Why Are Schools Still So Segregated?

(upbeat music) – If you’ve ever taken
a U.S. history class, you’ve most likely seen photos like these. Ones that might give the
impression that school segregation used to be big problem and
then we took care of it, and now it’s a thing of the past. Today America’s school age population is more racially diverse than ever before, and that all might lead you to assume that America’s classrooms
are a whole lot more mixed than they used to be, progress right? (upbeat music) There’s been all these stories in the news that basically say that
schools are actually getting more racially segregated. – The most recent data shows
the average white student goes to a school that’s
more than 70% white. – [Male] The study ordered by
Congress found the percentage of high-poverty schools with mostly Black or Hispanic students has
more than doubled since 2000. – So what’s the real story here? Okay, first a super quick
history lesson, hang with me. It’s been more than 60 years since Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court decision that tossed out the argument
that schools could be racially separate but still equal. It was pretty obvious that
conditions in Black schools were almost always much
worse than in white ones. The court made a unanimous
decision that Black students were being denied a quality education and made school segregation
policies illegal. Problem solved, right? Actually not right away. A lot of white communities in the south fiercely resisted the new rules for years. – And I say segregation
now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. (cheering) – It wasn’t until about a
decade later when federal courts literally forced districts to de-segregate that things started to change. Southern schools really
started to integrate in the 1970’s and 80’s
because of new programs like cross-district busing
that brought a mix of kids from different communities
to the same schools. In 1968, more than three quarters of all Black students in the south attended hyper-segregated schools. 20 years later, that rate had dropped to less than a quarter of all students. There are lots of
historical studies showing that this change had an
overwhelming positive impact on Black student achievement, with pretty much no negative
impacts for white students. But not everyone was happy with a more racially
integrated school system. A new generation of conservative judges rejected the idea that
the federal government should be in the business of forcing local schools to integrate. Districts throughout the south
and some in the north too, begin to drop their
controversial busing programs, which many community members
had rebelled against for years. There were other factors too, including what’s called white flight, when a large number of mostly
white middle-class communities move from urban areas to the suburbs. The result, there’s been a massive drop in the number of schools
that have a balanced mix of students who are white and students who are Black and Latino. According to a study by
UCLA’s Civil Rights Project, the number of hyper-segregated
public schools across the country, those with pretty much no
white students, has tripled. This re-segregation trend
has been the most dramatic in the south, but before
you northern liberals get too high and mighty, you should know that
segregation is actually worse in the north. In fact, the states with the highest rates of school segregation are almost all northern left-leaning ones, like New York, Illinois,
Maryland, New Jersey, and yes, even California. So in other words, forced segregation is
still against the law. A school can’t reject a student just because of the color of his skin, but without being aggressively
pushed to integrate, many communities are
still self-segregating. Some local activists see
this as natural change, “It’s not a racial thing,” they argue, it’s about parents from
diverse backgrounds wanting the best for their kids, and that means going to
a neighborhood school that they don’t have to take
a long bus ride to get to, and where they’ll be with other
kids from their community. It’d be one thing they say, if a kid was prohibited
from attending a school just because of the color of his skin, but those days are long gone. Now they say it’s about choice and the government
shouldn’t be in the business of making kids shlep across town just for the sake of diversity. Diversity advocates argue
that what’s going on here is a major step backwards in
the fight for racial equality. For one they say, diverse schools have a positive influence on all students, both white and minority. It makes students more
comfortable with diversity, reduces prejudices and stereotypes, and better prepares them for
success in the real world. And studies have repeatedly
shown that segregated schools have a disproportionately negative impact for low-income Black and Latino students. These students are more
likely to attend schools where the majority of
their classmates are poor, and these school generally
have fewer resources, less experienced teachers, and
lower rates of achievement. And all of that can
have long-term effects, influencing everything from the chances of graduating from high
school and going to college to getting a higher paying job. So, what do you think? How diverse is your school? And how’s that affected your education? Let us know in the comments below, and if you like this video, be sure to check out this
other one we did on immigration and this one gerrymandering. Thanks for watching.

