Why study Secondary History PGCE at the University of Exeter?

Hi, I’m Bryan. I’m the Subject Lead for
History here at Exeter Uni. I came to Exeter after 26 years of teaching. I was Head
of Department, I was Head of Learning, I was an AST for many years and I came to
Exeter because I felt passionately about the course. It took a lot to get me out
of teaching after 26 years and I wanted to come to Exeter because, I really
believed in the Exeter model and because I thought that training students to
going into teaching with something I really wanted to do and with passionate
about. Exeter was unique in the way that it did that. Very much what Exeter
does, is it prepares teachers for a lifetime of teaching. It doesn’t prepare
them for one school, it doesn’t prepare them for one way of doing things, it gets
them to reflect on teaching. It gets them to think about how they’re going to do that
and, it commits them to a lifetime of continual professional development.
That’s what I felt passionate about. When you come here what you learn is, is
twofold really. It’s about the mechanics of teaching, the cognitive ideas around
what that is, the pedagogy. Lots of stuff around how you control your
class and how you make your class work and, how you excite them. On the one
hand that’s what we do, on the other hand we make that apply to history.
We want you to make students fall in love with history and to do that you’ve
got to be passionate, enthusiastic, teachers and I hope what we do is grow
you into those. So we look at why we teach history? We engage with the
national debate. We think about why history is such an important subject but, at the same time, why everybody has an opinion about why we should do it. Not so with
maths or science. Then we also take that forward into what are the basic
principles of it and, how you develop that in a way that engages students for
success. We’re very good at that and people recognize that we’re very
good at that. That’s why we get history trainees going on to do their n
NQT year and, they get good levels of employment. 24 out of 25 last year went
straight into jobs. The only one that didn’t went on to do a Master’s degree.
We really do get students up to a stage where schools want to employ them. We’re very successful at that, we’ve got great success rate. Across the county, many of our Senior Leaders are ex-Exeter graduates and is a
reason for that. It is because we develop them well.

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