VeriDoc Education Overview & Login Functionality

In this video tutorial, I am going to show
you VeriDoc Education portal which is a product of VeriDoc Global Private Limited. This platform allows users to create certificates
from scratch and converts data from the certificates into a hash which is stored on blockchain
instantly for verification and validation. This is a great tool which is designed for
institutions who would like to use blockchain for leveraging their certificate integrity. By end of this tutorial you will be equipped
with the knowledge base required to help you understand various aspects of this product. Let’s start with the login screen. Initially VeriDoc Global will provide every
user with a login and password that the user will use to start using our education portal. The access level provided by VeriDoc Global
back end is called Master Admin. This access is not just responsible for creating
new certificates but also for managing scopes, users and other account related settings. Let’s see a breakdown of different access
levels for each user to begin with. Firstly, in the green level you can see a
Master admin access created by VeriDoc Global back end. Then there are different access levels created
by the master admin internally for each institution. Master admin can choose between two access
levels, one is admin and other one is creating another master level access. We will get to it in a minute. But first, let’s look at this flow that
shows how VeriDoc is responsible for creating a number of master admin accounts and then
each master admin account is managing their admins locally. Let’s go back to our web interface. Here you can see forgot password takes the
user to password reset screen where user can add their email to receive a password reset
web url or they can go back to login area by pressing Know your password? Login. You must be wondering that we do not have
a register now button here. This is because we will be managing each master
user access from back end and general public will have to register on VeriDoc Global website
for testing out our technology components. In case, someone without the access to use
Education portal lands on this screen, they can click on Not a user yet? Contact us button which will direct them to
our contact us page through which they can show their interest to gain access and our
business team will get in touch with them instantaneously. Here, I am using the master admin access login
to take you through all the features that master admin can utilize to help them with
certificate creation and management.

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