Tori V – Barbie Girl (Official Music Video)

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100 Responses

  1. Batista Pereira says:

    Aguem 2019

  2. Kristine Adel says:

    It is so geat

  3. Xander Driessens says:

    Lekker ding

  4. AIRA CHANNEL says:

    Antes de que comentes :
    Like si ABLAS español

  5. Mar Santander says:

    secre mucho laniña aparte no es rica ya e ido a su casa esta chafa

  6. urbo AT says:

    Bro I rather here the original barbie girl

  7. Adam San says:

    Im a barbie girl in a barbie world right thats how you say it.

  8. Ella Simunkova says:


  9. أحمد الليثى says:

    WOW! It makes me wanna back to my childhood 😅😅❤️

  10. Adriana Camila moon masmelita says:

    El plastico no sera tan fantastico si se derrite😂😂😂

  11. Laogang Rong says:


  12. Henry Eduardo says:

    Meu 🐤 tá $=========©


  13. Henry Eduardo says:

    2020 ??



  15. Ever Tellez says:

    Soy la hija de Ever y soy fan de Barbie

  16. Duda Mariaah says:


  17. Rika Puspita says:

    Berbi good cantik hehehehehe

  18. Bekis Beki says:

    Bester Traum ever ❤🧡❤💛❤💚❤💙❤💜❤💗❤💜❤

  19. Summer Amari Mostar says:

    I love you're movie

  20. Juan Carlos Quiroz says:

    Me gusta mi mama la gusta

  21. Nicolle Harris says:

    I love you tory v

  22. Laura Gonzales says:

    2 0 1 9

  23. Jaynielis Morales says:

    I hate it but it was a little ok

  24. Ania Ligas says:


  25. Heyna Calleka says:

    I Love this 💐😃😃😃

  26. Ufstdidtidtigdi Zufzufsitsifsfi says:


  27. Bruna Fernandes de Oliveira says:

    Meu deus ela parece a barbie mesmo?

  28. Roland Ottoy says:

    Iets good

  29. Somos todos Poliana says:

    perfect love miusic😍😘💏❤

  30. Jazzy_ _milo says:

    Barbie: my ass is made of plastic it’s fantastic

  31. kpop world says:

    Jessica batter 🙄


    Zarqa X

  33. Annaelle Phalaris says:


  34. bigd17325 says:

    Im a barbie girl in a barbie world come on barbie lets go party! 😝

  35. Estela Diaz says:


  36. Rossiny Cajusol says:


  37. Camila Kiszkurno says:

    Pensa no sos un buen ejemplo tonta

  38. doggo Jones says:

    I dont want to be plastic😒

  39. sandra leon says:

    I love your hair and face and your

  40. Gemima Gracia Merino islas says:

    Amo a Barbie

  41. nevaeh cephas says:

    my frand loves your song even me

  42. Siti Omar says:

    cool 😇😇😇😇

  43. Roxana Sepulveda says:

    Loveeeeeeee barbi

  44. Joel Ahre says:

    29/11/19 y todavía escucho está canción Jajaja un clásico :3

  45. Rebeeca Wass says:

    This is a tik tok song

  46. Heba Stars says:

    Cool ♥♥♥

  47. Sharna Mcandrew says:

    can u get the fuck of my youtube page and your singing is bloody horrible and annoying i hate the song and you ruin the actuall song

  48. Ilove Pikachuuu. says:

    Aemie Ferrer Roswell ringtone HAHAHA

    Wattpader BE LIKE❤😆

  49. Mariadagracabia 2016 says:


  50. Christy Amanu says:

    Amazing 😘❤💖obviously its more than the real Aqua am a barbie girl song😏

  51. Tulica Florina says:

    Is this your mom and you dad

  52. sayema says:

    99 million views! OMG. Wowwwww😦 i have never seen a video get that much views. And barbie fantastic video! 😍

  53. Hanna Rich says:

    Its lov2lye

  54. Lenie Llanes says:

    Ken is barbie's boyfriend?????did not now that

  55. GioTMG says:


  56. Erika Quiñonez says:

    Another trash

  57. Einfach_ ccx says:

    2019 ☑️
    I Come back ☑️

  58. Upasana Sen says:

    For the first time I felt like the remake is far better than the original. The aqua version say-so me everywhere..the remake says take me everywhere..that's the difference..this version is more innocent.

  59. Annaelle Phalaris says:


  60. Deyanira Rodríguez says:

    Te amo mucho mami ermosa

  61. Maria Rios says:

    Is that Inappropriate? Because that swim suit that showing the girls boobs

  62. Maria Rios says:

    Is that Inappropriate? Because that swim suit that showing the girls boobs

  63. Megi Yambolieva says:


  64. Infamous says:

    This one isn't dirty unlike the original… So good.

  65. Brianna Duncan says:


  66. Sofia Tomek says:

    You KILL IT, as Barbie!💕💕

  67. Jimmy Durex says:

    I thought the original was bad untill I heard this. Singing is terrible.

  68. Zayda Serrano says:


  69. langtao wang says:


  70. Sara Melis says:

    Hello I'm Italian

  71. Jeff So says:

    Wow 8 wish my barbie dolls come alive someties

  72. Basheera Hussain says:


  73. Basheera Hussain says:

    Beautiful song

  74. Najib Khan says:


  75. Jaimi Tompkins says:


  76. Beatrice Abbygael says:

    I'm speak indonesia

  77. Ariel D´Avila says:

    i love this song

  78. Karolina Stawicka says:


  79. Robyn Cooper says:

    I love this so much xx

  80. Emma Cordova says:


  81. Jaquete Lasley says:

    Ballerina nutcrackers light Nutcracker light

  82. Hyurit Arias llamo says:


  83. vanessa Warren says:


  84. Collin Dellinger says:

    Ken be like why am I here?

  85. Samsung Apesa says:


  86. angelina- star says:


  87. Marko Kolasinac says:

    This song was waaay before time.

  88. Sweetcheeks says:


  89. THAUANY PERES says:

    l Love 😚😚😚

  90. Juan Lopez says:

    That "undress" in the lyrics make the difference between a inocent song and a nasty one

    Ps.: and sexual too

  91. XxenderxX says:

    This is nothing compared to the original.

  92. Charlie Bayla says:

    Barbie woooooow😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  93. Milica Celic says:

    Jubi mi smo junaci 🦄🌃🌺💕

  94. funda öztürk says:

    Perstec lpve musuc

  95. Vicky Crespo says:

    me encanta pero la niña de azul la cago

  96. Samia 67 says:


  97. Stuart Kane 2019 says:


  98. ingris martinez says:


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