The Try Guys Test Texting While Driving

– Why, hello there! You may have heard about
texting and driving. – Lololol. Wow this is fun. – Eugene said he saw
three coyotes last night. – But I’m here to show
you what it’s really like. – Texting while driving, yeah I do this. I do this every fuckin’ day. – It’s such a part of our daily lives now to just be on our mobile phones. – [Keith] Zach have you changed out the soap yet?
– Hey, stop dude! Get out of here, get out! – I bet a lot of you are watching this right now on your phone in your car. – What if I hit a camera man? What if I murder someone today? Keith Habers murder. This was worse than being
drunk, it was worse than being high, worse than
being sleep deprived. Turns out it was a goddamn nightmare. – Someone’s gonna die. That’s how they promoted all the Fox shows in the early 2000’s. Someone’s gonna die! [Upbeat Music] – It’s our final video in this
series and our final chance to wreck Keith’s car. – [Keith] That’s not the objective. – My phone, I use it as if
it’s a feature of my car. I’m a very responsible text and driver. I only use the voice to text. We’re on our way back. Easy. – Texting while driving, in
my opinion, is as dangerous as drinking while driving or being
impaired by any substance. – I get so bored while driving. I am on my phone non stop. – Quick glance down, quick glance up. It’s not a big deal. Using my phone while driving,
is like, it’s an addiction and I do not see a world
in which I can quit it. – Distracted driving
for us, it’s everything. It just takes a split second
to be distracted where a traffic collision can occur. – See, my car beeps
when I’m about to crash. I don’t just casually use
my phone while I drive. I’m like reading in depth articles. – Even if you overt your
attention from the wheel for four to five seconds, this
is extremely dangerous. – Look at that. – [Keith] It’s like it’s a tongue. – [Zach] It’s like it’s built for it. – [Keith] Two eyes and a nose. Facebooking and driving,
Twittering and driving. Googling and driving. – Let’s refresh Instagram,
see if anything’s new. – Eventually I like to
catch up on the news during my morning commute. – I pop up the Instagram. Oh look, Me and Shawn
Mendes, havin’ a great time. – Oh look at this, I
was invited to a party. See, I would never know that
if I didn’t check my email. – Well, well, well, it’s the
last video and finally Eugene isn’t a big ol’ fuck up. Everyone’s like, oh Eugene, he’s so crazy. Eugene he has fun. He’s had fingers everywhere. Yeah, I’ve lived life, okay? But weirdly one thing I don’t
do is text while I drive. I just don’t really do it. I’ve always just decided
out of sight out of mind. So I put my phone in my bag while I drive. – [Ned] What happens if
someone tries to call you? – I don’t answer. – [Ned] What are you talking about? – My car’s really outdated so I can’t even connect to Bluetooth. Look how old that is,
you remember CDs right? (“Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus) I burned that CD in like 2010. – [Ned] How do you know where to go? – How do I know where to go? You know, that is the one thing–
– This is the wrong street. – Oh, shit. [Ned] Didn’t you say you got into a car accident today? – No, a car accident go into me. ’cause it was a classic I
stopped properly and she ran right into me. She was probably on her phone. – Car crashes are the number
one cause of accidental deaths for our young people in this country. We need to do everything
we can to prevent them. (dramatic music) – We are here at the
beautiful Irwindale Speedway. We’ve got a closed course set up and we are gonna get
irresponsible, eh educational. – I know there are going to
be obstacles thrown at me and I really don’t want to fuck up my car. – I feel like I’m gonna nail this one. I can do this with one hand. I was gonna do this with the other hand but that’s not the right motion. – It’s my car! It’s the only one I got! – I know we’re talking about
how bad all these things are but like, I haven’t crashed yet. So far, so good. – This challenge is gonna
be one of the easiest ones. Why, because, I have a lot of experience. – Why are the windows down
when we’re next to a Quarry! I just got that thing fucking detailed. There’s gonna be dust all over my car! $200 so I can detail my goddamn car! They put it next to a dust factory. Jesus! Texting and driving is bad. – We have set up 538 cones in a complicated traffic course. Since this is science, three
