What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi

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  1. //Alo0one queen // says:

    Stretch is good for me? ?

  2. Erik Klein says:

    I just got a knee replacement surgery I was wondering if my flexibility would return if I stretched right now it is impossible to lift my lower leg more than 50 or 60 degrees is it possible that one day I will be able to stretch it enough to get 90 degrees

  3. jo jo says:

    Hi sofie let me tell you some thing you do have a spine because then you won't be able to walk please give me a shout out from barzah I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much ????????????????????????????? your my present

  4. Alexis Willoughby says:

    Y’all are something else. You can’t not have a spine. You would just flop. I doubt you could even live without a spine.

  5. Shaniyah Ingham says:

    So basically if I’m born inflexible then I’ll stay inflexible to an extent

    Unrealistic hopes and dreams? Crushed
    Me still wanting to be able to do splits?continues

  6. Jack Xu says:

    Is it 5 mins/week for each type of stretch or in total?

  7. geoffrey marsters says:

    What else can woman stretch?➡️ 0

  8. Lhoide Mbwale says:


  9. myka stringer says:

    i got 9 on the test….

  10. Phoenix_AM says:

    All my fingers on the left hand can go 90 degrees with no pain, but only my right hands pinky can go 90 with abit of pain.

  11. Bia Bernardes says:


  12. The Science Kitty says:

    I’m a flexible boy and don’t take gymnastics

  13. Emerald_cat 365 says:

    So this whole thing was that if u stretch u get more flexible….wow…I definitely didn't know that from my parents saying I'm a stone.?

  14. jello wello says:


    Read more

  15. Pudding Pandaa says:

    When it was showing the Beighton score it showed “elbow bending backward” and I was like I was born that way as a double jointed person so am I hypermoble? like it’s so easy to do that, honestly just tell me to stick my elbow out and boom.

  16. Anna Júlia Santos says:

    Queria saber porque o vídeo tá inglês se o título tá português aaaa q raiva

  17. Clint Nieves says:

    I needed the information in this video. I'm currently suffering rotator cuff problems. Thanks. I may have to stretch to avoid this injury in the future.

  18. Mr. M MM says:


  19. Michael Block says:

    0:10 Something cracked when Dianna did the first step. Real confidence booster right there!

  20. raph nej says:

    I almost got 1 point on the Beighton score thanks to my left little finger ? but I m still at 0…

  21. macleadg says:

    I can bend down and touch my knees with my fingertips. I’m hyper immobile. Hide your envy, haters, hide your envy.

  22. ron aleck says:

    Love you ,,, totally awesome chick

  23. Ravi Teja says:

    This was very helpful

    Thank you very much all three of you

  24. Fireball XL5 says:

    Big question!!! Should you stretch hot or cold? As in before you do any exercise at all in the muscles you are stretching or should you work out a bit and "warm them up" first?

  25. Ciao Yoga says:

    Yin yoga is based exactly on these concepts ????

  26. V Espinosa says:

    Don't hurt yourself

  27. Heather Burm says:

    I did the test and I got all 9 points.

  28. Sofie Dossi says:

    That was sooooo fun! But, does stretching really effect me? Do I have a spine?

  29. Aesthetic Blushy says:

    I was trynna put my legs over my head and I nearly Broke Mah Back XD

  30. Nissi Soto says:

    This video was so cool

  31. David Krane says:

    Good 1

  32. Dianaaa says:

    I’m diana too

  33. Ricardo González says:

    Great video!

  34. Will Pack says:

    5:15 put that all in a pill and I'll buy it.

  35. PAPA DANKI says:

    As a yogi (a calisthenics and yoga athlete)
    I would say that 5-10min a week are not enough.
    I only get my splits after doing 3 intense sessions a week of 15-20 min of hamstring stretching.
    So what I'm saying is, everybody is different and needs different durations which can be more or less than 10min.

  36. Julian says:

    Diana, I love your braids! And thanks for yet another interesting video

  37. 909sickle says:

    I had a lot of completely normal and wholesome thoughts about Sofie and Physics Girl while watching this video.

  38. raymond carvajal says:

    I really enjoyed this video, it is great, good content.

  39. Griselda Vilches says:

    Lake si entiende mi idioma

  40. Hi Chan says:

    Ah I like wheel pose it relieves my nerves

  41. Dmittry says:

    My Beighton score is -9. Am I alternatively flexible?

  42. Adventures of Alaia & Jenese says:

    Thank You ????

  43. joseph debbah says:

    at 5:30
    "biomechanics are cool,
    me: yeah

    "almost as awesome as
    me: computer science

    me: what!?

  44. RadioACtiveN3Rd says:


  45. belaireguy411 says:

    Went to Sofie's channel, her talents are way beyond her super hyperflexibility which is only a launching pad. She has it all and I say, well done!

  46. Rafia Thabassum says:

    Hey Doctor! Do u stretch??

  47. Logan says:

    Flexibility is weakness.

  48. Jordan Coyle says:

    I got 9 points!

  49. Exist N Nature Media says:

    Wow!! She's very flexible..Rubberband woman!!

  50. Lailah Al says:

    I can do what Sophie can do

  51. Golden grillson says:

    Sophie is a Gemstone

  52. patience muzavazi says:

    how did not understand anything

  53. william menendez says:

    i love her!

  54. Vinod Kumawat says:

    I unsubscribed u due to two ads before ur video

  55. Lo pan says:

    Could you imagine telling people. " I'm a contortionist ''

  56. Anita Poupa says:

    I have an autoimmune form of arthritis where my joints, tendons and ligaments all get attacked by my immune system. I am so grateful that I started yoga right before I suffered a flare up of epic proportions that lasted 2 years. Stretching was all I could really do until I found a medication that actually helped me (the 5th medication I tried, and had to try them all for a few months each). Despite the rheumatic flare, I still managed to gain flexibility. Slowly, but I am more flexible now that I have ever been in my life. If I can do it, pretty much anyone can do it!

