What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?

it’s interesting when we design our
studies we provide diets that are high in starch and then we take away that starch and replaced it with sugar why do we even see such unfavorable effects
when we replace pasta or bread with a fructose sweetened beverage or let’s even
say high fructose corn syrup sweetened beverage well to answer that question
we’re gonna start first with the glucose the grains that we eat and we call carbs
are pretty much pure glucose and it goes into our bloodstream slowly cause it takes a while for those enzymes in the intestine to break it all down the
glucose leads the intestine in what we call the portal vein and that veins
first stop is the liver if the liver needs energy that liver is going to pull
the glucose in if the liver has enough energy most of the glucose bypasses
the liver and is delivered to the rest of the body it gets to be used by any
other place in the body that needs glucose now with fructose its different
we’re talking about fructose in the fructose sweetened beverages are subjects
consumed but we’re also talking about the fructose in sodas because high
fructose corn syrup contains fructose so fructose is in the intestine and it too is
delivered directly to the liver however there’s an enzyme there that’s always
turned on so it takes any fructose it can get its hands on even if the liver
has enough energy very little fructose gets delivered to
the rest of the body so what we end up is this fructose overload in the liver
it needs to start storing it as fat when you increase your levels of liver fat
you’re gonna have more fat heading out into the blood with more fat heading out
in the blood you end up with higher levels of
triglycerides and cholesterol both of them risk factors for cardiovascular disease
there’s another problem we believe liver fat decreases insulin’s ability to do
its job thats increases your risk of diabetes there’s another problem when your
insulin isn’t working well it also causes more fructose to be turned into
fat and it is also going to increase the amount of fat that liver
sends into the blood there’s another problem this group that consumed fructose tended to gain that weight within the abdominal cavity this is what we
call visceral fat that makes us apple shaped so what we have is this vicious
cycle going on that’s really why metabolic syndrome tends to be a group
of problems they make this little vicious cycle where one makes the other
worse and they just go around in this circle what we all need to do is get to
the point where sugar is a special occasion food it’s not a staple and
that’s where we need to think about our foods and what they can be doing to our
health are you wondering how much sugar you’re eating click on this video to find
out and be sure to subscribe to figure 1

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  1. Rachel Salt says:

    Great video! Thanks!

  2. Anmol says:

    Thanks, really informative video.

  3. matt v says:

    so sugar just gives you liver fat which can lead to bad consequences?

  4. Bilder Burger says:


  5. Cousins Gaming says:

    Good job

  6. Cousins Gaming says:

    Good job

  7. Eric K says:

    white bread and pasta are ok? what?

  8. English Chinese says:

    I have one question about pregnancy and insulin levels: is it that pregnancy increases insulin levels and therefore women want to eat more because they feel hungry OR is it that they can even eat normally and increased insulin levels make them gain weight? Or is it both at the same time?

  9. Deno Vassell says:

    I doubt they're promoting pasta and bread, just saying they substituted those items in the subjects' diets. NO PROCESSED SUGAR OR FOODS… STRAIGHT ORGANIC FRUITS, ROOTS, NUTS, VEGETABLES AND WAAAAAAATA!….. lets hope we can sustain this AND MAKE IT BETTER!

  10. mrmelkor1 says:

    change the title to What Does fructose Actually Do To Your Body?

  11. PRIVATE EYE says:

    It's the grocery stores Stay away from the middle sections as you know this is all sugar foods. Retrain your brain to detox by combatting to much sugar. Sleeping a lot is a sign of addiction, and a sign of to much toxicity not enough alkalinity can certainly cause more health problems beyond your organs but, also in the brain. Sugar is a pleasure drug for your brain so addiction is often common and urges will sneak up on you especially if your on medication.

  12. BazY Xcore says:

    im a the only one who get a bad feeling when watching this

  13. 123fendas2 says:

    I'll get diabetes.

  14. jim spotswood says:

    Even better: cut carbohydrates like pasta and bread and eat more healthy fats, protein, and fresh vegetables.

  15. Amelia S says:

    fructose doesn't even sound like a real word to me anymore

  16. chairwood44 says:

    This is stupid and has not provided any real scientific evidence. if you want to be lean and healthy eat a low fat high carb diet with no animal products. keep the fat you eat very low and eat as much sugar as you want. Fructose isn't going to make you fat.

  17. Rolando Garcia says:

    Big gulp advert, interesting target pop

  18. Dustin Williams says:

    what does this have to do with sugar?

  19. Alysia Smith says:

    watching this as i drink an orange soda.. 🙁 lol

  20. Ruth Cunningham says:

    Simplify the message for the general public please. All the fancy terminology doesn't help lay people who are struggling with weight/obesity or diabetes. My elderly aunt died recently because she ate sugary foods daily without discretion. She had a terrible weight problem and diabetes. Just come right out and say that eating sugary foods and sugary drinks regularly to excess will make you overweight, cause you to get diabetes, and basically send you to an early grave.

