What Is The International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

On June 30th, 2015, Greece missed a major
loan-repayment deadline to the International Monetary Fund. The IMF provided 32 Billion
Euros in emergency loans to keep the Greek economy from collapsing. So why did the IMF
take a risk on such an unstable economy? What exactly is the IMF? The IMF was created alongside the World Bank
in 1945, as overlapping finance arms of the United Nations. The World Bank focuses on
financing and investing in developing countries, as well as eliminating poverty. The IMF primarily
monitors exchange rates, stabilizes international monetary systems and fosters global financial
cooperation. Well since World War 2, the world’s economies
have become interdependent on each other through trade and investment. While this helps strengthen
the global financial system, it also creates weaknesses in the economic chain. When an
unforeseeable crisis, like a recession or a natural disaster, destabilizes one nation’s
economy, it can severely affect dependent countries. The balancing force of the IMF
prevents any potential “domino effect” in collapsing economies. The IMF is one of several global banks that
provides loans to troubled economies to promote a stable WORLD economy. The IMF, and its sister
organisation, the World Bank, tend to serve more Western interests, like the US and the
EU. While other global banks, like the New Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure
Investment Bank serve Chinese and Russian interests more. In total, the IMF has 188
member states. After the global financial crisis of 2008,
African countries were hit hard. The demand for imported goods from Africa declined, and
international growth rates slowed. In response, the IMF proactively made billions of dollars
available to places like Ghana, at extremely low interest rates. With this support, Ghana’s
growth rate increased to over 9% in 2011, and remains one of Africa’s frontier emerging
markets. Currently, the IMF’s biggest borrowers are
Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Ukraine. The IMF also gives “precautionary” loans as
a sort of preventative measure before things get too bad. Receivers of precautionary loans
include: Mexico, Poland, Colombia and Morocco. Despite their support, the IMF has been widely
criticized for allowing disparate levels of influence. This is because member nations
which invest more money in the IMF get more voting rights. The US comprises nearly a fifth
of all available votes because they are the largest contributor. Additionally, since the
IMF is somewhat of a last resort, countries in trouble have no choice but to agree to
significant austerity measures that may not necessarily be in their best interests, or
agree with their ideologies. While the IMF is a powerful force within the
world economic balance, it also openly serves the interests of its member countries. With
so much influence in the political policies of struggling countries, it is dangerous to
try and treat domestic problems with simple cash infusions and austerity measures. However,
without it, countries like Greece may face worse alternatives. If Greece leaves the eurozone
over money woes, it would be devastating to all of Europe. The European Union is also at risk after Greece’s
refusal to accept a bailout. To learn more about the future of the EU, check out our
video now. And subscribe for new videos every day. Thanks for watching.

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100 Responses

  1. Gummy Bear Mauler says:

    Did nobody else thing mission impossible?

  2. Yolson says:

    Do a video about how Russia and the USA destroyed the beautiful country of Afghanistan…

  3. deisisase says:

    If Greece leaves the Eurozone and tells everyone that they will fight to the last man against anyone who tries to stop them; then stands by what they say, how will that be devastating? How powerful exactly are they?

  4. Sa gup says:

    IMF =Israel Monetary Fund.
    Its a total Joke and bails out Banks! Not people?

  5. Dan Pahomi says:


  6. Highspeed106 says:

    "U.S. comprises nearly a fifth of all available votes"
    Pretty sure 16.74% is closer to a sixth than a fifth but whatever.

  7. Dhruv Jani says:

    One Question …
    Is IMF private or public … ???

  8. Aznwarlord7 says:

    impossible mission force

  9. Alessio Yautja says:

    The International Mafia Family ^^

  10. iJustFlyDammit says:

    I'll save you three and a half minutes.

    What is the IMF? The biggest mafia in the world.

