracks me the hell up, as well. Oops 🙊 Daddy smiling & you’re using the same crisis actors more than once. That’s a No No!

    Oh, and you don’t need air patrol or help from the sky?
    Hmm 🤔 I’ve been a witness and victim in a few local tragedies (1995 OKC bombing, May 3, 1999&May 30, 2013 tornadoes in Moore, OK) and tho we had hospitals within 10 miles, as well, or down the damn street, we had help from any and every which direction (even the sky) that we could.

    Why don’t you fucking political ‘directors’ come and witness a real tragedy if ya wanna stage one ☝️ lol 😂

  44. Kris Bromilow says:

    Bat shit crazy

  45. claude thibault says:

    Wolfgang Halbig just asked simple questions and received Treats instead of answers.
    David (Full of Crap) HOGG has 2 stories one he was at the school when it happened and the other he was at home and heard the shots then decided to go to the school where there’s an active shooter Which one do you like best ?

  46. Belly Campana says:

    Odd how there's no wounded in these shootings

  47. Edward Matthews says:

    The trump cult is so brainwashed, Kelly Anne Conartist could shit on a piece of toast and they would eat it to prove their loyalty to the Chosen 1.

  48. La'Taurus Harrison says:

    I would've got shot up had I started saying that shit at 21:04 😂 good grief Babylon

  49. Shawn Clifton says:

    It's impossible to keep a lie like that if anything there set up but not fakef

  50. coolbeans 2016 says:

    BS… it's NOT conspiracy to say their are things that do not add up in all of these mass shootings! I personally have found NO talk of people saying "there were no dead"… it's always multiple shooters reported like by witnesses at the El Paso Walmart that were interviewed within 10 minutes outside… saying 4 men dressed all in black walked in shooting rifles yet 1 person is arrested, NOT wearing black & he as well goes through a clothing change between CCTV of him shooting & him being placed in the back of a police car….

  51. Kar1Ma7x 1 says:

    Anyone who is a "TRUTHER"…might as well think that guns and bullets (WHICH HAVE EXISTED FOR OVER 400 FUCKING YEARS!!!) aren't real!

  52. Kar1Ma7x 1 says:

    I will find everyone of these "truthers"…and i will kill all of these "truthers"….and I will personally piss on their corpses!

  53. Brian says:

    hears the thing America is stupid we refuse to see the truth and than lash out at anyone who gets close to it..snowden told us and warned us but yall were to ignorant to hear,theres nothing that happens that the comp doesnt know is going to happen,its allowed to happen or not allowed to happen.the object is to keep you alll fighting so they can rob you of everything in the mist of there distraction.

  54. coolbeans 2016 says:

    See, they take this one man, who is obviously out of touch with reality & try to label anyone who doesn't consume the "spoon-fed" narative from MSM…
    Come up with ONE conspiracy theory from the last 20 years, or longer than that has not been proven true or as close as could be to being provem… That is where you start losing ground with this "conspiracy this", "conspiracy that"…..
    You got this, he's crazy, but you want to paint a broad stroke with one person? Same already has been done with actions like this, why NO-ONE with a normal brain believes MSM media……..

  55. Dave Boily says:

    DavidHogg is a fraud

  56. Clayton Shearer says:

    It's ironic that Vice and other leftwing conspiracy shows have caused these people to act like this.. can you blame them? Everyone is going nuts with all of this white Nationalist nonsense.. Vice and other channels like this are detrimental to race relations and want to cause division.. they're causing hysteria

  57. UNENSLAVER 1 says:

    Listen to LP spew his BULLSHIT.

  58. mixmmick says:

    "They callin me conspiracy nut with mental illness" Yes and yes, true on both.

  59. Ray Shistz says:

    David Hogg should be working glory holes at interstate rest stops giving mouth treats. How does this piss poor crisis actor have any credibility?

  60. Mik3 says:

    Batshit crazy

  61. Wayne Smiles says:

    you propagandist make me sick, your straw manning all of the arguments within the first minute.

  62. Suzi Monkey says:

    The Sandy Hook School Shooting conspiracies are so easy to debunk! It’s disgusting that idiots STILL believe it was fake & abuse the families who have experienced unimaginable pain 😡😖😡

  63. Suzi Monkey says:

    What does it matter? Why are some individuals so obsessed with finding “false flags”, “conspiracy theories”? What’s the point?