days ago we did a control where we each drove the course sober. Today we have some rules. One, you must respond to
every single text message. Two–
– Don’t stop moving. Don’t stop texting. Like a fuckin’ influencer shark. – While each Try Guy is
driving the other three guys will be in the grandstands watching and giving instructions on what to do. – I’m sober, I’m well rested. – I got this. – Let’s do it! – Do you have a charger in
there cause I’m like riding low battery mode all day everyday. [Upbeat music] – Hey guys about to start. Exclamation point. – Oh boy. – I like to, I’m looking
at the phone and there’s not even a text coming through. I’m looking like, we got any coming in? – Here we go, here we go! – Hey, hey, hey. (bell dings) (laughs loudly) – I said, ha ha nice try bitch. – He asked me if I’m up. Yeah duh. – Wanna fuck? – What is your favorite food? Fried chicken baby. That talk-to-text always
makes it super great. It really enables your, oh,
did I already hit a cone? Nah, I think I was good. – What are you wear, nah I just did a typo. I feel like my eyes are
not on the road at all. – Driving is very complex,
so although we get used to it it becomes a habit after time, there’s a lot going on in our brain when we’re trying to drive safely. – Who lives on Drury lane? Who lives on dryer lane? What bread do you actually like the most? Pumpernickel! – Oh God, okay that was a curb. – We got hey Keith Keith Keith coming in. – There are already a
number of distractions that are gonna take our mind away
from focusing at the wheel. – Um, uh, elephant butt. – We’re thinking about
these things constantly. These things are already
enough distractions. – Oh God I’m getting a text
from my Asian friends chains. – Our mind is now very
focused on something that’s not in front of us. – I actually have friends who
are all Asian guys who are like the other Try Guys but not. (laughing) They suck. Oh shit. – Okay, I’m at a stop sign I gotta chance. I definitely, I’m a red light texter. I get to that intersection,
pull out that phone. – You have red lights all the time. – Look, here’s another red light. That was literally 10 seconds. – Nothing to do, so I’m
just texting my boys. But look at this, somebody’s
sending me fried chicken! – We do see motorist
manipulating their cell phones at red lights and that’s
also against the law. – Oh oh no, oh my god, Becky actually just texted me for real. I’m not gonna answer Becky’s text. Oh look, she sent me a picture of a cat! – Wait what, wait, my
friend just got engaged! – The light changes to green
and they do not proceed. – So happy for you two. – Gonna get married. I hope they liked that we’re putting that in our video. – They contribute to traffic
collisions because people are trying to go around. – Can I be the flower girl? Sorry, sorry, I’m just answering
this text from my friend. – I should probably go. Me. Mouth. Mouth. Let’s see, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – I don’t know, I just can’t quit it. It’s a fuckin’ addiction. What if Eugene posts a super
cute photo and I’m not there to see it within the first five minutes? – What do you think is the greatest struggle Korean Americans face today? Looking at your faces. (laughing) I’m fuckin’ doing it. Oh okay, oops, sorry, here we go. – People can get very excited about what they’re seeing on the phone. We get a big dopamine rush, causes us to feel good and feel pleasure. – Favorite Jewish Parable? Wow. – Lololololololol, wkow, this is fun. Lololololol oh, shit, okay. – And when we’re feeling
pleasure we want to do something like continuing to do that activity. – Hey! – Ew. – Ew. – Ew. (group laughs) – Make it cute, let me make it cute. – But if you’re trying to
drive while you’re doing that activity, that becomes a
very dangerous situation. – Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. – [Ned] Oh crap. I’m close to that. – Oh, time to reverse. Here we go, here we go. – Hold on, hold on. Oh my God, everything, oh my God. There’s pictures of fried chicken. It looks amazing. Oh my God, this chicken. Chicken looks great. Chicken looks great. Oh, did I hit something? Did I hit something? – We’re still not calling
a phone addiction a true addiction but it has that same quality. – Aw, it’s a baby baby. – I sharted my pants a lot
you gotta be more specific. – People still get excited,
there’s still dopamine release which is that pleasure