  11. PS4sos21 says:

    The bank of international settlements is the worlds richest back that has ever existed.. I wonder why you guys don't touch on this bank. Maybe it's because some people in there have connections with the people that you work for when making these pointless videos that are full of half-truths and straight up lies

  12. verdun2003 says:

    IMF = International Mafia Fund

    Their goal is simple: destroy emerging countries economies through unsustainable debt – once the economy is suffocating due to interest payments, buy for pennies on the dollars public companies and "liberalize" so that western companies enter those markets. Rinse and repeat.

    Watch "Confessions of an economic hitman".

  13. The Sky Crusader says:

    What's wrong with @TestTube News? that's not what the IMF is. No mention of Tom cruise? wow.

  14. TheSamuel9464 says:

    Haha did anyone else click here because of Mission Impossible?

  15. GauravHkr says:

    Do some more videos over IMF, BRICS, WTO, WORLD BANK etc. and target some big economic factors 🙂

  16. Creative Force says:

    IMF guys don't differ from ordinary thieves; they will hold you as a hostage until you give them what they want !
    They give you an illusion of "We are serving a cause","Everything looks legit" but if you do some research you will discover how nasty they are and the real meaning of "Business is Business"

  17. Amoj Zednanref says:

    What is IMF a tool of US imperialism

  18. Jyoti Jain says:

    Your site test tube news only allows people who have facebook account to comment. Please change that.

  19. James Wong says:


  20. LOU says:

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  21. LOU says:

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  22. kenric frazier says:

    can i be in the imf

  23. kenric frazier says:

    there more than this recruit me

  24. kenric frazier says:

    i love imf

  25. lil fgt 9000 says:

    Saved Greece's economy from collapsing AHAHAAHAAHHAAHHAHAHA ye ok Greece would be better off this mafia..

  26. roylikesitlikethat says:

    IMF is nothing more than a global loan shark.

  27. ISavic says:

    This is not explanatory enough. This is the same stuff you can hear on news. Who actually runs the IMF? And how they can have so much money? It seems that nobody is actually returning it to IMF.

  28. Blast men says:

    The IMF doesn't elimination poverty. omg…

  29. mccabber24 says:

    Impossible Mission Force

  30. predrax says:

    Pause at 0:17
    LOL FACE!!!

  31. I am no thing says:

    You can't fool people with this CRAP anymore. We're waking up! The IMF was not created to serve, but to SEIZE power! Evil FUCKS.

  32. bongy majola says:

    these guys are hotttt lol

  33. lumburgapalooza says:

    "That's a mighty fine country you've got there… it'd be a shame if something were to happen to it."
    – Christine Lagarde

  34. Isabella Bornberg says:

    I like the IMF and find it quite sad that people are so pessimistic about it

  35. Sarcastic Botbol says:

    World's biggest cancer

  36. Original map of Mexico says:

    you guys should do more economic reporting.

  37. upsideadown says:

    Burn it to the ground.

  38. whitney ford says:

    The IMF was established in 1944, one year before the established United Nations.
    not 1945…

  39. Akash Yadav says:

    can you make a video on India's demonetization policy. it will be very helpful to understand.

  40. 476 Anno Domini says:

    Guys you can claim the IMF as your own business on Google. The IMF hasn't gotten round to claiming their own business. I did it but, out of fear of the FBI knocking on my door, scared me into deleting my claim.

  41. Carpet Bombing says:

    IMF ? You mean Impossible Mission Forces ? ;P

  42. Yash Shirodkar says:

    An Organisation that makes Poor countries even poor is known as IMF

  43. Adnane TruthSeeker says:

    Bull shit; the IMF is a way to enslave other nations

  44. Rawa Serwan says:

    Just a global mafia using a country's increasing GDP as "evidence" that their work is helping but all it is doing is benefiting the rich we forgot that GDP does not show the gap between the rich and poor and only considers money. Measuring from HDI would show the truth a lot better.

  45. sam sam says:

    wroooooong you stupid !!

  46. Tyrone SpongMMA says:

    IMF kills suriname

  47. hdmat101 says:

    Isn't the imf the impossible mission force?

  48. Aarati Kafle says:

    I love your channel!
    So informative even in summary!

