Who are Frontline Hospitality?

When I started with frontline
hospitality, it was all about family. It was all about having fun, you know engaging
with customers, with the candidates, and that attracted me pretty much to the role. Frontline hospitality is different from other recruitment companies in that most of our consultants have come from a hospitality background, and that really gives a really good sense of the hospitality industry and our
understanding of our clients and candidates needs. The industry has certainly
grown over the last couple of years, because people are taking much more of an interest in food and beverage so they’e becoming much more educated and much more
involved in food blogs, food TV shows, and that’s certainly pushing our
industry further. Confidentiality is a really big part of our business, so any candidate that applies to
Frontline Hospitality, their information is private and confidential and we don’t
disclose any of their information to anybody without their written permission. The database, you know, we’ve designed it ourselves from the ground up. It’s been 20 years in the making. But look it’s the tool that underpins our business.
You know some people call it the motor that runs the business. So a client
says to us you know I’ve got a role to fill, before we’ve even put an ad up, we’re searching our database. So in all
likelihood, we can put you know three or four candidates in front of the client
before we’ve even started receiving responses from the ad. So Frontline Hospitality work on a
team-based recruitment process When you interview a candidate, you as a
consultant don’t own the candidate which makes it really unique because for a
candidate the benefit is he’s not only got one consultant working for him he might
have 5 or 6. I think we really take the time to actually get to know a candidate so we spend a lot of time with them when they come to register with us. We understand what they’re seeking the market and we also do that with our clients. The hospitality
industry is growing across Australia and New Zealand and Frontline is really looking
forward to working closely with our candidates and clients in the industry
as it grows.

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