chemical in your brain. – Oh my God, how do I heart this? It’s Ariel and Wes. – Your judgements going to be
impaired, your reflexes are going to be slowed down, your coordination is gonna be impaired. This is when people are out of lanes. They’re have been multiple
car crashes and accident seen because they’re looking
for something else. – Was that, wait, sorry. Was that Keith’s butt? – You’re driving metal, plastic,
that weighs 3,000 pounds that can easily be
converted into a weapon. – Oh God, oh no, oh no. I’ve never fucked up
the hair pins like this. – It is a privilege to get your
driver’s license and drive. It is not a right. – Oh, This is so overwhelming. – And with that privilege it’s
an awesome responsibility. So hawwwwtttt! – Go live on Instagram? Okay, Instagram, Boomerang. – [Doctor] If we check our Facebook and we get a lot of likes that
causes a big dopamine rush. – What do you want pictures of? – They’re doing searches,
they’re looking at porn, they’re looking at dating sites. – Okay, here’s a photo of
me, here’s a photo of me. Fuck you! – Hey Instagram. Hey everybody, I’m live right now. – 10 seconds, 15 seconds and
not being able to look in front of you, you’re going
to run into problems. Oh God, both nerds. I think I made it sexy. – Oh, we’re good? Okay. – There’s so much. You can’t have me watch a video. – Oh shit they’re going down, no, no! – Oh, my God, they literally
are freezing my phone! Fuck you! Too many questions! (Glass Shatters) (Sirens wail) – Oh! – [All] Oh! – [Keith] Bro, that’s my car! (quiet music) – Whoops. (dramatic music) I don’t know how much damage I caused. I couldn’t tell ya. Off the scale. I’ve always believed
that I could multi-task or that I could do the
glance down, glance up. What the fuck was that? If today showed me anything, you can’t do both at the same time. Responsiblidog, fuckin’! You can’t. – This video was a nightmare. – He has fucked this course to death. – I hit everything. When you’re texting you’re
not looking at the road. When you’re not looking at
the road you can’t drive. – I was able to actually do pretty well because I did voice-to-text. A lot less dangerous than
looking at what you’re typing. Yes, you can access my
photos, of course you can. Okay, Keith, you knocked over the wall. Oh no. Still the only times I hit the
dog, were when I was drinking and driving and when I
was texting and driving. Oh God! Oh no! – Scariest think about texting
and driving for me is that I didn’t care what happened. Am I done? Okay, great, alright,
well that was a disaster. – The day after filming
this as I was driving I got on my phone to say
hey, I’m running 10 late. What more could I do to prove to myself that this is a bad idea? – When I was sleepy and when
I was high I would drift in and out, and when I was drunk, I was just, you know, a lunatic. – [Ned] You’re in the intersection. – Let me drive. When I was on my phone
my world was this size. – Am I gonna have to die
to realize how bad this is? – If you think you are the exception you might become a statistic. Wow, PSA, dropped it! – [Zach] This series has been crazy. – [Keith] Alcohol,
marijuana, sleep deprivation, all of which are not good ideas. – They were all way
worse than sober driving. – Sober I was like okay here’s a course, but drunk I was like I’m gonna
fuckin’ nail this course. Woo, let’s go! It’s just so frightening
to think that alcohol, which makes you less capable
suddenly makes you believe that you’re ultra capable. – [Keith] Driving while high. The four of us I think had
the most varied results. I don’t want the message
to be Keith was high and was able to do it, Ned
was high and he wasn’t. – [Ned] I seriously do not remember much from the sleepy drive. – [Woman’s Voice] Do you
recall that you hit the dog so hard that myself and the
director and several people had to get under the car to get it out. – Oh, I remember that now. – I would beg you to
take baby steps to move in the right direction ’cause
we are addicted to our phones. They do not belong in the car and it is only gonna get worse. – They are all dangerous. Dead is dead, it does not make a difference how you ended up losing a life. – It’s so dangerous so
just be careful out there. [Upbeat Music] – Smartphones want me to do this. It says no right on red, idiot. It’s there, look at what you’re doing, what are you doing? You’re wrong, you piece of shit! I hate bad drivers. This town is full of them.