  49. zukkus zukkus says:

    imf is zionist fraud

  50. Kevin Shin says:

    IMF is scum. But thankfully can be killed off with the other weasel bankers in this world by block chain technology, like Bitcoin.

  51. Jean- Marc Boucher says:

    Imf told me I can apply for some money

  52. Mr. Game & Watch says:

    We shouldn't give a single dime to any international organization.

  53. zubeir abdullahi says:

    Plz do a video on Tajikistan

  54. Robert Escuea says:

    IMF lends money with the interest it wants, effectively enslaving the country that borrows. Usually they buy off the top management of the country or blackmail them in such a way that the country accepts everything the IMF wants. And IMF, being a bank owned by private individuals, wants in the first place to make easy money. Secondly it serve other agendas, its patrons have…and on those agendas does not appear the well being of the majority of the population.
    In layman's terms, IMF gives with one hand, and takes with 100 hands!

  55. Blah Blah says:

    This video is the best I have watched so far on IMF ❤️
    It’s really very productive

  56. Guiseppe Papagiorgio says:

    There is so much wrong with this video. There is a difference between what the IMF claims to be and what it actually is..

  57. Priyabrata Roy says:

    IMF and World are the two organizations created by Western Forces to Destroy economical and social Development in the Hard withing 3rd world and they concealed their agenda as Re- structure and reformation of war trodden third world in fear that if 3rd world rise their leisure by exploiting will fall . Our previous Indian politicians were their Agents . But Now Modi is Nationalist and under his other nationalist from their own nation BRICKS is created Asian Development Bank is created under guidance of Japan . We need to return the loans to IMF and World B and withdraw our membership from them India is not fully Independent think beyond the school and Collage Books . They advocate such policies which is guided by the interest of IMF and World B as our previous Politicians and Congress Party secrect Agents of IMF and World B
    How much share is provided by West for Indian and Asian to exploit their resources through investment think . Now they are Destroying Arabworld through conspiracy as they have become more rich then them .Their Policy is take loan and get exploited

  58. dedfed321 says:

    it's an organisation with the sole purpose of spreading certain imperialistic policies all over the world, a quick look at their conditions when lending money to a country and you'll see through that. but the problem lies more within people reaching for the IMF "help" not the IMF itself, because they know what's coming for them in advance. if a country really wants to build a solid economy, meaning not letting the lender dictate their insider economic policies, and there's no way around having to borrow money, they should go to other money lenders and accept the higher interest rate if that means that it will actually pay off in the long term

  59. Mink Jawandor says:

    Love the Info

  60. Sheharyar Hassan Khan says:

    In simple words, if you are broke and unable to import, the IMF lends you money so that you can import. Hence, making you broke again and essentially sending money back to those who fund IMF. That's genius.

  61. Aman ForYou says:

    Nice video ??

  62. Saqib Javed says:

    b 4 Eid world Bank is crashed ?

  63. YourUglygod says:

    This IMF PR guy needs to lie in a different way to at least get more credibility. 50% interest rates imposed by the IMF are not precisely "Poverty Conscientious". Putting money on African countries is not precisely "Helping the Economy". Bankers are in a business, a "Charity" business, period

  64. MS E M GARRISON says:

    . . . TELL IT – JESUS . . .

  65. Instructor Salman Agha says:

    IMF is only introduced to control nations who don't follow the rules of MR America. It is the best way first to destroy their Economy and give them loans, So they are yours. Good Ideology. We condemn such foolish organizations.

  66. HolbergEM says:

    To summarize this BS: IMF there to help those in need)) I would suggest to use some spa style music, so more folks are relaxed and fall for this cr*p about all white and fluffy IMF))

  67. fcuking Sg Invain says:


  68. SledgeAU onPC says:

    I thought IMF stands for Mission Impossible Force; and they take on the impossible missions no one else can.

