Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes

When you vote have you ever wondered
whether your ballot is actually counted? If you meet someone online how do you
know they’re who they say they are? When you buy coffee that’s labeled fair trade what makes you so certain of its origin? To be sure really sure about any of
those questions you need a system where records could be stored, facts can be
verified by anyone, and security is guaranteed. That way no one could cheat
the system by editing records because everyone using the system would be
watching. Systems like this are on the horizon and the software that powers
them it’s called a blockchain. Blockchains store information across the
network of personal computers, making them not just decentralized but distributed. This means no central company or person owns the system, yet everyone can use it
and help run it. This is important because it means it’s difficult for any
one person to take down the network or corrupt it. The people who run the system
use their computer to hold bundles of records submitted by others, known as
“blocks,” in a chronological chain. The blockchain uses a form of math called cryptography to ensure that records can’t be counterfeited or changed by anyone
else. You’ve probably heard of the blockchain’s first killer app: a form of digital cash called Bitcoin that you can send to anyone, even a complete stranger. Bitcoin is different from credit cards, PayPal, or other ways to send money because there isn’t a bank or financial middlemen involved. Instead, people from all over the world
help move the digital money by validating others’ Bitcoin transactions
with their personal computers, earning a small fee in the process.
Bitcoin uses the blockchain by tracking records of ownership over the
digital cash, so only one person can be the owner at a time and the cash can’t
be spent twice, like counterfeit money in the physical world can. But bitcoin is
just the beginning for blockchains. In the future, blockchains that manage and verify online data could enable us to launch companies that are entirely run
by algorithms, make self-driving cars safer, help us protect our online
identities, and even track the billions of devices on the Internet of Things.
These innovations will change our lives forever and it’s all just beginning. To
learn more about the urgent future of the blockchain please visit www.iftf.org/blockchainfutureslab

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100 Responses

  1. soviet toaster says:

    The block chain solves the problem of Space-Time. Capital is sentient. The universe never really had a chance when you think about it; our own universal field may very well be infinite – but it is most certainly countable.

  2. Dragon HK says:

    how to join to use my compute to validate the bitcoin as mentioned in the video?

  3. Tâm Giang says:

    Very good talk! Blockchain has played an important role in our world, not only cryptocurrencies. And I've not surprised that we can use it in Healthcare. A decentralized healthcare platform called Solve.care offers a comprehensive solution for insurance companies and their consumer. The platform offers a digital ID card that has far greater protections against theft and hack attacks. There will be no more health insurance information stolen and used for bad purpose. Arizona Care Network implemented this platform for their 250,000 members and 5,500 physicians across 1,800 locations and the result was amazing.
    It seems that Solve.Care is taking all the pain points away from patients and employees serving patients.
    Let just hope Solve.care will applied blockchain widely for a better world

  4. Abigail Vella says:

    Dont like it they want to take control over all the things so u can be come a slave

  5. Dmitriy Azarenko says:

    Read about how to architect a blockchain application.


  6. JasonSereno[.com] says:

    I'm sorry, but have none of your seen the Terminator movies? GTFO!

  7. Lawrence Tran says:

    I watched this on 2x speed and learned what the blockchain is in one minute



  9. Future Done Right-TM says:

    Thanks for the simple video with early indications on some future use cases

  10. Mellia Boom Bot says:

    well, im glad im not the only one not knowing wtf is going on with this…

  11. Safiyya Idris says:

    Hybrid Blockchain: https://youtu.be/h2S6H-Qp6Qk

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  13. Troll Time says:

    Blockchain course for free

  14. TruGoals Studio says:

    I share this video with friends and prospective business partners. If blockchain peaks your interest, message me for information about an amazing global blockchain network combining entertainment (especially original content creators), crypto currency backed by REAL gold, CBD products, stem cell skin care – at that's just at prelaunch!!

  15. hanes28 says:

    I get the chilling impression that nobody really knows the value nor future of cryptocurrency and a blockchain 'controlled' financial society. WOW!!!!

  16. Guitar Gear says:

    And when vast proportions of country's economies are tied into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies what may have started out as an altruistic endeavor for the good of the world will all unravel and the taxpayers will be told that cryptocurrency is too big too fail. Where there is money to be made by cheating the system you're up against the Wallstreet banksters who have hired armies of lawyers and tech savvy personnel to write algorithms that have figured out how to exploit loopholes and weaknesses. Just as it did in what lead up to the financial crash of 2008 with their exotic financial instruments such as credit default swaps and hedge fund managers betting against subprime mortgages. I realize that there is supposed to be concerned citizens overseeing that this is kept honest but where there are people there is corruption. I'm concerned about how cryptocurrency will be kept above board and the security aspects of it. In the end of any transaction that occurs won't it have to be backed by an actual currency anyway to settle the payment from buyer to seller?

  17. Dhonie saja says:

    donation bitcoin:

  18. Jim Diet says:

    Power goes done like it did during Sandy in New York and block chain becomes 100% USELESS. I would never want it for a substitute of cash. Paper and coins work fine they just need a backing standard that is a basket of useable goods.

  19. labhesh haria says:

    worst accent could not understand anything … Please spit out the chewing gums from your mouth

  20. Ana Radovic says:


  21. Bob Good says:

    It all sounds like a distributed accounting system for all the worlds buzzwords!

  22. Chanel Smith says:

    Has anyone heard of the HYBSE joint venture ? https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/mindex-gmex-group-and-hybse-join-forces-to-launch-the-first-blockchain-securities-exchange-in-mauritius

  23. rigatone says:

    I suspect that early adoption means you can potentially make money out of it, much the same way as buying bitcoin early made a healthy profit up until 2 years ago, before it's value decreased. In future, the concept of blockchain may not be as useful (I know nothing of quantum computing but I'm going to look it up!) but for now, it's still such a new and unknown 'thing' that many businesses are keen to monetize it or try it out…

  24. Jim Bitoicoin! says:

    since BTC is low now is better I continue earning BTC with the help of Vosk Coin miners,they are actually fast as I heard and confirmed.