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91 Responses

  1. hebi3d2 says:

    0:40 "Average white student goes to a school that is more than 70% white"
    Great. What is supposed to be wrong with that

  2. Evil Otto says:

    School populations are representative of their communities. Communities are separated by economic pressures. Economic disparity is credited to schooling inequality… $#'"!

  3. Andrew George says:

    I'm homeschooled, so, I guess that means my school isn't diverse at all.

  4. mojojojoplus2 says:

    Have you listened to the episode of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History on Brown v Board of Education? Very interesting, not quite what we imagine it being. Many black teachers lost their jobs as an unintended result of it.

  5. it's ok to smirk says:

    I guess I can anedotally agree to this. I'm a 32 cis white male, my school was only ~40% white, now 15 or so years later its only 15% white so it's becoming more of a low income school, fairly mixed but mostly Spanish and black families edit my school is in a suburb on long island, only 30 miles or so from Queens and the greater NYC area

  6. · 0xFFF1 says:

    TFW Above The Noise isn't actually Above The Noise.

  7. BobC says:

    In 1970 I started 9th grade in a New Jersey high school that was barely half white and where cross-district busing was a thing, though I lived walking-distance away. This was when the Civil Rights movement and opposition to the Viet Nam war were both hot issues among youth. There was lots of tension, and a significant degree of social separation, but there was also a concerted effort to understand differences and explore ways to work together. The most popular classes and clubs centered on debate, or had strong debate-related components (including a particularly memorable US History class).

    Of course, the main problem was that everyone picked on the 9th graders, with absolutely no regard for race or economic status. As a skinny white boy, this same pressure helped me bond with my classmates, regardless of our other differences. Well, except for gender: I still thought girls were weird.

    In late January of that class-year my family moved to Michigan, to a suburb north of Detroit filled mainly with car company executives. My new school was a junior high school,. My first impression concerned how totally white my new school was, and how uniform the economic status. The total homogeneity was a stark contrast. I was also now in the most senior class in the school, rather than the most junior. I felt like I had simultaneously been demoted to junior high, and elevated to the senior class. Taken together, the net effect was I felt adrift, cut loose from many of the things that had helped form the complex environment at my prior school.

    My main distinguishing feature was my rapid-fire New Jersey accent, which was gone in less than 3 months, hammered down like a nail. I became a white-bread boy in a white-bread world. While I liked my classmates well enough, their organization and social cliques seemed superficial and trivial, concerned with hyper-fine differences (e.g., making fun of redheads and the tall/short), rather than focusing on (and living) the local and national issues of the day. School sports mattered more than racism or the war.

    Simply put, I became bored with it all and withdrew, keeping only a few geeks and nerds as friends (and not especially close friends). This was not good for me, and I eventually dropped out of high school halfway through my senior year. I left Michigan, got a job at minimum wage, went to night school to get my diploma, then in 1975 joined the US Navy to give me time to breathe and find myself before going to college.

    The Navy was the return to diversity I craved. At the time, the Navy was dealing with the dual-crises of racism and drugs, and with rampant sexism and homophobia as problems that wouldn't be addressed until the 1980's. But within bootcamp, at the schools that followed, and in the fleet, I served with folks who believed in doing our jobs, doing them well, and doing them together. The unity and Esprit de Corps was intoxicating and inspiring.

    After the Navy I worked my way through university, another diverse experience, but burdened with an extremely heavy academic load that left little time for social interaction. Still, it was a great environment, and I was able to get work on-campus to spend more time within that community.

    After college I became a white male engineer working with teams of other white male engineers. The diversity wasn't zero, but it was close. I was singularly unsuccessful in getting my peers to understand the inherent value of workplace diversity, and to seek it as part of our staff growth and development. However, I have seen gradual change as time went on.