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100 Responses

  1. The Try Guys says:

    Usually we let our videos speak for themselves, but seeing a lot of comments so I want to clear one thing up if you'll spare a moment to read.

    Our texting while driving habits were exaggerated for the sake of this video to demonstrate examples of real behaviors out there. I see people texting and driving every. single. day. and we wanted to make a video about the dangers. Using your phone while driving seems to be becoming apart of everyday life, and that is terrifying.

    We often lean into elements of our character/personality as a way to represent different types of people. In doing so, we also leaned into the edit to make our real life habits look as dangerous as possible to underscore our message. In hindsight, we now see how poorly we come off, especially me (Zach), and for that we apologize. It's a tricky line to make these videos both fun and serious, and at times we come off as callous and reckless during this one.

    My comment about using my phone the next day was not said to be apathetic, but rather to show that cell phone use is an ingrained and habitual behavior for so many people. I got to a red light, took out my phone, and thought "what the hell am I thinking?" I saw in that moment how using my phone isn't even a conscious activity sometimes, and I imagine for many people it's the same. You can know something is bad and still do it, and that scares me the most. It's not just my life on the line out there, and as someone who was in a nearly fatal car accident as a child I know this as well as anyone.

    I’ve been guilty of using my phone in my car. I imagine some of you have been too. You tell yourself you can do it safely, but you just can’t. That’s why we made this series – to show people that. I was in charge of this edit and was willing to make myself look bad to prove that point. It seems I should say on the record that the video portrays me as a far more egregious phone user than I really am. I regret how far the video pushes it and am sorry if I disappointed you. I promise our intentions were pure.

    So, ultimately I’m glad some of you are mad. I hope what you watched disgusts you and that you and your friends never do it. But for those upset that I haven’t learned my lesson, please know that is not the case.

    Thanks for watching this series and apologies for bogging this final episode down with a long-winded message. I hope you can still enjoy and learn from it.

    ? Zach (and the rest of the guys)

  2. Kim Sando says:

    I’m digging the drs tie ? MNMS

  3. Seva Higgins says:

    A few years ago my hubby was on his motorcycle and was stopped at a red light, a woman hit him from behind doing 45 while petting her dog that was in her god damn lap! Her car hit him so hard that he flew forward and hit the car in front. A witness said they saw his body fly up in the air yet was still holding on to the handle bars. Thank god he had his helmet on and survived but the fire dept could not explain it as his bike was crushed like a soda can. He should have died.. I was so scared when he came home and told me this. That was 7 years ago and to this day he still has back and hip pain. I was so angry at the woman who was stupid enough to not put her damn tiny dog in a carrier!! People do not play with your pet while driving!!! put them in the back seat or in a carrier for the love of god!!

  4. MsLOVEsiicK says:

    I absolutely LOVE how passionate the doctor was throughout the whole series! I deeply appreciate the educational purpose of the series and how you guys managed to keep it fun. Love you guys so much!

  5. Noodle boii says:

    yo I spaced for a second last year when I was practicing driving and panicked when I zoned back, stepped on the gas instead of the brake, and almost ran like 80 into a fuckin tree. I can't imagine taking my eyes off to type a text or even worse, being under the influence or sleepy.

    one thing I want to add tho that I haven't seen a lot of people mentioning:
    -eating while driving
    -driving with people who are drunk or high (or just wild children)
    -doing makeup while driving
    -zoning like I did

    any distraction that makes you take your eyes off the road for even a second could take your life. stay safe kids

  6. Odalis V says:

    Don’t text while driving ! It’s not cool. :/

  7. Ruth Jarrett says:

    Did they just use the same clip at the doctor talking about accidental deaths and prevention on every video in this series? I swear to god they did!

  8. Mariamyupperz says:


  9. ZesterPosey says:

    One time my sister was reading something to her boyfriend while driving then he looked down for a second and they crashed , my niece was in the car too and when I got the call. I FLIPPED . Thank god they’re showing the reality behind driving and texting or even looking at your phone.
    (I just put my playlist on and drive, I rarely use directions, I grew up in my state so I know where to go when I need to) ❤️

