What If Only One Baby Was Born in a Year

In the twelve seconds it takes me to finish
this sentence, about fifty-five babies will be bored around the world. Probably 55 adults too. I have that effect on people sometimes…wait. Oh, that’s born not bored? Okay that’s different. Fifty-five babies will be born around the
world. That’s three hundred and sixty thousand every
day. Now that’s a bunch of babies. But what if there weren’t quite so many. What if, for one year, only a single baby
was born? First, I want to make sure we’re all on the
same page. I’m not talking about a slow decline in
fertility taking place over several years. That’s an interesting thought experiment
with tons of possible ramifications, but I have to narrow this down, or we’re going to
be here all week. On that note, it’s not necessary to get
into the biology of how this would happen. So let’s just pretend the stork took a year-long
holiday and forgot to call a sub. For starters, people would probably panic,
and it would probably start well before the baby gap began to open. Remember, no births for a year would be preceded
by about nine months with no new pregnancies. Doctors who specialize in pregnancy are known
as obstetricians, or OB-GYNs. The average doctor in that field sees somewhere
between fifty and one hundred patients every week, so it’s a safe bet that they would be
the first to notice something’s up. For the first few days after the switch flipped,
everything would be business as usual. Then they’d start to notice a drop in the
number of pregnant patients. Soon, they’d realize none of their colleagues
are seeing any new pregnancies either, and it’s only a matter of time until someone raises
the alarm. Now, we all know how the internet works. The moment the first doctor makes an innocuous
Facebook post about not having many new patients; the conspiracy train would get rolling. Once “No more babies!” is the headline
on every website and news station, it would start tearing down the rails at Mach 10. As scientists around the globe struggle to
explain what just happened, people would come up with their own answers. Many might believe that it’s the beginning
of the end of the world. That might sound farfetched, but mass panic
has happened before over less real threats. Hands up if you’re old enough to remember
the Y2K scare of the late nineties. If people were stockpiling canned goods and
toilet paper because of a computer glitch, imagine how they’d react to all the women
on Earth suddenly losing the ability to have babies. I’m not saying there would be mass hysteria,
just that there would probably be mass hysteria. And what is one of the first things to go
during times of panic? The economy. Fortunately, people would start to calm down
a bit once couples started getting pregnant again. How much they would calm down is going to
depend on whether scientists have succeeded in explaining what went wrong. Let’s try to be optimistic and say the space
octopus responsible was apprehended. This is where we get to the second part of
our thought experiment. Let’s say about ten months into the year
without newborns, the world breathes a sigh of relief as the year’s first and only baby
is born, happy and healthy. And for the fun of it, let’s say that this
baby is you. As the only baby of the year, you’d be a celebrity
before you were even born. The whole world would know your name before
you could even walk. That fame would extend to your entire family
as well. Your birthday might even end up as a global
holiday. Now, before you get too excited, remember
that fame isn’t always perfect. While being a star might sound glamorous,
kids who grow up in the spotlight don’t always adjust well later in life, and you’d be under
every spotlight in the universe. Not to mention all the doctors and scientists
wanting to poke at you every day of your life. Frankly, I don’t know if I’d want to be that
famous before I’m even a day old. Would it be glitz and glamour 24/7 365, or
is zero a little too young to be immortalized? Tell me what you think in the comments. Anyway, what about the long-term effects? Life isn’t just going to suddenly go back
to normal after something like this. For starters, companies that specialize in
things for babies would definitely have a rough fiscal year. While I don’t think Fisher-Price is destined
for bankruptcy, they would absolutely experience layoffs and downsizing in one form or another. Parents would still need things for children
born shortly before the gap, but sales wouldn’t be nearly what they were at peak baby time,
and the lingering effects of the economic recession wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors. Interestingly, the makers of baby food might
be okay. While children can start eating solid food
after about six to eight months, most won’t be ready to ditch baby food entirely until
they’re around two. Things wouldn’t be fantastic for the baby
food industry, and formula manufacturers are in for several rough quarters, but most of
them will survive. Where things get complicated is when it comes
to education and healthcare. Maternity wards aren’t going to see any use
for about a year. Unlike retail and factory workers, doctors
and nurses could likely transition to general practitioners, and nurses are always in high
demand. The only real danger is that not enough of
these professionals would transfer back in once the maternity wards reopen. As for teachers, schools would have to deal
with the baby gap for much longer than anyone else. Every year for twelve years, schools around
the world would be missing almost an entire grade’s worth of students. There would still be a few kids in the mostly
empty grades, students who were held back or skipped a year in elementary school, but
not enough to justify keeping hundreds of additional teachers on staff. This could lead to teachers being laid off,
potentially disrupting the education system for years to come, but I find that unlikely. Remember, school systems will have about five
years to brace for the tide while colleges would have nearly two decades to prepare. Frankly, if people aren’t ready by then,
it’s because they weren’t trying. On the plus side, there’ll be less competition
for you in getting into the dream college of your choice. Helloooo Stanford! Ha. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
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on the Bright Side of life!

