Who Were We Before The Try Guys?

K: Welcome back America and perhaps E: Philippines K: the Philippines is definitely watching now, we’re gonna always shout out the Philippines now because they really like being shouted out. If you’re from a country and you want your country shouted out, put it in the comments below. We love countries All: Try Guys Game Time! K: Pretty good K: Today we are watching old videos, videos we made before we met one another. E: The Try Guys bad Film Festival Z: Try Guys Bad Film Fest! E: Nah ♪ Boppy music ♪ K: If you’d like to submit one of your videos to the Try Guys Bad Film Festival, name your country below. This is a music video called, ‘Hey Bitch, Let Me Buy You Pizza, Tim Meadows’ I’ve been trying to get him to get pizza with me for about two and a half years, and he just won’t do it. Z: I still think this is the best thing you’ve ever made. K: It’s a pretty good one. There’s a whole story about it, but you don’t really care, do you? Let’s just watch the video I made that made him block me on the internet. N: Oh, he blocked you? K: Oh, he blocked me, that’s for sure. ♪ I have asked you for over for two years now, but you refuse my generosity♪ N: Makes you think of like an, ‘Oh, yes, yes!’ type of thing. N, Z, E: Oh wow Z: It’s so good! ♪ Fucking bitch! Let me buy you pizza!♪ E: It’s a great song. K: Yeah. N: How many pizzas did you consume in the making of this video? K: I bought ten $5 Little Caesars pizzas, and I ruined them throughout the whole day. The whol- E(?): Wow Z: In your defense, they come kind of ruined from Little Caesars. K: Yeah N, E: Ew- N: You’re rubbing sauce on your chest. K: Yeah. Z: Okay, I know we’re like reacting to how crazy video is. This song fucking slaps. This shit is great. K: Yeah, I’d probably put it back up on the internet so people can find it and- Z: I would buy it. E: Yeah, the song is great. The visuals are Pornographic. K: Yeah Z: Yeah N: Oh, yeah Z: We talk a lot about like what our first impressions of-of each other were. I saw this video pretty early on knowing you, and I was like, ‘This guy is- I want to be his friend.’ Z, K, M.V.K(Music Video Keith): ♪ Let me buy you pizza~♪ N:*laughing* K, M.V.K: ♪ Its not about fucking~♪ N:*laughing* K, M.V.K, N, Z: ♪ Its about pizza It’s not about fucking. – Wow wow K: This music video is clearly about fucking. Keeeiiiith. Z: Wow. Z: Good luck following that. Z: This is actually a video I made in high school for my Spanish class. N: Oh, nice. Z: We had a choice of like do a presentation or make a video and I’m like, yeah, I love making videos, I’ll do that. Please enjoy Spanish murder mystery *Dramatic and intense music* N: It just starts with a fight Already riveting E: Zach in a spongebob towel and a mustache Z: Baby Zach E: Wow, but Zach Z: Classic humor his name’s Hancock cause Hancock has Cock has in it E: How many of your friends are in this video? Z: Uh, I believe it’s four of us E: And there’s one Asian guy? Z: Yeah E: Do you ever *Awkward Eugene laugh* E: You think that maybe there’s a pattern? I am just saying there’s one Asian dude and two other white guys *I don’t know what this dude said lol* *Primitive sounds* K: Oh my god, someone’s got a gun to your head Z: Yeah N: We keep talking I can’t hear, also it’s in Spanish. E: Nice N: Oh my god E: okay N: Oh my God E: why are you jump cutting between E: That’s so bad Z: I don’t know what’s happening in this scene, who gives a shit N: He died K: This one sucks N: How he lived Z: Did you say it sucks? K: This scene sucks, the other scene was way better K: Is this guy smoking? E: Why is he blowing it? E: This does have a particular corny brand of Zach humor, right? Z: Yeah, watch this N: Oh, wow N: Get yoked bro Z: This is good I stand by this K: This is good Z: This is a good segment E: God, Zach. K: This is funny, I like this Z: This is good K: It’s way too much E: It’s too much, it’s too long God, Zack. How long does this go for? Z: It’s so long E: Everyone in the room Z: I showed this in class E: The entire crew is laughing N: Ah, that is a pretty good ending to that sequence N: One-thousand percent N: So for my video I’m screening something from college I got to make a video for graduation and speak at my graduation Yeah, it’s called the Yale class history, they do it every year kind of like a retrospective comedy piece So in this one, I’m playing a character that loves going to the club