  10. JL Collins says:

    This was a very good series that I hope the message people take away is to be more careful and safe. I've had experiences with friends and family in all of these categories. My husband was in an accident with someone who was texting while driving. Thankfully it was not very serious and no one was majorly injured but the guy had multiple previous accidents because of texting. There is absolutely nothing more important in that text message or phone call that cannot wait until you are done driving. I had a friend that I knew since Jr High who was killed by a serial drunk driver in our first year of university. She was studying to be a nurse and she would have been amazing at it. Her boyfriend had just graduated that weekend from Paramedic school and they were on their way back home when it happened. He was the cousin of my brothers best friend. The Drunk Driver- he had more than 10 accidents because of drunk driving and he survived but had a brain injury which caused him to have to live in an assisted living facility. I also have a friend that drove while drunk and high, was excessively speeding, hit someone, killed them and he went to jail after he recovered from his injuries. I have a family member who works really hard to take care of his family and was spending a lot of time driving long distances for work. He fell asleep at the wheel on an overnight run and rolled his car off the low edge of a mountain. He nearly died. I really hope anyone watching this video realizes how dangerous they are behaving and changes their behaviors. No one in your life that loves you wants to go to your funeral.

  11. Luzmaria Kelly says:

    Duck my life???

  12. Jormyla Carr says:

    I’m pretty sure nobody watches porn while driving ?

  13. the weirdest person you would ever meet says:

    This video was the most exaggerated out of them but as someone who is around a person who can't let go of their phone in the car. I am aware of the dangers. This person is otherwise a bomb ass driver but when they have a phone they're put in situations that they don't have to be in.

  14. Fragile Serenity says:

    I have a friend who used to read books while driving..before we had cell phones..

    I usually change music while driving although mostly at stoplights. I'm gonna just put on a playlist from now on and leave it alone ?

  15. NikkiStudios says:

    The doctor had an M&M tie

  16. Kitty Kat says:

    honestly I don't drive but any time I'm in the car with someone who's driving I make sure they're not texting and driving
    it's something I drilled into me when I was a teenager and as a result I refuse to let them put their life and my life and the lives of people around us in danger by texting and driving

  17. Kitty Kat says:

    literally everyone except keith did worse while texting, keith did worse while sleepy

  18. Marza Orihara says:

    you meet Shawn? I hate you

  19. DangerTrash AtWork says:

    7:24 zagene4lyfe lmao

  20. Savannah Hachey says:

    I don’t text and drive, I haven’t ever and I’m 25 now. It’s stupid and reckless and there’s no responsible way to do it. Just wait, or if you’re so addicted to your phone stay home to be on it, Driving is not the time for that shit

  21. William Waite says:

    Zach is a fucking idiot wtf

  22. Nikkita Drake says:

    I'm glad you made this video. Sad, I'm so late watching it. I lost my best friend 9 years ago because she was texting and driving. It is so risky and so dangerous. Thank you for making this series

  23. holykittensironman93 says:

    I'm a red light quick message sender but I'll tell them I'm driving and then I put it away. I do have a lot of people report claims where they were texting, eating, grabbing for something, drink spilled, etc.

  24. Michael Harper says:

    Ned is such a cutie in this. Poor Zach. HUGS. Keith's butt crack=Yasss Eugene love your outfit?

  25. Emma-Rose Byrne says:

    i cant stop looking at that doctor's m&m tie

  26. MichiruEll says:

    If possible: public transportation. You yet to text as much as you want and even watch YT videos

  27. Sarah Joanne Nobbs says:

    I've been driven around by people who were a sleep deprived, people who (I later found out) were high or had been drinking, but I've only ever been in one car accident, and it was when my friend whipped out her phone to reply to a text whilst driving . Her lack of concentration meant she didnt see the car parked on the side of the road and plowed the passenger side (where I was sat) into it.
    She was a serial texting whilst driver, and we tried to warn her, but that's what it took to get her never to text and drive again – for her car to be a complete write off, to endanger not only her friends life but the safety of the 2 older women in the parked car (imagine if there had been children in the back seat?).
    Hopefully this video will help people learn how dangerous it is and thus change some habits, so they don't have to learn the hard way like my friend did.

  28. Covers And others says:

    those two actually getting engaged im dying

  29. Crazy Dog Person says:

    In Minnesota, it is going to be illegal to have your phone in your hand while driving, you can only use hands- free devices

  30. Miyuki Aoyama says:

    RIP Responsibilidog.

  31. S.A. Huber says:

    Imagine getting murdered by a person in a giaraffe onesie

  32. Wendy Meadows says:

    Ha when the video made a vibrating noise, I thought I got a text, then I remembered that I don't have friends.??