  21. Λ S T Λ T I C says:

    plz sub to my channel

  22. Peo Do says:

    Who else is scared now?

  23. hernandez victorio says:

    que mierda es esto?

  24. hernandez victorio says:

    me gusta el nepe

  25. hernandez victorio says:


  26. 27scole says:

    the liver delivers… really appreciate the light notion

  27. Random Guy says:


  28. azman Masri says:

    every dna and cell need sugar

  29. Carol Williamson says:

    Would also affect the kidneys and gall bladder.

  30. Decayedspawn says:

    Lmfao frucktose

  31. Alastair Pinto says:

    Great video but now I'm scared about what I've done to my body

  32. MJB Games says:

    Fructose is pronounced frooctose

  33. joan Romano Fossemo says:

    time to cit out bad sugar 🙁

  34. Sausage N Bellenz says:

    much poisonous food being sold legally,

  35. Abraham Dlamini says:

    thank you , this video is very informative.

  36. Harold Hart says:

    The human body absorbs Emulsified FAT which is stored in the liver.
    These globs of FAT remain until bile, that is produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder, mixes with the large fat droplets. Bile contains bile salts, which act as an emulsifier of lipids.

  37. Michael De La Rosa says:

    I haven't drank soda in 5 years fam

  38. Sam Valentine says:

    What the fruck

  39. sam Shepherd says:

    so what about fructose coming in the form of fruits and vegetables? Does it have a different effect compared to fructose coming from sugary drinks?

  40. angel Calderón says:

    how come we can't make like a "robot like us" and we got all this by just a random explosion? (big bang)

  41. Allan Koivu says:

    Sugar is poison….

  42. saybeaful says:

    Does that also concern to frooctose in fruits?

  43. Johnny says:

    Fuck my body i'm just enjoying my life whit sugar

  44. Chelsea Tito says:

    Omg theres high frucktose in everything

  45. Chelsea Tito says:

    Oh my frucking god

  46. Chelsea Tito says:


  47. Mary Yeet says:

    Does the fact that most fructose gets stored in the liver apply with fruits, too? Can eating too much fruit cause cardiovascular disease?

  48. Bro Hehehehe says:

    I just ate a big bowl of chocolate cherrios, a sprinkled donut, and a large caramel iced coffee for breakfast. SUGAR ON TOP OF SUGAR ON TOP OF FREAKING SUAGAR!!!!! #regrets I feel so sick right now! Time to go hit the gym!

  49. Laura Padron says:

    is eating a fruit a day bad?

  50. Teodor Gabriel says:

    very good video!

  51. Roman Parsons says:

    Fructose not "Frucktus"

  52. XO says:

    Thank you for spreading awareness

  53. Madeline George says:

    What is the process when it comes to sugar alcohols? is it similar?

  54. luis C says:

    make us fat

  55. Dr. SEA says:

    Great video. Can I please use this for educational purposes?

  56. pro boxer2.0 says:

    Is tea with honey healthy bicos i drink 4mubs of tea with honey every day

  57. Vince McMahon Sr. says:

    Does anyone know how I can lower my cholesterol?

  58. feel good says:

    "frUcktose"? I always thought it was pronounced "frOOktose"

  59. Humble Life says:

    Wow!?? I am so glad I looked up how sugar affects the body. Very serious. Now, I have more insight to what I have been putting in my body.?? I've got to start saying no to the sweets.?

  60. Sina says:

    Thanks! But what about honey? And I mean the local pure none processed honey and not the one in the store

  61. Chris Freely says:

    Very simple, look at photos of people from the start of 80s and earlier. Notice something; they're almost all thin. There were no gyms, no power drinks no diets, people actually had a problem with gaining weight, why is that? Their foods were high in fat but no processed sugar. They actually used to sell lard in cans, so women could gain weight and be "more attractive".

    This was the time before they started adding sugar to everything. You want to lose weight and keep it off? The gym isn't going to help, you can never outwork a poor diet. It's simple, stop drinking soda/pop/carbonated drinks, when you go to the grocery 99% of your food should be from the meat, fruit, veg sections, in other words, the perimeter the only thing you should buy from the inside, center of the store are toiletries and water.

    Throw away your gym membership and eat delicious high-fat foods, do not get fooled by "organic" anything. Do this and you'll lose weight faster and easier than ever before, but if you want to stay fat, miserable and throw money away, then keep your sweets. "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." -3 John 1:2 Even God wants you to be healthy.

    God bless you all…

  62. Justin says:

    Can u provide a link to the actual study?

