Why study Secondary Religious Education (RE) PGCE at the University of Exeter

On the Secondary PGCE RE course at the
University of Exeter we have three distinct but related strands. The first
one of these is subject knowledge, where we begin to help trainees to identify
their strengths and areas for development and help them to plug in the
gaps. That way we help to prepare them for teaching religious studies throughout
Key Stages 3 and 5, that includes GCSE and A-level. The second strand is
looking at the discipline of religious education itself. We examine its aims and
its purposes and we look at its highly contested nature. We do this to help
trainees to begin to formulate their own understanding of RE and to begin to
think about what it is they want to achieve in their RE lessons in
the classroom. The first strand is the practical bit where we look at the
relationship between theory and practice. We introduce trainees to a wide range of
teaching and learning strategies, and they get to try these out with each
other before actually using them in the classroom. We are very lucky to have a
high employment rate on the course. Usually this is between eighty to ninety
percent of trainees. Where it isn’t quite a hundred percent it’s usually because
trainees have decided to take some time out before entering the teaching
profession. Maybe go travelling for a year, gain a bit of wider experience.
Because trainees at the University of Exeter are outstanding practitioners and
are specialists in their field they are highly sought after. It’s not unheard
of for them to take on quite significant leadership and management positions in
their second or third year in teaching. One actually became head of department
in her NQT year which is a little unusual but most take on head of
department roles within two to three years of teaching. We welcome
applicants from a wide range of experiences
and disciplines from theology and religious studies to sociology,
philosophy, Islamic studies etc. If you think you might be interested in a
career in religious education please do get in touch and we can talk about it more.

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  1. socksumi says:

    Unless your goal is to be an RE teacher religious education is of little use. There are great many other subjects that offer more practical benefits than this. I also don't trust what they teach as they tend to put a positive spin on religion instead of challenging it's claims or examining it's negative effects within society. I think I'd find myself disagreeing with much of the content and what it focuses on.

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