Unboxing: With Rohan Chand, star of Mowgli | UNICEF

Is the theme like big school supplies, or something? Everything seems to be very over-sized, and very big. Hi guys, I’m Rohan Chand. I’m an actor and I’m a UNICEF supporter, and I’m really excited today to be at UNICEF headquarters. So, they’ve given me this box. I don’t know what’s gonna be in it. I’m going to guess it has something to do with education, because that’s probably the thing that matters to me most. I don’t know. It seems really big. I was expecting something much smaller, you know. I don’t know what’s going to be inside it. So let’s take a look. Jeez okay. Oh, wow. That’s so cool. Okay. You have an alphabet thing. It’s very colourful, a lot of animals and everything. Rhinos, giraffes, donkeys, parrots. That’s so great. Oh cool, you have a map on the back as well, a map of the world. So we have… start from some building blocks. I think a lot of building blocks. That’s so cool. Yeah, they have a lot of colours in here, and everything I guess it’s for younger grades and stuff. So, I remember playing with… having free time, and play time to play with the blocks and build castles and everything. So we’ve got a big protractor. This is like I think the biggest protractor I’ve ever seen. I never knew what this is called, but I’ve seen rights regarding triangles, and it’s also a ruler. A lot of colors, crayons… many packs of crayons, I guess all different colours and everything. Big ruler… is this, is the theme like big school supplies? It’s all I can see. Everything seems to be very over-sized, and very big. Is this a compass or something? I think my teacher actually has one of these, a big version of one of these, so she can teach on the board. So I assume this is for drawing on boards and stuff. Hey, we also have… Blackboards, I guess these might be for drawing on and writing on and stuff. You get a lot of use out of these things. So… oh, wow. Okay, this is heavy. So I would assume that it’s chalk, a lot of chalk. I’m not going to open it, actually know what I might open it. Oh, wow. Yeah, it is a lot of chalk. A lot of pieces of chalk. I guess these go with the blackboard paper. I guess this is for more drawing and stuff and creative projects, a lot of colours and everything. I think these are… Dry erase markers, more pencils, a lot of pencils actually, pencil sharpeners, pack of 20. So, it’s cool. These are pencils and flat pencils. I guess you have like safety, more safety scissors, so that people don’t get hurt. Kids don’t get hurt and also, you know, never run with scissors and everything. That was something that I was always taught. You have a lot of geometry kits I guess, you have protractors. They have a compass, actually, I have one of these, I remember, used that for school, all the time now since I’m in geometry. This is an armband. I guess, there’s an armband. It looks kind of like an armband or something. Education is a right. Education [speaks in French]. That’s really cool. I guess that’s for putting on people’s arms and kind of… you know, spreading the word. Boxes of a hundred pieces of chalk. It’s a lot of chalk. I have erasers in here, a lot of erasers, you know. You always would go through erasers much quicker than you would expect. Not really sure what this is. Oh, it’s a jar of paint. Paint for chalkboard. I guess it’s maybe to paint over if the chalkboard gets old or something. I’m not quite sure with this is. It might just be for painting and stuff, as well, just for their creative side. This is just eight non-toxic crayons. Can’t have kids eating toxic crayons. But, you know, safety first. These are locks, I guess. For lockers and stuff with kids, you know, you keep their stuff safe or anything, so. Spilling stuff everywhere, a lot of… sharpeners. More erasers, I guess. I would assume it goes… it’s probably, I don’t know, it’s like it’s almost like a care package I would guess for like for schools and stuff. So that schools can get the supplies they need, in order to teach children and teach children, you know, who don’t have a school near them. Or it could be used to set up schools and set up new, new schools I guess. And give kids an opportunity that they wouldn’t have had otherwise This whole box, I’m not sure that seems like a starter… school starter box or something, but I’m not sure. I wasn’t too far off. That’s… that’s pretty good actually. I like that. I like that. School-in-a-Box. It really does seem to have everything that you need. Oh, that’s great. Oh , I didn’t even see that. Oh, that’s really cool. Oh, so that’s the paint for the blackboard. Oh, that’s what that’s for. Okay, literally a school in a box. I thought it was like all the school supplies, but it is literally like almost a miniature classroom. That’s really great though because that’s a lot of kids. I mean, I know my classes are about like 20 to 30. So, I mean this is much bigger, and a lot of supplies for kids. I was gonna say, yeah, this thing’s huge. It can probably take a bit of a beating. I mean that’s really unfortunate, because through my education and everything, I really get a different perspective on the world. So, I think we really need to work to change that, because I think every kid should have the opportunity to have the education that they need to succeed in the world. That’s I think that’s a really great thing about this because you’re dropping these things into places where kids won’t have the opportunity and kind of starting up those opportunities and starting almost a new school I guess. But I think that’s really amazing. Through these School-in-a-Boxes, kids are being able to kind of pick a path that they’re going to be able to succeed in and bring themselves out of the situations that they’ve been thrust into. And I think that really inspires me.

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