Woodchurch High School | Education Case Study

The school opened in September 2010. The
problem with the old technology that we were using was that short-throw
projectors were beginning to come to the end of their life and we had to look to
find a way of replacing them. Sharp were our partners with our printing
devices, and we got introduced to the BIG PAD that way. The BIG PAD is an interactive
large screen. To the children it looks like a TV. You can open documents on
there, if there are pupils who do have a visual impairment, they can zoom in and
out on a particular aspect of the work, and the connectivity between the tablet
and the software on the walls is really good. There’s a freeze button which is
the bit that I found particularly good about the BIG PAD. My first impressions of the BIG PAD were it’s really quick, there was no lag,
everything was was very slick the tools were in a really nice position. A really
big selling point for me was the fact that I can bring the tools to
myself on the board and not have to rely on a strip across the top of the screen.
Members of staff got a number of boards in on a week trial, not just Sharp boards,
but other boards as well. They came to the conclusion that the best board for
us was the Sharp BIGPAD. The installation has had to be organised so
it is completely away from our core purpose of teaching and learning, so the
pupils have not been affected in any way whatsoever. It’s worked like clockwork. I’m
not going to be waiting to calibrate, installing software or installing drivers it
just plugs in and I’m off. I loved the idea of handwriting recognition. My writing
isn’t fantastic and then suddenly it becomes Calibri and readable by everybody.
In my opinion this is the best thing out there credit to our technical team and
the research they put into finding that the solution. The Image quality is very good,
it’s HD. Everything is very sharp very very clear and I just think it’s
absolutely fantastic. It”s just knowing it’s gonna work and it’s knowing that
I’m gonna walk into the classroom, plug two wires in and I’m off. The
experience of working sharp has been extremely smooth, it’s been very
professional and it allowed us to move quite quickly on a solution that could
have taken a long time to implement. But we haven’t found anything better and I
challenge people to try and find something better than the BIG PAD

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