  63. Christos Konstantinos Matzoros says:


  64. KareliaRussia says:

    I don't drink/eat sugar for a looong time now, I only drink water and eat food. No candy, no sugar rich deserts etc. My body feels great, I loss weight, no more headache. One thing I wondering is that how fat people would drink this, in my opinion they don't respect their bodys, you decide what's coming into your body and no one else. Sugar is a devestating shit.

  65. Mark Dennings says:

    Cholesterol is good for you. Stop telling people fake Nutrition… Go keto and Intermittent Fasting today!

  66. Supreme-Chewy says:

    Bitch talks slow as fuck

  67. Daddy Pig says:

    I’m watching this to convince myself to stop eating shit. My skin is breaking out.

  68. Big Noel says:

    Read the book called pure white and deadly by John yudkin, he tried to warn us of the dangers of refined sugar back in 1972.

  69. Kate says:

    its pronounced FR-OU-C-TOSE, not FR-U-CK-TOSE

  70. Tasha Marks says:

    I just ate 18 double stuff oreos…I need to punish myself with knowledge.

  71. raiden mcmahon says:

    I like sugar.

  72. Sirena petite says:

    High fructose corn syrup is nasty.

  73. ahmet soyturk says:

    Bullshit, sugar is good for you

  74. Chris Nyholm says:


  75. STEGO 281 says:

    Fruc this bitch

  76. bannor216 says:

    stop saying fructose like that it's annoying

  77. Trevor Hendrickson says:

    I couldn’t keep listening after she said “frÜktōse” for the 5th time. It’s Frooktose. Lol

  78. Craig Luxington says:

    Why is she saying “fruktoast”

  79. Aria says:

    Doesn't this mean that fruit juice is actually very bad for you? That's all fructose, while table sugar is 50/50 fructose/glucose.

  80. rob wilkinson says:

    its frightening isnt it, just how bad a lot of convenience food is…..obesity is a real epidemic

  81. Don says:

    How come this doesn’t happen when you eat copious amounts of fruit?

  82. Logan Visser says:

    skeet yeet

  83. Top Content says:

    sugar isn't bad for you and doesn't make you fat, and it actually cures diabetes. don't believe the bs. people tell you sugar and carbs are bad for you because the medical industry needs sick people to survive. cancer and diabetes is huge busine$$. if the medical industry told people the truth, which is that fruits and veggies cure cancer and sugar cures diabetes, they would be out of business very quick. there have been ZERO studies showing that sugar causes diabetes or makes you fat.

  84. Kevin Ceniceros says:

    I have been eating mainly small portions of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches recently, so I'm good.

  85. Nem says:

    We all die guess im gonna have hfcs in my veins when they do an autopsy cuz i love soda ^^.

  86. Doris Maduakolam says:

    I like this topic

  87. chanise bailey says:

    I feel horrible the nurse told me in the hospital it's not my fault and it just happens that I got type1 diabetes but after watching this I feel guilty as a kids growing up all that glucose and sugar in my liver caused my pancreas to kill itself then why did the nurse say they still don't know how the pancreas destroyed it self the liver got fatty and caused diabetes to happen ??

  88. jordana eisen says:


  89. Red says:

    Carbs!! ❤️

  90. ClickMe says:

    You saying we cant eat fruits now coz it has fructose.. Fruits should be eaten in special occasions only… People take this with a grain of salt..

  91. Inferno King of the underworld says:

    Subsribe to Markipleir

  92. eduardo santos says:

    This lady extremely knowledgeable

  93. Cedric Hua says:

    This helped me with my physical education homework! 🙂

  94. Larry Putra says:

    Well said thanks

  95. Wither Skelleton456 says:

    Every food has sugar in it… That means I can never eat again

  96. Brandon Boss says:

    Take a shot every time she says fructose

  97. David Farmer says:

    God you americans do rasp everything in your throats….. :-/

    A good helpful video .

  98. HelloKitty Gaming says:

    is. that. Chrow???????

  99. billi Jr. says:

    Fruk toes ?

  100. Juls says:

    I would appreciate if "experts" distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes! Just to say "diabetes" is a WRONG information as we speak about two very different illnesses with completely different causes! Unfortunately they have a similar name due to the same treatment.

    That means, eating sugar does not cause type 1 diabetes as this is an autoimmune reaction were the cause and the cure is yet to be found. Whereas type 2 diabetes is directly linked with overeating sugar and can be cured through healthy eating!

    Other side note: She mentioned different effects in the body when eating bread or pasta. This is true but speaking about diabetes for type 1 and 2, bread and pasta is nearly as bad as pure sugar for those people. White pasta has no nutritional value but consists only of carbohydrates. All carbs are being converted into sugar in the body! Another dish such as vegetables would be much more appropriate if we want to address healthier eating for type 2 diabetics!

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