    Now, later in my career (I'm 61 with over 30 years experience), I've been facing my own encounter with latent bigotry: Ageism. Engineering is viewed as a career for the young, with only a passing nod given to a few revered "gray beards". Engineers who have chosen not to make the transition to management (including myself) find it increasingly difficult to obtain career-track employment: My bosses would be 20-30 years younger than me, which is fine by me but seems to be uncomfortable for them, to the point of passing me over after excellent interviews.

    It seems they also fear I'd soon retire or get sick or something, and not be worth investing in as a future resource. Which flies in the face of the simple fact that, statistically, engineers change jobs every 4 years. Plus, both sides of my family, for multiple generations back, were healthy and active into their 90's, and don't handle retirement at all well. I expect to work through my 70s and into my 80s, not because of economic need, but because I simply enjoy working.

    Worse yet, I look and feel at least a decade younger than my chronological age. I'm lean and extremely fit (I'm a triathlete). I eliminated my gray hair by the simple expedient of shaving my head. Yet this doesn't help as much as I'd hoped: Once folks learn my age (generally when I pull out my reading glasses), their enthusiasm wanes. My only recent work has been within the stifling environment of defense contractors, where 70% of the job is paperwork rather than direct engineering. They are desperate to fill chairs due to rampant turnover, and can't afford to limit their selections for reasons unrelated to engineering, yielding an exceptionally diverse workplace.

    However, engineering, my love and joy, my ideal career, has become far less fun. But I still have at least a decade of active work ahead of me, likely two.

    What to do? I started looking at alternative career paths. My first thought was to become an independent contractor/consultant, but I found my massive engineering experience did not mean I had gained the skills needed to start and run a small business, especially concerning marketing, networking, contracts and similar vital details.

    I then started looking at any and all other careers where my engineering experience would be valuable, even if I weren't being paid as an engineer. My first thought was to become researcher/investigator for a patent attorney, since I had helped on some patents for a prior employer, and enjoyed the experience (not the writing or filing of the patent, but gathering and organizing the evidence for and against it).

    But late last October, a few days before Halloween, I got beaten over the head with an enormous Clue-by-Four: There is a huge and unmet demand for STEM teachers, particularly those with relevant degrees and industry experience. I started talking with folks, and the enthusiasm I've received has been both unexpected and overwhelming.

    I'm going to become a STEM teacher! Despite not having a teaching credential, I will have my own classroom this year, possibly within weeks, and certainly by the Fall. I've also chosen to target "under-resourced" schools, which also happen to be the most diverse.

    I feel I'm coming back full-circle to my exciting 9th grade context, this time in the role of someone expected to make a difference.

    (Edit: Clean up phrasing and word choices.)

  8. Infectedstyles_Chris says:

    All I hear on the train when the kids get out of school is "nigga" this and "nigga" that. Along with generally unacceptable social behavior like running around the train and yelling.

  9. Brianna Beecher says:

    I was born and raised in Maryland, and it might have been the town I lived in rather than the state as a whole; but the public school I attend from elementary to high school was extremely diverse. Looking through my old yearbooks I’d estimate it was about 40% white 30% black and probably about 20% Latino and maybe 10% Asian? I’m tempted to actually go through and count to give accurate statistics (stand by I just might) but I’d say that’s pretty close. That being said the school I went to prided itself on being the model school in the state (and ended up being one of the best public schools in the county). If you go to Baltimore it’s a different world entirely though, and not in a good way (when it comes to even diversity in school). Let me know if you want those actual statistics, I’m a math major so should be quick. (Also this is for years 2000-2012)

    Edit: I was way off
    60% white (+/- 5%)
    30% black (+/- 5%)
    10% Latino (+/- 5%)
    10% Asian (+/- 5%)

    So I only based it off a single graduating class which is why it’s +/- 5% (and why yes it doesn’t add up to 100%) but white students made up a little over half of our total graduating class.