    What does this add to your life? How does this obsession negatively effect your lives? How does this negatively effect the lives of mourning parents & loved ones at the most vulnerable time in their lives? WHY???

  64. Ahmed Shaharyar Ejaz says:

    These guys are just Trolls.

  65. Minuslife 606 says:

    Don't ever give up your guns . 2nd Amendment . YOU probably should get used too it..

  66. Cliche Guevara says:

    Regardless of any stupid crisis actor theories, David Hogg is clearly an agent of the state. That kid is as groomed for public relations as a Disney Channel star.

  67. AngryVeteranNC says:

    I think the 2 conspiracy theorist at Sutherland Springs are the conspiracy ….. And they are mudding up the truth about the other shootings that are political hoaxes

  68. Nils Holmquist says:

    "Take a closer look at 3:14

  69. Stevil Gnarcia says:

    Okay, so clearly these shootings are fucking real, doesn’t take a 24 min Vice documentary to prove that

  70. Stevil Gnarcia says:

    I wonder why so many Americans are mentally ill, because they think pills will make their depression go away while they are spoon fed depressing garbage watching these news stories and their “reality” tv shows along with the dramas that just seeing a couple minutes of made me feel like shit. The things you watch have more of an effect on your consciousness than most realize.

  71. Jack Anderson says:

    Side thorn is a mentally disturbed person

  72. Hobo nate says:

    These conspiracy folks need serious mental health intervention.

  73. DonniDeVille says:

    These liars working for the evil ones are disgusting.. Sandy Hook school had been closed for ages!! IT WAS CLOSED, DAMN IT! Check it out! It was not even open! And the video showed the same people running in and out of the building! They did this enactment so badly!

    It was SHOWN the actors rehearsing their lines and then getting their faces ready for grief to face the camera!! But they were not even good actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. DonniDeVille says:

    This is another attempt to get gun control but if these attacks were actually true, it would prove that we all need to carry guns and there needs be an armed security guard in every school. It will soon stop all this nonsense. LIES and DECEIT! NO proof has ever been given of any death, but there have been some pictures of these children supposedly dead, as older children.

  75. John Jay says:

    I only got through seventeen SECONDS before I couldn't take it anymore. The conspiracy lunatic's voice alone caused my skin to crawl.

  76. Wakeup Usa says:

    Anything that questions the official narrative is a conspiracy? Most if not all mass shooting is staged by the US Government.  Anyone that thinks otherwise hasn't done any real research into these mass shootings

  77. jimmy Laurent says:

    The f.b.i. don't make these up they acutely make and allow these mass shooting to happen and use this "crisis actors" to hide it up in case the truth comes out to miss direct our attentions

  78. Oobydooby Tooby says:

    They should just show the proof if they have it to shut them up

  79. BTW says:

    Bruh every single time a conspiracy comes out that says it's to take your guns take a few seconds to think about it logically. Have they taken your guns? No, They haven't. They won't, as the manufacturers make to much money to allow that to happen and donate to politicians to make it not happen. After Sandy Hook the things Congress argued about was a ban on high capacity magazines and a universal background check that was easily not passed. WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY STAGE A FALSE FLAG JUST TO PROPOSE MENIAL WEAK REFORM AND HAVE IT EASILY KNOCKED DOWN??? A majority of Republicans, Democrats, Independants, and even fucking NRA members think there should be a universal background check and it DOESN'T FUCKING HAPPEN.

  80. shawn burnham says:


  81. Tish ! says:

    Go check out Frank Pomeroy and his wife FB pages. A few weeks later they are living living it up in SA. Lol. People are asleep. They have also traveled all over the world getting paid for the appearances.for For "her" birthday party. What Frank you can't say her name. The girl you adopted had a name.

  82. Johnny P says:

    3:08 How does find always manage to find the worst human beings on the planet with the worst ideas in the world. It's so sad that people are willing to call BS on an event that "affected people I know" as this douche bag says.

  83. suri soledad says:

    and the main actor in this chapter is a talking shadow,that's the one we should follow and listen! with a monolithic voice so it gets inside your brain.,

  84. Villy says:

    Did this kid just learn the word fuck or something?

