Why 80% Of This Island Nation Is Fat

Republic of Nauru, Oceania The small island of Nauru has one of the highest
rates of obesity and diabetes in the world. After gaining independence in 1968, Nauru
underwent an economic boon from mining.   The increased wealth led to more sedentary
lifestyles and an influx in Western imports. Traditional fish and garden diets were replaced
with cheap, processed food. Now, nearly 80% of the population is overweight. Officials hope nutrition education and exercise
programs will help change Nauruan lifestyles.

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100 Responses

  1. BattMarn says:

    So basically it's their own fault because they import shitty unhealthy food

  2. Mike R says:

    Little America

  3. Serene Meadow says:

    The reason why islanders are fat because there no place to run and go to get rid of the fat because they're in a small island.

  4. Sopheakdara HOUNG says:

    Quality over quantity pls, DNews

  5. SangoProductions213 says:

    You realize that imports alone is not an explanation. Lacking education on the healthy consumption of foods is.

  6. Gabe the Gorilla says:

    :25 what is an economic boon lol spelled wrong cc

  7. Flame Hyenard says:

    Viewers of the TestTube channel, I must pose this question for you to ask yourselves; What are we fighting for?

  8. Bigga Numba 6 says:

    Test Tube is getting lazy.

  9. AlphaOmega says:

    Fuck them fat fucks

  10. JD Fullerton says:

    a boon

  11. Nicholas Svitak says:

    Very choppy

  12. MarsGundam says:

    Ever notice that when a country accepts an American diet it becomes fatter and develops health problems?

  13. Brian Xian says:

    Why do people think Americans are stupid?

  14. Augusto Del Rivero says:

    the girl at 1:01 has some nice technique.

  15. SuperBombbud says:

    My first thought was Samoans

  16. Scott Walters says:

    Will someone read to me so i don't have to read it. I wish there weren't video like this.

  17. Khang De Panda says:

    How Powerful is Vietnam?

  18. BigVtheVanity says:

    PIG nation

  19. Emhar Gaming says:

    What is a "economic boon"?

  20. Kaleb Schuler says:

    Could you make a video about the Order of Malta?

  21. Meep Changeling says:

    I see you trying to spin this story to push health foods by not mentioning that isolated human populations such as islanders evolved to highly specialized diets and thus do not have the same dietary capabilities of European African and Asian descended peoples. Same thing is true for Native Alaskans. If you're ancestors came from Europe, Asia, or Africa, processed foods are better for you then unprocessed foods because they are specifically designed for you to digest. If you are descended from some isolated pocket of humans, you shouldn't eat it, because you probably cant handle the higher levels of glucose.

  22. Damandeep says:

    When and who will stop ISIS?

  23. Khan Piesse says:

    Nauru has civilisation? Everyone I know and myself thought it was just a Refugee Asylum for Australia.

  24. Evil 1 says:

    This video sucks, you told us NOTHING.

  25. Noelle says:

    0:28 economic boon?

  26. Eric Y. says:

    Omg you guys these people are fat

  27. ThePixelPopper says:

    processed foods are the issue. poison food.

  28. Tom C says:

    And the Australian Government thinks its a good idea to send refugee's there…

  29. Assaf Wodeslavsky says:


  30. ? says:

    How powerful is Ireland?

  31. Elite Grunt says:


    R.I.P hands

  32. Just Portugues says:

    How powerful is Portugal?

  33. Rage Network says:

    what happened to the voices aha?

  34. Art Vandelay says:

    Today I learned that there's an island nation called Nauru and it underwent an economic boon from mining.

  35. Max Luxton says:

    so now you guys are too lazy to narrate your videos?

  36. Mocte Zuma says:

    They not fat they got bigger bones than other people

  37. Julz P says:

    Not a fan of these videos. They're not that informative.

  38. Kevin Paramanathan says:

    how powerful is sri lanka?

  39. Virtueman1 says:

    Falsehoods in this video:
    1. Capitalism causes sedentary lifestyles, false.
    2. Eggs and sausage are what made these people fat. False: check how much carbs and sugar hey eat…

  40. jdsoul says:

    Nothing wrong with spam, it fits with my macros 😉

  41. Vat19Nvjds says:

    how powerful is the most serene republicca di San Marino

  42. Matej Smrekar says:

    Useless video is useless .

  43. SolidWolfG says:

    Another shit slide show video.

  44. galm47 says:

    How powerful is Israel?

  45. James Lee says:

    That was nice music in the background.

  46. Austin Staab says:

    Okay Americans are fat I guess… Who cares haha. Oh, my country is fat? Well, at least we're not starving like some emancipated countries out there; despite my countries obesity rate. Go ahead and keep feeling good about how your country isn't fat because obviously you're just poking at Americans to feel good about your nationality by annoying us about healthy living. I'll be blunt here, I absolutely don't care about how your country is healthier than mine hahaha. However, this video is interesting because ratio wise it's the fattest place in the world. I'll tell you, it feels good to see another country somewhat fatter than mine after all the repetitive bullshit about how much of fat fucks we are.

  47. JLT1998 says:

    I genuinely thought this was gonna be about the UK for a second

  48. Flipodahippo says:

    Bruh if your not eating organic food you know your a loser. Plus if you don't eat home cooked meals you know your a loser.

