Why Are Teens So Moody?

Being a teen can be an amazing time of discovery,
learning, and friendship, but it’s also a time of rapid change, and emotional highs
and lows where things can feel really ‘tough’. So, what’s going on in our brains and bodies
that makes us feel this way? Why is being a teen so hard? We’re often told that the most important
years of brain development are between 0-5, although recent research has found adolescent
development to be equally important. During childhood, our brains continually grow, generating
grey matter until they reach their maximum size, which for girls is around age 12 and
boys around age 14. But even after this, the brain works to become more efficient by cutting
away unused grey matter that isn’t ‘exercised’ by experience, and at the same time increasing
myelin – fatty tissue that insulates brain pathways. Puberty begins in the hypothalamus, where
a protein called kisspeptin is produced, triggering the pituitary gland to unleash the hormones
testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. These activate the ovaries and testes, but also
cause you to seek emotionally charged experiences – whether it’s a movie to make you sob,
or driving 180 km/h down the freeway. It causes your response to emotionally loaded images
or sounds to be more intense, which is why listening to One Direction may produce large
bouts of the feels. The area of the brain responsible for planning
ahead and assessing risk is still immature in teenagers. Which is why teens are more
likely to participate in high risk behaviour like unprotected sex and drinking and driving.
Interestingly, in a simulated driving experience, adults and teens took the same amount of driving
risks while alone; however, when surrounded by an audience of friends, teens took significantly
more risks while adults were unaffected. What’s the benefit of this behaviour? Peer acceptance. In a study where teens were asked to rank
music clips with and without knowing what their peers picked, their choices changed.
Unlike small children and adults, feeling socially isolated as a teen creates feelings
of intense unworthiness. This along with our biology can contribute to teens prioritizing
friends over even family. As social animals, stepping outside the safety of our family
creates genetically diverse populations, diminishing the likliness of inbreeding. In fact, teens
have heightened social abilities like processing and evaluating facial expressions better than
other age groups, allowing teens to be extremely cognisant of friends joy, sadness, or stress. Speaking of stress, the hormone released in
stressful situations to help sooth the brain cells of children and adults has the
opposite impact on teens, causing an increase in anxiety. Pair that with a change in circadian
rhythms making you to want to wake three to four hours later than adults, it’s no wonder
some people describe teens as emotionally ‘moody’. On the other hand, teens are very physically
healthy. The immune system is highly functioning, teens have increased tolerance to temperature
changes and a high resistance to cancer. But despite physical fitness, records show that
death rates increase by 200-300% after childhood due to motor vehicle accidents, homicide and
suicide. Several mental illnesses emerge, during adolescence such as anxiety, depression
and eating disorders. Scientists believe that the many changes in white matter, grey matter,
and connections in the brain may be to blame, with an increased risk of errors during this
time. But with a greater number of synaptic connections,
and increased plasticity, the teenage brain is primed to learn quickly and memorize content
fast. Unlike an older brain, rooted in what it knows, teens can respond easily to their
environment and make incredible strides in communication and socialization. Not to mention
being passionate is incredibly valuable and taking risks is often what is needed to make
changes in your life and the lives of others – being a teen can be tough, but it can also
be amazing. If you want to know why teens are the biggest
super fans and become obsessed with their favourite bands or shows, check out our latest
AsapTHOUGHT on the Science of Fandom. Links in the description! And subscribe for more weekly science videos.

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100 Responses

  1. Awesome gamer dadasa says:

    Yea they are so weird
    I’m a pre teen so that doesn’t count

  2. Ava Gamer says:

    I’m still watching the video but I have a teen brother he is so mean I tell him it’s dinner time and he just hits me and says get out of my room

  3. Emerald says:

    I am acting like a teen when I am 9

  4. Da person 0986 says:

    Its honestly school. We spend more of our childhood with teachers than our parents

  5. SAMIHA NAZIA says:

    One word for all of this…

    school ?

  6. Fart Ass says:

    Im about to say somethng stupid and yet it makes sense

    Teens and adults are nearly the same size and but kids are aay shorter so kids dont see run over dogs or cats when going for a ride in the car because they are short but teens and adults are tall enough to see run over dogs and cats and thats what makes them sad or depressed by a bit

  7. fatimah anwaar says:

    Parents to their 15 year old daughters: you are too young to have a boyfriend
    (a few years later)
    Parents to their 25 year old daughters: why aren't you married? we want grandchildren!

  8. Weight is ninja XD says:

    Firstly not all of them are

  9. The iron Rubberduck Kitchaiya says:

    Nooooo. I’m 13. I’m a nice boy and I don’t want to turn into a monster.

  10. Fluw says:

    Beacause they play Fortnite

  11. THE DUDE DOCTOR says:

    because mom just doesn’t understand

  12. Jankoleti says:

    I discovered cocaine when i was a teen

  13. hi i cant sleep says:

    because we're ?????

