What Is Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation? | Planned Parenthood’s Roo High School

(upbeat music)
Hey everyone. Oh my god, my voice is gone. (coughing) Hey everyone. Okay we’re back. Hey everyone, I’m Eva and
welcome to Roo High School. Today I’m here with some friends and special guest to talk about all questions identity. (horn noises) I also have a very special guest to help us out with any
question that comes up. Sex ed chatbot Roo. Roo is an anonymous
non-judgmental chatbot that’s available on your phone 24/7 to ask any questions that you might not want to ask an actual person. And now it’s time to
announce our totally cool and amazing MCs for the night Aaron. (upbeat music) And James. Aaron and James are followed by all of our wonderful classmates. So I’m gonna go collect
their questions and take this bowl and uh, give it to Roo. (flash clicks) – [James] Here comes Bjorn with a question about identity. Okay, I see you Evie with
questions about pronouns. What is up Roo High School? What is up everybody? It’s DJ James B on the ones and twos. (disc scraping) With my beautiful co-host. – Ms. Aaron baby on the beat. (disc scraping) Ya’ll know the vibe period. – What are your pronouns? – My pronouns are she,
her, thank you very much. – And mine are he, him,
thank you very much. (clapping)
– Yay. (laughing) – And what are we talking about today? – Today we’re talking
about gender identity and sexual orientation. – Oooh! Who should we dedicate
this first question to? – All the beautiful little ladybugs on the dance floor today. – A!
– Doing it up. – They’re living their best lives. – Living their best lives as they are, as they should be. – Alright, let’s see. – Can I be transgender and
attracted to any gender? – What you think?
– Let’s ask Roo. The gender you identify as doesn’t affect who you might feel attracted to. Gender is different
than sexual orientation. So it’s possible to identify as any gender and still be attracted to any gender. – And like my favorite
health teacher told me. Identity is who you go to bed as, orientation is who you go to bed with. – Period. – Period. (dance music) Alright, so this next question is dedicated to all my queens, kings out there who are maybe in the closet and you need to know. How do I come out? (harp notes) – Oh wow, this question
takes me back baby– – Back. – That was a process baby. – Oh, oh, oh. – Coming out is different for everyone. You know it takes a while for some people. Some people wanna do it asap but that’s up to them. I think it takes transparency and self knowledge and self worth to know when is the time to make that decision. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen the way it should but either way you are still you and nothing will take you away from you ever. (finger snapping) – What! Or your closet can look like mine and it was glass and see through. (dance music) We’re killin it. Let’s dedicate this one to– All the people out there
who may be thinking they like both. – Are people really bi? – Hmmmm. I remember growing up in high school this was always like, you can’t be bi. There’s no such thing. You can’t be bi. For all those bisexual skeptics out there. Let’s ask Roo. – Let’s ask Roo. – Are people really bi? – Bisexuality is real and
legit sexual orientation. Yes it is. It’s completely possible
to be attracted to, have sex with and date
more than one gender. We been knew. (laughing) (finger snapping) Period.
– Period. – On that note. Enough with the homework. Enough with the shenanigans, let’s go party baby. – Let’s go. – Mwah, let’s get it popping. (laughing) (dance music) – Roo is always there for you to answer any questions that you may have. And remember, Roo is
powered by real people at Planned Parenthood who care about the health and wellness of teens. And on that note let’s go dance. (dance music) (wind chime chiming) I really hope you guys liked these videos.

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