  10. Grant P. says:

    I was disappointed when they started to discontinue our bussing program, the program was great at expanding my cultural insight and I truly think it was benificial for everyone

  11. Ze_Purple_Controller says:

    I feel like you didnt really go into why schools with more black students are doing worse. to my knowledge schools get their income proportinal to the incom of the area around them, so when whites moved out to the suburbs they left the poor primarily minorities in downtown areas so the schools there get less funds as households around them make less money. In my town of Fresno CA there is a cclear divide between the rich side of town and the downtown poor area, the rich side of town was mostly white and the schools there were clearly better than the schools in the downtown area where primaraly blacks and latinos are. than in a town close by (Clovis) theres this stereotype that theyre a bunch of snobby rich kids

  12. Alexander_Hernon_Hadrada _ says:

    I'm pretty sure I still don't care, and while yes schools are jnderfunded that's been more of a problem caused by a failing school system, and the no child left behind act which pretty much screwed everything, and for crying out loud does everything have to do with racism. Even if it does it's being crammed down peoples throats way to much these days.

  13. StoneCresent says:

    There is more to this than just an issue of segregation; there is also a disparity in wealth. Long story short, school districts often rely on property taxes to run and the exodus of the white middle-class (who had money) caused a decrease in property values. Hence urban schools got less money to work with.

    Personally, my parents were probably among the "white-flight" and I recall my elementary, middle, and high schools were not especially diverse. However, things got more diverse over time especially after MasterCard plopped their HQ in town.

  14. Mystee Pulcine says:

    In Madison, WI my kids had a school near by but it was only k-2. They bussed across town to the 3-5th grade school. The schools were broken up this way to make a larger, more diverse district. It mixed the poor, south side kids with the wealthy professors kids. It worked ok i guess.

  15. Mihai Cioban says:

    Very good episode! Good work!

  16. ɐɯɹɐʞ ɐıuɐɯ says:

    I say: Fuck America.

  17. Eric Harrison says:

    glad this channel is still posting

  18. b1ffdanger says:

    We shouldn't force diversity for diversity sake. I think that this is why we need to have School Choice and kids 'education money" will follow them where ever they decide to go. This way if school demographics don't change, then that is because the parents chose to keep their kids in certain schools.

  19. Ismail Ahmed says:

    This channel is awesome as always

  20. Dan says:

    I was raised in (and now work in) a school district in the rural mid-west which has a non-white population under a few percent. Nonetheless, it's not been my experience that those minority students are discriminated against for their racial differences. There exist conflicting social cliques between the jocks, nerds, preps, etc, but not so much by race. Economic status is a far better indicator of who will end up in which cliques than race is from what I've seen.

    I see merit to studying the benefits of racial diversity in school systems where it is practical, but in my opinion, our schools have bigger fish to fry.

  21. Kathleen Remington says:

    Here's one of my favorite simulations that helps to explain segregation: http://ncase.me/polygons/