  33. Anders Smith says:

    My sister always has her phone in hand while driving and it DESTROYS me. I'm way too anxious to tell her off

  34. drawer7 awesome says:

    Don’t do texting and driving

  35. Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer says:

    Motorcyclist here. Eugene is officially my favorite now. Don’t text and drive.

  36. LangZhao says:

    When I get my driver’s license, my dad is gonna force me to get a car with a manual transmission so that I have to pay more attention and don’t have time to be on my phone while driving. I’m thinking a manual transmission Mazda3 or Kia Forte.. What do you guys think?

  37. L S says:

    Jeez man wtf you bet people are watching on their phone in their car?????

  38. L S says:

    Fuck it pisses me off how much they all claim to text and drive that's so stupid

  39. L S says:

    Aw Hannah's engagement! That's so cute

  40. Alexa XD says:

    I THINK no one notice but the doctor is wearing an m&m tie

  41. motleslun11 motles says:

    You should get a new dog because hes dead

  42. Emma Olivera says:

    Honestly out of 4 videos this one scared me the most

  43. Federica Cucchetti says:

    I didn’t think texting while driving was such a huge habit, I don’t see as many people do that where I live

  44. Andrea Brolly says:

    Duck my life

  45. Leydi Cervantes says:

    So since ur friend got engaged their still just a "dating" couple bc they cant make a baby..

  46. Minnie says:

    Just don’t have your phone in the front with you. That way you can’t have a quick look at it no matter how much you want to.

  47. Elizabeth Greenawald says:

    I always pull into a parking lot if I have to respond to a text or phone call. My sister in law however, she always is on her phone. She is like, deep in conversation. It's scary.
    I'm 100% Eugene in this video. ?

  48. Tiffany Louann says:

    Schools should show this to drivers ed classes to show kids of what can happen if they text and drive. SO IF ANYONE IS A NEW DRIVER DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVEEEEEEEEEEE

  49. Jaden Fox says:

    They should show this in school instead of doing that “Shattered Dreams” production so it wouldn’t be so traumatizing ?

  50. deanspie67 says:

    I know how bad it is of me to text and drive but if we’re being honest I’ve learned how to Text without even looking down at my phone aside from reading what someone said. I also only text in small split up messages to avoid taking my eyes off the road.

    In addition I also know when to drop my phone and turn it off. This test has them using it at all times which is kind of unrealistic ?‍♂️

    All that being said: don’t text and drive. I’m an idiot for doing so and I really gotta stop, just because I’ve learned ways to do it safer than most does not mean it’s safe nor that I should do it

  51. Anisah Khattak says:

    Eugene and I have the same car omg

  52. Coke Lily says:

    The addiction specialist has a m&m on his tie YASSSSSS

  53. megh7890 says:

    Red light texting is just as bad sometimes too because you’re not paying attention to the people coming up behind who are on their phone and dont know you have stopped

  54. Trãgïc Røsè says:

    Where I live, just looking at your phone is a $1000 fine. Even at a red light

  55. Ultmate SockPirate says:

    Keith: texting, then hits the dog
    Keith: o.0
    Keith: ohno.

  56. Bee B E A U T I F U L says:

    Those temporary signs road workers put up to notify you of changed traffic conditions got me into accident. The words were changing so quickly so I was trying to read what it was saying. Only a glimpse (not a stare ! Lol) And I hit the back of someone's car cos they braked on the highway. ?‍♀️ little damage done. My angels were watching me that day. Lol

  57. Mynameisjulie says:

    Honestly I don't text and drive. I throw my phone in the back seat and leave it there. I don't get why people do it. Like it's just a phone ?

  58. Rhian Price says:

    Lolling at Ned going "Awwwww how do I heart this, it's Ariel and Wes" ?❤️

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  60. Sun flower Orgy says:

    My biggest enemy: eating while driving

  61. mc says:

    Texting while driving can't be an issue as long as you do what Eugene does. I tend to think back about this video whenever I'm out driving. Always keep my phone in the back seat.

  62. Allie Gamble says:

    Lmfao who else is watching this in a movie theater bc the movie is boring

  63. Marigold _playz says:

    My mom does her make-up in the car? And she hasn't gotten into a car accident because of it ????