  14. BlockyShapes says:

    BeCaUsE yOu AlWaYs SaY iTs A pHaSe

  15. Magic Trash can says:

    It’s not a phase mom

  16. Sophia Redwood says:

    Because we realize that we want to stop being talked to like trash even though half of us also fall into believing we are trash at the same time

  17. saria ariana grande says:

    Who else is a teen here?

  18. RedPig says:

    Maybe its because school

  19. Little Ava says:

    Well I’m 11 so 2 my years till I’m moody..

  20. Cameron Joseph says:

    highschool was the worst four years of my life so ik that’s why i was moody

  21. Zaryab says:

    1:51 where tf is Michael Jackson?

  22. Mybug 31 says:

    What teens want
    1 sleep
    2 food
    3 ice cream

    Trust me I know

  23. ThunderCraft! says:

    It's my last year of kids what should I do? It's only left 7 mounts

  24. Gaming Gamer says:

    My 14yr old brain:Tf u playing Fortnite it's trash.MINECRAFT WAS AND STILL IS THE BEST

  25. Mysterious Chris says:

    Adults have been teens before but for some reason still dont understand how being a teen is stressful

  26. A Wasp says:

    H O R M O N E S

  27. Dream says:

    It’s just puberty

  28. Maximillian Mus says:

    Teens entered the chat

  29. Maximillian Mus says:

    One word: “Puberty”

  30. Cosmicangelii says:

    If you say teen girls then they are on their period.

  31. Andrei Temian says:

    Im a teen and ohh boy its a hard time

  32. Drunk Muffin says:


  33. Marika Maria says:

    also Mom : why are you always in your room , go outside more
    Me – ok , Can I g..
    Mom – … HELL NO !

  34. Basscool 4k says:

    Because i got dumped 11 days ago in 2019 12th if June on Wednesday at exactly 10:59 while i was at thw library reading a book when i feel my phone vibrate amd read the message of the person dumping. I had to tell the teacher i wasn’t feeling well and that i needed to go to the toiled justvso i can cry alone there for the rest if the lesson and lunch time. Now 11 days after i hate all girland only talk to my closest friends.

  35. Sam with a hat says:

    Beacuse ATENTION

  36. Endgame Spoilers says:

    I think for me, it’s because I enjoy hanging out with my friends and the second I get home I become moody.

  37. Carlos Silva says:

    Because im happy

  38. Demonetized says:

    "teens are very physically healthy"
    I'm a teen, and not many teens I know are "very physically healthy"

  39. Sophie Taylor says:

    “Because they have hormones” video ends

  40. Evolved Piano says:

    This comment section is full of teens trying to explain why they’re moody, yet only real furthering the video’s point.

  41. Slow_apple 313 says:

    Life dude

  42. Ronnie V. says:

    AsapScience:why are teens so moody?

    The expert: good question.

  43. Saba Gamer says:

    Your hormones cause that shit.hormones are very active when you are a teenager,because of them your personality completely changed,during that process you are easily pissed off,you have feelings for opposite genders, and at last you are becoming a man.or a woman

  44. Qin says:

    We’re not

  45. Get Riced says:

    Lmao im not moody im cold hearted and the only thing i experienced in "puberty" is voicecrack and growing very small beard, no emotions

  46. Snoozy Diego says:


    D U H

  47. TheBlue FireNEW says:


  48. Caleb McKeever says:

    It's something called ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.

  49. Swaggy_T says:

    Whenever Uzi or Playboi Carti come on I cant help myself

  50. petalclouds says:

    why are there so many edgy teens here??? You’re just moody damn you aren’t depressed because you listen to billie eillish

  51. zgram zhnisk says:

    This comment section is gonna be interesting

  52. X kid Gaming xD says:

    One direction more like heavy metaltion

    Fine I’ll leave now

  53. Justghost ._. says:

    Teens are healthy:
    Me:BrO GiVe mE 15 DoLlARs If I EaT ThIS FrOg

  54. Gabriel Fusaro says:

    No we’re not!

  55. lil boom says:

    Me a moody teenager: intensely breathes through nose I want to drop kick someone

  56. Barry Riley says:

    Everyone's Mom: it's that damn phone.

  57. Meli Pinkston says:


  58. Nexus says:

    Video: Why teens are so moody

    MOM: ItS aLl ThOsE gAmEs YoU bE pLaYiNg

  59. LukazGaming 151 says:

    Girls during puberty: I have depression

    Boys during pubery: B E A T M E A T

  60. Jane Tastic says:

    i hate you

  61. Brown Family says:

    I'm about to turn ten and so far I'm fine. I hope that I'm still the same in high school…

  62. Scratch Rabbit says:

    I’m a teen but when I saw the title I laughed

  63. PotatoIse says:

    For people saying social media is the biggest reason, yes, you are Technically right but not really. Because back then teens used to grow up and live with their surroundings only, and those surroundings are usually people who live quite similarly to each other, so they think that's the norm and they live with it without having to think about it too much. While on the other hand Now, the vast majority of teens nowadays are exposed to the rest of the world, and on social media they most likely are exposed to wealthier, better living people. And on places like Youtube they most probably see the worst of the worst of this planet, so they start thinking about it way too much and questioning everything, and they get in this cycle of asking "why". So to sum it all up, they know more (not necessarily better) than the previous ones. And to sum it up even more, Overthinking.