  69. suman kapoor says:

    pesa pesa pesa

  70. Lam Tong says:

    Worley own by JEWS but thay stable bank low interest

  71. Lam Tong says:

    Pakistan begging IMF still nothing approved beggars don't have time frames for lone settlement IMF connout play fools

  72. COMMANDER of the NORTH says:

    this is who owns the USA since 1933 we are still in bankruptcy ! and limited martial law since took them 20 years to steal all Americas wealth !1913 was illegal 3 senators enacted it ! yes Demoncrats !

  73. Karabo ManneZA says:

    One day “We will reduce our contribution to the IMF” -Trump

  74. Will says:

    The IMF is inferior to an ICU

  75. 2000Betelgeuse says:

    Countries such as Greece should have never entered the EU market, allong with Portugal and some others

  76. Tahir Ahmed says:

    Great job, great team of established countries to make this fund as IMF to support poor countries economy on providing loans on low interests which will definitely help them stand again on their feet due to any natural diasters or any internal or external wars…….

  77. Margie Carmona says:

    There is a man from IMF who wants me to send him money in return he send to my door80000$ t

  78. chocolatehotsauce1 says:

    Buy Xrp Ripple…..thank me later

  79. ming dang says:

    Did anyone get scammed on Facebook? With IMF

  80. robert greblheo says:

    A criminal organization intent on creating a one world government.. Promoting satanic trash.. Lying and deception.. Opps thats the truth with debt based currency.. Throw em in jail..

  81. Y S says:


  82. democracy sucks says:

    IMF..the Infamous-Mafia-fraternity

  83. Shery Awan says:

    eliminating poverty …hahaha

  84. zitendra dhimal says:

    Three months before I applied international loan in France lender but they demand fee 15% of total loan need amount after pay they run awAy this is nothing true

  85. fcuking Sg Invain says:


  86. The Rad Master M2ThePowerOf2 says:

    Basically, once you sign the loan papers you're giving up your country's sovereignty. Unpaid loans; they come collecting your land and resources and tell you what to do. Got it!.

  87. Nat Sashikata says:

    IMF Executive Board Approves US$4.2 Billion Extended Fund Facility for Ecuador in exchange for julian assange

  88. Anon Frank says:

    The IMF is a bailout device for bankers ,speculators and investors who rip off a country and run . The IMF imposes very harsh measures making life miserable for the common people . And this usually leads to civil strife and wars – a prime example is what it did to Yugoslavia – Wages are cut back , vital goods and social services are cut back almost entirely . The end game is to make these countries beggar poor and a source of on the edge of starvation cheap labor for the fat cats once again to exploit these countries and societies .

  89. Muhammad Saleh says:

    I need loan for make home howvi apply please tel mecim from pakistan sindh

  90. Kin Chung Cheuk says:

    Worldwide assets inflation and debt leverage. Liability not enough or may shrinking. Crisis loom. better recap IMF with contribution. bye

  91. Grimgore Ironhide says:

    If watch a documentary called the Economic Hitman you will then learn that the money being lended to countries is actually given to corporations.

  92. richardnail Historical says:

    IMF – WB and UN should all be disbanded! THE WORLD DOES NOT NEED THESE CROOKED ORGANIZATIONS RUNNING ALL SOCIETIES. Doubt what I say, just look at this planet today, it is these organizations that have polluted all the oceans.

  93. Jorge Cabrera says:

    Esto es lo sabes? verdad, tienes que leer, investigar y ser honesto.

  94. Paula J says:

    they sent me a personal email, ok so don't trust that.
    Thanks for the info about the IMF.

  95. jose ordoñez says:

    Some people claim that the IMF enforce neoliberal politics to countries that are in a hurry and this monetary organism make more poor the countries they lend money, but this is the fault of the IMF or the bad management of the governors of those countries?

  96. Nick Sofialakis says:

    The notorious human traders opium traders and usurers are the contemporary owners of the western banking system and wall street.

  97. James Te Huna says:

    Has anyone heard of these guys giving money to random people on Facebook?

  98. godinezfer1906 says:

    Hey IMF i need some ? to pay my car loan.

  99. amel villabroza says:

    They use the gold of Marcos

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