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100 Responses

  1. Anh Dang says:

    Imagine being the only student in that year graduating!

  2. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub says:

    0:20 he didn't show southeast asia 🙁 ASEAN wut wut

  3. Kloud Vibez says:

    Why are all those babies white.

  4. Madeleine Wanigesekera says:

    Then BTS wouldn’t be here

  5. Kloud Vibez says:

    It should be why are there no babies in November.
    It's NNN you wouldn't understand.

  6. IzabeeB says:

    But what if that baby born that year was a twin, triplet, or more babies in that pregnancy?

  7. Purple Beary says:

    Then everyone dies in a year probably I think

  8. Marlon Khely Arroyo says:


  9. Ronald Clay says:

    One thing not mentioned, the deaths would still continue. The world population would reduce dramatically without infants replacing those who died.

  10. yariiyaritza says:

    My sister and I are "Irish Twins" born 10 months and 2 weeks apart. If you calculate the difference, it is the 9 months of pregnancy and the 40 day wait.

  11. Anthony Vigoa says:

    It would be the end of the world because people die I THINK 100-250 every year

  12. EmissAry TheGreat says:

    It wouldn't be that big of a deal. The biggest issue would always remain why only one was born. But school and the economy and all that wont be truly affected. Life will still be very normal. Similar to being born on a leap year in a way. But if the 'only' child can start school with the kids a year older,do that. And if he's a little slow start with the kids a year younger.. but the kid wont be lonely it's not the apocalypse ppl. It's our population taking a break from bolooning for just one year. Lol I think we could use a year off lol

  13. meme time says:

    You have much more than 55 adults bored.

  14. Gail Jackson-Chapman says:

    Umm, that's a thought question for me to answer. I don't know???

  15. The one snapchat arrow says:

    We would have no classmates.

  16. Haley Chen says:

    Everyone will have a different age

  17. Kevin Samuel says:

    Bright side makes a what if video
    What if: That's illegal

  18. Mykal Baldie says:

    We would probably see more financially well off males.

  19. Izzy's World says:

    1:50 did anyone notice that there’s a guy in a girls nurse uniform.

  20. JON MATTHEW says:

    What if the world ends tomorrow??


    I would not want to be a motel in the age of zero.
    One when people are taken pictures I will get blind in ten seconds

  22. Tabby Cat says:

    Puts handcuffs on octopus*
    Octopus has 8 arms

  23. jozo bubalo says:

    It will be a glory year for lgbt

  24. Kaylah Waiti Ututaonga says:

    I think why does the baby have a mid winter shadow on its face lol

  25. Urself Boi x3 says:

    Wait….. what’s going with your teen?

  26. Im a dinosaur says:

    Why do the doctors have tiny heads

  27. Mosa. The. Queen says:

    Would that decrease the population because this only talks about only one baby being born but what about the amount of people that are dying, because people are born and die everyday I wanna know how that would also play a role along side the decrease of births in that one year

  28. Mia leigh. sutton says:

    That baby will be in a class in school on their own

  29. Wolflover 59 says:

    Why is it seen that every woman must have at least one baby in her life? Not everyone finds them cute ?

  30. Carmela Drossman-Schlossberg says:

    Well, i know he wasn't just born when he became famous but I KNOW SOMEONE WHO WAS FAMOUS AT A REALLY YOUNG AGE…

    His name is Harry Potter!!!!!

  31. Doom Dub says:


    China hack this channel

  32. Little Mixer says:

    Wouldn't that put an imbalance on our species?

  33. Mr. X says:

    Durex and Skore will be the top industries then……lol

  34. twinkle tact says:


  35. The ProGamer says:

    Japan: laughs in Low birth rate

  36. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ Doggo says:


  37. Shukri Hasan says:

    0:04 that man had curves…?

  38. harsh goyal says:

    This means we can have s€x as much as we want without having any problem
    Less Global warmimg

  39. Flaming Garbage says:

    Wow, that kid would be the only one in their grade/graduation/ homecoming lol

  40. Victoria R says:

    Did anyone notice the doctor w/ the glasses at 1:49 … his waist is snatched ?

  41. Wolfmistress Wilderr says:

    Wait this is only two days old?

  42. Alessandra Asebedo says:

    1:48 bruh why is the dude up front in the glasses so thick

  43. Margaret Ann Ferguson says:

    Reminds me of a science fiction story where childbirth was forbidden.

  44. Jessica Jugs says:

    Women who are on welfare and excited about baby number 5 on the way….. cringe.

  45. Kyle Rider says:

    It would actually be a good thing for the planet for humans to take a year off from baby making every two to three years.