  64. Rose Hill says:

    I hope zach now puts his ph in the boot of the car or in his bag.

    Be safe everyone.

  65. Its Just A Doodle says:

    I don't know if it's because I'm from the UK but the fact that you even think about GOING ON INSTAGRAM while driving is madddddnessss

  66. pinkiBaerchen says:

    I never drove drunk or high, but I did drive and texted. I almost got into an accident, because I somehow managed to drive in the middle of the road. The other driver was able to avoid a collision, that was three years ago. I learned my lesson and I never did it again. I don't even look at my phone at stoplights. It's just too fucking dangerous

  67. Susan Sackinger says:

    That quote about the weight of the car made me chuckle. When I was 15 going on 50 I took drivers education. In my state you took ed & training: book&car. I spent from ed to 40 yrs old telling people that all a car was, was a 2 ton weapon. At 40 I realized nobody was listening. Still, I didn't get my license until I was 19 and could qualify for a class 2 license.

  68. Rachael Holland says:

    Only time I use my phone is to change the song on spotify I use the figure print to unlock it and leave the app open and I swipe with out looking!! And that's it. If I get a text they have to wait

  69. M KZ says:

    12:13 oof me every time I'm almost in an accident

  70. HyPex Flo says:

    The slow driving "problem" is bullshit.

    The fucking path is narrow as shit, driving normally will make you hit all the cones.

  71. sarasthoughts says:

    The fact that almost all of them text and drive… big yikes they could kill somebody

  72. Alice Dickie says:

    the try guys should do a vlog on using a GPS in a city, they don't know….like Halifax, Nova Scotia…..I hate using a GPS cause of the distraction of "take a right at 500 feet" aaaaarrrrrgggggg

  73. Jacob Jensen says:

    They did message back at wring times. They could of waited for a better time than on a turn

  74. Sketchy Skies says:

    I almost got hit by a car….twice,because in the first instance a lady was on her phone.I had to hop out of the way,and she just missed hitting me.The second instance I was crossing the street,and as I was crossing someone sped past me from behind…

  75. L G says:

    My mom was driving and this guy going towards her merged into her lane at 45 mph bc he was texting and she had to peep her horn. she pulled over since she got so scared. Thank god nothing bad happened but the guy apologized but I hope it was a wake up call that that could of ended badly

  76. doodily doo says:

    Summary of this long-ass comment: set yourself up for success and don't go on your phone while driving at all. Also, learn from other people's mistakes instead of learning the hard way and possibly ruining your (or someone else's) life.

    Reminder that it's not just texting while driving that's dangerous, any phone use is. To eliminate or minimize the risks:
    -set up anything (music, podcasts, audiobook, etc) that you want to listen to before you leave, whether it's putting in a CD or queuing stuff up on a streaming service
    -when using GPS, check the route before you leave to get an idea of what you need to do. Turn on audio commands. If you have to look at the route while you're driving make sure you have a mount of some sort in your car so the screen is easily within your field of vision (instead of on your lap or in a cupholder, which requires you to completely look away from the road)
    -turn your phone on silent. Any calls, texts, etcetera can wait until AFTER you reach your destination. No text/call is so important that it's worth risking the lives of other people
    -if you do need to use your phone for ANY reason, pull over somewhere to park and finish whatever you need to do before getting back on the road

    I actually rear-ended someone at a light because I was on my phone changing my music. Luckily, it was a relatively minor collision, and nobody was hurt in the accident. However I was paying off the damage to my car for months afterwards and my insurance went up. I learned my lesson after that but easily could've injured (possibly fatally) myself or someone else while driving distracted.