  85. Adin Mason says:

    Bottom line is the higher ups are trying to take away guns and most or all these shootings are set up pll stock food ammo and guns war is coming bless you all

  86. Everything Goes To Hell says:

    Some people don't know how to handle the sickness that's in the world and in other people so this is how they cope, by invalidating the real pain that these families and communities are experiencing because it alters the reality that we live in to be less painful. Psychosis is powerful and can easily become a black hole. These people struggle to have empathy and y'know, that's out of their control but they're so encapsulated in this belief that the reality that those around them live in is propaganda, and is some of it? Absolutely, but this? This is too far and incredibly damaging. As a society, we took a wrong direction and cultivated and continue to cultivate a place where status is more important than preventing our own extinction, and that's overwhelming and wrong and unfair to the entire population, however, it doesn't make this behavior, okay, to actively attack a child and their family, to try and invalidate the pain these families go through feels equally as painful as it does when a community experiences a mass shooting. The fact that this man calls and harasses these people is just as traumatic as losing your friend, daughter, son, child, partner, your LOVED ones. These people say that no one can provide evidence but this man and anyone who believes this doesn't want it nor DESERVE this evidence. Imagine your child is shot and dead and this random man comes to you saying that you're lying and they need proof of your own child's death and that your dead child's body would be uprooted from their burial site. That's disgusting, and personally, I would never give people like this the proof because of how awful this is and I completely understand why some families haven't shared their proof. Similarly, I understand why some have, but he shot that down. This isn't something that needs proof because even if it came to unearthing these children they would find a way to say that the bodies aren't real, this is a sickness, it's not an argument that carries any form of validity. This. Is. A. Sickness. And it is caused by a broken system that is full of selfishness, a system so broken that it's become too painful for people to experience. The human race could've cultivated something incredible and still can but our time is short and people who actively push these ideas as well as people who actively choose ignorance because they're too scared to sit with the discomfort have blood on their hands and are shortening the time we have to re-cultivate our society. It's like throwing gallons of waste into the ocean type of ideology where the ocean is the human race's ability to be re-cultivated and the waste is harmful and invalidating ideas like this. Nobody cares about Sandy Hook unless they're searching for the truth? The truth they're searching for is what in our society leads people to think they have the right to take another's life. We have the right to free speech, to petition the government, correct, that doesn't change that this belief is bonkers and harmful to the issues we should be facing, the first amendment doesn't protect threats. This ideology is a threat. We should be taking issues such as this and utilizing them as proof of a system this broken. We need more strict gun laws and a more strict policy on who can have a gun, we need to look at how we treat mental health, not just in programs and pharmaceuticals but as well as the stigma around it. We need to confront the lack of fact-checking in ALL types of news outlets and stop posing opinions as facts.

  87. Geezy Truth News Network says:

    What is the confusion here? False flags are the oldest trick in the book. Who is confused here?

  88. Geezy Truth News Network says:

    "mom of anti gun poster boy reports threat to fbi , warns her husband always carries a gun " ………….wait did I read that right? Is anybody else catching that? ………….uhhhhhhh…………………

  89. Noelle West says:

    "It's not your first amendment to threaten people." But it is. In the USA, this foolishness is protected under that amendment. In real first world countries, this is neither tolerated nor protected.

  90. David Maez says:

    Crazy ass people, wtf


  91. Dave Park says:

    disregulated people? what does even mean?

  92. Dave Park says:

    this is not journalism, all this did was tell a narrative instead of getting to the truth behind the questions. vice you are nothing more than propaganda.

  93. Christopher Reeves says:

    The saddest part about this is that we can all agree that our government cannot be trusted.

  94. Scott Young says:

    Government: we don’t have anyone to shill for us ::cryface::

    ViceNews: hold my beer

  95. Kreativekreationzpublishinginc Lawson says:

    Mass shootings fake

  96. mark anderson says:

    this all goes back to ammendment 2, wake up sheeple! Do not give up your guns, because that is when we lose everything

  97. Trey Lyon says:

    As soon as little Hogg started spouting I moved on. Not interested in another garbage propaganda piece.

  98. Phil Peterson says:

    Fake shootings in Los Angeles CA and Birmingham AL now revealed.

  99. country collapse says:

    What I do know for fact is they do push this gun thing nonstop for example Yahoo did story on a lady that was shot an killed but in bold letters wrote TEACHER shot an killed even though she was shot at home making the story read like TEACHER SHOT DEAD so believe them when they say never let good crisis go without using it

  100. Peter Papoulias says:

    Side Thorn guy said it all. We go to the events "knowing they are not true" and then fixes the facts to fit his narrative. Not much of a journalist if he had his own ideas

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