at New Haven called toads TOADS Bam Me and my boys just usually roll here at like 11:30 Sometimes just me, usually just me Z: Wait this video was screened at your graduation?! N: Was screened at the Yale University Graduation K: Are you kidding? Z: this fucking video? N: That’s it Yeah, that’s-that’s Yeah, its a character sketch of uh, you know a guy going to a very popular Yale nightclub L-l-lick you from your head to your toes, I wanna move for the bad, dollar dollar [Some rapping] N: This parts real I just stare out at all these people saw a Camera started rapping too Z: It’s weird because you sound the same but you look like you took off your Ned suit And there was just a tinier ned inside of you N: You want one of my pennies That was screened at graduation with everyone’s grandparents watching and I got to talk. It was awesome. E: This is one of my short films from college This was shot on 16 millimeter it no sound. So I made it all the sound with Foley in post I had a lot of thoughts This is very indicative of me as a filmmaker. Z: You are like straight up an artist E: This is very slightly uncomfortable for me I..uhh, I’ll just show it This actually premiered two months after Virginia Tech happened I had already finished making it So I got booed by half the audience my first film screening. I got booed by people It was very hard thing for a young filmmaker. K: Yeah K: Wow E: Yeah, there’s also a dance musical K: it sure is Z: I can see a lot of traces of you in this but really forget that You have and had these like cinematic capabilities K: yeah, that’s funny cause like me sitting at a table eating everything from a restaurant is like what I think is the best thing I’m Doing right now, and I don’t know I don’t even know how to I don’t know. I can’t even fathom putting together actual film That was intense N: I don’t know what just happened – Wow – and then I went to BuzzFeed – Yeah K: This is what I started making when I first moved to LA because I realized that I did not have enough Skills to get a job. So I started giving myself little projects and I made two videos a week This one was a series that I made that was Edgar Allen Poe doing dramatic reading covers of popular songs I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong Z: What was the genesis of this idea of like Oh Edgar Allen Poe does pop song that’d be funny K: Yeah E: wait have none of y’all done high school productions of like telltale heart or the Raven I mean those were staples in high school. Z: Oh look at that opacity E: I appreciate it Z: This is so fucked up K: Yeah it’s Z: wow I love it it’s awful K: but there’s also a lot of like one frame yeah flying in my underwear N: Yeah Wow K: So but if you look at this to the Lady Gaga applause video, I tried to spookily create all of her visuals N: Yeah, that’s true. There is a lot of like mm-hmm darkened frames and that K: I live for the applause Applause. Applause – hmm and look, I think I had end cards on this – Oh wow N: Share the post, subscribe Z: you did wrecking ball and roar K: Uh-huh it was my first two E: in Edgar Allan Poe’s style? K: Yeah E: Oh, honestly, I think an an Ariana Grande song No tears to cry would be perfect for both K: Yeah, I’ve thought about it too E: So it’s a little bit it’s like right now K: Right now I’m in a state of mind. I want to be in like all the time? Ain’t got no tears left to cry But I’m picking it up picking it up I’m loving I’m living I’m beating it up E: Wow Z: Right before I met you guys I made a web series was called the fresh manager of Jaden Smith It was my attempt to lovingly rip off The Office. So it was about a child star manager whose only client was Jaden Smith Jaden Jaden Jaden Jaden Jaden – he makes blockbuster movies This is starring Jay Larson who is a very funny stand-up comedian and we somehow convinced him to be in this weird video K: I only know Gary Larson who made the far side comics Z: different-different no relation. No E: I know I know Brie Larson, who’s gonna be Captain Marvel Z: No relation N: My cousin’s name is Jay Z: Not that guy E: Look at my Tiger claws K: You are so fierce Z: Are we gonna watch my thing? Z, N: Okay. Yeah – Yeah – yeah K: I know those samurai swords. Those are in your house – yeah – Did you buy them for this? – Yeah. – Really? – Yeah. E: Oh, I thought that was you for a second. K: I was hoping that was you E: that looks just like high school