Vocational education and training

This is Neela and these are her friends.
This summer they’ll be done with school. Then they each embark on different paths
into the world of work. Recently they all took part in career counseling. Neela
decided she’d like to become a technical product designer. So like many of her
friends she’ll start a dual education course. But what exactly can she expect?
As the name suggests it’s a two tiered training program. One part takes place in
a vocational school and the other part is an apprenticeship at a Company. The
theory that Neela learns in school can be directly applied in practice at the
Company. The dual education and training system is very flexible. For instance
reduced training times and part-time training are also possible. This means
individualized arrangements can be found for anyone and the great thing is you
get certified training and at the same time you’re already earning money. But a
word of caution, not all companies offer occupational training. First they have to
fulfill certain criteria, whether a business operation is qualified to train
young people is carefully checked by the IHK which is the German
Abbreviation for Industrie und Handels Kammer, the Chamber of Industry and
Commerce. It’s particularly important that Neela besides academic knowledge
also gains other skills at the Company. Everything she’s supposed to learn is
listed in the education regulation for technical product designers. Above all
she must be able to put her acquired knowledge to practical use, because as a
full-fledged employee Neela will later have to manage her own projects within
the Company. During training the IHK provides ongoing assistance to Neela and
her training company. Initially it takes care of the registry
of her contract and later on sees to the organization and administration of tests.
Should any disputes arise the Chamber of Commerce mediates between the Trainee
and her Company. The IHK is a point of contact for any
questions before, during and after training. Following her dual system
training Neela has a variety of prospects. She could advance within the
company or pursue further education to gain a higher certificate. After a few
years of professional experience she can also study at University, even without a
higher school leaving certificate. Her prospects are versatile and she’s also
attractive for other Companies. With dual training and education Neela is ideally
equipped for the labor market and for her own career.

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  1. Bhavani Iyer says:

    vocational training is one of the best technique been introduced in schools this video gives a clear picture of vocational training and how it is beneficial for students in today's competitive world and highy globalized network demands the younger ones to be well prepared,this type of training gives scope to be a independent survivor and choose the field of one's own interest and the best part of training is includes hands-on training without the added emphasis on standard subjects like math and English. Instead, students take specific classes related to the job they're training for. Hats off to german dual education system it has really paved a way for better employment and i would also like to appreciate the effort of IHKs as they are supporting their trainees thanks a lot for sharing this video .

  2. Rodzidah Rodzi says:

    TVET 2017 ~ Ajinomoto

  3. Globetrotter says:

    Naji AlMahdi, Rape convict with FAKE education degrees is head of a vocational college (NIVE) and head of qualifications in KHDA, Dubai Licensing Authority for education. Naji was a taxi driver, pimp, a car mechanic in Bahrain. His education qualifications are FAKE. He claims he has a Ph.D which is also fabricated, it does not exist. Naji AlMahdi is a Compulsive LIAR. He has a criminal record in Bahrain for brutal rape of an innocent Bahraini girl and this was published in an Arabic newspaper. There are also claims he is involved in pedophilia. Naji was fired from Higher College of Technology, Dubai Women's College; you can guess what that could be for. Theft of fairly large sum of money is also part of his C.V, curriculum Vitae. There must be many more losers and wasters in management positions in education in UAE. Education in UAE is corrupt, do not trust it.

  4. Ratan Das Ratan Das says:

    I want to bsc honourse from vocational(10+2) course after H.S passed



  6. harmanjit singh says:

    need to boost vocational education

  7. harmanjit singh says:

    vocational education a revolution

  8. Nivash Sharma says:

    Hi we are doing skill development training program in dress making and providing skills to specially women

  9. S. B. says:

    I am from Kolkata Mary vocational education 96% namber ha,

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