  57. Fou LaPaix says:

    Very silly . Was expecting more. Waste of my time

  58. Liquid Multiverse says:

    Thank you

  59. Madeline Zhang says:

    I wish I was naturally flexible
    I’ve been trying really hard to get flexible but all I’ve got is one split
    My back is straight as wood

  60. Vishal Sapakale says:

    Physics girl trying to understand physiology

  61. Izzy_AWESOME says:

    Well… just found out I'm hypermobile

  62. Another Random Person says:

    Life hack!: You can just break your back, and then you cat stretch your paralysed bottom-half back over your head

  63. Constitutional Patriot says:

    Contortionist do a lot of long term damage to her body, cartilage doesn't grow back and stretching to extremes and repetitive movement and extreme range of motion does unfixable damage. She will feel it when she is old. Ask any old martial artist

  64. Hunter Williams says:

    Finally I can fold myself like a napkin!

  65. Ariel-plays x3 says:

    So today I saw this video and at 0:00 I saw what Sofie did so I did it AND IT Work

  66. Hoosier Daddy, Boy says:

    Adding sarcomeres? No, I don't think so. Hyperplasia is not supported in human tissue. Stretching changes is mostly neurological changes.

  67. Chips O'Tool says:

    You can live a long, full life without being able to do any of this junk. How often do you really need to put your feet on your head?

  68. Josh From Jersey says:

    Nice feet physics girl!

  69. king vivotuo says:


  70. Tom Weidler says:

    Aloha Hola Heehaw Whassup and How are Ye!
    I've been an admirer of Sofi & Zach Dossi since they first posted on YouTube.
    Is there something special about Sofi Dossi, yes there is!
    She and her brother are quite a magical duo.
    Sofi is GOLD! ???⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Sincerely Tom Weidler in Las Vegas Nevada.

  71. actually spoon says:

    apparently I'm hypermobiel

  72. Jeremy Lindemann says:


    Go drunk, you're home.

  73. 13ask13 says:

    This is the exact infomation I struggled to find on speciliazed fitness channels. Thank you!

  74. zoo bear says:

    she be like as a physicist i dont know anything about stretching
    i dont recall it being physical…….oh wait

  75. Rebekah L says:

    I have classical ehlers-danlos and this was so helpful. She needs to be careful though. When you get older, all that stretchiness comes back at you with dislocations and pain

  76. Walter Messines says:

    Check out Lajin. The healing aspects of stretching.

  77. Kia E says:

    Awesome, thanks! My son is double jointed or hyper flexible. It's an amazing think to see all the insane positions he can pretzel his body into.

  78. griplimit says:

    I must have only type 1 collagen because I’m the exact opposite of flexible. Seriously, I always win in arm wrestling because my arm won’t bend back.

  79. KermyCraft says:

    She sounds like someone who would say everything a man says is mansplaining

  80. John Karavitis says:

    Static stretching and holding is the WORST thing you can do. You NEVER find yourself posing in a specific position and then staying there. Your body is always moving, so when you stretch, you should bounce back to your starting position. Your brain detects the damage done by a static hold, and it doesn't want to get damaged in the future, so it makes your muscles NOT activate so that you go near that first static stretch/hold. You see this, and struggle against it, creating even more damage to your muscles.

  81. Gabb says:

    after 2 years of 5-10minutes of stretching a day, you will notice differences

  82. Geonhee Park says:


  83. Mike Coshan says:

    If Sofie went to prison I’m sure she would have no problem doing a long stretch ? ( yes I know it’s bad but it’s a Sunday)

  84. Peter Lappalainen says:

    How about stretching ”cold” vs warmed up?

  85. IzThat it says:

    Good, a video with scientific evidence that you can't do "anything." Some people are just exceptional.

    If a person like Sophie was to have children with someone like Dwayne Johnson there is a higher than normal chance they'd produce a super human.

  86. Cara Macaan says:

    Omg she is gorgeous??

  87. Patrick Thibaut says:

    Does Sofie take naps? I saw in a program that really flexible people have weaker tendons and ligaments. To keep their joints from dislocating they have to compensate for this with constant muscle tension. Hence they get tired.

  88. Andreous Stacey says:

    So Sophie seems like a whole lot of fun dosent she?

  89. eloday53 says:

    Future Cirque de Soleil champ.

  90. Isak s says:

    so i get 4 out of 9 on that test on how hypermobile i am. my little fingers can bend at over 90 degrees backwards, i can touch my left thumb to the inside of my forearm and i can easily bend down with straight legs and touch the floor with both my palms whilst having bent arms (i can pretty much fold myself in half and lay my upper body onto my legs without a problem

  91. code_dredd says:

    Interesting. It's almost as if the body is… a well-designed biological machne.

  92. Clif Keens says:

    I know what seeing THIS stretching does to my body.

  93. Steven says:

    I so want to sleep with Sophie…LOL

  94. ida says:

    And here I am, can’t even reach my knees

  95. Mikael Nilsson says:

    This defies Physics, its black magic i tell you!

  96. John Mcconnell says:

    As someone who has marfins I can also do some things that are considered hyper flexible, such as bending my limbs into any position.

  97. mwoz87 says:

    The thumbnail is exactly how i stretch every day. Someone please help me I am stuck upside down now.

  98. PQOW says:

    I'm wondering whether she can kiss her own *** and *****

  99. elijah mikle says:

    That backwards bend at the beginning looks like it it would feel amazing afterwards.
    I have a new move goal.

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