  22. OLD BAY says:

    You can be educated, and still have no sense, which is the case with the world that thinks "racism", ( which is where all this is going), will ever go away. It WONT. Number one, as bad as the word sounds, its really just culture clash, which many people find by traveling the world the first few times unaware of just how different other countries and cultures really are. Americans, mainly blacks and whites, have had this battle since slavery has been abolished, and probably always will. We are alike in the sense of American traditions, baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet if you will, we all love together. But right as we may enjoy all that together, we have our deep rooted white vs black cultures that are and always have been worlds apart. The problem is like many other cultures of the world, they are worlds apart, and clash at times. This is just human nature, people are what they are, and one cant, nor wants to, change for the other. All the gibberish of the world holding hands singing Kumbaya as a one race world is a false sense of security imposed by insecure thinking. The United States is destroying itself by politically correct hogwash that has never accomplished anything. I am considered racist I guess. Reason? I am white, of Czech/Irish origin. I am proud of my forefathers, I am proud of my race, of my Celtic and Slavic linage. I wanted my daughter to stay in Czech or Irish linage, so she did. However, my wife`s very feminist liberal lesbian sister, says Im racist and that people like me need to go. I basically told her that when her and her committee wanted to try making me, feel free, and I say this to anyone, Im willing to die over my culture. Suddenly, the world thinks just because some cant keep up, others should be pulled back. NOT going to happen, and these schools still being segregated prove that. Im friends with a doctor from Nigeria, he is very proud of his culture, and we talk whenever we can Ill tell him how my people got here from Bohemia and were farmers and watermen and he tells me of all the traditions from his home land, its very disrespectful to tell a person their culture has to go. You cant force people to like each other, your NOT a god. What`s happening with schools is simple. Whites dont like the gansta hood rap mentality of blacks. They will kill themselves to get good paying jobs to buy homes in districts with good schools to lead their kids away from that, which is usually with very few blacks. Once they move from districts and their money with them, the district becomes poor, low budget housing, rentals moves in a poorer class. Then the crime starts, drug dealing etc. Schools are many times destroyed, books never returned etc., teachers are being attacked and the academics of the school have nothing to show, so, no grants. Then the schools forced to close, and the same bunch of morons the whites tried getting away from, are bussed to their district. This is NOT stopping racism. Its creating it if anything and its basic communism to force people to accept what they dont want to, because before long, there will be no where else to run. Trust me, that will be our second civil war. In short, show me the same respect, courtesy, mannerism I show you, we can build a possible friendship. But force me to have to get around a drunk drugged up idiot at a store while my grandchild`s in the car and a morons music is so loud its rattling my windows with lyrics that would make a sailor blush, Ill be honest, I dont care about his kids, his nieces or nephews, none of it. And its not his race, its his actions that make me feel that, but, its normal in the black race. A simple example of how they think different than whites, is the Michael Brown incident. They basically made BLM off it, hands up and dont shoot. I myself thought that Daren Wilson should have been hung. Then the truth came out, Brown was a crook, a bully, and through black eye witness both attacked Wilson and then charged him. He deserved what he got. But the black communities were allowed to riot, loot, and destroy property they will never be MAN enough to own themselves. And the excuse, he shot an unarmed man. Nothing about his actions, just the white cops. So, no racism is never going away, but the worlds big enough to all live here together, however, its each man for himself. Dont come telling me how I have to help you because I worked my ass off and did what ever it took to make a better life for my family, its a big world if you cant make it in the white mans world(blacks are only 13% of the population, whites being 62% though falling its a white country), go to the black mans and make something out of it, just like white European Immigrants did with America. If your so equal, it shouldn't be a problem for you to have prospering black communities that provide services other than police force and CSI, that's legal. So, Im racist, I am not changing until I feel I should, like it or not, that's me….

  23. Ryan Li says:


  24. Crimson B Retrograde says:

    I would recommend black folk to home school, but then folks will try to tell us that their education is lower quality. and might not let us go to college.

  25. orlendatube says:

    dear god-whats with the dizzying bouncing school buses in the background?!

  26. orlendatube says:

    The idea that a kid should go on a long bus ride for the sake of diversity is ridiculous!

  27. MISTER MALABAR says:

    because american blacks have an IQ 15 points lower than whites, you will never be able to change that fact

  28. MISTER MALABAR says:

    even california? oh gosh, but you are so pogressive, it's almost like you were fighting natural patterns

  29. Mama Llama says:

    I grew up in white bread, podunk New Jersey. I didn't see a black person until I was 8. Then I started visiting my dad's work in Atlantic City… and everything I'd been taught about equality fractured. I'm lucky that my parents really did well in keeping what prejudices they might have had from me, and were honest when I asked why the black community was so separate and in such a dire state, why no one cleaned up the anti-semitic graffiti, and why the buses full of rich white people delivered them directly indoors at the casinos. THAT was an education that shocked and shaped my world forever. My husband, who grew up in several non-whitey-mcwhitepants areas, has a MUCH easier time integrating with diverse groups, and I really envy him that. I have a much more difficult time understanding regional and foreign accents, and such a lack of exposure to different culture that I fumble in diverse company. What a gift diversity is for growing minds.

  30. Shiksa Knows says:

    Open borders for Israel!

