Watch Live: Saugus High School Shooting in Southern California

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  1. John Rogan says:


  2. Rick Hard says:

    these sick bullies could pop up anywhere at anytime. this must stop now.

  3. Kenpatchi Zaraki says:

    This will continue to happen, simply because it is what the government wants. They are pushing an agenda. They want this country to be ruled by police, which essentially means the government can and will dictate everything you do regarding to your freedom. If they ban guns completely just imagine how the black market for guns will grow. And those who shouldn't have guns will have access to it all while you are defenseless.

  4. John Rogan says:

    Some sick law enforcement type writes these scripts!

  5. NewtFlavouredPopcorn says:

    what a surprise!

  6. John Rogan says:

    Victims names…made up!

  7. dstyd says:

    The problem is we the people never find out the motives behind the school shooting. Another question is can the information given to the public be true and reliable. The left has proven that they will do anything to take away guns from legal law abiding people weather it is lying or killing.

  8. Ben Bethel says:

    Sadly there is no way to control senseless acts like this…. just love and care for each other as humans… we're all related to the same mitochondrial eve, I wish we'd act that way. These students and their friends and families are likely reading these comments… let's support them in this time of need and let's do our best to show everyone we can have positive dialogue without trying to hide behind our keyboards to make un-cool comments. Youtube needs to move to RealName identification and do a better job of filtering out those haters out there… in the meantime, be kind, cool, loving… it's so much better to move through life this way. Be the better person, because in these comments there are a lot of people offering comments that aren't going to help the healing… and the negative comments meant to evoke replies only fuel people who may one day be in the school, workplace, airplane, highway, store, park, concert, festival, etc. that YOU are attending.

  9. OMER MARAS says:

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  10. Ally W says:

    I am a freshman at Saugus high school. I have had a bad past few weeks and this morning I woke up and told myself i am going to make this a great day. I got to school and was going to meet my friend by the locker rooms to put our stuff away like we normally do. When I got there the locker rooms were locked so my friend and I and many others were waiting outside. I was only there for about 3 minutes and I was talking to my friend when we heard a loud noise coming from the quad which is right next to where we were waiting. It didn’t sound like a gun shot, so in that moment I was not panicked unitl I heard 4-5 more shots go off. In the moment my heart dropped and I was so scared for my life. I grabbed my friend and everyone by the locker rooms started running to a gate that goes by a pipe line. We then crawled under the pipeline and saw two construction workers who helped us get into the neighborhood behind Saugus. My friend and I then continue to run and told kids that were coming out of their houses on the way to school that there was an active shooter. I call my dad who hadn’t even made it back to my house yet, so he turns around and tries to find me in this neighborhood. You see school shootings in the news a lot but for me I never thought it would actually happen to my school, I have always felt safe there. If I would have left my house a few minutes earlier I would have been in the exact spot where it happened. Many of my friends saw the shooter pull out his gun from his backpack and fire rounds. I will never forget the sounds of people screaming in terror, the sound of people sprinting for safety, and the sound of the rounds going off. I am still in shock of how someone can doing something so hateful towards innocent people. The person who did this just ruined his life, he was only 16 and today was his birthday. 2 people are no longer with us because he killed them, and hurt many others. Every time I close my eyes I can hear the bullets and see the people running all over again. #SaugusStrong

  11. C Aze says:

    Thoughts and prayer are good, but a real change most be done ASAP

  12. ryusargus says:

    Humans glorify violence and stupidity these days. Human morals have have totally deteriorated. This type of violence will increase in the coming years because society is devolving and not evolving.

  13. ChinateaAa- says:

    Our savior is on his way!

  14. Red Power.红色的力量 says:

    In order to garduate in America you need to experience the shooting.

  15. James Stacey says:

    So another school shooting. Its very sad in this time of our generation. We need to make changes across our country bottom line. Lets start with putting are vets back to work that can work. Put them in our schools everywhere to save our children and young soon to be adults. Most of these kids that commit these acts have a serious lack in disapline. Militerize our schools, go back to corporal punishment an stop the madness plaguing our country. Some of the young people have lost there way. Its our job as parents to see them to adulthood. We have tried to give the young kids freedom and this just shows how we absolutely must intervene. Military schooling across the country. Act now parents save our kids.

  16. OMER MARAS says:

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  17. OMER MARAS says:

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  18. ToniHunterOne says:

    "Reunified?" Shouldn't that be reunited with their families? Apparently the shooter is already down. He didn't run he shot himself on the school grounds. One 16 year old girls has died. Another is in critical. The house they are looking at is the shooters home. They automatically go there now since almost every shooter kills their own family first and then move on to the intended targets. In this case the LA County Sheriff said it was cleared. So far no other wounded aside from the 5 kids this morning. To day is the shooter. The shooter only had a revolver. Six bullets. Today is his birthday and then he unloaded five bullets and then the last for himself.

  19. ToniHunterOne says:

    There is another report that is better than all of this that just uploaded about 30 minutes ago that explains in greater detail what happened.

  20. Mad Pieman says:

    How dare anyone question this tragedy! My best friend’s, neighbours, cousins, half sisters, dog walkers, Uber driver knows someone they do yoga with that knows someone who was there!

