Water CRISIS in 3 villages near Donetsk on the Ukraine War front-line PART #2

May God bless you and give you health so you can bring us more water and bread Oh, thank You How much? For free It’s a humanitarian aid Yes? Yes You’re welcome Pick a bucket and fill it with water Where are you from, boys? I am from the USA, I’m American Yes? Yes You brought bread from that far? I’ve been living in Donetsk for 3 years already I am war correcpondent Yes, yes My wife is from Donetsk My son is in Donetsk A bread Olya, came and take bread They giving it for free Where? Here Why I didn’t receive? You wasn’t asking, I came to buy Give us also, please What do You need here? Does someone help You? No, that’s for the first time, that’s why I was surprised, I came to buy Tell what do You need here? Water… Boys, I’ll start to cry now… I can’t stand it You see, we’re old aged and have no water, how it’s possible to live without a water? Tell what do You need Water Maybe people will hear You and help What people? One who shoot? How it is to live here? Without a water, all our village is without a water How could one live… You wake up, wash your face Make some women stuff, do a wash, wash the dishes, cook something… And there’s no water We need water, I don’t know how to live without a water We’re without water for more than a year, just imagine Son-in-law helps us and bring water We never thought such times will come Thank You very much, may God bless You Came, please and bring water We need water very much We have such people, living without water that need help My dear, no need to cry Water… You understand… Oh, hello! How big do you become Why are You crying? Maybe war will finish some day, we’re praying for it I don’t scared of war but I’m scared there’s no water… Hello Greetings, glad to see You When there’s shelling… Just two days ago we were shelled Mortar shells were flying here Where they’re shooting from? Where from? Avdeevka, Peski There was no single night it was silent What forces are shooting? Who knows Who’s shooting, where from, what units… I know that’s Ukraine who shoot and shoot “well” Why Ukrainian forces are shooting? Maybe they think that we are separatists Do You have a bottle? Yes I have, my dear Noone wants this war and noone needs this war My grandson got hiccup because of this war And I’ve sent granddaughter to Russia with heart disease… She’s 18 We were shelled here every night, say, Lena Yes, it is so During the day we were working in the garden to save some plants to eat In the night we were hiding in basements, we weren’t sleep for a days What for we are hitten? I don’t know what else they need There’s my grandkids… I tell You my grandson got hiccup because of shooting He just started to… Maybe you hear near the shop He is barely speaking Lyuda decided not to came to him Noone needs this war, it was just started by Poroshenko and that’s all People can’t be treaten in such way We lived here for all our life, we worked for all out life I was living in city for all my life afterwards I moved to this village I liked it Land is near We just started to live and it’s started… Explosions, booms… And it’s started People are not dumb here Many people got higher education Psycologists… I got three degrees And here what I’ve become Because of what? I can’t walk for a year already because of fracture And all because of running City people could be jealous to us They got everything cleaned and good We also trying to make cleanup Water… We need water Give us water and we have no problems Thanks God that Russia helps I don’t know how do we live without Russia Bye Bye

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  1. hoplite46 says:

    good man Patrick

  2. mike4july1972ua says:

    Russians are ill. That is why they often do wrong things.

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