  31. Erik Killmonger says:

    Even "diverse" schools are segregated, look at who is in the AP classes and who is mainly in the regular classes. If you been in these classes you know what I'm talking about. And yes, I'm a breaking brown member

  32. White Man From Town says:

    Segregation works better for most minorities. There are vast philosophical differences across cultures related to learning and intellect. In U.S schools minorities are stuck with white-bred versions biased against anyone with strengths in empirical-mindedness. Most Asians and other groups view hard work, interest, curiosity, long-sightendenss, micro-expertise, and intuition, as being critical. But not only do minorities get rejected to colleges based on SAT tests and other glorified short term memory exams, but then when they get into the job world, they face a system that is anti-education/anti-empirical and characterized by rationalist absurdities, such as the corporate belief in rapid changes (no matter how trivial, and when changes can easily be avoided), and a complete absence of mid-level skill jobs (which could require mid-level skills such as Algebra, Trig, Calculus, basic computer programming). The system is carefully engineered against minorities from study cultures; Jews, Nigerians, Indians. And any white who thinks the system is against them, is plain delusional.

  33. Alexis Ceballos says:

    Explains a lot about my school has more white people then other and barely any other race

  34. Shauday Smith says:

    Holy crap this was one of the least biased videos i've ever seen on school integration. I just received information, granted it was information i already knew, but it was pretty plainly doled out in nice little nuggets. She included the communities contentions with busing and the controversy of forced integration across the nation. Well done Above the Noise!

  35. HexBolts 4Life says:

    Mu middle school was voted most diverse middle school in my state . Im proud to go their

  36. yankees gohome says:

    Diversity never works.

  37. Dee Price says:

    I don't think its segregation, but more of money vs having no money. Having rich white kids go to school with poor black kids will never work.

  38. Midnight Rambler says:

    Because parents know best

  39. NWforager says:

    … woe , Souther Schools didn't desegregate until the 80's –__– WTH Gargamel ??

  40. Nickolas Kim says:

    Never talks about the asians

  41. Ember says:

    There's only one black person in my school… :/

  42. Shamar Rush says:

    3:30 Did anyone else notice that those states are like 100% democrat.

  43. micjakes1 says:

    Just have seperate schools for blacks, mexicans, all from africa, the middle east and mexico/latin America. Keep them all in their own section in each city.

  44. Akihito007 says:

    This is such BS. Most schools with a high amount black students can't control them and violence is way up as education quality is down. Many of these schools can't even KEEP teachers because the black kids and their parents are so bad.

  45. Livid Imp says:

    0:40 "The average white student goes to a school that is more than 70% white"
    Well no shit, whites make up 75% of the US population. Why would this surprise anyone?
    I'm a liberal from a mixed race family, but I seriously hate all this race baiting bullshit.

  46. Gail Gayw says:

    i think i commented on a video asking about this! but you already had it!! thats great!!!!

  47. Gail Gayw says:

    I am white but going to a 99% white and wealthy school was hard even for me. Maybe its because there was less of a tolerence for diversity in general or because white people are less likely to be lgbt, being openly gay turned you into an outcast, and being openly trans got you killed. So being a transgender lesbian and autistic made highschool TRAUMATIZING. I feel so hard for the 3 black and latino kids i graduated with, I hope they got out of that hick town. (This was Wisconsin btw.)

  48. Robert Metzler says:

    the new white and black only school is very wrong it is not right

  49. Edge of The Coin says:

    Busing poor (mostly black) kids from downtown to my suburban school did not help anyone…especially the minority kids from our school's suburban neighborhoods.

    Whether for diversity of race or socio-economic background (both reasons are used in our district), busing does not help anyone.

  50. Victoria Matthews says:

    . . . presently, The New Fairmont Heights High School that cost over $80 million, is 1 of 27 high schools in Maryland. Salaries are 40% above national average. The total “Minority Enrollment” is 100 percent. The total enrollment is only 665 students, and the total economically disadvantaged (% of total) is 65%.

  51. Arctic Winter says:

    Self-segregation is natural – and healthy.

