What is WISELearn?

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This is Mr. B. He’s an experienced teacher
in the 21st century, so when someone tells him about
a new website for education professionals, he needs to
know what makes this one special. What’s the difference between this
online portal and the rest of the internet? In the case of WISELearn,
the main difference is that Mr. B and his fellow Wisconsin educators
are the ones in charge. Submitting, approving,
rating, and sharing the classroom resources
found there. The idea is a site to make your
professional development and learning easier, where Wisconsin
educators can help each other. There are already people logging in,
submitting and rating things like lesson plans, helpful websites, and videos.
It’s educators who curate them, too. Searching is easy. And you can focus your results by
subject and grade level as you need to. It’s also easy to find
the top resources as rated by you and your colleagues
around the state. We expect lots of people to be
submitting resources for consideration. But they can only be
approved or rated by a professional with WISELearn rights. Once a resource is up there,
it’s, of course, easy to share over social media and
other learning communities, so peers can help each other learn
how best to use the resources. In fact, down the road, we hope to
have the opportunity to guide and support teachers in connecting with
their statewide colleagues around these resources and the ways you can use them
in your professional learning. WISELearn will get better the more
you use it and contribute your insights. So, please, check it out.
Here’s the URL. [ Music ]

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