Travelwise for Secondary Schools

What I enjoy most with it is that I help my
peers, just a real opportunity to make the community a bit safer. Something that’s really rewarding. Travelwise Programme helps to incorporate
safe systems, improving sustainability in the way kids get to and from school. The traffic around here is horrendous, particularly
at the start of the day and the end of the school day. I think the Travelwise Programme is a
more general way of getting the students informed and understanding the hazards and the opportunities
that are available in terms of coming to and from school. Getting that road safety message across really
does have to come from the students, but I feel that they’re really quite concerned about
it themselves and so it’s built up from the students themselves. Lynfield is in a really busy area and there’s
like a main road right out there and there are cars like all the time. So if the students
are not aware and there has been accidents on this road, so I think it’s really important
in our school, because it’s in this area. Spreading the principles of Travelwise to
our fellow peers is important so they can know the dangers of the road and stay safe. Not only our students, we would like all our
community to be safe as well. What I like most about being a Travelwise
student leader is being part of our school community and organising events and campaigns
that raise awareness of really important issues for teenagers who are just starting to drive. Our slogan is be alert, don’t get hurt and
we came up with that at the summit we attended in the city. What we do at Lynfield College in terms of
the Travelwise Programme is we promote Travelwise in terms of distractions and road safety. What I like about being a leader is that I’m
able to give back to the community in way and I’m able to help my peers at school in
a way that I wasn’t able to before. I think it’s just getting stuff that we relate
to or that we can have a laugh about, so something like the expo earlier, it gets people there
and then once they’re there we can get the message across. Lynfield College did a really great example
of leading the Travelwise Programme. They didn’t just do one activity, they did a whole
host of activities. We’ve had a huge amount of support. We’ve
got police from the local police helping with road safety ideas and driving and also the
environment group here at school is interested and supports us as well for that sustainability
idea. We’re increasingly seeing more involvement of students
in the programme, it gives them a realisation of what is going on just outside their own

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