  52. Michael Streich says:

    That's becuz U can't FIRE SHITTY Teachers in Public schools. That's the problem.

  53. weitzfc1 says:

    I wouldn't want my children going to school with black or Hispanic kids . just as I would not want to live in a neighborhood with them .  I would not be able to tolerate  phoney  black victimization , crime , home break ins , murder , drugs and an atmosphere of low expectations .

  54. randy scott says:

    This is America where we have freedom of choice . Socio economic segregation works for me . You get to where your at by the choices you make in life .

  55. Alana Moss says:

    They cannot force parents to send their kids to public schools. Unless they outlaw private and religious schools. I would not put it past the US government doing just that.

  56. Alana Moss says:

    You cannot force white parents to put their kids into majority black/Hispanic schools!

  57. Alana Moss says:

    I would drive my kid 100 miles if it meant them going to the best school!

  58. MM MM says:

    Diversity sucks

  59. MM MM says:

    Segregation is good

  60. Armand De Maupertuis says:

    "pretty much no negative impact on white students" A little negative impact is already too much for any reasonable parents.

  61. burymedeep 2093 says:

    White people dont really want to be around alot of blacks. They never will. Except the Kardashians.

  62. Uncanny Conceptions says:

    If you want success go with segregation. Some races just can not mix under the same roof (culture clash if you will) and you all know this to be true. Face this harsh fact and we can stop going in circles over the issue. Listen to the fools try and ignore this massive elephant in the room. Conditions in black schools are always worse because black students and leaders make it that way. You are never gonna change this, as blacks are simply the lowest IQ race on Earth. Proven fact. Face it and finally see change. Stop the hate and segregate!

  63. Charles Nicklestein says:

    Schools should be Segregated… by GENDER . Boys & Girls learn differently & they need different things. Nothing wrong with that. With so many families having both parents working, young boys need good male role models in school yet most teachers are female.
    Obviously Boys & Girls need to interact, hell they teach sex ed, why not teach dating etiquette, manners & have a buddy system via opposite gender.

  64. RealKidsFun says:

    my school has like three white kids and they call us the bad school, and there’s are white schools. theres schools are segregated. i promise

  65. Charles Tate says:

    I am Black and attended majority Black public schools in Gary, Indiana. It was super de facto segregated when I attended in the 1980s thru the 1990s. Even though my hometown has always been super liberal and has never EVER had a Republican in office in it's entire 113 year history there was a lot of racism and "White" flight in the city. When my parents moved there in the 1970s, Black people could only buy homes in certain parts of the city. The community we moved into was majority White. In a 5 year time span after we moved there, most of the White people sold their homes and moved to the suburbs. They even convinced the mayor of Gary to allow the new White suburbs to break off from the city of Gary and they formed their own township. The Gary public schools went from being among the top ranked schools in the country to among the worst by the 1980s and that is still the case today. It's a complex and troubling problem.

  66. The Booty Bandit says:

    If there was a race war I would jump in with blacks. I hate the fucking pink race.

  67. Martin Olminkhof says:

    Wealth is segregated

  68. Ralf Rodriguez says:

    There is much more to this than just schools. I started noticed when I was younger with Halloween "let's go to this neighborhood because they give better candy and the area is nice" I thought why? Why can't we have that in the area we live at now. Another as an adult was target store "let's go to the target in this area they have better things and is better". I asked and was told it's cleaner….what ever that means but I notice at the local target people are to lazy to even walk their cart into the cart area. Idk those people of Walmart videos are the most unbiased ones their from every walks of life not giving a crap. It's just people.