  25. Hamed Abulfatih says:

    Block chain in land registry in Bahrain https://youtu.be/B8c3UkHIeVA

  26. Melad Alaqra says:

    Brief book about blockchain

    BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR BEGINNERS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KNR58M9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_7xA9BbP18EZDW

  27. stewart quark says:



    still can't understand what blockchain is but thanks for the effort. Anyway, check this app called benepit.io you can get rewards just by making your regular phone calls or watching ads.

  29. Edwin Rydberg says:

    If we have companies entirely run by algorithms (1:50) is that how they'll manage lawsuits regarding self-driving cars? Will people end up suing companies that are effectively extensions of a computer algorithm (people suing computers)?

  30. tony a says:

    im sure the old saying still stands true , if it can be done , it can be undone

  31. Prasad Ankulwar says:

    A Harvard Case sent me here

  32. www415 says:

    as a young guy i think i will stick to cold hard cash best chooses in my opinion

  33. Ever After says:

    OH, I understand. This is a money maker

  34. Tom Ocean says:

    Who input the first data who is winner? How to confirm first data input is true? I said you land is my, so its mine? Or your company decides who said is true?

  35. New Steam says:

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  36. Wagner PD says:

    Is this like the game of Dominos?

  37. theElephants says:

    What that means in English is that one person will collect the taxes instead of the individuals. hmmmm….. where have I heard of this before?

  38. Charlie Harris says:

    Who is going to buy some bitcoin now?

  39. march11stoneytony says:

    “If you meet someone online how do you know they are who they say they are?” Contradictory sentence: “You’ll be able to protect your identity online.”

  40. Esteban Moreno says:

    You can also invest in real blockchain projects, like this one that has multiple use cases to lessen an investor's risk.

  41. Nicholas Marchese says:

    Why is there a fee with Bitcoin transactions? Who is the centralized institution that gets the bitcoins' fee money?

  42. CubanExile says:

    With Block Chain THEY will be able to track How much urine you dispense THINK ! !
    Every purchase, Every device, Every location, " THEY WILL KNOW ". THINK ! !

    Freedom is not free. Land of the FREE, Because of the BRAVE.

  43. Phillip Douglas says:

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  44. RBC says:

    I don't like where we are heading.

  45. Lina Tanase says:

    I do not trust Joe Lubin/Consensys or anything associated with him

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  47. Radosław Rowicki says:

    It didn't explain anything

  48. Lokdhun Music factory says:

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  49. Sunday White Rabbit says:

    Understand that if you buy nothing and hope to get something for that you will find you're left with What you paid for. Nothing.
    "Get your shit together, and buy silver!" Chris Duane

  50. Sunday White Rabbit says:

    Its a scam to get your money. Don't buy into it. Its called "the fed and state money laundering ponzi scheme because all that printed money from out of thin air to keep a failing system afloat needs somewhere to go)

  51. linh linh says:

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  53. musclesdude says:

    So if information about me (or you) is incorrect, its impossible to change because its in 1000's of locations around the world at the same time and they won't allow anyone to change it, sounds like blockchain is very dangerous to me.

  54. Jay says:

    This explains nothing.

  55. Sunny Dupree says:

    Q sent me

  56. eastgreenketama says:

    When is our ability to explain technology in simple terms going to catch up with the geeks that come up with this stuff? I swear there are aliens amongst us whose brains work on a different level these days

  57. Julo Hajnik says:

    what software have you used for making the presentation? thank you

  58. Noah Liberman says:

    All I know is, I don't want to live in a world where socks are labeled "L" and "R."

  59. Owown Wowlson says:

    Yay now I’m a millionaire

  60. Dieter Schänzer says:

    why is it those that understand blockchain always fail to explain it to those that don't…..pisses me off

  61. Davinder Arora says:

    Blockchain is reality now and going to take over legacy systems with in 2019. Please check if below social moral principles can be helpful for core fabric of this revolution

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    ready to accept truth and to renounce untruth.

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    his/her good in promoting the good of all.

    7.     One should regard
    oneself under restriction to follow the rules of society calculated to promote
    the well-being of all, while in following the rules of individual welfare all
    should be free.

  62. Reasons To Use Bitcoin says:

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  63. Zaara Harry says:

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  64. Lynn maria says:

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  65. Ariana Wendy says:

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  69. kiran Surjoo says:

    Allahu akbar

  70. purple gatorade says:

    How much energy is used in blockchain?

  71. J G says:

    Yes, let's make all currencies completely digital, that way, if you hang out with the wrong people, say the wrong things, are not moral according to the State, they can shut you down. Complete tracking of every transactions is a tyrants wet dream! What next? Social credits???

  72. Isdore Roberts says:

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  73. Cloud Walker says:

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  78. Tom Bradford says:

    I know what a block is.
    I know what a chain is.
    I know what two minutes is.

    I don't know what a blockchain is.

  79. Smith Dijay says:

    What is this woman saying ? Am super lost ☹️

  80. mehdi kia says:

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  81. Ranjeev Joseph says:

    Narrator has no idea what she’s saying

  82. Abigail Vella says:

    I dont like it sounds like something fishy

  83. Master. says:

    I learnt it after pausing each time she spoke a paragraph. I must get my hands on Bitcoin Cash. And BTC!!

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  92. Radomir Zhirkov says:

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  96. Russell Williams says:

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