  21. OMER MARAS says:

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  22. Nyla Silva says:

    I was in school today, and i live about 1hr and 30 mins away from this school. I used to visit the area quite often.. and hearing about this made my heart break.. i was so distraught when i heard students had got killed and severely injured. I pray for the families who lost their children or their children who got hurt. Prayers will be made😞❤️

  23. SoulBrother says:

    Not one comment about the fact the kid is asian. It must be cool to only generalise white people when these things happen and pretend you're not racist.

  24. Mil Flowers says:

    Educational system needs security training/counseling providers. Teachers need to be educators not law enforcement providers. The more competent security presence the more community watch measures.

  25. Q Smooth says:

    This is really really sad 😢 My prayers And Condolences Goes out to all the victims parents who are affected by this horrible tragedy and I pray this don’t happen in any other city including my hometown Sacramento Anyway Los Angeles stay strong God bless you all

  26. Im old As dirt. says:

    Why do people even bother to go to school anymore? Everything they need is online. School is just redundant at this point

  27. Yee Memes says:

    If this happens then I will fight back I don’t care if I die as long as I can protect innocents

  28. Cash Cash says:

    Another trump supporter taking out his terror in Democratic California

  29. Joey Benoit says:

    What goes around comes around you f**** freaks!

  30. Joey Benoit says:

    Why does it matter these f**** little kids don't learn anything in school anyway! Are school system's a big scam!

  31. OMER MARAS says:

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  32. Joey Benoit says:

    Just come down to Chula Vista! We have these sweet little monsters that go to school here! They're f**** dumb! They don't want to learn anything!

  33. George McGovern says:

    Katie Hill is NOT the Congessional Representative for this 25 th anymore.

  34. Always love yourself first says:

    Sad & senseless!…

  35. Caleb says:

    Shooter confirmed to be half japanese half white

  36. OMER MARAS says:

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  37. Yari Medina says:

    Prayers 🙏

  38. Beijing yank says:

    So happy administration is making six digits a year.

  39. juntamidoryia says:

    don’t use bullying as an excuse.

  40. Robert Rineheart says:

    Not guilty

  41. Kay Ann says:

    That's where my best friend and her sister are…. god, this can't keep happening..

  42. Lisa CultJam says:

    Amerikkka's schools are no longer a safe environment for your children! Homeschool is the answer since the government refuses to address the problem.

  43. Tropic-Al says:

    Scariest thing I had to worry about when I went to school was getting my books popped by the class bully.

  44. A J says:

    Want this madness to stop? VOTE! …..Vote em out office!

  45. cody haley says:

    I thought the shooter shot himself? Or is this different?

  46. Forsaken Individual says:

    Wait, but I thought schools were gun free zones?

  47. MareosRoom says:

    Could have been prevented. Everything happens for a reason. These things, especially targeted victims, happen with a story behind it

  48. Thomas Heath says:

    False flag operation yet again. The government seems to have been tougher on this one sealing up the cracks but I bet we will see the same actors as used in prior shootings

  49. Yuikari says:

    that was my aunt's school….

  50. not sure says:

    another Mossad hoax psy-op

  51. Noname 1st says:

    Oh no,not again, this is just getting as regular as the weather report unfortunately, sad times

  52. IndiiSkies says:

    It really saddens me. Imagine that you wake up in the morning to go to school all excited or not and probably making straight A's in school in which could impact the future. In just a moment's notice, the shooter pulls the trigger… Bam! You collapse and all of your life wasted on that day. As sixteen years old, that's a lot of food consumed, a lot of money and time your parents to raise you just… all gone. In just a few minutes you're like just wiped out of the face of this earth. I feel like guns should not be allowed on school campuses. The entire school should be bulletproof and have scanners where you drop off your belongings down to have it checked which you can only get it back by the end of the day. Like those airport scanners things. We may not even need to worry about these things humans are not so corrupted(not saying all of them, just some) and just get along with others. I hope for the best for Santa Clarita and hope they can make a full recovery.

  53. Justin Sydnes says:

    Wow. California. Who woulda guessed. Smh🤦‍♂️it’s almost like gun laws don’t work🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  54. Arely Peralta says:

    this makes me scared to go to school now

  55. Tuan Nguyen says:

    Here is the lastest new on the suspect. The suspect is in GRAVE condition right now because he shot himself in the head after shooting his 5 classmates. He killed two and injured three. This dude is one of luckiest people on earth, shot himself in the head and is still surviving. Now taxpayers will have to spend at least a million dollars to make sure he is surviving from the gunshot.

  56. Shee Fou says:

    Honest Questions: Why do you think these mass shootings keep occurring? Why are almost all the suspects young caucasian males? Do you think someone has an agenda to ban guns in the USA? Would it be better if all guns were banned in the USA? What would the potential risks be for citizens, if guns were banned?

  57. jamie rebolledo says:

    Teraphy for teenagers urge now!!!!

  58. AB Aguirre says:

    Asian.. who/ what are we gonna put the blame on this time?

  59. Samuel Ingles says:

    i want to hear about real news not about a normal day in the USA…this is daily life…there will be another shooting…

  60. ThatJadon 26 says:

    Btw, that Elementary school they were running to was mine, it’s called Emblem Academy

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