  69. Sergio Aguirre says:

    schools are not segregated
    people cluster by culture
    White folks buy into white neighborhoods
    Black folks buy into black neighborhoods
    Schools reflect their populations.
    No boogeyman to blame
    They bussed black kids from south central into our coastal high school…..the stabbings, shootings and metal detectors didnt exactly make it a hit. Ruined my high school. Forced diversity only creates tension and breeds hate. Its stupid

  70. Sea_ Nettles says:

    We prefer it that way. Take a look at test results across races at any school with a 'diverse' student body– 'diverse' being key for not native European and diverse, but many different races diverse. You'll find a couple of things in virtually every case that the White students scores are there, and often the Hispanics as well, but the Blacks are often hidden. Why? You'll also find out that the White scores are best (after East Asian among most subjects), Hispanics are next, then Blacks. Why? *The truth is, White students are subsidizing other students. Catering the class toward the lowest common denominator is a real problem – for parents, students, and teachers. Don't Blacks and Hispanics want to attend school with each other anyway? Why is this bad, exactly?

  71. Nunyo Bidness says:

    When I was forced, it RUINED HALF MY CHILDHOOD. One year I missed over 100 days of school because I was getting messed with by blacks for just being white. So now what do I do? I stay way far away from ALL blacks. I don’t make eye contact coz when I was in school, the blacks would be like “What you lookin at?” No problem. I ain’t looking at you, talking to you. White flight? More like WHITE ROCKETSHIP. Thank you to all the blacks who were teens in the 80’s and were responsible. You made racial problems WAY worse. WAY WAY WORSE.

  72. ULGMX says:

    Segregation for ever than fuck off from the Indian land of America and go back to where you came from you dirty immigrant.
    White is a Indian Subrace

  73. ULGMX says:

    Human rights violations America must be sanctioned and give up its Nukes. It’s an illegal Nation.

  74. ULGMX says:

    Black skinned Tamils are racially white

  75. Bill Colello says:

    Segregation is what people want.

  76. Dustin Shaffer says:

    Here is my question, would you rather teach a class with teachable white kids or a class with unteachable black kids? And why are most blacks around the world highly teachable but the majority of American blacks refuse to learn and disregard rule of law? It would appear to ALL teachers in majority black schools do agree. Also drop the victim mentality and the language that supports it "ebonics"

  77. Olivia HughesThomasson says:

    4:21… gacha life?

  78. BM says:

    I support widespread social segregation

  79. BM says:

    It's their community they should govern as they please

  80. Abby Shapiro's right titty says:

    So white ppl leave "diversity" and then the feds force "diversity" upon them? Why do non whites have to be mixed with whites if they are so racist and evil?

  81. _ Deonta says:

    Should also talk about the age group that primarily wants to be segregated.

  82. Dam Big Foot says:

    Its because White families work hard so their children don't have to go to school with dysfunctional and violent Blacks. They have lower standards in Black schools because Blacks naturally have lower IQs due to genetic reasons.

  83. climate engineering is killing the eco system says:

    Because the left wants it that way.

  84. wilecatrexy says:

    Humans can be tribal. Look at asian communities in the US. They very much prefer to be with their own people.
    But when whites want that, they're racist.
    Diversity can be a good thing of that is your choice. We don't need the government or corporations with employment enforcing diversity in the schools and places of work.

  85. NorCal OntheRight says:

    Because there is no such thing as equality of races.

  86. MrRhomas913 says:

    well if a school is 70% white, it is still 30% minority which seems somewhat integrated.

  87. MrRhomas913 says:

    It would have been better to integrate the neighborhoods then to bus kids.

  88. NietzscheanMeatPop says:

    "..school segregation used to be a problem…then we took care of it…" We where forced by the state to integrate at the point of a gun.

  89. NietzscheanMeatPop says:

    Diversity is code for chasing down the last White person.

  90. Abc Def says:

    Only in Israel are schools legally segregated nowadays. Even among Jews themselves (ie, Sephardic vs Ashkenazi ) apartheid Israel is the worst racist nation in history. Fact!

    Why is this jewish bitch hating on American schools when she should be straightening out the inequalities in the most racist theocracy in history?

  91. Gregory Morris says:

    Well-to-do blacks would have left the inner cities if it wasn't for REDLINING- racist home loan lending practices that still exist today. Over 20 documentaries on YouTube about redlining. Black Americans reparations for the trillions of dollars that was not allowed to go to inner cities because of their race. Disgusting

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