  64. Amber Ratcliff says:

    I’m watching this in 2019 and I’m just getting ready for this now

  65. Vincent Salazar says:

    Why the hell are we so damn tired

  66. Mozzie says:

    One word…pUbErTy

  67. Music And soul says:

    I prefer the term “edgy”

  68. parth hiren says:

    3 years later

    YouTube: Here you'll like this

  69. GMD Code says:

    It’s not a phase ASAPScience

  70. TheGreatOrochi sweg says:

    It's cause we treated like shit

  71. Naturelle Mabunda says:

    “Teens are healthy”

    laughs in Cheeto dust

  72. some random person on the internet says:

    Hey make a video on why are early bloomers are "depressed" and real moody so much they hate their loved ones

  73. Zippy 620 says:

    Why do parents get so mad when we’re in our bedrooms a lot?

  74. ღ Christine Alshanaa ღ says:

    I am a kid and my mum says I’m moody

  75. Saeyoung says:

    i hate being. moody!

  76. Warrior Cat Kid says:

    I don’t understand, I’ve never been moody. Also I’m not in a rush to grow up and I’ve never felt awkward or anything.
    Then again, I’m eight, emotionally. I sleep with a teddy bear and I love playing with toys. Something is wrong with me I think.

  77. patata astral says:

    the pituitary gland looks like testicles xd 0:56

  78. Oliver O says:

    I think that horrible place called High school played a part in my moodiness

  79. Flora says:

    When I was a teenager I just played video games, studied, was being lonely, dealing whit anxiety and hormones hehe my teen life in a nutshell.

  80. Lexie Hervey says:

    me, personally, i have depression

  81. Eric_T123 says:

    my parents always tell me to smile more. it actually annoys me. it’s impossible to do ? when you feel ??????

  82. EQT Widow says:

    we are moody because we are treated like children and expected to act like adults

  83. Animie Lover says:

    Mom: Cameron Boyce died
    Brother (8): so what descendants sucks
    Me (15): ???? he was only twenty

  84. SHARK- GAMING says:

    I’m 9 years old I don’t know anything about College and high school

  85. damnhe thicboi says:

    Lmao bruh when I see nct's fancams i go crazy

  86. Hi says:

    Lol I was only moody in my preteen years

  87. Kayla J says:

    One Direction tho ?

  88. idk what to call myself says:

    it’s called puberty sir

  89. Leila Mitchum says:

    Wait so my brain is basically cutting off fake friends..kool.

  90. Poorva Hi says:

    I'm going off topic
    But anyone directioner watching this video in 2019???????

  91. Lilianna Passut says:

    I'm thirteen and I hate when people say your just acting like a normal teenager you'll get through it because the thing is I've been acting the same way sense I was five mostly because my mom and dad always faught so then me and my mom moved away and she used to give me so much attention because I was the only child and she was a stay at home mom but then she started going to college and partys and stuff and I started kindergarten so we didn't spend much time together anymore so the way I got attention was by flipping out and swearing and being mean to people but then my mom would just get mad and like yell at me and hit me so then it would make me more mad and I would do it more but then it continued and as it continued it got worse it's not just a teenage fase and I'm sorry for going on a rant it just helps when feeding the dog u knwo.

  92. sharky the 1st says:

    I'm nearly 13

  93. Kimberly Ox says:

    Lmao, today I cried when my siblings were talking about friends. When I just don't socialize and I am okay with that. Well that was embarrassing.??

  94. Forest Man says:

    I'm a teen and I'm not moody

    Also I am very healthy

  95. Bahar Nahimi says:

    "Teens are VeRY PHysIcaLLy HeAltHY"
    Me: I haven't been out in a week…
    Also me: Surviving on junk food.
    Also Also me: Glued to my computer with limited exercise.

  96. Eline says:

    every parent need to see this.

  97. Michelle says:

    God why are they so hard work I ask my daughter put the bin out and she says we’re the word pls I don’t think so you do as your told I never would dare say that to my mum she would of gone mad at me my dad would of chucked me out the kids today are so bloody cheeky and always got an answer back why don’t they let anything go I’m 50 years old and never would talk to my mam and dad like kids today these no respect now a days

  98. Michelle says:

    These no excuse to be respectful

  99. Rachel Fourie says:

    1:13 ME LMAO

  100. Hallvard Martinus says:

    Were so moody beacause it's dinner every time were in the middle of a game.

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