    My first time watching this entire series was extremely helpful to me in opening my eyes to just how fucking DANGEROUS my driving habits were. It's way too easy to think something is "not that bad" if you haven't personally experienced the consequences. Like the guys demonstrated, doing something regularly can give you a false sense of confidence (like in Eugene's case with the drinking and sleep deprivation, or Zach with the texting) and you don't realize how dangerous your behavior is.
    At this point in time I'm honestly baffled as to how I've never gotten a DUI given the sheer amount of times I've driven while high on anything from alcohol and xanax to DXM and LSD. Even when one of my old friends got a DUI I brushed it off as him being a moron and the classic "oh it would never happen to me" line of thinking. It's amazing how good our brains can be at justifying our behavior even when we shouldn't be justifying it. I'm much more careful with my driving nowadays but certainly am not perfect, I drove sleep deprived just two nights ago and I'm not proud of it at all. Re-watching this series makes me determined to commit to being a safer driver, because even if I don't give a shit about my own life, other drivers, pedestrians, and animals on the road don't deserve to suffer the consequences of my carless attitude. Thank you guys for putting these videos out! They're way more helpful and motivating to me than reading statistics.

  77. Jordan Ring says:

    Ok I hated that the doctor said “young people” because NONE of my friends have gotten into accidents because of their phones, yet all of our parents have. My mum (50’s) checks her Facebook and texts her friends and starts conversation and have almost gotten into an accident with me in the car multiple times

  78. Erica tatro home of ET's happy rabbit tree says:

    Put your phones on do not disturb or in a in accessible spot. If you drink don't drive do the watermelon craw(walk or get a taxi) home. If your sleepy rest your peeps or say hello the the reaper. If your high then be fly and don't say bye.

    Please realize it is not just your life on the line if you do these things. It is any and every one else's life's on the road you could kill a whole family. Newborns unborns mothers sisters brothers fathers uncles aunts grandparents. My driving impaired/distracted you can kill people.

    I was once told if you do a crime once a week for your whole life it is not a matter or if can or mabe. One day you will get cought just don't do it.

  79. geektopia no says:

    I have a thing on my phone that allows me to have text read to me. And then all I have to do is say what I wanna say and it sends it. My phone screen isnt even on so I dont have to get so wrapped up in it.

  80. Chloe Frost says:

    there’s a lot to unpack here and all of it pertains to that doctor’s necktie

  81. Abigail Hendricks says:

    Watching this on my phone …IN MY BED


  82. DCQueen 02 says:

    Zach: "Am I gonna have to die to realize how bad this is?"

    Me: Or…you know…you could kill car carrying a family with small children.

    DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE! Whatever is on your phone can wait! Set a good example, Zach!

  83. Michela Cambareri says:

    Keith Habersmurder

  84. Amulya Srivalli says:

    RIP Responsibilidog? u lived a sad life

  85. kimberly x says:

    keith habersmurder

  86. Katherine Moore says:

    when you drive stick shift, texting while driving is no longer even a temptation

  87. longdiccmcspazzatron says:

    the balding dude with the glasses is a fucking moron

  88. JustSarah says:

    Honestly, since getting my driver's license 2 years ago, I don't understand how people can text while driving. For me like changing the radio is sometimes a bit scary.

  89. Kara O’Donnal says:

    They should have done all 4 at once ???

  90. roscoeb4 says:

    Watching porn and driving should be a whole new experiment

  91. darklingrose92 says:

    Never driven drunk. Never even gotten high. I have been guilty of texting while driving, but only when stopped. If someone calls, I pull over. I struggle the most with driving while sleep deprived (I pretty much live sleep deprived).

  92. mirrbot says:

    My man Eugene! The only one who doesn’t text and drive.

  93. Lucy C says:

    My phone's on silent all the time. Before I set off, I send my last message then it stays in the glove box for the journey. I hate being distracted by my phone, and I never fall the excuse of "what if it's an emergency?". Depending on who you know and their circumstances, the general likelihood is that it's extremely rare that that message was an actual emergency

  94. Super Girly Gamer says:

    0:29 guys i just commited


  95. Anny Lym says:


  96. Thisismybackup says:

    Keith: it's $200 bucks to detail my fucking car!
    Also Keith: yeah, I'll spend $1,000 on steaks for one video.

  97. Pingüino says:

    I’ve tried to text while driving and I don’t know how so many people can just like casually do it like my dad and one of my best friends do it all the time and are really good at it

  98. Rabia says:

    Let’s appreciate Keith Habersmurder

  99. Sayani Banerjee says:

    I'm sorry I don't take the doctor seriously with that tie :))

  100. Caitlin Phillips says:

    Please try this again in a manual car then you'll see how much harder it is

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