  49. Lost Beetle says:

    How does this shit get any likes? It was literally six short sentences with rehashed music and a couple of stills.

  50. Pat Mccarthy says:

    0:24 boon? is that meant to be boom

  51. Themutedude says:

    I like this, even though it makes me really sad to see any people slip into obesity, we need to confront the horror and tragedy that being "fat" causes

  52. Rabastu5 says:

    yeah I would like these one minute Uncovered videos more if they were longer and more in depth

  53. Stevio Gaming says:

    economic boon or boom?

  54. Charlie Christianson says:

    this happen to the first nation people here

  55. certioremfacere says:

    click on video, see it is an Uncovered video, exit video.

  56. Carson T says:

    At 0:29 shouldn't it say "boom" instead of "boon"? I'm pretty sure "boon" isn't a word.

  57. Muzer0 says:

    Got an advert for Subway starting "We can all be a little piggy." At least, I think that's what they said, but they were speaking with a stupid American accent so it was harder to tell.

  58. argo_ says:

    Welp… I'll be honest this episode was disappointing. I didn't feel like they told us enough, like the just went on wiki's summary and put it in a video.

  59. Team O_X says:

    it's soo easy to get fit…just stop being lazy. work hard in everything you do..

  60. AshToonTv says:

    Gime da BURGAR please

  61. anon says:

    What is an economic "boon" from mininh

  62. pbilk1 says:

    See, the west should stop importing processed food.

  63. Mitjitsu says:

    I was expecting it to be Samoa.

  64. Big Ray says:

    My dad went to Nauru and talked to this old nauruen guy who made heaps of cash off the phosphate there.
    The guy bought a lamboghini but the car fell out the ship and is stuck at the bottom of the sea. I dont know what hed do with the lambo anyway since there are no freeways or even decent roads

  65. Caged says:

    How fat is the US?

  66. Burhan Diwan says:

    Not to forgot that Nauru is pretty poor so unlike other obese countries like Qatar, the US and Mexico, they do not have even a shred of the resources the other countries have to tackle obesity.

  67. RaGeGaMeInGxm says:

    You spelled boom wrong

  68. W3_white says:

    I blame global warming for this!

  69. Blood of An Eagle says:

    According to the latest studies 1/3 people
    Are diabetic and have developed obisety

  70. Adetunji Adeoba III says:

    What is the name of the music in the background?

  71. бaułśáck ƕssassiй says:

    because my dick is big

  72. MaccaBackPacker says:

    US is still a bunch of fat fucks.

  73. Hao Quach says:

    economic boon lolzz

  74. Philipp S says:

    What a great video! Forgetting to mention that south see islanders have a much better ability to gain energy out of food than western people (because they had less food than anyone else in the past. So they had to come out with less).
    So if a south see islander eats the same as an american, he gets fatter.

  75. Rawlings Toglan says:

    what's the name of the music in this video

  76. yuubokumin415 says:

    That dish their eating looks like it will give me a heart attack by just looking at it.

  77. Sa gup says:

    Diet- Polynesians suffer from a western high saturated fat diet which is not natural.

  78. MegaMementoMori says:

    So that's a small island with a big population.

  79. Vast Horizon says:

    The ad with the guy who has the screen with the camaraderie behind him is the dumbest thing ever "never before seen oooo"
    I did it for hallow when 4 years ago

  80. Captain Dave says:

    Oh no! Not an economic boon!

  81. Equinøx says:

    10 Years Later: Its submerged in the ocean! 😀

  82. A dead Channel says:

    wow too EZ to take over.sure I can buy it.

  83. qwyzl says:

    how about if the people just went back to the diets of their predecessors?  and stopped eating the crap we westerners manufacture and consume?  that's really all they have to do.

  84. Marcos galvão says:


  85. raihan m says:

    economic boon? xD

  86. BeefSoda says:

    white people making minorities fat just to steal all their resources. First the pox blanked now fatty food.

  87. _rmaze_ Quiambao says:

    You can change that to 94.5%. Google. =)

  88. Kiwi says:

    i dont really get this. this banality of "they are wealthy so they are fat" doesnt find confirmation on wikipedia.
    First of all they are indipendent since 1968 and they got the benefict from mining in 1970. how in less than 50 years they got so obese?
    second point. they apparently are so wealthy…

  89. Patrice Lumumba says:

    bottom line, stay away from processed food and western imports.

  90. lemony basil says:

    So when people get more money, they eat cheaper food? What?

  91. Anon Nomas says:

    I ate a muffin and i felt fat but after watching this,I feel like a healthy maniac!

  92. I am European says:

    USA built ll of these states just to be the 4th on the records

  93. Spot says:

    because they dont habe angthing to enjoy. people just eat

  94. Andrei Nicolae says:

    so it was the same scenario in all communist countries when switching to capitalism. This is bulshit explanation of obesity. it must be something else.

  95. BroccoliQueefed says:


  96. John von Shepard says:

    Speak up!

  97. Alcatel Evolve2 says:

    For once, it's not America's fault….

  98. Wojti 2000 says:

    Nauru is the greatest country in the world, thank you very much.

  99. Sock It To Me?! says:

    ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

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