  46. Aleena's DIY corner says:

    1:45 why is the body so big and the head so small…?

  47. Aleena's DIY corner says:

    4:25 why does the baby have like some facial hairs already….?

  48. Jeff Couture says:

    Anyone else just learn what obgyn means!?

  49. ELI'S Vlog's says:

    Daughter: Hey Dad Why Can't I Have A Baby Sister
    Dad: imma head out

  50. Jenny 25 says:

    ERROR 404 not scary to me

  51. Neshia Mccarroll says:

    rate of teen moms drops

  52. Awesomegamr2008 * says:

    Hoes would go up in stonks

  53. Mac Same says:

    Hahaha do you think mock 10 is fast I know someone who goes mock 20 (Coral sensei from assassination classroom)

  54. donna thompson says:

    Well that would mean no ILLEGALS!

  55. zxx5 says:

    Population growth defies evolution
    there is a Creator, evolution is a lie

  56. JustRaGamer says:

    There would be 2019 babies

  57. Yuniqe Medsam says:

    Then u find out people did no nut November for the entire year

  58. Valencia. B says:

    Then twins wouldn’t exist

  59. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    Hey guys! How many siblings do you have?

  60. Count Roy says:

    0:26 Bunch of babies

  61. JESSE B says:

    Well,… The problem is not one BABY a year… The problem is "who's gonna have that BABY"???…..

  62. Marta Sosa says:

    It doesn't need to have 1 child at year, but it sure is needed to decrease the population in order to keep the balance in the planet…

  63. Major Renegade says:

    1:48 man head on a women body……

  64. edon bejtullahu says:

    Did they put a beard in that baby?

  65. Gacha 07 says:

    TWINS:”Am I a joke to you?”

  66. Animal Lover says:

    Then this poor abused planet & all its wildlife would stand a chance!!!

  67. Hala Alawieh says:

    2000000 years later
    50million holidays

  68. timoback3000 says:

    Childern of Men

  69. Parin Patel says:

    *China has left the server
    *India has left the server

  70. 44op 2.0 says:

    0 I have no brother or sister I only have to hath sisters


    World Becomes Green–Greener—-Greenest
    There will be no Global warming
    Every Animal Have Healthier Environment
    There will CO2 Shortage


    There would be CO2 Shortage after 50 years

  73. Due and wolf brothers says:

    Then the population of the people will decrease as years passed,
    and they are more likely to extinct after many years.

  74. Joyce Zhang says:

    I like to eat baby snacks not the mush tho I’m weird……………

  75. Mrs. Thick says:

    What normal people say : I have 2 siblings

    What I say : I have 5000 sibling they
    All look like this
    ? ? ? ? ?

  76. Francis Yogyog says:

    What happen if we don’t vote?

  77. JacklynPlayez Gamez says:

    No we don’t need more baby katas

  78. RICK JAMEZ says:


  79. And this one will eat you. Get cooked in my fires says:

    I really hope I’d be the 2008 person

  80. 王盛帅 says:

    The world can’t survive because just think how much people die in a year

  81. Nelvin Miguel says:

    Well then I will be so happy because I will be the only student in the whole grade.

  82. Mr Tap says:

    "then only you would go to school for 1 year"

  83. Darryl Kinslow says:

    If a single baby was born in a year, there would only have been about 5000 people born since Adam and Eve, and there would only be maybe 80 people alive a one time.

  84. C'mon says:

    Creampie dream comes true

  85. RA Bonifacio says:

    Truman Show

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    Then twin wouldn't even be a world

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    Англичане и Американцы зайдите на канал Адми 🙂

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    2:45 wow. Just wow.

  89. Invincible Gaming says:

    What if a baby was born every second I wan thinking about that yesterday please do it

  90. Maria Duarte says:

    1 baby brother

  91. Hotdog says:

    if it was now

    No more overpopulation!

  92. Iraj Matthee says:

    On the opposite side of the spectrum a book I read title "11 Billion" gives details how unsustainable our planet would be if the global population were to hit that number because our resources would definitely not keep up.

  93. EarsplittingTuber says:

    You're never too young to be famous!

  94. McPockeT says:

    If this happened, you won't have any classmates

  95. Ленгесова Карина Карина Ленгесова says:


  96. Ленгесова Карина Карина Ленгесова says:

    A!!!!! 1 year 1 baby!!!!!!!

  97. Infatnik • says:

    We would have less people.

  98. Slither-face Anims says:

    What if its twins thoo

  99. Slither-face Anims says:

    But think about it rn a lot of woman are pregnant so if this happens while there pregnant they will be born then after that nobody will be pregnant yet

  100. Angry Siri says:

    Me: reads the title
    Bright Side: What if one baby was born in a year?

    Me: I don't think India will agree with that

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