Hey… ngh… Wait.. come back! …Great! I see you have found your way to the BRODUCTS CHANNEL the deepest and darkest place in all of youtube madness look at that what do we have here..? *earth shaking* wow it’s a playlist! prepare yourself for a whole lot of… fun times! There may be some suprises ahead… “evil laughter”

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44 Responses

  1. CimlyAnimations says:


  2. Nabillio96 says:

    This left more questions than answered them…

    …but I'm intrigued..

  3. The Truth Contest says:

    I love this :Dd

  4. cinnamonseahorse says:

    I hope your channel gets huge.

  5. Sal Eren says:

    Wtf zD

  6. Genius Idiot says:

    Came from pewds comment section lol

  7. Country Kitchen Village Foods says:

    I subscribed to broduct.
    Pls subscribe to country kitchen. Thankyou

  8. Krishna Godale says:

    I can't explain what I just watched.

  9. this channel is dead says:

    i guess i'm part of this cult now…

  10. We live in a Society says:

    Subbed before 1 Mil subs

    I bet you will blow up man good luck with your channel 😉

  11. Isako2 says:

    Theres something rong with your content.

  12. HK Leon says:

    what is this shit .. XD

  13. Matthew Pajer says:


  14. HW 720 says:

    Anal accord.

  15. ali akeel says:

    What the actual hell?

  16. Bugdanbb says:

    If this gibba gets huge i was here since 700 subs

  17. Griffin says:

    Where is the music from?? Sounds like the 1000 year door room theme

  18. Hades -agar says:


  19. Cowert6996 says:

    this strangely has me interrested into watching your other vids :p

  20. TheTacke1 says:

    Fucking epiccc broo? got a new sub bro✌️

  21. Nooters For scooters says:

    I actually discovered youtube treasure before justin.y, I've finally accomplished something with my life

  22. mika s. says:

    oh dear–

  23. Shnorb says:

    Why isn’t this monetized

  24. Taki says:

    atleast somethings original these days XD

  25. sksksks sksksksk says:

    What the F*** did I just watch ?!!!!

  26. Caleb Morris says:

    Ok well that’s enough crack for the day

  27. Do Mino says:

    is it you, Satan?

  28. toxic_teaaa says:

    King Kai?

  29. Societal Sinatra says:

    What the fuck

  30. Pomf Pomf Kimochi says:

    what the f**king hell is this nightmarish piece of art

  31. Luisito Becerra says:

    How to be a ninja was the best too. Hey subscribe to me I just subbed

    Read more

  32. David Wilson says:

    How the fuk did I get here…. Think it's time to turn the computer off and try not to think to hard as what the hell has just happened.

  33. JohrnyReport says:

    On how many layers of high are you?

  34. Esel says:

    Challenge: watch this without smiling

  35. Dimitoriasu says:

    Where am I

  36. Theddison says:

    Let me guess… you're a mod on r/SurrealMemes

  37. JustFunkinDandy says:

    I have discovered something.
    Not sure what it is, but it is definetly something.

  38. MetroInferious says:

    Is this the deep web?

  39. Yk Sin says:

    How did I get here?

  40. ZSTRODE. says:

    I'm scared

  41. Luka Loffredo says:

    just subbed amazing content

  42. Fizzy Fluff says:

    I hope to god carson finds this channel and makes another video about channel reviews

  43. Cameron Chauvin says:


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