you – Can I see your diploma – I don’t carry it around with me – Okay was just anything a piece of paper – You have a piece of paper to carry that around with you – Okay, this is what I think about your diploma – Okay now, let me see your resume N: That’s funny, that is a good joke K: All the jokes are really landing with zach, its like still funny N: oh my god Z: Still got it E: it slowly turn to Zack laughing quietly to himself at his own jokes Z: Yeah , i think i made little more in part two actually N: The Fresh manager of Jaden Smith Z: And the first one did well. The first one has like 30,000 views. Steep drop-off. 5,000 on the second one. N: Everyone was like, I do not want to see anymore of this. N: Next, this is a parody of Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey, it’s called, Z: He did that too. N: You did that too? K: You know, it was funny I made an Edgar Allan Poe cover of summertime sadness and it probably released Like within the two week of your parody. N: October 31st, 2013 K: Let me looking mine up really quick, to see when i published mine N: It was shot in my old uh residential. Z, E: Ariel! N: Yeah, Ariel makes a cameo appearance. E: Are you in it at all? N: I’m just directing it. I’m one of the ghosts. – She got on the same costume, halloween sadness E: Ohhh, because they have the same costume on. N: Mm yeah, that’s why they’re sad. E: I get it. Z: It’s well shot. N: Yeah, this also has violence. They poison each other with candy corn at the end Z: Nice. Amen. ooh I like that ghost move. K: A good use of soft flash frame of the sort of color treatment lana del rey used in summer time sadness N: Yeah, we tried to really mimic her style E: Oh subscribe for more K: look at us trying to get people to subscribe N: Yeah, that was one of my first LA projects and I used it in submitting application to BuzzFeed Z: When I met Eugene. I was making a video called nine facts about nipples. E: I was in that video. Z: And Eugene was telling me about a thing that he was going to film that weekend. It was this. E: Yeah, it connects the history of the rape and pillage of the Korean people. Especially the women, through the lens of the current K-Pop culture. This was going to be the film that was gonna be my calling card to start getting agents and move forward with my directing career. Because it’s so controversial, the subject matter I put in it, I didn’t actually release it on the festival circuit We knew that whatever was happening with me as a viral producer was was skyrocketing. And so I didn’t want to, muddle the two and so I killed my directing group. Z: Oh there’s so much blood. N: Ah, so much blood. E: Oh, yeah. This is also very graphic. K: Wow I didn’t expect that. I thought, I’m not expecting this thing. N: Ah, I can’t watch it. K: I am not expecting these things N: How did you do that. You got fake skin E: Uh it’s prosthetics, it’s all prosthetics. It’s all in camera Z: And they’re eating kimchi while they ahhh the kimchi. N: no no Z: I’m never gonna be able to look at kimchi the same K: Wow, Eugene this is amazing. It’s crazy. E: It’s kind of equating, equating like the Korean people, Korean women to the food as they ingest it as they perform the surgery on the girls K: this crazy N: I get it Z: I need a fucking shower N: Her nose was flipped and the boob flaps and the eye sockets E: being online has really taught me how to take a lot of my more extreme Creative thoughts and funnel it through something that can be shared more mainstream because that’s hard for most people to stomach N, Z: yeahhh E: people always ask like oh Eugene’s like opening up or Eugene’s becoming like weird or crazy or more up and I was like you should have seen me before or BuzzFeed I was like Bonkers insane N: oh, yeah. I mean, I like it It’s like you’re finding ways to marry or create a voice with something that you know will be more mainstream E: and that’s Hollywood baby N: That’s Hollywood, baby K: Well what other things would you like to see from us before we were the try guys Comment below your country and that video that you want to see and we’ll see you next time on K, N, Z, E: Try guys game time K: Okay, now you are trying to fuck up E: I like gay time.. try guys gay time ♪ I’ll be there for christmas, oh yeah, i said ill be there for christmas ♪ – Bye! -Bye Ariel – Love you – Bye mom

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